Ep #197: What I learned from Abraham Hicks Part 1

Imagine how it would feel to stay in belief, to stay in desire and walk towards what you want without giving space for doubts, fears, and the judgement of others?

At a recent Abraham Hicks event, Kim shares insights that help you gain the momentum to get in the flow with your belief, and how to direct your own intentions to manifest what you want to create in your life.


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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • We can love others who don’t agree without giving up our belief
  • If you’re half in and half out in areas of your life, this creates the results in your life
  • When you get into momentum, you get into belief and that’s when things flow
  • You stop the flow when you start paying attention to what others think
  • When you take inspired action, it’s holding the belief that you are also co-creating with the universe too


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#197: What I learned from Abraham Hicks Part 1

Welcome to More Than Mindset, the only podcast that bridges the gap between spirituality and success. Go beyond the mind with clarity and confidence Coach, Kim Guillory, and learn how to integrate your passion to serve with your skills and experience to create a business you love. Let’s get started.

Hey, and welcome back to the show. I’ve got a fun one for you today. I went to Atlanta this weekend, so I was at an Abraham Hicks workshop, which was so fun. And just so you know, let me kind of preface this with, I was feeling a little gloomy, a little down in the dumps, a little frustrated.

Prior to for a couple of weeks, I was really starting to notice that I didn’t love where my mind was going and some of the things that I was thinking about and how I was feeling, and so I was like trying to force my way into satisfaction.

I was trying to do things that would take me there quicker. I noticed what the problem was. Have you guys ever felt this? You’re not getting what you want, what you need, what you desire, and it’s no longer fun. You’re kind of like in the battle or in the fight of attaining, I’ll say, well, I had that happening in my business.

So, we’ve done some really different things in my organization this year. So, since January we’ve changed up, pretty much everything that’s on the skeletal part of it behind the scenes and through that experience where I was challenged with a lot of pressure and I started noticing where it wasn’t really fun anymore and I made a commitment, as I said in the previous episodes, that around 29 years old that I wasn’t doing anything else.

That wasn’t fun. I was not going back there, but I somehow found myself back in that place of hell. That’s what it felt like where I really want to share what I have figured out. I see people suffering and I recognize where I was at before, and I just want to give it to them. Have you ever felt that way? Your just like, “Why don’t they get it?” I want them to get it.

This could be so simple and then we could play together, right? That kind of thing. Well, that’s where I was, but almost in a unhealthy perspective where I actually started getting deflated and I wasn’t feeling like so inspired and excited anymore because it felt like it was never going to happen. It takes too long.

And then we see all these stages as coaches, right? All the million followers and downloads and all that stuff starts really playing with your mind or with mine? It does with mine. And we go into compare and despair and we start judging all this stuff, it doesn’t feel good. I didn’t like it, but I was in it and came up with the idea that I needed to go somewhere, do something to break away from it.

I’ve done a lot of workshops this year. It’s a lot, at least two to three a month. I’ve traveled a lot. I have flown out, I’ve taken road trips, and it felt like I hadn’t been anywhere.

So that’s the kind of moment that I was having. It felt like, “I got to get out of here. I got to go do something,” when in actuality, I had just gotten back from Michigan. So you guys know if you’ve been listening to the show, that seems that I go a lot, right? It didn’t feel that way. It felt like I was like desperate to get out.

And so, I started questioning things and, you know, I do jamming every day where I journal and like really start, what’s going on here? What’s the real story? And I recognize that dissatisfaction had actually led me into a pretty dark space of, “What’s the use? Why do I keep doing this?”

That kind of moment. And I decided to go to an Abraham Hicks event because it seemed fun. It wasn’t about business; it wasn’t going to be anything. Not a dire emergency. The problem was it’s around 10 hours away, and that did not make sense because I’m leaving to go to Mexico tomorrow, and I had just got back from Michigan, so my mind was like going crazy.

That’s ridiculous. Everyone’s going to hate you. Your family’s going to leave you. Like all the stories are going to be living under a bridge, not having a home. You’re going to die alone. It’s so ridiculous. Who are you to? It’s never enough. You know those started happening. So, I sat with it, and I was like, That’s not true.

