Ep #146: When Mindset Falls Short

I did a training a few days ago and I just have to share it on the podcast because it bears so much important information. It’s called When Mindset Falls Short and it explains all of the missing pieces when you can’t see beyond the mind, and how to help your clients and yourself if […]

Ep #145: Individuality

I see so many people in our industry comparing themselves to others, wishing they had someone else’s audience or reputation. However, what makes us different is something to be celebrated, not resented. And when you understand this, everything changes. The quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of […]

Ep #144: The Creation of The PUNCH-LINE Approach

I recently recorded a webinar all about The PUNCH-LINE Approach, how I created the process and my personal experience doing that which I will share with you today. I’m also taking a deep dive into the contents, so you can see how you can utilize it for yourself and to transform how you serve your […]

Ep #143: Integrative MindBody Healing with Jackie Hudiburg

My guest this week is Jackie Hudiburg: a massage therapist and an integrative MindBody coach. And she’s here to discuss exactly what that means, how she serves her clients, and why she’s decided to integrate this approach in her massage therapy practice. Jackie has been a body worker for over 20 years, and she’s known […]

Ep #142: Elevate or Negotiate

If we want to elevate, grow, and evolve, what is holding us back? Whether it’s what you’re eating, what you’re doing, or the work you’re putting out into the world, take a moment and ask yourself, is this going to help you get closer to what you want? Or is it going to take you […]

Ep #141: Human Design & The Punch-Line Approach

The past few weeks on the podcast, we’ve been talking about Human Design and the different Human Design types, strategies, and authorities. And this week, we’re taking things deeper and we’re discussing the experiences of my guests as they carry Human Design in their lives while integrating The Punch-Line Approach. Information, data, and learning about […]

Ep #140: Human Design Immersion: Manifestors

We are still going through the Human Design profiles, and this week, we’re doing it a little bit different. I have my partner in crime Danielle Rodenroth joining me today to give you a detailed description of the authorities and strategies of Manifestors. So if you are a Manifestor, you can see how these relate […]

Ep #139: Human Design Immersion: Generators and Manifesting Generators

Today we are talking about both Human Design Generators and Manifesting Generators, so there’s a combination of us on the call. These women have all been discovering their Human Design and using it to improve their lives and their clients’ lives, and they’re here to share their experience as Generators and Manifesting Generators. Dr. Danielle […]

Ep #138: Human Design Immersion: Reflectors

We’ve been covering the different Human Design types, featuring my clients who fall into each category. So, I’ve got three amazing Reflectors on the podcast for you this week. Reflectors make up just 1% of the human population, so you can imagine how much clarity they received from discovering their Human Design and how it […]

Ep #137: Human Design Immersion: Projectors

Human Design has become a huge aspect of the work we do over here. So this week, I have four of my Human Design Projectors on the show to talk about their experiences and how understanding their Human Design has allowed them to live a life they truly love. Ashley Sittering, Chanci Dawn, Sharon Wirant, […]

Ep #136: Intro to Human Design Immersion with Malerie Veillon

On the show this week, I have my assistant Malerie. And we’re here to discuss her experiences with Human Design. When I first started coaching, I was working with an astrologist and using my birth chart, and it was such an awakening. And when I came across Human Design and gene keys, then everything opened […]

Ep #135: Understanding Your BS (Belief Systems) with Chanci Dawn

This week’s episode is going to be a little bit different. We just finished Belief Bootcamp, which is a five-day virtual retreat experience, and it was amazing seeing so many people begin to understand and work on their beliefs. And so, on this week’s episode, I’m sharing a previous interview I did with Chanci Dawn. […]

Ep #134: Dying to the Old to Become the New

There are two questions that keep coming up from clients, so on today’s show, I’m going to address them. The first one is asking what I mean when I say, “Dying to the old.” And the other one is, what is embodiment? And because the answer to these two questions is related, I’m discussing the […]

Ep #133: Self Healing Master Ashley Sitterding

We have a virtual Belief Bootcamp happening in Self Healing Masters, so I want to give you all a taste of what this entails by bringing a guest onto the podcast. Ashley is one of my clients in Self Healing Masters, and so we’re bringing you a conversation about her experience in that program, and […]

Ep #132: Changing Beliefs

Are you satisfied with your life? Does it meet your definition of success? If not, you’re not alone. We have been conditioned to be tribally focused and never stand alone, but sometimes, stepping out of familiarity and into the unknown is what brings us real satisfaction. The beliefs you have been conditioned to believe might […]

Ep #131: Integrative Mind-Body Connection

I’m bringing you a story today that I have personally lived on multiple occasions, but three times in the very recent past. Now that I’ve done some work on it, I’m ready to walk all of you through this experience. And I’m sure you’ll find something relatable here. When we don’t understand why we keep […]

Ep #130: Hopelessness

Hopelessness is something I’ve been working through for the last few months. I went through the confusion, the conflict, and the suffering. I sat in the stillness and heard what was coming through. And I found that when I quit resisting, the suffering stopped along with it.  And this is what the after-work of hopelessness […]

Ep #129: How to Grow and Scale Your Healing-Focused Business with Malerie Veillon

