Ep #89: Discover Your Design with Danielle Rodenroth (Part 2)

Discover Your Design with Danielle Rodenroth (Part 2)

Discover Your Design with Danielle Rodenroth (Part 2)Today we’re continuing the conversation we started last week with Danielle all about human design, gene keys, and cosmology. While Danielle specializes in many different aspects of design, she says cosmology is the mother of all sciences.

Many of us wander through our lives unsure of what our purpose is or if we even have a purpose. In our new program, we’re showing you that your very existence is an opportunity to live your purpose, to be you

Listen in today as Danielle and I continue our conversation on reprogramming the mind and relearning how to trust our bodies. As children, we’re conditioned away from our truth, from ourselves, and this manifests in different health problems in adulthood. We’re sharing how to begin to trust ourselves again, find our purpose, and rediscover our human design.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why the mother of all sciences is cosmology.
  • What our real purpose is. 
  • How long it takes to relax into expansion.
  • How we turned off the trust within ourselves.
  • My experience of Saturn’s return.
  • The purpose of the mind and the body.

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Welcome to More than Mindset. The only podcast that bridges the gap between spirituality and success. Go beyond the mind with clarity and confidence coach Kim Guillory and learn how to integrate your passion, to serve with your skills and experience to create a business you love. Let’s get started.

Hey and welcome back to the show. So this is part two from last week. So my guest was Danielle, and we were talking about human design, and gene keys, and all of these human codes, or the codes to humanity which is some pretty interesting stuff. She’s all about the cosmos and the study of cosmology, and bringing all of this stuff together to help with healing relationships. And actually it’s about this radical self-acceptance or self-discovery. And this week we are going to continue that conversation. So we got cut off kind of short, at the end of the first one.

And we wanted to tell you about this course that we have put together that’s called Discover Your Design. And that’s what we’re going to finish talking about today.

And I want to hear from you. I welcome you to come over to the More Than Mindset group and let me know your thoughts about these conversations. You can meet Danielle and I both there. You can tag us and ask questions. Have you heard about human design and gene keys, or do you study astrology? Is this something that you’re familiar with? Is it the first time you ever hear about it? Come over to the More Than Mindset group and let’s discuss it. So with no further ado here is the continued conversation with Danielle and I. Enjoy.


Alright guys, welcome back. So Danielle got cut and so we’re going to finish that up and then we’re moving right into the second session from here for week number two. So Danielle, you were talking about being in another country and not having a choice but live your design. And I find that’s something right for six two’s for sure. We are forced to do this. There is no way we are – so all of the sixes need to come into our world so that we can help you. Because I’m telling you, I was lost until I realized this. So you were in another country, you didn’t have a choice, finish the story.

Danielle: Yeah. So just to recap really quick, when I discovered human design I had a friend that was on the board of my non-profit while I was in the States, pull my chart, and that’s how I found human design. And then I got completely obsessed with it. Anyways, a few months later I moved to Peru and I was living there doing projects for my non-profit, working with indigenous and rescues and things like that. And it was very hectic, and this was during my Saturn return, which is for everyone around 27 to 29, 30 you start to feel it.

But basically it shakes your whole life up. Yes, I migrated and moved, and was living in Peru, trying to save the world and tried to do all these things. My essence here is about kind of helping us change the things we’re not supposed to be doing anymore. And yeah, so what I was trying to say earlier was that I was practicing my human design.

And I’m lucky because I was kind of forced into it because I was living in another country. I didn’t have a whole lot of support and it was just kind of like alright, you landed in the jungle, you’re in a hut. Things aren’t the way you thought they were going to be, good luck, for a while. And so I was really, really crazy. I lived there for a year and a half and then I moved to Costa Rica. I was out of the country for almost five years during this whole time.

And what Kim was talking about earlier, just so that everyone’s not confused about being a six, which we don’t need to get too far into this right now. But it has to do with your profile in human design. There’s many different profiles. Anyways, being a six during your Saturn return, which is 27 to 31, around there, we, all of us who are sixes have kind of a major change and a shift. And that’s where we shift our roles into something else.

So luckily when I moved out of the country and I was studying human design, I was studying community. And so I was trying to figure out how to live in communities and doing projects. And I was learning a lot about decision making models for communities, because I’d lived in failed communities, which was a gift to learn.