My guys are all hunting, my kids are doing things. There’s no one home. I have the energy to leave for a weekend and then leaving in the next weekend and the next if I want to. So, I made the decision that I was going to drive to Atlanta. So, I checked online. Tickets were available. I tried at least a dozen people to see if anyone wanted to come and ride with me because I was like, “It’s going to be so fun and we can like listen all the way there and we can talk about it and we’re just going to go and like, it’s going to be light and easy,”

One of my friends actually told me when I was talking to her about this, I was like so mad because it was, it went right along with my disappointment that nobody wants this, no one wants to come. “Why don’t they want it?” And she said, “We just don’t want to.” I was like, “Oh, see, I was buying all the excuses,” and I was mad about the excuses, but the truth was they weren’t interested.

Totally get that. They do so many things I’m not interested in, right? I don’t want to really do a lot of the stuff that most people do. So, all of a sudden, I had compassion, I had understanding, and I had permission to do what I wanted to do because it felt good, and it felt fun, and I wanted to do it. And I actually didn’t need anyone to do it with me.

I love to drive. I’m good for 15, 16 hours, so I got in my car, then bought my ticket. I have a client that’s there, so I asked her if she wanted to meet me there and just to kind of play and have fun, and I got in my car, and I’ll share with you on the episodes coming up because it’s a lot to put into this one, but I hit the road, got there in the afternoon. I actually stopped at the Inn at Serenbe in Atlanta because it’s where we’re hosting the Mind Body business conference this October. So, I wanted to go get this coming October.

I wanted to go get some pictures of what it looks like in the fall, so I had fun doing that. That was exciting. I loved it. It felt really good. Um, and then I got to my hotel, spent the night, woke up, stood in line, and went to the event.

I was like, I’m going to get picked. I knew I was going to get picked. I wanted to talk about body image, body acceptance. I have a really hard time.

Full exposure here … I have a really hard time accepting my body, especially with the changes over 50 and when I’m starting to notice and not like, and I also had this stuff with business that was going on, which was I was eating more and just slothing around and I was like, “I don’t feel good about my body,” and I remember being here in the past and I worked through it, and I had come to a really deep appreciation.

And for those who are my clients, you’ve heard me say this before, I’ll talk about like, we have a body, and we get to use our voice and we get to go places and we get to taste things and look, like I get to move my fingers.

We could be an entity like Abraham Hicks that like a consciousness that has to ask someone, “Hey, can I use your voice?” Can I deliver the message to the humans through your body?” But not us. We get to just deliver the message through our bodies, but yet here I am, hatin’ on my body. I get it. I know a lot of us experience this.

I have helped clients shift through this. I didn’t expect to be back in this position yet. Here I am, and I was really battling with this, and that’s what I wanted to talk about. That’s what I wanted to ask, and I didn’t raise my hand and I would raise my hand and I didn’t. Then I would, and then I decided I’m not, because I’m good and I can get to my own inner being.

I can get my own answers and I want to move through this with my clients. So, I want to do a challenge within my community. With them experiencing me, shifting this myself so that I can help them do it the same way, which is with their self. So, I had that going on at the same time. So, you can see the dissonance.

I want to hear, I need the help, I want some support, and then I can’t get the support. I want to do it myself. I don’t want my clients thinking that they have to go to a stage in order to get it. So, I want to get it myself in front of them and show them how to do it. So, I have this dissonance going on. Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no.

I put my hand up. I put my hand down back, and. And then there came the moment, I don’t even know, I don’t think I raised my hand, but my hand went up. Abraham looked straight at me, or Esther looked straight at me and said, “If you think it’s you just stand up.” And I just knew it was, and I stood up and then there was this game playing out in my head.

So, this is like the lesson that I want to really share with you because it’s fascinating. And I said, It’s really scary. “Oh shit, I don’t know. I don’t know if I want to go like this was happening.” So, I go around, and Abraham says, “You want to come, you don’t want to come. You kind of want, you kind of don’t like that kind of verbiage.”

And I was looking straight and like saying, “Yes, I kind of do and I kind of don’t.” And so, Abraham says, “Well then don’t come. If you don’t want to come, you shouldn’t come.” Do you guys think I should come? Like I could hear, and you can kind of sense and see, and you’re standing up in front of a thousand people, so it’s all kind of weird.

Here I am like all conscious of my body and not wanting to stand up in front of people and all this stuff is like happening and I felt the momentum leave and I was like, I was like, You’re really on fire right now. Like, I want to hear it, but I don’t want to hear it and I’m not sure if I want to get it. And that when that desire left, I could feel myself pull back.