I have my right-hand woman Malerie on the podcast this week to talk about the healing-focused entrepreneur business model and how, in E-School, we can help you grow and scale. Before she joined the team here, Malerie was working as a physical therapist, but always had photography and filmmaking on the side, and now she’s […]

Ep #128: Human Design and Relationships with Monique Derouen

After recording our conversation for last week’s podcast, Monique and I kept the conversation going, and we decided this discussion still had so much more value to offer that we chose to hit record and keep riffing. So, we have an impromptu part-two for you this week all about how Human Design can help you […]

Ep #127: Self Healing with Monique Derouen

When it comes to self healing, so many people just believe it’s not available for them. And if this sounds like a familiar story you’ve told yourself, I want you to tune in and listen closely today because my guest and I are unpacking it and bringing the challenges of this subject into the light. […]

Ep #126: ADHD Beliefs and Behaviors with Kayla Kincanon

When it comes to some situations, we’re told from all kinds of mainstream angles that there is nothing that can be done from a natural holistic health standpoint. However, this is not something myself or my guest this week believes to be true, and she’s here to show you how you can help anybody in […]

Ep #125: Breaking the Chronic Fatigue Cycle with Sharon Wirant

So many people are stuck in a fatigue cycle as a result of putting up with things that aren’t in alignment for them. And my guest this week knew this reality all too well. However, she realized she had to do something, and after doing the work herself, she’s here to share her secrets for […]

Ep #124: Decluttering with Danielle Perrodin

My guest this week is something of a familiar voice here on the podcast. Danielle Perrodin is my integrative style coach, and we’ve been working together intensely for around a year. So, I want to share with all of you the benefits and takeaways I’ve received from our experiences together working towards stylistic freedom and […]

Ep #123: Let’s JAMM: 4 Steps Towards Transformation

I’ve had so much fun bringing you guys interviews over the past few weeks, but I felt compelled to pop in and share a solo show today, specifically giving you some insight into the work we’re doing in Self Healing Masters. In Self Healing Masters, there is one tool that we use as the backbone […]

Ep #122: Collective Shame with Chanci Dawn

Shame is so prevalent in society today, and this is especially true for women. Our conditioning to internalize shame can play out in religious settings or virtually anywhere. My guest today, Chanci Dawn, is sharing her experiences with internalizing shame along with how she is learning to break free from the shame she has been […]

Ep #121: More Than Massage with Kristi Waltrip

Discovering your highest calling is an ongoing process that we all struggle with, whether you are a massage therapist or not. When you feel unmotivated in your career this can point to the fact that you are feeling the call for bigger things in life. In today’s episode, my guest shares her experience with these […]

Ep #120: Perfection is Protection with Malerie Veillon and Emily Heyer

Have you ever felt that if you did not do something perfectly you would be better off not doing it at all? Have you ever felt so afraid of failure that it stopped you from achieving the goals you have set for yourself? My guests and I know how hard it is to deal with […]

Ep #119: Thriver’s Guilt with Andee Martineau

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that you used to relate to quite well, only to find you are holding back information out of guilt? You don’t want to talk to them about the successes in your life because you don’t want them to feel bad. This is called thriver’s guilt and we’re […]

Ep #118: Need Greed with Susy Porter

When we are in the middle of need greed, we have a scarcity mentality. We feel as though we don’t have enough time, resources, or finances to get to where we want to be. It influences us to make decisions from a negative place inside of us. My guest today is Susy Porter, an integrative […]

Ep #117: Success Shame with Monique Derouen

When it comes to success, we typically find ourselves on both sides of the fence at some point in our lives. Often, there are people in our lives that are finding success in more immediate or meaningful ways than it seems like we are. We can decide to use those emotions as motivation for ourselves, […]

Ep #116: Embodying Your Human Design with Danielle Rodenroth

Human design is the study of form and the science of differentiation. It gives us this unique map of how we are different from everyone else genetically and personally. As you begin to look into human design, you will likely see that it involves a paradigm shift for those of us who want to see the […]

Ep #115: Emotional Processing

Today, I am doing a quick session on samskaras and emotional processing to make it easier for you to come back and listen to whenever you need. It can be difficult to cultivate your own awareness, but taking certain steps when you observe an emotional trigger can give you greater clarity. I learned about samskaras […]

Ep #114: Self Healing Master Holly Mesa

If you’re not in Self Healing Masters, you have no idea how much transformation, support, and growth you’re missing out on. Holly is one of our recent joiners who is experiencing these benefits first hand, so I asked if she could share her experience here on the podcast. Most people are not told that they […]

Ep #113: Reparenting with Emily Heyer

As we move into parenthood, it is astonishing how many of those old wounds we thought we had healed come back to the surface. If you have a mother or father wound, it can hit you right to your core and be a challenge not to subliminally carry into your parenting.   Not being healed […]

Ep #112: A Call To More

I just got back from our Level Up retreat and let me tell you, there was a lot of leveling up that happened. I’m sharing what I experienced and learned at that retreat, but I also want to talk about working towards more, not about doing more but about being more.   The truth is […]

Ep #111: Here For It All

The new way of doing things can be difficult. I have a new grandbaby and unlike the other 11 grandchildren, I could not be at his birth. During this time, a deep well of emotions surprised me, manifesting in compassion for my grandchild and the world that he was being born into. Dwelling in the […]