And I realized that nobody had a good decision making model for a group. So I was studying holacracy and sociacracy which are all about self-governing decision making models. And I was also integrating human design and kind of experimenting with groups and roles and things like that, and doing presentations in the community about these systems. And I got really deep into the cosmology, or understanding the origins and the movement of time and existence.

And they call it the mother of all sciences, is cosmology because it’s addressing the main questions. Why are we here? What is our purpose? Where do we come from? That’s really my niche. That’s what I found as my specialty. And human design, when we look at it, it’s not really just about humans. That’s the interesting thing. And I love learning more about the macro mechanism of the machine of existence and how that operates. And how we’re created in that and what we’re doing.

And that has given me some profound insights that I want to share with everyone because if we understand that each one of us are here to extract something, extract a consciousness, it’s different. If we want to talk about purpose, or choice, or any of these things that are just catchphrases and that people are out there trying to figure out their purpose, which is really funny. Our purpose is not – all this distraction that we see in the world, it’s to be, it’s to be ourself. We’re here to learn, and to be, and to love ourself, which is the hardest thing to do in existence.

So I’ve studied astrology, I was tracking the planets daily for years. And again, studying the cosmology of planets, and I studied a lot on the evolution of humanity and the outer planets. So whenever we have outer planet movements like Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, and they come together, we can look throughout history, this is fascinating. We can look throughout history and see major situations on the planet, major situations. And guess what? We’re in right now, Saturn and Pluto together.

So astrologers, we knew about this for a long time. And we talked about how before this stuff happened, with Corona and all this stuff that this year was similar to when the plagues were. And there are things that were just really heavy this year. And not mention you can also look at the astrology of events. You can also look at the astrology of countries, and learning about Pluto, because we can look at Pluto, and astrology, and human design in a lot of things.

And basically Pluto, which what do you know about Pluto? Okay, smallest planet, the furthest planet. It’s not a planet, that’s weird. Why was it a planet and now it’s not? That’s freaking weird, okay, whatever, which by the way, whenever a planet has been discovered, the attributes of that planet are given based on the attributes of what is going on in that time period. The planets do not cause issues on the planet; it is a mirroring of the macrocosm. The planets are the machine.

And we are the conduit in between the microcosm that we have the experience and it’s shown also in the planetary movements. So as an example, 1781 Uranus was discovered, that’s when we had the American Revolution. And guess what? Uranus, it rules the Age of Aquarius, revolutionaries. So now take that understanding and think about Pluto, it’s weird. Pluto is the goddess of the underworld and represents transformation and empowerment. Why did they make it not a planet? Anyways, so that’s really interesting, NASA.

And then what we understand with all this is if we look at human design with Pluto, we can track the collective processing of where consciousness currently is. So we just look at where Pluto is in the code. And that shows us, that is what the collective consciousness is extracting right now. That’s where we are in the, what we call the Neutrino Ocean, which is time. We think that it’s just stable and we’re moving in a linear way. No, we’re in an ocean, we’re all moving in an ocean of neutrinos which are these small particles that carry the information that you are a conduit of.

So we look at Pluto and what we’re seeing, that it’s on the 61, which the 61 for this next seven years, this is the closing of the door of this pathway of evolution of the mental process, is on the gate of psychosis, the shadow of psychosis, but it’s inner knowing. It’s gnosis, it’s mysticism, inner truth. So what it’s showing us is that our inner transformation, our truth is in this seven year process. 2027 is when it’s going to shift.

But we are in this process collectively, the ocean of discovering our own unique inner truth. And it just so happens that the process of ‘awakening,’ the process of becoming yourself, because it’s all down on a cellular level is a seven year process as well.  So we have the window, this is the time to really become yourself, and to have access to these tools. We have this available in the world. We’re really gifted, we’re really lucky to have it.

Kim: Coping tools, life skills, so much information that has been lacking. Just like we didn’t know how to process emotion years ago, it was never taught. It was stop it, put it away, shut up, don’t do, you know, it was like just turn it off. And now we are realizing how that has affected our health, this huge explosion of chronic anything, everything, cancer, all of the stuff that’s happening in the body because this has been repressed and suppressed, stuffed away, ignored. The body will not continue to ignore that. It’s going to express itself if we don’t express.

