Overcome Limiting Beliefs To Create The Life & Business You Want!

Break Through Negative Money Beliefs, Imposter Syndrome, Doubts And Fears So You Can Finally Grow Your Business!

Belief & Business Bootcamp LIVE
April 14-16, 2023 | Austin, TX

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Wondering how we're going to get you unstuck when nothing else has? 

You've tried everything, right? 

But instead of getting traction in your business, 
you're barely staying afloat. Feels like you're stuck in quicksand...

You've tried manifestation and positive affirmations,
but at the end of the day --you're still afraid to 
actually go after what you want.

The WORST part is...

You KNOW you're meant to share your gifts and help others,
but you can't seem to get out of your own way.

What if you could destroy the limiting beliefs holding you back 
and change the way you look at yourself and your business?

Would you finally...

Feel confident enough to turn your side-hustle into your full-time business? 

Feel worthy of asking for exactly what you want, setting boundaries, and getting the support you need in your business and at home? 

By now, you know that goal setting and positive thinking alone doesn't work. 

Because you're trying to build your brand new business on top of your rickety old beliefs.

You need a SOLID belief structure to stand on BEFORE you ever turn to goal-setting, strategies, and tactics. 

But who am I to tell you this? 

I'm Kim Guillory, Integrative MindBody Coach and Business Mentor. 

For the last 27 years, I have grown successful businesses from the ground up, both brick and mortar and online. 

Now, I help other service-based entrepreneurs launch, grow, and scale their businesses in E-School.

Coaching my clients through their belief blocks is my super power, and now I want to help you, too. 


A 3-day, in-person event for healing-focused business owners 
who want to get unstuck, so they can build the business and life of their dreams. 

At Belief & Business Bootcamp,
you'll learn...

  • how to identify your current beliefs
  • ​how to take the first step to living your purpose
  • how to improve your relationships
  • ​how to uplevel your money mindset
  • ​how to become more confident
  • how to create what you want
  • ​and SO MUCH MORE!

Belief & Business Bootcamp is valued at $2,500!
Because we want to get this into the hands of more people, early bird ticket is only $997!

Your Ticket Includes

Limited tickets available
  • Event entry Friday 9am - Sunday 4pm
  • 3 days of LIVE coaching
  • Custom workbook
  • Growth minded community
  • Life-changing inner work
  • Practical strategies to continue the work at home
  • Breakfast and lunch provided all 3 days

Belief & Business Bootcamp is the best investment you can make because when you improve your beliefs, you improve your life.

Event Schedule

Thursday (optional) 

Personal Branding Photo Sessions
optional upgrade 
details on the checkout page


Old Belief Breakdown
Event starts 9am
Breakfast and lunch provided
Lunch break 12-1:30
Day 1 concludes at 4pm


New Belief Integration
Event starts 9am
Breakfast and lunch provided
Lunch break 12-1:30
Day 2 concludes at 4pm


Belief & Business Mastermind
Event starts 9am
Breakfast and lunch provided
Lunch break 12-1:30
Day 3 concludes at 4pm

Belief & Business Bootcamp is hosted at
 the Archer Hotel at The Domain in Austin, TX.

Austin is known for its variety of culture and activities!
Prepare to enjoy the culture during your belief transformation! 

The Conscious Community You're Looking For Is HERE!

Surround yourself with people who are WITH you, doing the inner work to change their outer world. If you're looking for deeper relationships and conversations that go beyond surface-level small talk, this is who you want to surround yourself with. 

Belief & Business Bootcamp 
is perfect for you if...

  • You are a healing-focused business owner (whether a coach or a practitioner).
  • You have tried all of the marketing and sales tricks and nothing has helped you grow your business to the level you want.
  • You have a feeling something inside you is holding you back and you want to know why.

Get your ticket NOW before seats sell out! 
You can't afford to waste any more time struggling in your business.
It's time to take your foot of the break - by changing your beliefs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Venue & Accommodations

Belief & Business Bootcamp Dates and Times
Belief & Business Bootcamp is held April 14-16, 2023 with optional personal branding photo sessions on April 13th. 
Where is the location?
The Belief & Business Bootcamp will take place at the Archer Hotel at The Domain in Austin, Texas. 
How much are the hotel rooms? 
Rooms at the Archer are $289 + tax each night. Your confirmation email will include the booking link to reserve your room. 
Which airport should I fly into?
The nearest airport is Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Tickets & Registration

What is the refund policy?
Your ticket is not refundable, but it is transferrable. If you can't make it to this Belief Bootcamp, we can hold your ticket for another upcoming event. Send an email to support@kimguillory.com and we'll take care of you!
What if I want to share a room with someone who is already attending? 
You're welcome to share guest rooms since you'll book your room independently of your ticket. 

Event General Questions

Who is this event for?
Belief & Business Bootcamp is perfect for everyone who is interested in personal development, self healing, and creating the life and business they want!  We all know that to grow the business, you grow the owner first. 
Will any meals be provided with my event ticket?
All tickets include breakfast and lunch all 3 days.
I've tried affirmations, meditation, journaling, etc. to try to overcome my limiting beliefs. What makes this work different?
This is exactly what every one of my clients have told me. And this is my specialty. Overcoming your limiting beliefs is not a one-and-done solution. It's ongoing. At Belief & Business Bootcamp, I'll show you how to identify the limiting belief, challenge it, transform it into an empowering belief, and EMBODY the new belief using my integrative approach. 

Have another question? Send an email to support@kimguillory.com.

You want to join me for Belief & Business Bootcamp...

Because changing your beliefs is the most important 
business-building work you will ever do.

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