Ep #110: Relationships and Religion

Society has this idea that people give up too easily on their marriages. That they are being selfish for not sticking out a relationship that is unhealthy and unhappy. But my guests and I want to call BS on that story. Chanci Dawn and Lynda Richard are both coaches in Self Healing Masters, and both […]

Ep #109: Changing Habits

This might surprise you all, but I quit my job today. I quit on my vision, I quit dreaming; I waved the white flag and decided I was done. And for a moment, I really indulged in what it would be like to quit.  So many of us are in the habit of quitting when […]

Ep #108: Change Money Beliefs

So many of us are stuck in old belief systems that no longer serve us, especially when it comes to money. You may have been told as a child that there’s not enough of it or that you won’t make money when you do this work, and deep down, you continue to believe it.  I’ve […]

Ep #107: Unlearning

More and more of us are waking up to our conditioning and making the courageous choice to start the de-conditioning process. This isn’t easy, and it may feel like grieving, but it is the only way to whole, true health and wellness. Unfortunately, none of us were taught how to come back to ourselves. As […]

Ep #106: Mind Body Connection

Dis-ease and stress can materialize in all sorts of ways in the body. You might experience disease, illness, or chronic pain, and chalk it up to being hereditary or because of your age. But what if you don’t have to suffer? What if you could take back control of your health? I’m joined by three […]

Ep #105: Personal Empowerment

Integrative coaching is something I talk about a lot on the podcast, but what exactly does it mean? And how does doing this work impact your relationships, happiness, and personal empowerment? My guests and I will be answering those questions and more in today’s super fun episode. The four integrative coaches joining me have all […]

Ep #104: Chronic Pain with Monique Derouen

Do you read and listen to all this information about integrative healing and think to yourself, “I get it. It just doesn’t work for me”? My guest and I have been in your shoes and we know how hard it is to suffer with chronic pain. Monique Derouen is an integrative therapist who helps her […]

Ep #103: Trapped Emotions with Petra Adams

I’m doing something a little different this week. I’m sharing the first in my Believing Better Series of conversations with clients and coaches who are doing this integrative healing work. I think these interviews will be immensely helpful for those of you who are dealing with trauma from last year or even earlier in your […]

Ep #102: The Solution

This episode is for new and old business owners, online coaches, and health practitioners. I know you’re suffering. So many of you are freezing instead of taking action, spinning in one spot, looking for more and more certifications to give you confidence. I understand this suffering because I’ve been there. I’ve talked to enough of […]

Ep #101: Connective Parenting with Andee Martineau

We all have preconceived ideas about what motherhood and parenting will be like, and beliefs about who we need to be in order to be good mothers. Often, our experience of parenting is filled with mess-ups and mistakes followed by judgement, guilt, and shame. My guest today, Andee Martineau, has made it her life’s mission […]

Ep #100: A Special Edition of More Than Mindset

I have a special treat for y’all this week because it is the 100th episode of More Than Mindset! It makes me emotional thinking about this because I know how important and powerful this community has become.  In honor of this community, I’m turning the tables and hopping into the hot seat. Two of my […]

Ep #99: Embodiment

What does it mean to embody your soul essence? To embody all that you are; your wellness, pleasure, joy, ease, and life itself in physical form. To accept yourself and invite yourself to live with compassion, creativity and love.  Our conditioning doesn’t teach us how to embody who we truly are. Society and our conditioned […]

Ep #98: The Power of Beliefs

As children, we are taught what to believe in order to get what we want. To get presents at Christmas, we have to believe in Santa. To go to heaven, we have to believe in Jesus. To get money for our baby teeth, we have to believe in the Tooth Fairy. What we weren’t taught […]

Ep #97: Self Healing Master Joyce Faul

We are all conditioned to think, feel, speak, and behave in a way that pleases the world. But when that mask doesn’t align with who you truly are, there is a dissonance. You get disconnected from your essential self. My guest today, Joyce Faul, changed her life when she decided to remove the mask and […]

Ep #96: Self Healing Master Candy Leigh

Learning about and embracing your human design not only allows you to truly embody who you are, but it also opens up more doors and opportunities for you. When you believe in the magic and embrace the goddess that you are, amazing things can happen. My guest today is living proof of that. Candy Leigh […]

Ep #95: Style Your Mind and Body with Danielle Perrodin

Health is about more than medicine and more than mindset. It is the holistic, integrative approach to whole body wellness. But in the current healthcare industry, the lack of integration causes suffering for patients and practitioners alike. The work my fabulous guest today does is helping to change that. Danielle Perrodin is an integrative style […]

Ep #94: Integrative Herbalist Kayla Kincanon

The first step to wholistic healing is becoming aware of your body, of the sensations and messages your body is sending you. But to find that awareness, it helps to calm the nervous system. That’s where herbalism comes in. My guest today is Master Herbalist and Integrative Life Coach, Kayla Kincanon. Kayla’s journey to becoming […]

Ep #93: The Dance of Entrepreneurship with Malerie Veillon

Is there something deep inside you saying you’re meant for more? A knowing that you have the potential to help even more people than you ever dreamed? My guest today had that knowing, and when she decided to listen to it, amazing things happened. I’m talking with Malerie Veillon, marketing strategist and brand photographer whose […]