And so I want to talk about the seven years because that’s really the basis why – so when I started Self Healing Masters, that container is a onetime investment for a lifetime access. And that’s what I was thinking because the longer I worked with clients the more I knew these clients were going to be here forever. This is a process, every year it was like graduating a new year, a new year, a new year. And so it was like this total rewriting. And I was saying, “It’s at least four years.” And then I was like, “Oh my God, it’s six years, now it’s seven years.”

And then hearing that from human design, I was like, “Oh God, this makes so much sense.” And so I’m a generator and I feel like I responded to what was happening with my clients and needing that continued support. It’s not that I’m against investment, it’s like in this particular kind of work is having a container with other people onboard who understand this process, priceless. And that’s, you know, by calling you in to have the charts to help to understand it and get people really onboard. It’s not about rushing. It’s not about doing it quicker. It’s not that there’s an urgency.

It’s that we want to set this stable foundation to continue to grow and evolve in. And so I wanted to kind of talk about the years because the mind does want to hurry up. The mind does want to get to that end result. And I feel like if we can express that that actual urgency is what’s creating the block, the wall, the resistance, it’s that resistance within is the resistance.

Because until you surrender and realize wait a minute, I’m only called to be me, when you surrender to that and start doing this work it’s just this ocean of calmness, that there’s suddenly no urgency and nothing going wrong. And when we can come from that grace, I’ll call it, that understanding that the mental that’s been controlling everything can actually take a break and settle in. Then we can start having access to heal our nervous system. That’s when information is important. That’s when knowledge is important.

It’s not about having more knowledge to use with the mind. It’s about just understanding the knowledge is a tool for the implementation, the integration, the embodiment, that is the healing. But we can’t get access to that until we surrender to the craziness of the mind, to the urgency, to, you know, like Danielle said, “I have the open root chakra and the Ajna, it’s that wide open, just a lot of information. And I love information as a hermit, I spent a lot of years in that trying to get to the Punch-Line, get to the Punch-Line.

Danielle: That’s like this information is for the mind. So the mind has been – I kind of think of it like when the mind is not aware of truth and is trying to lead our life, what it’s like. Because right now each one of us, it’s like we’re taking a flashlight to this dark hole that has this creature in it. It’s like never showered, and be like putting the flashlight on it going, “Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing? Sit over here, take a shower, relax, look out of the window.” So we’re giving that creature a meal.

Kim: I call it a chew toy. Chew on this a little while so that we can go and heal these systems.

Danielle: Yeah. But it’s still trying to use the information though because it’s like, “Oh.” Because that creature has been trying to use the conditioning, that was what its meal was before. It would use conditioning to try to control a vehicle.

Kim: And the future, right, it wanted to control the future?

Danielle: Yeah. And so now we’re giving it this information that makes so much sense and you feel it in your bones. It’s like, okay, yeah, this makes a 100% sense, how is that? And it’s freaking out again. So we want to – it’s okay and we just let it kind of be, and we learn. And what we understand about mastery, and what we understand about stress and all of these things is that there are mechanisms that we can harness and that we can use correctly. That’s part of the learning process. So even if we get into that space of obsessive.

Kim: I love the vision that you just painted because I’m thinking of this little Tata, it’s just been crazy. And it gets that warm bath, and that warm soup and it just kind of I can relax. But then it forgets that it can relax and it goes back to chew. It’s like digging and so it’s just a constant the mind learns to repetition. It’s a constant reminder to come back into safety, come back into safety, come back into safety.

That’s where meditation – I don’t know what you guys think of meditation, but for me the meditation that we do live every morning is really about being the watcher, the experiencer of the thoughts. We just allow the thoughts. We allow the thoughts to be. We’re not trying to control anything; we’re actually becoming awareness, becoming consciousness.

Danielle: It’s like mindfulness.

Kim: Yeah. And so it’s, you know, the practice that we use is not like go sit in a cave and disappear or anything like that. It’s actually learning how to be aware in the physical world. And that’s kind of my cross is bridging.

Danielle: That’s probably very helpful, that’s probably – I like meditation and what is it where the Vipassana where they don’t speak, it’s like a silent meditation.

