Ep #88: Discover Your Design with Danielle Rodenroth (Part 1)

Discover Your Design with Danielle Rodenroth (Part 1)

Discover Your Design with Danielle Rodenroth (Part 1) I’m sharing part one of a special two-part episode today with my friend and colleague, Danielle Rodenroth. We have been working together for the past few years and I’ve absolutely loved our discussions and shared interests in all things soul purpose design. 

Danielle is a Syncretist who specializes in astrology, human design, gene keys, plant healing, and emotional intelligence. She helps guide her clients back to their authentic nature and transform their suffering into self-empowerment. 

In today’s show, Danielle and I will be discussing the new program we are creating together and the languages that allow us to understand our lives in new ways. She’s sharing how the real magic happens when you radically accept yourself and begin to view your conditioning as your teacher. We get into the gifts of these languages, orders that are keeping you stuck, and how knowing this information can help in all aspects of your life.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The gifts of understanding these languages.
  • Why this show is called More Than Mindset.
  • How Danielle defines conditioning.
  • Why sleeping next to someone can disrupt your field.
  • How using these codes can help us understand what is right for us. 
  • What knowing this information can help you with.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to More than Mindset. The only podcast that bridges the gap between spirituality and success. Go beyond the mind with clarity and confidence coach Kim Guillory and learn how to integrate your passion, to serve with your skills and experience to create a business you love. Let’s get started.

Hey there and welcome back to the show. Boy, do I have a treat for you.

I have been studying human design, and gene keys, and some astrology and a few other cosmos kind of things for the last few years. And it has made such a huge impact in my understanding of humanity, of our life on Earth. On really getting to some of the conditioning and the roots of suffering that was happening in my life and on several areas, especially in understanding myself, the relationships with myself, within my career, with my friendships as well as my children.

And I have to tell you that this study has led me to this – gosh, the best way I can say it and we mention this several times in the show, is this radical self-acceptance, this radical understanding. And healing myself of the unworthiness and the low self-esteem, and kind of a revamping of self-image. So this is the kind of work that I’ve been doing in Self Healing Masters and with my clients, and integrative coaching. It’s all about rewiring the way we perceive things, the way that we understand.

And I have worked with quite a few practitioners over the years. I will have a couple of others on; hopefully I can get them here. They haven’t been up to it yet, but we have had conversations about it. But Danielle and I have been working together, we figured out it’s probably about a couple of years. And I absolutely love our work together. And I’ve asked her to come and teach her – I’m not sure how we’re going to sum this up. But it’s a combination of astrology, human design, gene keys. She just has this beautiful holistic mix of seeing the bigger picture.

And the way she weaves the systems together to paint a picture for us is phenomenal – phenomenal. And I have referred clients to her and she’s helped me with working through some of the stuff with my clients and helping me to understand what makes us tick, what makes some of the relationships kind of stagnant and stuck.

And I’ve asked her to come onto the show and to introduce herself, or I’ll introduce her. And we are going to dive into some of this stuff. It gets kind of deep, so just know that we are creating a program. It’s Discover Your Design. It’s all about unveiling the blueprint of who you truly are. And this is something that we’re doing in Self Healing Masters, but it’s also available, the way that she pieces it together and describes it, you’ll be super interested I think.

So I just wanted to come on and give you this little intro, letting you know where we’re going with the show. It’s still the same concepts here that’s in Self Healing Masters and with my private clients and coaching. None of that has changed. I’ve actually been using these systems for the last few years even with my clients. So I’ve kind of like – this is my coming out of the closet kind of moment. The liberation that has been created from people truly understanding who they are and how they tick has – it’s just been fabulous.

So here we go. There is going to be a point where the show cuts off accidentally. We didn’t mean for that to happen, and we will pick up the rest of it on the next episode following. So just give you a little heads up on that. Enjoy.


I have a special guest with me here today. Her name is Danielle Rodenroth and Danielle is one of my new BFFs, because she likes to talk all things design. And I mean by soul purpose design, like the inside, the – I don’t know, Danielle, how would we talk about the work that we do? How would we paraphrase that?

Danielle: Like the codes of life, the codes of existence, the reality and learning how to read them.

Kim: The thing inside of the Ajna, beyond the mask kind of thing. So what we’re going to discuss today is a program that Danielle and I are doing together. She’s – I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to call you or how we’re going to put this in Self Healing Masters. But I’ve been craving a partner in this type of work where we talk about all of the fun stuff of codes and designs and using birth charts, and our actual – the stuff beyond the existence that we use in everyday life.

I’d say for the last couple of years been craving really doing this deeper work with someone who is educated, who has the language and the understanding. I don’t have that. I don’t claim to have that. I’m not a chart reader. I know just enough to get by and get me in trouble, and then have to reach out to someone else and say, “Okay, I’m at this point where this makes sense. But then it’s not matching up, can you?” And then they can kind of give me the secrets behind that, and that is what Danielle has been for me for the last couple of years.