Ep #92: The Practice of Be-Coming

When we’re presented with the chance to transform into a more authentic, essential version of ourselves, there are three ways we can respond. And of these options, I believe that society and our conditioning encourages us to do anything but lean into our be-coming. We all have something unique to share with the world. So […]

Ep #91: Healers Triad

What does it mean to heal? To truly heal your physical body, your mind, and your spiritual self? Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal themselves; there’s nothing “woo” about it. Today I’m going to introduce you to a concept that will help guide your healing even further: the healing triad. When we talk […]

Ep #90: Path of Being

My conversation with Danielle last week leads perfectly into what I want to talk to you about today: the path of being. Not doing, not being what your conditioning taught you to be. But being the true, authentic you. We have all been conditioned by our culture, religion, the health care system, our role models […]

Ep #89: Discover Your Design with Danielle Rodenroth (Part 2)

Today we’re continuing the conversation we started last week with Danielle all about human design, gene keys, and cosmology. While Danielle specializes in many different aspects of design, she says cosmology is the mother of all sciences. Many of us wander through our lives unsure of what our purpose is or if we even have […]

Ep #88: Discover Your Design with Danielle Rodenroth (Part 1)

I’m sharing part one of a special two-part episode today with my friend and colleague, Danielle Rodenroth. We have been working together for the past few years and I’ve absolutely loved our discussions and shared interests in all things soul purpose design.  Danielle is a Syncretist who specializes in astrology, human design, gene keys, plant […]

Ep #87: Write a New Ending

Are you the same person you were as a teenager? What about as a young mother, a mother of teens, or an empty nester? Chances are you’re not. With time and experience comes change in our bodies, health, perceptions, and relationships. Change in relationships can be scary because we’ve been conditioned to want familiarity. Instead […]

Ep #86: Be the Voice of Reason and Calm

There is a very low vibration happening all around us right now, even within us. The crazy is everywhere, and it’s accelerating. In this intense emotional upheaval, I want you to ask yourself: who is holding down the fort? In the midst of this heaviness and emotional immaturity, especially from our leaders, I’m choosing to […]

Ep #85: Receive Support

Why is it so hard to be held, be heard, and be seen? Receiving support is something I’ve coached on a ton in the past few weeks, and I want to share with you all today why I think this is something we struggle with and how to overcome it.  We all have an inner […]

Ep #84: Choosing to Trust

If you’ve been hurt by life, it can feel impossible to trust again. It’s easier to live in denial, suffering, and pain than to be vulnerable and open yourself up. I know because I’ve been there. But when I finally decided to choose to trust again, everything shifted.  Trusting life means allowing it to lead […]

Ep #83: Let It Be Easy

When was the last time you laid in the grass and stared at the clouds? Hung out in nature and took a few deep breaths? When was the last time you went for a bike ride, hiked in the forest, or had a deep and meaningful conversation with a six-year-old? When was the last time […]

Ep #82: Why You Don’t Have to Wait

I have a question for you all today. Why are you making yourself wait? Instead of taking action and making a decision now, you’re forcing yourself to wait until the straw breaks the camel’s back. We don’t need to wait for something terrible to happen to make a decision. I have done this so many […]

Ep #81: Self Healing Masters

What if you had access to self-healing and spiritual growth support at your fingertips for life? You have a gift to share with the world; you were meant for more. But before you can help others, you have to help yourself. And that support you need is here for you. Healing requires so much more […]

Ep #80: What Her Brain Wants

Last week we spent some time exploring what his brain wants and what makes men’s brains different from women’s. This week we’re going to dive into her brain and what her brain wants. How can we understand what we need, ask for it, and still show appreciation and gratitude for him? When you’re unsure if you want […]

Ep #79: What His Brain Wants

There are things you could be doing right now that are sabotaging your relationships. Your relationship with yourself, your kids, your friends, and specifically, your man. The things we do without even realizing it are creating distance and disconnect instead of intimacy and connection. When you emasculate men, they react with distance and unexpressed rage. […]

Ep #78: What Your Brain Wants

I think we can all agree that humans are a mess. We have limiting beliefs and crappy mindsets. We were never taught how to manage our minds or emotions so we basically walk around taking everything personally and beating ourselves up. We mess up our relationships, make assumptions without asking questions, and get hurt about […]

Ep #77: Why We Don’t Heal

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you’re not healing? You’ve tried everything from acupuncture to meditation to chiropractic treatment. Yet no matter what you do, you’re still in pain. And as a healer yourself, you likely hold yourself to a higher standard and believe you should be able to heal yourself. I get it. […]

Ep #76: Religious Roadblocks

There are many things that hold our clients back from healing. Some of their biggest problems come from social beliefs, cultural conditioning and generational patterns. But one of the others that we don’t always talk about is religious roadblocks.  Many of our clients believe that suffering and pain are the paths to growth, learning and […]

Ep #75: The Power of Shame

I’m supposed to have it all together. I should not be experiencing this. Do you ever have thoughts like those? Maybe you have feelings of jealousy, rage, resentment, grief, but you shove them down so no one can see them, not even yourself. Shame is the agent that keeps you spinning and looping. It’s the […]