Kim: Yeah, I’ve done that.

Danielle: So people with a defined head center, for example, should not do that kind of meditation. They should maybe do a different kind of meditation because it would be probably torturous.

Kim: What we do is, it’s an opportunity, I will take them guided into it and then we get to the bottom of the ocean, speaking of being in there. Then we just allow the thoughts and the sensations because the thoughts and sensations according to transcendental meditation are just the release of the pains of stress. And it could be from us and it could be from before us. It could have been inherited. This stuff is, you know, it’s the mysticism of the body. Everything that we’re talking about right now I feel like is demystifying humanity, demystifying.

How many things are like we’ve been taught or conditioned to believe are wrong? When we talk about money, we talk about sex, we talk about pleasure, we talk about sensuality. That is actually what we are as humans. That is our essence, we are that. We are that animalistic, we are that sensual, we are that pleasurable sexual. And it’s been turned off so it’s like there’s really no one truly living their design unless they make a conscious effort to do it.

And what we want to do is start offering this information in a safe space that’s not so scary and not so woo woo, magical, or all of that shit. I live that you come from the scientific approach. And that’s where we’re speaking from. We’re doing a bonus course, well, it’s actually the course that’s in Self Healing Masters, but it will be available for the public. For now it is called Discovering Your Design, we did decide that we’re not so sure about that, but because it really is about discovering the opportunity of even being that. It’s not even just living that. It’s being that.

But I mean they say that timeframe before you actually make that conscious choice to be, Danielle. How much resistance the typical person I would say, how much resistance are we going through? Because they’ll open up human design and they’ll come back to it two years later or a year later, or they’ll open astrology and then they think about even, especially with the religious dogma, that that’s all wrong and bad. Meditation and mysticism and all of that stuff, meditation, yoga, all of that stuff in the Catholic Church here is still like voodoo, it’s still.

And so the best way I can explain it is, I was like, “Guys, we get the Pharma’s Almanac and we plant broccoli according to the moon.” I mean how much more natural can this be? You hear the hospitals and the teachers say how the ER and the classroom is so much crazier during full moons. And there’s kind of like common knowledge, even though it’s resistant. And so I’m not sure. What has been your experience of how long does it take a typical civilian to relax into expansion of even before?

Danielle: Yeah. And that’s the whole thing with the beauty of these languages is that it doesn’t require any belief, for one, because it’s about you proving it yourself, it’s about you seeing for yourself. Basically I’m just providing the map to how you can operate correctly. And then it’s up to you though if you don’t try and if you don’t practice with your strategy and authority that I give you, then it’s not going to do anything. And so I just want to go back really quick to what we were talking about with the dark room and we’re putting the flashlight on the creature.

Kim: I love that.

Danielle: Yeah, because – and what you’re talking about the meditation, which is really good. It’s like the process of this once you know yourself and you’ve had your reading and you’ve had the transmission. You go, “Okay, now I know who I am.” The process now is you’re watching that creature because he, you know, the creature that does forget and it tries to go back to patterns. It’s just like a canned response of a robot, it’s like this machine. So it kind of keeps going back and we’re conditioning the mind.

We’re actually reprogramming and reconditioning the mind to what is correct. So it does require watching and in continuing to shine the flashlight and replacing that creature next to the window and saying, “Hey, your job is to look out of the window.”

Kim: Yeah. I think the actual process of the meditation of being able to watch and see the vulnerability. I’m not even recognizing that I’ve had the warm bath, I forgot. I forgot, and say, “Okay, I can let go again.” And just consistently, consistently, consistently keeping that going, and yeah, it’s going to be habit and behavior and people are going to trigger and you’re going to forget. And then what will happen is eventually you’ll recognize that unfamiliar lucky feeling over time.

You’ll get used to the common peace, common peace. And then when that urgency, and that anxiety, and that stress comes back, then you’ll recognize that has been the thing that’s unfamiliar.

Danielle: Right. Yeah, and then it becomes this alarm system in your vehicle that’s like this is conditioning. This is not correct. And that’s literally how you start to live. You start to see wow, that feeling that I have in my body that I used to allow to move me. It used to pressure me so much that it would move me, I would do things that I didn’t feel comfortable with just because I was pressured, or things like that. But you start to realize that it’s that feeling now rather than letting it move you, you just go it’s conditioning and you can choose for yourself.