And then someone came up behind, which is really crazy. I think they said, “This has never happened before.” And so, I had a moment to pause and to stop and God, it was so empowering to be in a moment of decision. You get to decide and you’re always deciding.

What you’re thinking is deciding. I want … I don’t want. Yes … no. Maybe I should … maybe I shouldn’t. So, for those of you who are a half in and half out in your marriage, in your careers, in your coaching and whatever it is, your weight. That is a huge reason that you have the results or don’t have the results that you want to be able to experience it and be used as a role model, I’ll say, for the entire group to see, because that’s how it works.

That’s how Abraham works, is whatever’s being weaved in is for everyone, and that is what I was getting in the moment. That was the gift that I was receiving, what Abraham did for me and the power of choice. Blew my mind. It gets better, it gets easier. And over the next few weeks, I’m going to kind of take you down the journey of this, of exactly what all played out, because there’s so much to unpack.

But I want to say that the decision, the change, the shift that happened when I grabbed my car door and made the decision that I was going to go whether someone came or not, whether it was right or wrong, whether anyone approved or disapproved. Regardless, making that first decision to take care of myself and I need to do something fun because I feel like I am dying here. That was a true story.

I was not encouraged. I was not inspired. I felt like I was fighting up against a brick wall and just constantly pushing and trying to make something happen. I know what my desire is.

I desire to serve more people. I have the energy to serve more people. I am on fire when I am teaching when I’m in my group. I love it, it feels really good, but then there’s this story about burning out, doing too much. You’re too much and you know, all this stuff and, and I feel punished when I’m not doing more.

I don’t feel good. I don’t feel refreshed. I actually want to die because it feels terrible. But what was happening is I was having this argument with myself and society’s stories about what you should or shouldn’t do. It’s too much and you shouldn’t leave your husband at home. And if you have kids or grandkids, you should be doing this.

All that stuff, guys, you get what I’m talking about. That’s the battle that was going on within me, and it was feeling really heavy.

So, I will say the decision happened in the moment. I noticed I had thoughts that went through my head. I went through it anyway. As soon as I took off and went down the road, I was lit.

And then when I get to Serenbe I was double lit. And then when I get to Atlanta, I was like triple lit. And then whenever I met with my friend Holly there, she was like, “Girl, your energy is wild.” Like, so I was like so excited. What created that excitement? What do you think created that excitement?

I’m going to just tell you; it was inspired action. I was inspired to give myself what I needed. I was inspired by what I needed and wanted and what I could have. And then inspired action is to move in the inspiration, and then the universe is supporting you. It’s all coming to you. Exactly like when I raised my hand, I was in inspired action.

And then something gets in the way and then the opportunity leaves. So, you have clients coming to you and then you have doubt, and they go away, and you think it’s because your lead gen is off or marketing, or there’s not enough people or whatever you think people don’t want to pay for this.

But it’s actually not, you are dictating that flow or that momentum or that lack of flow. And so, to be able to experience this and be the role model for everyone else in the group was fascinating. It was showing the going and then the flow dropping and the desire dropping and then someone else and opportunity and then the timing is off.

And that’s exactly what Abraham said. You guys get into momentum, and you get into belief and you’re flowing with it. And you start to worry about what other people think and you start to dictate what other people think are right or wrong, and you stop the momentum, you stop the flow, you stop the manifestation, and you begin to manifest something else, which is limitation and fear and doubt, and worry and concern.

So, to wrap this story up, the guy who’s sitting on the side of me who we spoke for two hours before, coming in, looked at me and was like, “This is crazy. The exact thing that I said I needed, we we’re now going to get was like, really all working out for us.”

It really is, and this is what I want to share with you. Aside from the being in the flow and in the belief and in desire, I wanted to wrap that up from a couple of weeks ago. I talked about desire. It’s one of the things that’s lacking why you quit, because you lose the desire and the reason, we lose the desire.

What’s behind the desire? Think about it. We don’t think, we don’t really think we can have what we want, or we think it’s going to create negative side effects and our negative reactions, and so then we push it down and that’s what happened …

Here’s my hook that I’m going to talk about in the next episode: the movement or the lack of movement, and to watch the results of that happening, but to be in that communication of consciousness and what consciousness actually does when we are in the dance between the “go” and the “don’t go” between the “yes and the no,” between the, “I want, maybe I don’t want, I can have, probably can’t have,” what’s happening to me was almost like as if I had like a beach ball pushing it into the water, and the water was like doing exactly what I was doing. So, moving forward, the water opens for the ball to push through.