Ep #74: Burn the Backup Plan

What’s your backup plan? If your dream doesn’t happen and you fail, what are you keeping in your back pocket just in case? Today, I want you to take that backup plan out and burn it. Holding onto a backup plan is making you hold yourself back from taking action. So many of us are […]

Ep #73: Integrative Healing Meditation

Today I’m doing something a little different. I will be teaching you a simple approach for processing emotions and releasing stress. Amazing healing can come through this practice, but you need to be willing to allow yourself to experience it.  Meditation gets a bad rap sometimes. People say they get bored and frustrated, it’s too […]

Ep #72: Emotional Triggers

The more we understand our emotional triggers, the more we understand our physical pain. The connection between the mind and body is so strong, but often ignored, avoided, or overlooked. I’ve had all the surgeries, worn all the braces, and nothing healed my chronic pain until I did the emotional healing work. As kids, we’re […]

Ep #71: Why Change Is Hard

Let me ask you this important question: Are you comfortable? We often think it’s comfortable for things to be familiar. But that’s not always true; suffering isn’t comfortable, it’s just familiar. And you have the option to stay in the suffering or change.  We’ve all been conditioned to believe that change isn’t possible, things are […]

Ep #70: Feeling the Experience

I’ve been in a whirlwind of emotions all week long and I’m sure many of you have as well. Processing your emotions means being with them, even when they’re uncomfortable. But how can we do that when it’s in our nature as human beings to protect ourselves from pain and discomfort? There is a collective […]

Ep #69: Living in Possibility

I hear from so many of you that you know what you want, and you believe it’s yours, but you’re having trouble taking action. Something is stopping you from doing what you need to get the results you want. These next level limitations are preventing you from truly believing. When there is a dissonance in […]

Ep #68: Belief Decision

What would you say if I told you that you chose to be in the situation you’re in right now? Somewhere along the way, you decided to believe that this was enough and you settled. Many of you have decided to believe that you can’t have better, that you can’t get what you need. I’m […]

Ep #67: Make More Money

If you’re in the mind body business, I know you want to help people and impact lives. You might have the certification to do that, but not the business strategy or structure to make more money. That’s where my Mind Body Business Mastermind comes in. In three simple steps, you will know who you are, […]

Ep #66: Integrative Massage with Monique Derouen

In the massage therapy industry, we’re told that our careers are limited by our bodies. That this work will take such a toll that we’ll only get a few good years before our bodies start suffering. But, I know that this is far from the truth if you integrate the mind-body connection into your work. […]

Ep #65: The Punch-Line Approach

It was brought to my attention that we are 64 episodes into this podcast, and I have not talked about the basis of everything I talk about, the core framework of what I teach, called The Punch-Line Approach. It is a users’ guide to managing your mind and body and reconnecting them to your spirit. […]

Ep #64: The Victim

I’ve noticed a lot of finger pointing these days. We want to blame the virus, the economy, the government, our partners, for the suffering we’re experiencing. But let me ask you this. What part of your circumstances did you take part in creating? Or, are you stuck in the victim mentality of blame and shame? […]

Ep #63: Seesaw of Emotional Wellness

Many of us are being confronted with deep, intense emotions right now. And it makes sense why. We don’t have the buffering resources, like going out and socializing, that we used to. Instead, we’re left with our thoughts… and our spouse’s stinky feet. Without knowing that your thoughts are controlling your feelings, you might feel […]

Ep #62: Allowing the Unknown

Everyone is checking the numbers these days. The number of people that have gotten sick, the number that have passed away. We work ourselves up into fight, flight, freeze, or freak mode because we’re terrified of becoming one of the numbers. But, what if you don’t? Until you can release the resistance and come to […]

Ep #61: Healing Trauma and Pain with Julie Cantrell

This week I’m joined by New York Times Best Selling author, Julie Cantrell. Julie writes fiction novels that tackle tough topics. Her characters experience an array of pain and trauma that many of us can relate to. Through their stories, she spreads the message of working through your pain, trusting yourself, and finding faith. Everyone […]

Ep #60: Collective Grief

So much has changed in the past few weeks. We’re working differently, relaxing differently, and interacting with each other differently. It makes us long for how things used to be. Back when we had more control over our lives and felt safer outside our homes. For many of us, this feeling of longing for the […]

Ep #59: Validating Your Emotions and Your Experience

Do you feel guilty for not feeling anxious right now? Do you feel antsy, uncertain, and concerned? No matter how you’re feeling, I want you to know that it is allowed, validated, and understandable. Many of us grew up hiding or repressing our emotions, often feeling stressed about not feeling how we were “supposed” to. […]

Ep #58: The Missing Ingredient to Heal Your Body with Missy Beavers

I’m joined by another amazing guest this week, Missy Beavers. Missy is an integrative life coach with a master’s degree in nutrition who focuses on thyroid health, gut health, and the mind-body connection. She even owns a health food store in California. This woman does it all. We met when she came through my coaching […]

Ep #57: Learning to Receive Money for Your Spiritual Gifts with Peggy Fontenot

I have another amazing interview for you this week, and this time we are joined by the wonderful Peggy Fontenot. Peggy and I have known each other for a while now, and we’ve shared a lot of deep emotional experiences and conversations, as well as coaching. Peggy is joining us to talk about a topic […]