And then we decided to team up and partner this work together. So I’m going to let her introduce herself to you and all of the fun stuff that she does.

Danielle: Well, thanks so much Kim. Hi, everyone. And I actually happen to be here and explain a little bit more about what we’re wanting to share with everyone. And really just embracing and just sharing the special knowledge that we have as a humanity. And in case you don’t know, there are different codes, and languages, and systems out there that we’re able to use to understand our lives and our existence in a new way that really brings a lot of meaning and purpose to our life. And really just being more at home with ourselves and empowered in who we really are.

So the languages that we use allow us to go on a path of radical self-acceptance and to know ourselves on a really deep level. So that is what Kim and I are really wanting to share with you guys. I’ve done thousands of readings, I geek out on the different languages. I would consider myself a syncretist where I like to bridge several different systems. So I work with the codes of human design which I know very well. I also have been studying astrology for over 10 years.

And I’ve done a lot of indigenous work with initiation rites and plant medicine and things like that. So yeah, I just like to bridge it all together to provide a different viewpoint of understanding why we exist. And to help each one of us individually find our differentiation in that using these codes. And so it’s really fun, so yeah, we’re going to be introducing that for you guys.

Kim: I was going to say, the thing that I got most out of our work together is understanding myself, my relationships and myself in my business. I knew this and I was doing it naturally. And then there was a way that you explained it that confirmed what I knew, that helped me with clarity and confidence. So when I was recognizing it for myself I was just basically doing it and things were just happening. And then when I started really looking into human design and trying to figure out more about my design and how to live it, and that’s when I contacted you.

And then you introduced gene keys and I started going a little bit deeper with it. There was something that – I think it was the confirmation that I was looking for. When you said it you were like, “Well, yeah, surely you’re supposed to be doing this because of this, this, this.” And I was like, “No, actually I did it because of this, this, this.” And you’re like, “No, that’s just your conditioning. That’s just what you thought.” It’s actually, you know, it came very natural to you, it’s just like who you’re designed to be. That is your work.

And that’s when I really started – I would say – in the moment when I’m saying this right now, I kind of want to just sink down into my sit bones. Take the load off, I truly can trust life. I don’t have to figure it out for my head. And you were like, “You have no head to figure out. It’s not even yours.” And I’m like, “What?” And so now I notice when I’m just – because every client that has come to me for the last few years, even before I knew about human design and gene codes, I was running birth charts on.

And it was because, I was like boo, I don’t trust you and what you’re telling me. Give me your birth time, your birth date, your information and we’re going to see what’s really under there. And I don’t know that anyone has ever declined giving me that information, and that’s how I knew they were my people. Anyone who’s willing to go dig up a birth certificate and give you their birth time, there’s something there. So we can talk about that today. I love what you just said which is radical self-acceptance. That’s it right there.

Danielle: Yeah. And I think that that’s actually something that retrograde, when I was reading the gene keys, that was one of the things that stuck out for me. A lot of times when we’re coming into a new path or we want to fix something in our life, or want to change, or just make our life better, whatever the motivation is. A lot of times we think or we’re programmed to believe that the only way to do that is to change a bunch of stuff about ourselves. And we have all these things we have to do and that’s the opposite.

It’s actually about really accepting yourself and allowing yourself. So all the things that you were just saying Kim, with what you experience with you and I really is about having the permission to be ourselves. And it’s that permission that we have, because we – a lot of the things we already know with the codes. We can see it and we’re like, “Yeah, I already knew that about myself.” And then we don’t have to second guess it, and then there’s all this other stuff as well that it just gives a languaging to what we’re experiencing already.

So then we can have better awareness of it because if we have a language to something with our psychology, or a motivation that we have, or something we’re doing that’s out of alignment, or a dynamic that we have with people, a sexual characteristic, a business thing. I mean literally can go into all these different things. If we have a languaging around it then we can actually identify it and have awareness of it when it shows up in our life. And that’s one of the greatest teachings is ourself, is our own dynamics, and our own mechanics.

So that is really the gift of these languages is it helps us to enter into the experiments of being one with our existence. And then it gives us that ability to actually potentiate our consciousness by having the awareness, all of these codes. And so that we can really understand things on a deeper level, we have better relationships. We get out of the drama of blame, shame and guilt, because we realize that life is really just teaching us. And then because we have the tools to make decisions from a place of sovereignty rather than from a lifetime of a conditioned mind.

Then we’re able to really bring about decisions that are correct for ourselves and we can move away from something or go towards things that are actually correct. And then that’s the beauty of discovering who we are in that process.

Kim: Yeah, love all of that. When I wrote down and you said it and I just said it again is the radical self-acceptance. I think that’s one of the bonus courses that’s coming up next in the course. And so it’s like there it is again. It’s all about healing self-image is – I mean we named it that. But it’s about healing the self-image of what we’ve been told or what we thought, the unworthiness, those stories that we were not born that way. We were born smiling, and happy, and loving, until we were conditioned out of that.

