Mindset is amazing.

Thought work changed my life.

But I needed more…

It’s the more that changed my world.

And it can change yours, too.

You’re a determined, purpose-driven, healing focused entrepreneur.

You know you want to build a business that helps people — one that makes money, one that’s consistent, and one that changes people’s lives.

You’re doing the same services that used to work, taken more trainings, implementing tips from various experts, and only some of your clients are getting real results. So what GIVES? Why are you working harder, not getting paid more and your clients aren’t getting mind blowing results they can rave about to get you more referrals.

You see the same clients, hear the same stories and week and week they come back with the same issues.

Are you willing to consider that there could be something you are missing? Something really simple that you just haven’t thought about? And it’s driving you crazy?

Are you ready to take your work and client’s results up a level?

Want to increase the value and price of your service and have a wait list of clients wanting to work with you?

That’s the work I do with my clients.


I help you achieve shameless success as a healing focused entrepreneur on a personal and professional level. We subconsciously shift the story from scarcity and shame to empowerment and authority.

I teach you an integrative approach to self healing so clients get long term transformation.
And then take you through simple business and sales strategy to grow as an entrepreneur.

This is for mind body practitioners who want to help their clients self heal for good.

I love working with people who are ready to approach their service and business in a new way. My clients are open to mental, physical, emotional and soul-level growth. They’re excited to do this work; to grow their purpose driven business to a new level, to one of consistency and stability. Those are my people.

I believe it takes more than changing your thoughts to heal your life.

It took exploring a lot of different methodologies before I was able to create this process.

I’ve trained as a life coach through The Life Coach School, a health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, as well as a Certified Hypnotherapist, Yoga teacher, Massage therapist trained in somatic therapy, and a Reiki Master. I’ve worked with some of the best sales experts and mentors in the online space. And I’ve combined all this work into one truth:

The mind, body, soul, and strategy are intimately connected, and it wasn’t until I integrated all of this that I discovered the simple process to change everything and create anything. Doing only part of the work without integrating and embodying is a disservice to the practitioner and the clients.

So if you’re ready to experience deep, personal and professional transformation in a way that’s real, lasting, and effective, let’s talk.

So you can begin serving at the highest capacity and stand out in the industry.

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