Ep #56: Blame and Personal Responsibility

How often do you blame other people, events, or things for your feelings? That person in traffic made you angry. Your partner made you upset. Your business is making you feel discouraged. We’re really good at blaming the outside world for our emotions, but we don’t like to turn that blame on ourselves in a […]

Ep #55: Your Standards or Society’s Standards

How do your standards compare to the world around you? This conversation came up recently as I was talking with some of my grandkids about grades. It got me thinking about how some standards set in the outside world are good enough for other people, but maybe not for ourselves. If you’re capable of getting […]

Ep #54: Manifest Vs. Create

I have a bone to pick with some of y’all today, and it’s about manifesting. I hear so many people talk about how they’d love to do this or that, but they need to manifest some money before they do. They think manifesting is going to deliver what they want, but I’m here to tell […]

Ep #53: Stepping Into Being Seen with Dr. Danielle Perrodin

I’m so excited to bring you the first-ever interview episode of the podcast this week! We have a wonderful guest with us today: Dr. Danielle Perrodin. Danielle has helped me firsthand with some of the issues we’re talking about in this episode, and I know you will learn so much from her wisdom, too. Dr. […]

Ep #52: Humble Appreciation

I can’t believe it, but today is the anniversary of the podcast! For the past 51 episodes, I’ve been talking about health, mindset, success, and so many related topics that are close to my heart. Now, in episode 52, I want to spend some time expressing gratitude for everything I’ve learned over the past year of […]

Ep #51: The Results You Are Creating

So often we are living life on autopilot. We think that the results we get – how our health is, how much money we’re making, the quality of our relationships – are random or unpredictable. I have to break it to you: this is just NOT the case. A lot of the time, our subconscious […]

Ep #50: Wounds Vs. Scars

I’ve been thinking a lot about scars lately as I’m doing my own new belief training. Emotional wounds are common for me, my clients… really just everyone out there living in the world! Our emotional wounds are incredibly sensitive, and they will stay that way if we don’t take the time to go on a […]

Ep #49: Creating On Purpose

Have you ever intended to pursue a goal or manifest something really powerful but you just kind of put it off and thought it was going to take care of itself? Maybe you were waiting to see what was going on, what was happening, and then you were going to tweak it from there instead […]

Ep #48: The Transition of Transformation

I want to talk today about going from one level of belief to the next. I call this the transition of transformation, and it’s a process that trips up a lot of business owners as they try to take their work, healing, and relationships to another level.  If you feel like you’ve been stuck for […]

Ep #47: Assessing the Old and Making Space for the New

Welcome to a new year and new decade! I love to spend a bit of time in the beginning of a new year to assess where I’ve been and where I’d like to go. I didn’t always do this, but when I realized that I was unconsciously creating the same results over and over – […]

Ep #46: Raising the Belief Scale

As the year comes to an end, you might be disengaging a little bit from growing your business because you believe that no one will spend money on coaching at the end of the year. But just because you might be taking time off, doesn’t mean that others aren’t planning for the coming year’s investments. […]

Ep #45: Making Money as a Healer

Healers are the people who bring the magic, but oftentimes, we hide behind old stories of scarcity and inability because we are afraid of making ourselves vulnerable. Even though we have beautiful gifts to share with others, we can get in our own way by being unclear about what we are trying to offer. On […]

Ep #44: Emotional Wellness

Ignoring our unconscious thoughts and emotions is really easy; it’s even easier to place the blame for our emotions on external factors, like terrible things happening on the news. When we surrender ourselves to these outside forces, we just react emotionally and push away the future we actually want. On today’s show, I’m talking about […]

Ep #43: Belief Capacity

We frequently have these new beliefs about our lives and businesses that we get super excited about and want to share quickly. However, the longer we sit with them, we can psyche ourselves out and lose faith in the brilliance of our ideas. Today, we are talking about belief capacity and how we can prolong […]

Ep #42: Creative Expression

It can be a struggle to express what we believe in a way that others can understand and gain something from. At the heart of this problem is the inability to recognize what is deep within us and to share that with others. As health and wellness professionals, that is exactly what we want to […]

Ep #41: Getting Honest

It can be so easy to shield your eyes from the truth of what is going on in your life and your business; we get tripped up by the fact that we might not like what we see. When I talk to clients, sometimes they don’t even know where to look to measure their results […]

Ep #40: Judgment and Comparison

When we allow the stories of unworthiness and being an imposter to take control, we get stuck and self-fulfill those stories we hold about ourselves. However, the only reasons we suffer are because we make judgments and comparisons instead of seeing things as they really are. Today I want to dig down deep into the […]

Ep #39: The Imposter Story

In past episodes, I have talked a lot about “imposter syndrome” and how it can make us feel like we aren’t experts (when we are!), ultimately leaving our businesses in a slump. This feeling obscures the work that actually needs to be done and stops you from having the impact you want. On today’s show, […]

Ep #38: Freedom to Feel Depression

All around us, we live in a world of shame and suppression, making it extremely difficult to confront heavy topics like depression. When we feel ashamed of our thoughts, we tend to hide behind false appearances and don’t share our true selves. Today, we’re talking about empowering yourself to stand in your authority and expertise […]