Language of knowing, it’s like that’s what I feel like I could sum up what you just said. It’s like putting a language to an inner compass or an inner knowing that was already there. Because when we talk about, when we would meet and have sessions and we would talk about the transients, and we would talk about what was going on in astrology, and the codes all at the same time, and it making sense. It’s like it gave words to something that I knew but couldn’t say. And it was almost this language of mysticism, wouldn’t you say?

Because I didn’t know that I was connected in that way, it didn’t, for whatever reason. And then as I started really looking to the chart and understanding myself, and the emotional connection, and then I could suddenly trust it. It wasn’t this invisible mysticism or this blind faith. It’s like it put a picture, or it put a language, or an understanding.

Danielle: Yeah, like bridges. It’s like a bridge to what we internally feel, but then we didn’t have that language. We didn’t know exactly what it was, we just felt something. And then what happens in the world is our mind will create a story around it because it doesn’t understand it. And then that’s where drama, and these stories, and these patterns, and the victim, and the trauma and all the conditioning, and suffering, and being in alignment. That’s where all that comes from is the mind’s interpretation of something that it really doesn’t understand.

So the mind is beautiful, it is our greatest gift, it gives us logic. It is a tool. It is our computer. And like you said, we come into this world smiling, and we’re this clean slate. We’re immediately being conditioned and no fault of anyone, we’re all just doing the best we can. But it’s a slow homogenization, a whittling down of who we actually are as a differentiated being. And we’re supposed to be like everyone else. Don’t do that. Don’t do this. People aren’t going to like you. Why are you doing that?

So the things that are natural to us as humans and within our codes that makes us different, a lot of times are looked down upon, and not always brought out. So then the mind creates a strategy to cope with the suffering, and the pain of not being accepted. And then it creates all these strategies of being who we’re not. So then we have to – either we live our life being or not, and that’s like the majority of people. And it’s really, you know, it is what it is.

Or we discover that it’s okay to accept ourselves even if we’ve been taught in the world, these things maybe aren’t accepted or it’s different, why are you doing that? And one of the best things that learning all of these languages, and these tools, and all the time I’ve spent studying all this stuff. What it has done for me, the best thing is that I feel good about myself. I feel comfortable in myself. And that’s great. It’s like everyone deserves that, we can relax into ourselves. And not do these patterns that we used to do of trying to be what everyone else wants us to be.

And even people that are highly spiritual, or highly successful, or whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, a lot of us, I still do it too. But we have these programs of trying to please, trying to do what we think will make it work or make us successful, or whatever the programming is. That really is the process of true awakening is realizing that that stuff is not actually who we are. And yeah, that’s the beauty of these languages, and these codes, and these systems. And it really addresses the mind.

Kim: Tactics. When I did transcendental meditation, when I was in the training of and it was understanding that the mind was always trying to grasp awareness, hook it and make sense of it, make meaning of it. And I kept thinking of this, like this just big claw, where just, you know, and then it would just stay and spin a loop until it had a rhyme or reason, or understanding that it could explain, write the story. It would create the story. And we still do that, we try to make meaning of everything, always, everything.

And I know for me personally it’s been an addiction to break through because I was always looking for those moments of liberation, and then understanding that about myself so that I can let it go. And so it’s almost this urgency to understand, which there’s no way we can quickly understand these systems. But there is this urgency to quickly understand it so that the mind gets its intellectual hit. And then it’s about letting it go and just living.

And so it’s such a mind fuck, that you’re scratching, and digging, and trying to put too much information, the mind can’t even understand it. It’s just packing, on top of packing, on top of packing. And then eventually getting the breakthrough, I get it, I understand. And then it never really mattered. It drives me crazy. And yet I see the pattern and I see my clients doing it and I’m always telling them, “Don’t try to go and figure it all out. You just go and live.” And then yet I remember the hunger for that, and me doing it myself.

So it’s like can we dance in that? Can we dance between that? And I feel like that’s what you and I can bring to the table, we help others explore, is yeah, let’s be present, and let’s explore, and let’s experiment, and let’s question the shit out of everything.

Danielle: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, and I was there too and I still always had that hunger for just making sense out of a lot of stuff. And yeah, especially when I do readings for people, or when this information is being introduced, especially if a person sees a chart, a human design chart specifically too. Look at all the numbers and they go, “I want to know all these things.” And yes, it’s fascinating but it’s kind of like learning the alphabet, but then trying to read a novel. So you haven’t learned the words have meanings, or how to put sentence structure or what the story is and those type of things.

So it’s kind of like I hope to bring things in a way that have a structure so that people can learn things in the order that they need to learn them. So that they have the sentence structure and how to make sense of it in the correct way, otherwise what can happen is people get lost in the information, and they miss the whole point.