It’s that flow and that momentum. I often talk about prosperity and abundance and financial growth, that there’s money and prosperity, it’s currency, right? You think a current moving through life, like the water and the ocean.

You think about a lazy river, the water just keeps flowing and it just keeps flowing. It’s got a natural flow. You just get on your tube, and you just keep floating around, right? That’s abundance. That’s prosperity. That’s what money does. It’s energy that just keeps moving. And when you’re in the lazy river and you’re going with the flow, it’s beautiful and you’re getting exactly what you need and want as you continue to move along.

What stops it is when you stop. When your mind presents fear and doubt or whatever, and you. And when you stop, what happens to the currency? What happens to the flow? It’s really just turning yourself around, getting back into the flow, getting back into the natural momentum, ease, flow, and freedom.

That’s the whole goal of The Punchline Approach. For those of you who don’t know, that’s the book that I wrote, and it’s how do I want to live, how to get what you need or how to get what you want, how to gain power and control of your life. How to create in a way that feels good, in a way that gives you life and inspiration.

I feel like I’m all over the map, but I’m going to bring it in. So, what I want your takeaway to be for today, you can take away whatever you want, is you believe something, you think it’s possible, and then you change your mind. And when you change your mind, it actually stops the flow. So, what was happening and what was coming just in pure desire.

When you made that decision that you wanted it and you began to desire it, you began to sense it, you began to explore it, you started to feel it. I’m just going to plug in. For those of you who don’t know the Flaw of Attraction, we can put the link below. It’s https://kimguillory.com/flawofattraction that I talk about this, if you don’t step into the belief and into the desire and you don’t flow with feeling it.

You can’t create it; you’re going to create the other stuff that you’re thinking about because that’s what your mind is paying attention to. And so, it is a discipline, it is a practice. It’s a practice to grow your desire, and it is a practice to stay in desire. There’s one thing about like having the idea, making it up in writing about it, but how long do you stay in that momentum?

How long do you stay in desire? How big can you grow desire, and why wouldn’t you grow it other than you not thinking you can have it? Because desire feels good. When I’m imagining, when I’m looking at these, the room full of people that I’m able to give, to serve, to help, to teach, I feel good.

Matter of fact, I feel this like a warm sensation moving through my body. It feels like I’m floating on clouds. It’s like the most amazing thing, and I want to feel more of that more of the time. So why would I cut it off and lose the desire for serving because someone else doesn’t believe in serving that way or think that’s harmful or whatever.

Whatever their thought is … “You can’t have it. You shouldn’t do it.” Stay in the desire of serving more. What if I stay in, how it feels like viscerally, how it moves through my body? What if I do more of it? I broke all the rules. I did a live last Thursday in my group and again this week, and I’m just going to keep serving, keep giving all the way on my drive.

I offered clients if they wanted to talk if they wanted to do breakthrough sessions. I was just like staying in the momentum, man. It was just growing and growing and growing. Feels like everything is possible. Have you ever felt that? Feels like everything is possible. It’s a moment in time, Just a little teeny, tiny moment in time that ruins that.

And it’s, “I can’t have it because they said I shouldn’t do that, or this will happen.” Somebody somewhere punches a hole in the belief, in the desire tells you can’t have it, and then we get deflated. Not that anybody can make us feel deflated, but it’s because we believe them, and we lose our own belief.

What I have to say about that is quit telling people what you want, what your desire, what you’re doing. If they can’t handle your joy, if they can’t handle your belief, if they can’t handle your desire, quit talking to them about it. Don’t tell them about it. Even Jesus talks about this.

Don’t go and tell the people. Go and live this. They’re going to for sure kill it. Their disbelief and negativity is going to because it’s their beliefs mirroring into your belief, their disbelief, telling you that your belief is impossible, their lack of desire, putting your desire out. But you are in control of keeping it.

Don’t share it. Don’t tell ’em. Keep it to yourself. Go and be it. Don’t try to explain it. Don’t get anyone to validate it. Validate it for yourself.