Kim: Yes. I’m thinking of when we’re sleeping in a hotel and the alarm goes off. And everybody gets up and runs and it’s like hyper vigilant. It’s like you’re really aware of it. And then if it’s one that just goes off on a regular basis then eventually you just sleep through it. And that’s what we have done with that discomfort in our body early on is we had the warning sign, guys. We had the warning signs probably as children, teenagers, early, we had it. We just quit listening, quit listening, quit listening and we turned off the communication within our bodies.

We turned off that trust with ourself, and it was like I don’t want to hear you. And then our body is coming back to say, “Hey, I can’t hold this for you anymore. Here’s the expression of it.” And it’s in cancer cells, and it’s in thyroid conditions from not speaking our voice, not being able to use our communication center. It’s in our teeth, in our TMJ; it’s in our vision, not wanting to see. It’s in our hearing, having denied this and this constant destructive not wanting to hear. It’s in our neck and shoulders of carrying emotional stresses.

We don’t have the ability to receive support from the world or from other people because we were taught it was bad to let other people help. We were taught it was wrong or it was whatever it was. And so we don’t even know how to receive. And then look at the hysterectomies that are so common and all of the elective organs. I’m one.

I’m one, that’s my story, it’s like all of these, that was my Saturn return, 29, complete hysterectomy, ended up in a madhouse, put myself in a mental place. Because I was so disconnected, my head and my body, my head would say to do something, get up and do it. And my body was just like eff you, I’m not going anywhere. And I was so disconnected and broken and I didn’t know what to do with myself. And kept going to the doctor, they kept upping the medications. And I was like, I just have to go somewhere else, I can’t have five kids, two businesses, I don’t know how to handle life.

So that was my Saturn return, I sure as hell didn’t want to experience that again in my [inaudible] return. And if it wouldn’t be for this information I truly believe I would not have – I don’t know if I would be here. I don’t know that I would be here. I had been working with an astrologist for a good 10 years on a very regular basis, every single month I’d meet with her. And it really helped me to understand some of the challenges that I had in life. Now I see it as just the typical six two, we just have to have all of the experiences.

But then I didn’t, I took it very personal and if – a few years ago, she said, we were talking about [inaudible] return and placement. And she was like, “All of this stuff you went through is going to come back but you have the tools now.” She was like, “I hate to even tell you this because I’m not predicting gloom. But because you’re in the right frame of mind, because we can have,” and you and I have this conversation often. It’s like coming from a place of with the tools we can handle anything.

And my community has a 28% suicide rate. One-third of our population dies by a gun or pills at their hand or whatever, or hanging in a tree. That’s facts and that is because of the lack of coping skills, the inability to handle emotional upheaval, to handle mental distress. If they knew this, you know, it’s like I’m feeling like we have so many tools accessible and we can’t change the world, Danielle.

But one thing I recognize, and this came from the gene keys book, I was reading about one of the transits. And this was a few weeks ago. And there was a statement that said we are waiting for everyone else to wake-up because we have to do it as a whole. And so I think that’s where the sense of urgency’s coming from. It’s not so much that we are people pleasing as much as we know that we have to all do it together.

There is an inner knowing on that and once I was able to really settle in and say, “We can actually communicate with more people if we do it from a calm space, if we do it from a more nurturing space. If we take off the labels and really just get them to understand and see that the conditioning is not a bad thing.” It’s just what we knew and what we had. And settle into this sense of safety and are we willing to explore in order to have the human experience that us humans are here for?

Danielle: Right. And that’s, you know, the beauty of it too is that a lot of these underlying issues within the psyche of the collective like what happens when we die? Or where do we come from? These underlying fears that also drive us; there are a lot of answers that are available for that too. And when you have your unique consciousness awakening, however you want to say it, really it’s like when you become embodied. You realize that you are infinite and it’s not a cliché spiritual statement anymore. It’s a truth. It’s a knowing inside of like yes.

And even with these codes and knowing the science behind all this, it even shows that. And it’s the body is just a vessel, we’re just in this vessel and we need to take care of the body and the body is actually here to live this life. That’s the point too, is in this life the body is here to guide the life. But we’ve been using the mind to try to do that.