Kim: And it becomes the next label. It becomes the next, because they take one thing and then they buy into that one thing. And then without understanding, I like to say it’s like we’re teaching the basics from the beginning. Because you think of this even with the Bible, how many people take it and go to that one scripture that they want. It’s like you’re not your body, it’s my body, I’m, you know, they take that one thing. And then make a whole story about it, their whole life about it and then it just becomes another label, another condition, another.

And that’s really what I think we have talked about so many times. I didn’t even introduce you to my people until two years later because I was like they’re going to go down rabbit holes. They’re going to make this the next thing. I want to be really particular because I met you when I was looking – I was already kind of playing in it enough to understand what I was looking for.

And I was looking for someone to come in and read for my group, for my clients, to be able to do. Because I was like that’s not something I do, but I didn’t want to work with someone who was going to make that their new truth or their new thing. And I was very picky about that. I think I’ve said that to you so many times. And it was really about I needed to get to a point where I felt safe. That I could trust that it was going to be an experiment, and experience, you know, something that we were going to be constantly questioning and exploring together.

You just said something else that I wanted to bring up here and it was about differentiated and this, the strategy, and coping. And it’s that coping with not being accepted. I think it’s such – so mind blowing that we need to feel safe and belong. And so we do everything to feel accepted by the tribe. And what the actual result is, is not belonging at all, not being ourself at all. So the very thing that we start off trying to achieve, which is feeling safe and belonging, and being is the very thing that we lose when we become what someone else thinks we should belong to or should be labeled as.

Even as I’m thinking, so I’m going on my twelfth grandbaby, and I’m thinking of the conversations each time one is born. And there’s an instant, how they’re going to be or who they’re going to be like. And it just starts there. And then it’s like we’re always looking for that, what’s familiar, what’s similar to the other one. Who can we – we need to compare. We need to compare them, just we want to understand, it’s just our language. It’s just how we relate and how we – we don’t mean to. I don’t think that it’s the labeling and the [inaudible].

Danielle: Yeah. It’s just a mechanism of the mind, that’s what the mind does. And we can’t stop it, especially depending on what codes you have up there in the [inaudible] the head center. That’s how your mind is going to process things and look at things. And it’s like a machine that’s filtering your reality that has all these canned responses, these canned gears and mechanisms in a particular way that it operates. And a lot of times we’re not aware, it’s just kind of going on its own.

So it’s like, yeah, even that whole energy around why did that person say that? Or what did they mean by that? And all that kind of pressure, because that’s what it is, the pressure, the mental pressure is essential because it helps us, it’s something that we can use to communicate, and to research, and to discover, and to access consciousness. But the issue is when we use that same kind of energy to make decisions in our life, and that like, you know, what these systems show us is that we don’t have to use it inwards like that.

The mind is for others, the mind is to share our experience with the other person and to research, and to entertain us and all that. But it’s not meant to drive our life because it creates all those dramas and the this and the that’s, and measurements, and judgments, and doubts. And all the things that are essential to mentally understanding life, but not to make decisions.

Kim: Yeah. Well, we’re such mental beings. That’s our world, that’s our conditioning; it’s like to be that thing.

Danielle: Like evolutionarily, that’s where we are. We are only seven years away from changing though to something else. And that’s especially why it’s also right now so like the world is so crazy and everyone has all these different belief systems. And there’s a million ways to get to the truth, and that is true, there’s so many different ways to get to the truth. Because collectively we’re in a notion of time, where we are in this timeframe, we are in the space of closing the door on the mental process of the collective.

And we’ve been in this stage for a long time and we’re at the end of it. And we’re moving to something else. But this time period there’s a lot of pressure to get the final answers of what we are going to get.

Kim: Yeah. Because this is called More Than Mindset, so I definitely want to hit in on this topic because I am in a mindset world. And I have been and it’s a beautiful thing and I’ve had a lot of success, a lot of financial rewards and so much business stuff. But the reason it’s called More Than Mindset is because nothing else was allowed. It was all mindset, mindset, mindset. And I’m more in the creative, and the spirituals, and it’s like so much more than mindset, and could not find a place of belonging even there.

So it was like, so when I would try to bring in, I was trying to get coaching on understanding what was physically breaking down in my body. And saying how I knew it was coming from mental and emotional processing, and it was completely rejected. Why do you believe that? And it’s just what you believe. And if you don’t believe it then it isn’t so. And I was like because I have – like I’ve been down for 16 weeks because my toe was broken, all of these things that just made sense to me.

And so it was this concept, I was like, why am I even arguing this? I don’t want to stay stuck in time. And so I think it’s so interesting that you just said we’re at the end of it. And it’s stronger than it’s ever been. Look how many people are just learning about mindset, Danielle.

