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Discover a haven of learning and growth, designed to help you serve more people, amplify your impact and enjoy building a profitable and sustainable wellness practice.

Passion on Pause?

You entered the wellness industry with a mission: to heal and help. But the harsh reality of building a thriving practice can quickly bury that passion under mounds of marketing, finances, and administrative tasks. Feeling overwhelmed by the business side?

You're NOT alone.

Many talented practitioners like you excel in their craft, but client acquisition, marketing, and managing a bustling practice become daunting hurdles. Balancing your mission with business savvy can feel impossible, especially if you lack confidence in those areas or self-promotion makes you cringe.

Stop the struggle.

This is where BOSS-UPMentorship steps in.

Imagine if you had personal mentors that could help you turn your passion for healing into a thriving business. That’s what BOSS-UP Mentorship offers.

Dive into a diverse library of training videos, meticulously crafted to elevate every aspect of your practice, from the ground up. Gain personalized guidance with our LIVE, interactive coaching sessions, tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Empower yourself with practical strategies and insights directly applicable to your practice, enabling you to help and heal even more people.

Tailored for Your Wellness Business

Life Coaches | Health Coaches | Personal Trainers | Herbalists

BOSS-UP Mentorship guides new practitioners in effectively attracting and retaining clients, laying a strong foundation for a sustainable wellness practice.

Nutritionists | Therapists | Acupuncturists | Yoga Instructors

For those already established, BOSS-UP Mentorship offers advanced techniques to deepen client relationships and expand the impact of their services.

Wellness Retreat Owners |
Fitness Chain Owners |
Holistic Health Practitioners

For established leaders, BOSS-UP Mentorship fortifies their business expertise, equipping them with crucial skills and confidence to unlock and amplify their practice’s potential.

Join a vibrant community of supportive wellness practitioners, all dedicated to mutual success, upliftment and continued education. Explore our rich resource library, attend mindset-revitalizing workshops, and connect with peers who truly understand your journey.

With BOSS-UP Mentorship, every aspect of your practice gets addressed, from attracting clients to mastering client relations. We ensure your path to serving more individuals is as fulfilling as the services you provide.


Kim Guillory

Kim Guillory’s own path in the wellness world is a story of resilience and transformation, echoing the experiences of many practitioners. Starting her career as a Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher, she faced her own health challenges and navigated the intricate balance of passion and business. Overcoming these hurdles, she emerged as a Certified Life Coach, MindBody Practitioner and 10X Business Mentor with a deep understanding of the wellness professional’s journey.

Her 27-year journey, filled with both personal and professional growth, has given her a unique perspective on the struggles wellness practitioners face.

Kim’s approach is shaped by real-life experiences, from tackling health issues like Fibromyalgia to mastering the complexities of growing a business. This rich tapestry of experiences makes her not just a coach, but a mentor who has walked in your shoes, ready to guide you with empathy, expertise, and a proven strategy for success

“If you’re ready to experience deep, personal, professional and financial transformation in a way that’s real, lasting, and effective, let’s get started! ”

Within BOSS-UP Mentorship, Kim guides you to not only elevate your business but also enriches your ability to help more people effectively. Her holistic approach intertwines business success with personal growth, ensuring that as you reach new heights in your practice, you’re also expanding your capacity to bring healing and wellness to others. This journey with Kim leads to sustainable growth, deeper personal insights, and a lasting, impactful presence in the wellness community.

“Before I worked with Kim, the most I ever earned was $46K. I just ended 2023 with $182K. Kim helped me upgrade my mindset around earning money which led to me becoming a coach, moving my business online, and investing to create wealth. I always get a return on my investment with Kim!Monique Mindbody Coach

Malerie Veillon

Introducing Malerie, a key member of the BOSS-UP Mentorship coaching team, renowned for her extensive experience in physical therapy and wellness. Her deep-rooted expertise in this field forms the foundation of her holistic approach to business coaching and personal development.

Transitioning seamlessly into the realm of digital marketing and business growth, Malerie embodies the perfect blend of health-focused wisdom and strategic business prowess. As a Certified Integrative Life Coach trained by Kim Guillory, she brings a unique perspective to BOSS-UP Mentorship, integrating core wellness principles with innovative business strategies.

I’m wildly obsessed with helping holistic wellness businesses like you save precious time and brainpower marketing yourself online so you can consistently and confidently get more clients, grow your business, and help more people heal.

Malerie enhances your BOSS-UP experience, expertly merging professional wellness growth with savvy business strategies.

Reclaim your passion. Ignite your practice.

Let BOSS-UP Mentorship guide the way.

Experience the Exclusive Blend of Continuous Learning and Personalized Coaching.