How would that feel if you just did that? Stay in desire, stay in belief, Keep walking towards what you want, and don’t have that time and space where you let the doubts and the fears and other people’s judgment come in.

You cannot get what you want and try to give everybody else what they want. It’s impossible. It’s impossible. I wish I could tell you differently. It’s not going to happen. It just doesn’t, and that’s not negativity. That is something that can actually help you move forward. Think about the reason that you don’t have what you want.

The big dream, the big vision, the things happening for you. Somebody somewhere somehow is giving you the indication that it’s not possible or you’re looking at these million-dollar coaches who are doing all this big marketing about the “end game” all this stuff.

You’re looking at that and comparing yourself and saying, “You can’t have that.” What if you don’t want that? What if that’s not who you are? What if you don’t need that? What if you could just get a simple website or room or Zoom call and you don’t have to fancy it all up, right? And you just showed up as yourself and you gave amazing value?

What would that look like? Because that’s what I saw. I saw Esther Hicks in her socks, on a plain stage with no backdrop, no pretty posters outside. Just showing up, letting Abraham come through, and it was beautiful. And I did the same thing when I went to Sweden, and my human design mentor, same thing, no posters, no pictures, just that’s what I’m loving about these older, spiritual beings, is they into all this social media bullshit.

Like how many followers and how many people can you get to comment on your crap and all that? I’m done. I’m done. I know that we have to do it, that we have to have a representation, but I am not giving my power to that bullshit anymore. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m doing what feels good and this feels good.

So, you can prepare yourself. I will be doing events. We’re looking right now to do something in January, in New Orleans. We are looking at Austin, the Woodlands in Texas, Asheville, Nashville. Me and my team, we’ll be having event where we’re going to get groups of people into the room that want to live a more conscious life that can communicate with other people, so we can have community, and we can release all of these limiting beliefs so that we can step into the power of what we want.

That’s what I got for you this week. I know this was like a tangled mess and you can expect it might look like this for a while because I’ve got a lot of stuff that’s coming through.

I just completed the 10-week advanced MindBody coaching intensive. I just finished that with my first group and that’s completely transformed me.

On week six, I felt everything falling apart. And if you listen to the last couple of episodes, I was talking about the grief and the leaving, some of the relationships that were broken in severance and I was in the darkness, I was in the gloomy and the sadness and disappointment that came through that intensive that I did with my group because I am in the energy of the container and I am for sure shifting my own stuff at the same time.

So, if there’s anything that’s left there, it’s going to shake it up. So, we are now complete. We finished this week. It was our last, it was our 10th week. I can’t even tell you the transformation. If you have been living in the shadows of societal’s belief or environmental messaging, whatever it is, and you want to break free from that stuff, send me an email at [email protected] and I will answer any questions you have about this 10-week intensive.

I can tell you it’s a personal journey. But you also get the feedback on how to help your clients. So, if you’re a coach or a practitioner, you’re not only going to get the help for yourself to get out of imposter syndrome to step into clarity and confidence. You’re also going to get the tools of how we did it so that you can pass that on to your clients or to continue using it forever for yourself, whatever that looks like.

That’s what the 10-week intensive is all about, is has made a huge transformation in my life. And we only take 10 people in the group. And those who came through it with me, you can find me on social media, you can read their testimonials.

It was an amazing transformation. I love it. I can’t see enough of it. Half of them are like, I got to come back. I got to do this again. It was the best thing. It’s so empowered. To put the focus on you and to get the transformation in yourself, because then you can be the example. You can’t force someone else. You’ve got to live it. You’ve got to be it. You’ve got to be the example of it.

Alright, I hope you have a great week. Thank you for listening. Please share with family and friends. If you know anyone else who is interested, I would love to double the growth of this podcast. I would love your help doing that. Coming to the more Than Mindset Facebook Group and come and meet your community if this is something that you actually want more of in your life, then I invite you to come over and meet the rest of the community so that you can begin to live your best life in a container that feels comfortable.

So that way when you do meet up with the naysayers or the non-believers, that you actually have enough stability in yourself that you’re not shaken by their disbelief or their fears or doubts, or whatever they’re telling you.

And we can love them and not give up our belief, or not give up our desire. You can do both, but there’s a few things that you have to do differently.

Okay, That’s what I got for you.

Thanks for listening to this episode of More Than Mindset.

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