Danielle: Yeah. I mean it’s – that’s the whole thing, when we look at the programming in the collective, in the field, in our world. And the programming could be from the TV, from different systems, from everything, from the planets, from whatever. There has been a lot of programming coming in too for a long time with this in the mindset stuff, and the secrets. And all these spiritual programs of manifestation and all these ‘spiritual’ teachers teaching that, and I’m not putting them down.

But it’s not going to work for everyone, that’s for sure. There is definitely an important aspect that we need to make sure is not distorted when we talk about mindset. Because if you’re trying to focus and just use the mind to manifest, that is distortion, you’re creating distortion in your reality. And the reality will match that because you’re trying to impose your will on your life.

Kim: You go where I’m going without us knowing we’re going. Did you see my eyes light up when I’m just like here we go? The last four things you brought up, I just wrote down and then you say it. It’s so fascinating.

Danielle: I love it. It was, so it’s like really taking a different approach, because that was a program as well. I like to call these things orders, these orders. So you could be in a religious order, you could be in a political order. It’s like a thought cycle that keeps you stuck in this frame. And it doesn’t allow you to move forward. So there are these orders of thought processes, of how we should live, how we need to manifest.

And a lot of people create their own orders in their life, their own deep state with how they function, because they’re stuck in these strategies of distortion, of creating the consequences in their life of suffering. So yeah, I know you wanted to talk about freewill.

Kim: That’s where I was going, I wrote down law of attraction. Law of attraction and freewill because the law of attraction, it’s like you think it, think it, think it, it was just constant. And then I was like actually the flaw is leaving the F, the vibration, leaving the feeling, the experience out of it and just jumping, not unraveling the story. Not navigating the habits and behaviors, not knowing enough about yourself. And I feel like that’s the guts of human design and gene keys is that centre part.

So it’s like, yeah, you can have a desire, but how about a desire from who you actually are? Not because your neighbor, or your mentor, or you peer, or you know, but from you, because you will be so much more fulfilled, and satisfied, and successful, and whole, and healthy. And luckily most of my life was lived that way. I just went through just a couple of years where I kind of put myself in that.

And I think it was just for experience as a 6-2. The going off the roof phase, matter of fact I was hanging on by the shingles, trying to take that one more dip in the sand, I was like I’m going all in. I’m going to do this. And I was like I couldn’t even be me or expand in the container. There was no room in the container for me to be me, because it was just so bound. It took a lot to get me off of it, to get me out of it, to get me into this next phase because I was in that wanting to belong, wanting to – finding my place in the community, feeling safe, being known as seen as who I am in this tribe.

You know what I’m saying? Like this exact thing that I just explained which is why I articulated it in that way is because having the experience myself. And that’s as a 6, I learn through experience. And so by trying to take someone else’s experience and make that my own, it was never going to work. And so yeah, let’s talk about law of attraction and freewill, is freewill free? How much control do we have?

Danielle: Well, if we think about it, which is what we can use our mind for right now. Basically with all the stuff that we have just spoken about throughout the whole call about how the mind, you know, first of all you’re not your mind. You’re not your mind, it’s a computer that you have. It’s part of your body and the brain is separate than the mind, they’re different things. But basically if we understand that the mind is a product of both our mechanisms, so our genetic codes indicating how that computer operates.

And then also it is a product of the wiring of the neurons, the neural pathways which is the patterns, the conditioning with basic psychology stuff. So if we know that then how can we use that machine or that computer to – how is it going to be able to manifest our reality when it’s really distorted from the world? Now, the mind is great when we use it for others and we put it out, and we use it to share with other people. But there’s no way it can even know what we actually want because it’s basing its entire understanding off of conditioning.

It’s like a dog that hears the bell, like Pavlov’s dog, where now all of a sudden the dogs will say, “Well, yeah, I just want the food,” It has nothing to do with the bell, whatever. It’s like this whole thing is just all conditioning. So that already is just one step of it that we can’t use it to try to create what we think we want. Because in essence, you might think that you want to be a novelist or someone that writes books. But then you get into it and you realize that you hate writing books. You just like the idea of.

Kim: And maybe you were four years old and your favorite person was an author and so you thought, like you loved seeing that they were doing a book signing, and how everyone loved them, enjoyed them. And then somehow created this perception, or this understanding, or maybe someone told you you’re going to be that one day, according to their perception. And then it just – I say the life’s experiences I think of as these files, we make these folders. I need to remember that, I need to remember that.

They hurt me. I’m never going to let them do that again. And so we create all of these files and then that’s stuck on top of our processor, and we can’t even get to the keyboard. There’s just so much information we’re holding onto all to protect ourself, to think we know, and to think we feel safe, or to belong or whatever that unconscious strategy is.

Danielle: I did some calls on that before, which we can definitely talk about that whole thing and how it relates to corona, the crown.

Kim: So while we’re here let’s go into just basic understanding. So I’ll interpret it my way and then let you do it your way. But I think of this sponge, this empty sponge and here’s your parents, your teachers, just downloading information in that sponge. That is hypnotherapy. We hypnotize the infant to be the nine year old or you know however it comes, it’s all conditioned.