“Working with Kim has been a game-changer for my business at Contour Body Aesthetics in Glenwood Springs, CO. Under her guidance, we skyrocketed from $49K to nearly $378K in revenue within just a year. The strategies and insights she provided revolutionized my approach to marketing and sales, leading to a tenfold growth. ” Melanie Contour Body Aesthetics

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Seize Your Opportunity Before It's Too Late, Limited Seats Available for BOSS-UP Mentorship!

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Mentor Tier – Only 100 Seats Dive into an exclusive journey of transformation and growth. With only 100 spots available, the Mentor Tier offers a close-knit community and personalized attention to accelerate your wellness practice. Secure your place now and be among the select few to access our comprehensive weekly coaching and extensive training resources. Premier Tier – Capped at 50 Members Elevate your wellness business with our Premier Tier, strictly limited to 50 practitioners. This tier provides an intimate setting for more in-depth business strategies, advanced client engagement techniques, and specialized workshops. The limited number ensures each member receives focused, tailored guidance. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this elite group. VIP Tier – Exclusive to 25 Leaders The VIP Tier, our most personalized and intensive program, is open to only 25 wellness leaders. This tier is for those ready to take their practice to the pinnacle of wellness success with advanced business insights, and direct access to industry experts. Availability is extremely limited – a unique opportunity for those serious about making a significant impact in the wellness industry.

Don't Let This Opportunity Slip Away,
Your Path to Success in Wellness Awaits!

“Kim’s dedication and commitment to her clients’ success helped me to more than triple my annual business income. She highlights my strengths and challenges me to keep rising so I can reach my full potential.” Katelyn Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Embarking on a new journey can be daunting, especially when past investments haven’t led you to your desired destination. We understand – many of us have been there.

That’s why we’re not just believers but witnesses to the transformative power of BOSS-UP Mentorship. It’s a platform proven by its success with countless clients. We’re confident it holds the key to your advancement. So, here’s our promise to you:

Should you feel that BOSS-UP Mentorship isn’t aligning with your expectations or goals, simply reach out to us within 14 days of your purchase. We’ll ensure a hassle-free, full refund, no questions asked. We believe in the value of our program, but your peace of mind and satisfaction remain our top priority.

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You’ve seen the transformative power of BOSS-UP Mentorship, the limited seats in each tier, and the unparalleled support waiting for you.

Now, it’s your turn to make a decision that could redefine your wellness practice. Don’t wait to start your journey towards greater success and personal fulfillment. The time to act is now.

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Remember, the opportunity to join BOSS-UP Mentorship is not indefinite. Seats are filling fast, and delaying your decision might mean missing out on this game-changing program.

The cost of inaction is high – continued struggles with client acquisition, stagnant business growth, and unfulfilled potential. Make the choice to change your professional trajectory today.

Your Future in Wellness Awaits

To recap, BOSS-UP Mentorship offers you the unique opportunity to grow your practice, enhance your personal well-being, and join a community of like-minded wellness professionals.

With expert coaching, a wealth of resources, and a supportive network, your journey towards success is not just a dream – it’s within reach. Don’t let this moment pass you by. Embrace the future you deserve.

FAQs – Your Questions, Answered!

BOSS-UP Mentorship is a comprehensive coaching program designed for wellness professionals at various stages of their business journey. It offers personalized coaching, training, and resources tailored to enhance business skills, personal growth, and industry leadership.

Whether you’re just starting out as a health coach, yoga instructor, or bodyworker, looking to expand your established wellness practice as a nutritionist or personal trainer, or a seasoned leader like a retreat owner or holistic practitioner, BOSS-UP Mentorship has something to offer at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

Depending on your selected membership tier, BOSS-UP Mentorship offers a range of benefits including weekly coaching sessions, access to a comprehensive library of training courses, exclusive workshops, networking opportunities, and personalized business growth strategies.

BOSS-UP Mentorship uniquely blends wellness industry expertise with advanced business strategies. It focuses not just on business growth but also on personal well-being, leadership development, and creating a positive impact in the wellness community.

Yes, you can upgrade or change your membership tier to align with your evolving business needs and goals. Our flexible structure allows you to find the level of support and resources that best suits your current stage in the business journey.

Members receive support through LIVE group coaching, mentorship sessions, and a community of fellow wellness professionals. Additionally, you will have access to digital resources, marketing strategies, and operational insights specific to the wellness industry.

You can opt for ongoing monthly access or save money and choose annual billing.

Absolutely! BOSS-UP Mentorship offers access to a vibrant community of like-minded wellness professionals where you can network, share insights, and collaborate on new ideas.

Yes, we offer introductory resources and free training videos to give you a taste of what BOSS-UP Mentorship has to offer. This allows you to make an informed decision about joining our community.

Getting started is easy. Simply choose the tier that aligns with your business stage, and join the BOSS-UP Mentorship community to begin your transformative journey.