Ep #37: Resistance to Growth

Once we accept that something needs to change in our lives, we start seeking out any advice or coaching that might make a difference, but oftentimes, we stay stagnant and don’t see the results we want. Despite wanting to change, there are mental barriers to growth that we have to overcome to be more successful. […]

Ep #36: The Cost of Shame

Many coaches and teachers out there feel like they are not good enough to share their gifts with others because they are perhaps not the living embodiment of their teachings. They are ashamed of being hypocritical or imposters. This feeling of shame often limits business and personal successes and leaves capable people in a slump. […]

Ep #35: Self-Management and Self-Regulation

It can be very easy to be overwhelmed by emotions, especially when we feel like we haven’t earned recognition or success. This feeling of unworthiness can then get in the way of us achieving our full potential in our personal and professional lives. Today, I want to share the secret to managing your emotions and […]

Ep #34: Flaw of Attraction

We all have stories that we internalized at some point in our lives that we carry with us, and these stories can impact what we believe we are capable of. We might have stories that tell us we have to conserve money and stick to a routine, or else resources will become scarce, but these […]

Ep #33: Woundology

Like many people in the health and wellness industry, you might be a “wounded healer” if you use the pain that you have experienced in your life as a reason to help others. This mindset is extremely dangerous because it is constantly mentally draining and does not allow you to reach your full potential. You […]

Ep #32: Codependent Behaviors

For some people in the health and wellness field, the fulfillment we get from helping others is what we live and die by, and we are constantly trying to people-please beyond our capacity. Because we crave this feeling of usefulness and being needed, we engage in behaviors that are toxic for our own well-being to […]

Ep #31: Empowering Empaths

For many of us in the health and wellness industry, our work can be emotionally draining and unsustainable because we are constantly taking on the weight of other people’s problems. While this service to others is extremely valuable, it takes a massive toll on our own ability to care for ourselves and care for our […]

Ep #30: Failure to Launch

The process of getting a business off the ground is hard to begin with, but when we come at it without an integrated approach, it becomes even harder. Without the necessary mindset, we are dragged down by the old conditioning and beliefs that we can’t achieve our goals. Today, I want to talk about finding […]

Ep #29: Diving into Feeling

One difficulty we run into in our practice is not acknowledging that we have problematic thoughts, and this shows up when we are stumped why our projects and businesses fail to take off like we want them to. This problem is rooted in an emotional response that is limiting for us and doesn’t let us […]

Ep #28: Emotional Signatures

We can only be coached so far in our mindset transformation before we start to hit a wall that stops our progress towards a fully integrated life. Our brain puts up these walls and keeps us in these emotional patterns because it wants to protect us from the things that scare us. At some point, […]

Ep #27: Giving Yourself Space to Grow

As we start to work for ourselves and begin to push the boundaries of what we are capable of in our personal and professional lives, we start to grow beyond our internal container. When we outgrow this original mental pot, we butt up against the perceived limits on our success and instinctually feel that we […]

Ep #26: Bridge Work

The gap between the physical world and the spiritual realm is often what leaves us feeling like something is missing. It can make us feel disjointed if we are solely spiritual or solely realistic, but that feeling of disconnectedness is difficult to pinpoint. When we do figure out what we need to change, our fear […]

Ep #25: Becoming the Watcher

We all reach a point in our lives where we recognize that something isn’t working and we are not in control of the path we’re on. Whether we blame it on the past or have faith that life will give it to us, we are not receiving the richness that we know we deserve. Today, […]

Ep #24: The Labor of New Life

There is a great deal of strain that comes with creating this new life we’ve been discussing these past few weeks. Just when we start the process of revolutionizing how we think, little objections or delays come up to throw us right back into that old mindset. It can be a painful struggle, much like […]

Ep #23: Taking Control of Your Creation

Your first experience trying to create in this new mind space can be nerve-wracking and you can easily default back to your old way of doing things, simply because it’s safe. Your brain will automatically want to do what it thinks works. Also, others might try to discredit your new way of thinking. It can […]

Ep #22: When You Feel Like You Don’t Belong

When you revolutionize your mindset and radically transform how you approach your thoughts, it can be both empowering and isolating because your old tribe might not understand the wonderful changes you’ve experienced. Sometimes, you share this monumental shift in yourself and your friends can be scared or confused about the person in front of them, […]

Ep #21: Ego Death

The concept of ego death sounds extremely scary and seems like a nearly impossible thing to do. In reality, it is an extremely difficult process of detaching yourself from your perceptions and the need for belonging in order to become more attuned. Many people don’t reach this state of radical self-acceptance but on today’s show, […]

Ep #20: Interruptions and Affirmations

As we grow from childhood to adulthood, we develop a lot of negative thoughts about ourselves that our brains think are going to keep us safe. Instead, we flood ourselves with thoughts that disempower and frustrate us, limiting our abilities to do the things that will make us more successful and happier. It can be […]

Ep #19: Navigating Our Integration

When we go through the process of integrating our emotions, it can feel extremely isolating and make us feel as though we are being judged by those closest to us. One of the hardest things to do is to navigate these feelings and become better because of it. This week, we’re continuing with our recent […]