And so that’s the way that I explain it is the mind learns through repetition. And so it continues to hear it, and hear it, and hear it, and see it, and see it and then it becomes it. And so I want to just hear your take and how you would explain conditioning. Because some people are like, “What are you all talking about conditioning?”

Danielle: Right, well, in conditioning, this is a good point. This is something really important to bring up. And with the future calls we’re going to be doing as well, we’re going to be redefining all of the words that are just thrown around. And so yeah, conditioning is not bad, first of all. Conditioning is something that’s happening all the time when you’re around other people. And it’s also happening with the planets and we’ll get into the science of that later.

But basically what conditioning is, is because you are like a sponge, like this porous creature, you’re mostly receptive. You’re a conduit that reads information and you’re in a vehicle, in a vessel, in a machine that is extracting consciousness, a very specific differentiated consciousness. So conditioning is when we try to interpret that information as our own, first of all. And we store it through the mind in the grey areas of the brain. We’ll get into the pineal gland and all of that soon.

But basically how that information and the interpretation of it when we don’t know who we are, and when we don’t know how to be ourselves, the interpretation of how we receive the information is distorted. So conditioning is equivalent to – it can be equivalent to distortion. Now, conditioning also is not bad, it’s just if you don’t have awareness of it, you cannot stop conditioning. You cannot prevent it.

But what you can do is recognize it and then eventually conditioning becomes your teacher because it shows you not only who you are, but what the other person expects from you. And then you use your own internal authority to decide if that’s correct or not. So really conditioning is when we’re using or receiving other people’s energy and information from their codes and their existence.

Kim: Old experiences, labels, whatever, that has been handed to them also. And we continue to look for it, someone else please tell me what to do, let me find a guru, let me find a coach, let me find a mentor. Let me find someone else to tell me what to do. That in itself is conditioning, always looking for someone else to tell me what to do.

Danielle: Yeah. And it could even be someone just sitting next to you not even talking to you. Just being next to them is you’re receiving – and you’re conditioning them too. And so don’t forget that. You’re conditioning, they’re conditioning. And the science has proved this that our bodies give off information energy between each other. And we don’t even have to talk or touch, that our bodies, our aura, if we want to talk about it like that, the infiniteness of what we are is receiving information from others and science proves this.

So we have the maps to look at that. And so conditioning what it does is it takes us away from who we are if we’re not aware. And this is what we call the not self, this is what we call coming out of alignment. And this is when the mind tries to use our experiences, other people’s energy, past things, conditioning, whatever, to make decisions. And this is why we have so many problems and this is how we can also fix it. Because imagine that you have a map, a very precise map that tells you exactly where the conditioning is for you, what exactly it’s going to look like.

So for example Kim has a completely open root, a root, center, this is a space of coding in her vehicle that is purely receptive. It’s a gift. Because where we are conditioned these open spaces within us where we receive, this is actually the only time that we interact with the external world, so they’re important and it’s perfect. So for example, with an open root, Kim’s conditioning could be, when she’s around certain other people she might feel rushed. She needs to hurry up and get through this or get done with it, but then there is a gift also.

And there is a lot more to it but I’m being vague right now. The gift to it is that she could use the other person’s energy to get something done quickly. She has the gift of being very fast. And there is always kind of maybe more positive conditioning, but again Kim should not use that to make decisions. And then there is also the unhealthy conditioning and that is going to help us when we start to understand ourselves, we start to waken, we start coming back to ourselves.

When we realize unhealthy conditioning from people, that’s when we realize maybe I shouldn’t spend so much time with that person right now. It’s not a healthy situation. It’s really reorienting our life back to our correctness.

Kim: And this is even in our sleeping. This is huge, guys, in relationships, marriage, it’s the way we’ve always done things is not necessarily the way to wellness. And so you will see this even at work, your partners at work, your peers, your being in mastermind groups and taking on the energy. We even talk about what is the human residence when we talk about, this is real, this is measured throughout the world. That aura or these words that some people consider like woo.

But there is so much proof to it and understanding that you can go into a group of people and feel completely different than you felt out in the hall.

Danielle: Yeah. And I like to reaffirm that to people too with these languages, it’s not necessarily a spiritual science, it’s a mental science. Some people are shocked when I say that, I’m like, “Yeah, this is a mental science, it’s not therapeutic, it’s not spiritual,” even though of course you can use it to access higher spirituality of course.

But yeah, and with what you were saying with the sleeping together and with what we just talked about with the auras or your bodies. All this energy that comes off of you outside of your skin, we don’t just end at our skin. We sleep next to each other. Again, you’re having an entire night of just conditioning. Your body can’t rest on its own just with its own mechanics. Yeah, that’s kind of common knowledge in human design that we’re not really supposed to sleep next to each other. This is more about a radical path of truth for your sovereignty.

