Here’s the story I keep hearing…

It’s hard to grow a spiritual or healing based business.

Everything is so complicated. I don’t like to sell.

Technology is frustrating.

I want to help people but I don’t know how to make money doing that.

I’ve been in business but I don’t know how to find new clients or make consistent income.

I’ve heard it all…and here’s the secret:

A business is service packaged in a name. It doesn’t need to be complicated. You have to get over your own disbelief and confusion. You have to understand business and have skillset and strategy in place. You have to offer a service that delivers great results that people are willing to pay for. It’s that simple!

I see you and I’ve been you. You have the passion and the skills to serve others. You want to be of service and do it in a way that is sustainable and profitable. But you keep doubting yourself.

Doubting whether it will work. Doubting if you know enough.

Doubting that there’s enough clients, or if there are, that they will pay for what you do.

Doubting that you understand business enough to take on entrepreneurship or that your business will be successful.


I’ve been there. I got through it.

And I want you to get through it too because, honestly?

The world needs help. People need you and YOUR SERVICE. 

The world needs more empowered healing focused entrepreneurs who are ready to become SUCCESSFUL in their business–so they can serve more people, help more people, and build something greater than themselves.

This is exactly what we do in the
Integrative MindBody Coaching Program.

I help you improve your skills to help your clients heal and integrate tools to grow your business and income.

Over the past 27 years, I’ve helped individuals step into their role, purpose, and passion. Through this experience, I’ve had the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to healing and building your business as a money making entrepreneur. This is not any program. It is the ONLY one focusing on simple business and sales strategy in a unique integrative healing approach. I show you how to implement skill, strategy and selling with ease. Then you learn how to do it consistently so you can focus on helping more people..


Here’s the goal of Integrative MindBody Coaching:





  • Confidence as a healing focused entrepreneur.
  • Mindset, skillset, sales and business strategy.
  • Understanding the stages of entrepreneurship.
  • Grow into the higher version of yourself.
  • Step into full belief to create on purpose.
  • Create unique positioning in the healing industry.
  • Have a clear vision and strategy in place.
  • Know how to convert traffic to committed clients.
  • Make consistent money doing what you love.
  • Become part of a high minded holistic community.
  • Help your clients achieve lasting change, quicker than ever before.
You’ll walk away from this program with a new understanding and confidence in yourself personally and professionally. Master the tools you need to take your clients deeper, build and grow your business and BE-come the mindbody practitioner you envision.

If you’re ready to step into your business and start helping more people as a healing focused entrepreneur, join us for Integrative MindBody Coaching Program. 

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