Kim: Yeah. I mean I try – anyway I don’t want to get into some of the depths of all that stuff. We can do it as we continue these series and stuff. But I did want to offer the public that even if they’re not in Self Healing Masters, the doors are closed until the next time they’re open. It’s just kind of a constant open and close because we really create the safe container where we open the doors for a week, allow everyone to get comfortable. We dive into this work and really help everyone discover their own unique design, or blueprints, or soul essence.

Are you bringing cosmology or are you doing just human design, what is your plan?

Danielle: I mean I think we’re just going to do an introduction to probably human design and maybe a little bit about gene keys. Of course I’ll bring examples of stuff and like I did earlier with Pluto and stuff.

Kim: As we’re talking here though I think it’s best we just do one on human design. And then we do the second one on gene keys and then you can bring it together with cosmology and kind of link it in.

Danielle: Yeah. We’ll figure it out as we go. I mean I have a lot of stuff already prepared.

Kim: If you’re not in Self Healing Masters, you’ll be able to get the replays of it. It’ll be in the library. So you’ll be able to get access to that. If you’re in Self Healing Masters, everything we do is included. But I will put Danielle’s contact information, for I highly recommend that you do a reading with her if you really want to understand this. Because you can go and pull up your own chart, it’s absolutely free, guys, it’s just it’s going to be a foreign language into.

Danielle: Yeah. I’m going to help you, if you don’t know.

Kim: Most people just kind of put it away and don’t open it again. I have lots of clients that I give them more information and that’s making them explore it a little bit more, which is why I wanted to bring you in. So we’re going to put all of those links there and you can go to her website and also she’s going to come back on the show. We’ll be doing some stuff together in Self Healing Masters. And come over to the More Than Mindset group, we are both there. You can tag either one of us. That’s another place that you can find her if you want to book a link.

This conversation is just starting to happen there, it’s been a few years I’ve been keeping this under wraps. And this was a conversation with us. I just, you know, I’m living in a conditioned area, I’m in a rural area in Louisiana. And this stuff is – it just is, anything outside of the religion, or the medical community is just opposed. It’s just a resistance to it. And I’m okay. I’m okay that some people won’t like it.

And I honor it so much because it gave me my life, it gave me peace, it gave me joy. Being able to have someone else to talk to about that understands it, finding other people who I could relate to, and these systems has really made a big impact. And then creating our…

Danielle: It’s really fun.

Kim: Yeah, it is really fun. Creating our own conscious community I think that we can have these conversations in is the best gift.

Danielle: Yeah. And then the people that I have been in touch with that have been planning this for many, many years. And we talk and we’re actually at a point where it’s no longer about what you read or what someone tells you or things like that. It’s about discovering truth from your own codes. And then being able to be like, “Wow, this is what this thing is in existence.” And holy crap, so then we each become these minors of consciousness and have real clarity, like real clarity, which is really fun.

Kim: So once you say, “I’m in,” and you’re ready I highly recommend you come into Self Healing Masters so that you get the rest of our courses, because we’re going to be doing these on relationships, on health, on career, money, so much. We’re just like our minds are kind of blown, nowhere else we can go. So we realized okay, let’s just do a few minutes on here and then we’re going to go and settle in, just flowing with life and allowing life to come through us the way that it does. I think that’s the funnest part of it.

And Danielle’s smiling like, she’s like, “It’s so fun, it’s so fun. We need to talk.”

Danielle: I love being able to share this stuff and just providing clarity because it’s what we all want and it’s just amazing, so [crosstalk].

Kim: My favorite, yeah, us being able to see out, my favorite vision right now is to have live events, that are immersions where we have – we talked about this last year when I was going to go Gulf Shores is remember, you and I had just talked? And talking about how we can bring the different groups together and then just kind of be there and let other people come into your aura and get senses of it. I am super excited about that; I don’t know when that will happen.

Danielle: Yeah.

Kim: That’s what we have for you this week. If you’re catching this one, go back and listen to last week.

Danielle: I hope that we’ll see you in the course because we’re going to geek out and we’re going to have a lot of fun. We’re going to get to a lot of truths and just have an awesome group of people and hope to see you there.

Kim: Alright guys, until next week.


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