So this is not for everyone. And a lot of people when I say that to them, I’ll say, “Hey, I recommend you sleeping alone because you have this health issue or you’re having this problem with your partner, you’re not empowered. All these things in your life are showing up, just try sleeping alone. See what that does for you.”

Kim: I have thought about that.

Danielle: Well, there are people that they’re like, “That’s crazy.” And I get it. It’s our cultural program where we need to sleep next to each other. But watch what happens. The first week may be hard because you’re used to spending 20 years next to your partner. But then it’s going to actually turn out being hard to sleep in the same bed with someone because when you’re not sleeping with someone for so long and you take that time to do it. When you go back to trying to sleep with someone you’ll see how disruptive it is to your field and it’s crazy.

Kim: It’s fascinating because as I’ve been – these last few years that I’ve really – I feel like I’ve cleaned out a lot of these open centers that were – they were just like – they felt filthy. There was just so much conditioning in them. But I noticed that even in hotel rooms, I would get these different sensations and feeling different. And I just became so much more aware of what was mine. But I had to spend time with myself. I did that three week road trip by myself. And I didn’t have anyone else in my field and in nature a lot.

And I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t know where I was sleeping from one night to the next. And I was really trusting myself to know and asking myself questions. And I would just run into the right person at the right time who would lead me to the right place. And I think it was a big part of this experiment and trusting. We are so used to asking someone else, there’s an expert who’s supposed to know better. But you want your experts to take you inside to yourself, to your own inner compass.

And it’s tough those first few years because you are so conditioned you don’t know the difference. It’s how you’ve always felt. We grew into it. So we really don’t know about the other. But I wanted to ask, what do your clients say when you talk about sleeping alone? Because this is something my kids kind of like, “Well, [inaudible] room,” or whatever. And I was like, “Guys, just so you know, people have been having affairs for freaking 10, 20, 30 years. They never slept in the same house.”

So all of that is just your perception of what you think that means that it’s unhealthy, or healthy, or wrong or right, because it actually doesn’t articulate the facts.

Danielle: Yeah. I think there’s probably two reasons, the social stigma, because immediately people will find out, you’re not sleeping with partner, then people have to feel like they have to explain it. “No, there’s not a problem in our marriage,” or even if there was, whatever, it’s not their business. And then the second thing is there may also be codependency, or control things, or insecurity things from one or both of the people too. They would be like, well, if my partner doesn’t sleep in the bed with me that means that oh my God, we’re not going to be together, or whatever the case is.

Kim: And maybe that is going to be it, because you realize that without that it wasn’t anyway, it was just habit and behavior, sometimes that is true. The show last week was called The Beginning of the End, What Has Been. Whether that means it’s a complete ending or just a change of, does it matter? It’s just are we willing to take the risk to even investigate, and then explore, and try this if you’re not healthy? You’re not feeling good, you’re not feeling rested, you’re not feeling vibrant. You do feel codependent and attached to, you don’t have the ability to make decisions for yourself.

I’m speaking, I’m thinking of a couple of clients who are reflectors, they had no idea about that until this work. And a couple that were projectors, just so wide open and susceptible and not even know it. And it’s so dis-powering when you don’t understand it. So even if you choose not to take that approach, at least you’re empowered to understand what may not be yours. And that just opens the door to start exploring. And to me, that’s more freewill is the ability to get in alignment with what is, not getting into the mind and making something, something.

Danielle: Exactly, that’s a really good point. And just allowing things to be how they want to be without trying to come up with strategies of either trying to people please, or do things, like controlling things. So if you were to sleep in a separate bed and your partner decided that they didn’t want to be with you anymore, so be it. You know what I mean? Just let it be because it is will be, what needs to be can be. But we don’t have to force.

We don’t have to – I mean imagine having that type of trust, and acceptance, and surrender your life to where it doesn’t matter what happens, that you are okay with it. And that’s also what this gives you. And it’s definitely not about just letting people walk on you, or not having boundaries, it’s the exact opposite. And just really coming into this new space of okay, I’m not going to try to put all this tension, and pressure, and energy into clinging onto something that maybe isn’t supposed to be mine. Or what would happen if you stopped clinging and just it doesn’t [inaudible]?

Kim: It’s actually the vulnerability is so powerful to really – I did a Facebook Live a couple of years ago for Valentine’s Day and it was like are you willing to do an evaluation on your relationship the way you would be evaluated in corporate? It’s like hey, what’s working, what’s not working? And you think about this, especially if you’ve been together for years and one starts snoring or their sleep habits change, or they’ve got to get up and pee three times a night. Or this one wants to go to bed at this time and this one wants to wake-up with the chickens.

And there’s so much of that, that we don’t even give ourself consideration of, that’s not working or working. And I remember when I did it, I was like, “Are you willing to question and are you willing to make the change that may be uncomfortable or unfamiliar?” That was really big. But while I was talking, you know, I have the open Ajna and as I was talking, I was like, “Actually why do the kids get their own room anyway?”