Ep #18: Letting Things Fall Apart

Lately, on the podcast, we have been talking about the process of becoming more in tune with our emotions and integrating those into our practice and this can all feel very tumultuous. We have to dismantle a lot of the habits and little things about ourselves and understand them individually, which can trigger very strong […]

Ep #17: Shadow Dancing

We all struggle with being uncomfortable, be it anxiety, fear, grief… It can be difficult to process these strong emotions, so we often repress or suppress them. This is not necessarily a bad thing––it’s simply a biological response––but it can build up to an unmanageable pressure cooker within yourself. The trick to releasing that pressure […]

Ep #16: Learning to Push the Edges

Change is a natural part of life, but we often experience fear when it comes to changing things in our lives. A lot of this fear comes from social pressures or anxieties that make us feel unsafe in what we are doing, so it can often lead us to oppose change because it feels wrong. […]

Ep #15: Transforming Your Scarcity Mindset

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that everything is scarce and we have to do whatever we can to take what is on offer. Whether it’s food, finance or job opportunities, we feel like we have to take advantage of it because we fear that we will miss out. On this week’s show, […]

Ep #14: Embracing Light and Shadow

Within my community here in Louisiana, as well as in my business through the people I’ve served, I have observed a major disconnect in our human experience. Emotional discord is a huge issue because unfortunately, as a society, we are taught not to feel. This week, my mission is to change that learned behavior, to […]

Ep #13: Uprooting Your Belief System

Letting go of old habits, behaviors, beliefs, and conditioning is really hard, and it’s no wonder so many people throw in the towel when it comes to trying to achieve a goal in an area of their life. Uprooting your whole belief system is going to require some vulnerability and feeling exposed to the world, […]

Ep #12: Believe and Become Vs. Wait and See

I’ve been trying to build a yoga community for quite a few years now and there have always been hurdles to overcome, and frankly, lots of fear on my part about being seen as an outcast or being rejected by the people around me. The concepts I’m introducing to you today are hopefully going to […]

Ep #11: A Deep Dive into The Four Agreements

This week, I’m taking a close look at a book called The Four Agreements and I know this episode is going to be an absolute game changer for all of you. This book’s concepts are something I introduce very early on to clients because it’s just that valuable and I can’t wait to share it […]

Ep #10: Creating the Movement of Change

I’ve always been accused of being a little wishy-washy, changeable, and that people never know what to expect from me. My husband always brags about being the same person he always has been but I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of. This week, I’m discussing the movement of change – creating it, accepting […]

Ep #9: How Your Unconscious Thoughts Create Your Life

Some of the toughest things to tackle in coaching can be our unconscious thoughts. These thoughts play in the background of our lives, and often we don’t even notice them or the messages they’re sending us. But they can affect the way we see ourselves, how we show up in the world, and shape our […]

Ep #8: From Negative Thoughts to Amazing Results

I can recall some pretty hard times in my life. I used to call it “the dark night of the soul.” However, after a while, I came to the realization that it wasn’t the soul at all – it was the mind. The soul is light, but our mind moves with the whims of our […]

Ep #7: How Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

In the coming weeks on the podcast I’ve got some interviews and inspiring stories of people who’ve overcome chronic pain and physical conditions, so for you to be able to appreciate those, today, I will be laying the groundwork about your thoughts and the impact they have on what you create in your life. This […]

Ep #6: Get Inspired and Dream Big

I’m spending the week at Disney World with my family and I am having the best time enjoying everything Disney has to offer. It’s only been one day so far, but I’ve already been blown away and inspired to create this podcast, highlighting my biggest takeaways from this place. Mental and emotional health is one […]

Ep #5: 3 Thoughts to Leave Behind

I just recently got back from Dallas, where I spent a few days with my coach and peers from The Life Coach School. It was a really exciting weekend full of big epiphanies, and I want to take the time today to share some of my biggest takeaways I’ve realized along the way. The journey […]

Ep #4: Why We Suffer and How to Stop

Do you ever catch yourself wanting to change yourself, the people around you, or even something as big as your community? As a business and life coach, something I address quite a lot with my clients is the concept of suffering and feeling limited by the circumstances around you. I’m glad to say that I’ve […]

Ep #3: What to Do About Drama

Drama. We all have it: If you are a human and you have a brain, you have experienced drama. Today, I want to show you what to do about it and how to help yourself come back out of it and get back to doing the thing that you really want to do. Because drama […]

Ep #2: How to Move to the Next Level of Growth

On the podcast today, I am talking about three important concepts from one of my most recommended books for new coaches, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. The whole book is based on achieving your full potential in life, in all areas of your life – relationship, money, career… whatever part you are personally developing […]

Ep #1: An Introduction to Living the Integrative Life

Welcome to the very first episode of Integrative Life Coach Training for Health and Wellness Practitioners (we’ll call it Integrative Life for short), a podcast that has been in my heart and soul for at least the past 2, but probably closer to 3, years. This podcast is about how the mind affects everything; physical […]

Announcing the Integrative Life Coach Training for Health and Wellness Practitioners Podcast!

Welcome to the More Than Mindset podcast, friends! I am thrilled to be here and excited that you’re joining me as I start this new venture. I’ve wanted to start a podcast for a while and now is the time! I created this show to share the wealth of knowledge and experience I’ve gathered over […]

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