We build houses to make sure that all of the kids have their own room and then we have to share and we’re the ones working and paying for it. How is that fair? And it’s really opened up some opportunities to explore like wait, why do we do that? And how is that fair? And then even thinking about children who are wide open and susceptible and having to share with three other kids and having to.

There’s so much of this stuff that if we were aware of and we could explain, even if they’re in that situation. They’re still empowered to, okay, I’m going to go in the den tonight, or I’m going to go here for a few hours, or I’m going to go, I need to do homework a little bit differently than the others. All of that stuff, I just think the information is so empowering. And that’s how we tap into freewill. It’s the will to choose once you know. But we have to be willing to expose and take risk of what people are going to say about us when we’re talking about something different.

And when we’re talking about systems and especially, actually what am I talking about? When we think about conditioning, we’ve been conditioned by religion. How much more conditioned can you be than Catholicism?

Danielle: And society, and with what we were talking about with the beds and the family dynamics and things like that. Which human design and genetics and what we can see within these systems actually shows us the genetic origins of the societal programs as well, and where we’re heading, which has to do with that evolutionary change we’re moving into now as well.

We’re moving into a new space which is why over the last 100 years or more we’ve seen how if we look back, we are coming from a disempowering type of culture, if you think about it. Women didn’t have rights. Black people didn’t have rights. Kids were working at six years old, crazy stuff, it really was not healthy. We’re in this whole other paradigm, or moving into this paradigm, and that’s why we see all the stuff in the world right now that’s really crazy.

Kim: And we have to go from one end to the other end in order to swing back to an in between.

Danielle: Well, there’s a mutation happening in the collective, so yeah, that’s a good point. The way I described it before is kind of like a torus doughnut, like it’s a vortex that goes out and then it comes in. And even in science we know that mutation, which is a spontaneous change, sudden change happens out of entropy. So there’s chaos before we go into the mutation, which is where we are now, so, realizing that we’re all in this space of breaking these paradigms, breaking these programs, these orders.

And having these codes to help us know what is actually healthy, what is correct, and reevaluating a lot of perspectives. A lot of these systems are here to help us shift our perspectives in what we accepted as the norm, like sleeping together in the same bed. When we’ve just discussed how scientifically that is unhealthy for you to do on a regular basis. And I get it, I understand. It’s like you want to love on your partner and be there together and all that stuff.

Kim: The resistance is so real, the resistance to hearing that for the first time. And then eventually you’re just like, oh yeah, I tried and then it worked. I secretly tried it and then it worked. And that’s kind of how we create change. But the perception of what that means I think is what is so scary. I do have a few clients who have tried it and played around with it and a huge difference on their health. Especially someone who’s got autoimmune or it just doesn’t make sense why these physical conditions are showing up in their body for them especially because they are so against.

They don’t even have a voice and a lot of them it’s because they are so open and their partner defined. And so they didn’t even notice that they didn’t even have that, that opportunity to even – it’s like it just solidified that that’s just who they are now, to experience this. And guys, this is not a quick fix, it’s not like go pull up your design or get one reading and you’re going to know all of this stuff. It really doesn’t work that way.

This is an experiment, it’s an experience. It’s something that we transition through. But you can get immediate liberation just from understanding, just one glimpse of something could really open your mind to expansion and start to maybe drop some of the resistance and be willing to question some things.

What we’re going to do is actually do a two part, because this is going longer. And I kind of knew it would, we talked about it beforehand. So we’re going to stop it and then we’re going to come back for the next week and talk about what we’re actually doing with this and how we’re bringing this program to you guys, and how you can have accessibility to it and where to start at.

So I want to end today with talking about what can knowing this help you with? And that is relationships; this is relationships with your partners, with yourself, your spirituality, your children, your parents, just friendships in general. It just gives you that aerial view and I’m telling you, the minute you see it, all of a sudden, it’s like you get this past life review of oh my God, that’s what happened with so and so, and so and so. It’s like you’ll realize these deep meaningful relationships that were everything and then something was triggered and you didn’t make it past that trigger.

It suddenly will bring light, you’ll understand how we, you know, relationships are tricky. They’re just like mirrors and projections and assisting for us to see without.

And then I mean to see inside and outside of ourself, and then our health. How if you are experiencing a lack of vital optimal health, if you are not feeling well, if you are struggling with chronic fatigue, chronic issues I’ll just say, undiagnosed conditions is typically what we see. It’s like it just doesn’t make sense, I’m healthy, I eat everything right, I exercise, I do, I don’t understand why I have this, this can unveil some of that for you.

And the other thing is career and money, really understanding on how to be in alignment with who you actually are and what your gift is to the world. And being in contribution of that, that’s how we create this ease, and flow, and abundance.

Danielle is living her design. I am – she’s been doing it longer than I have, I for sure see a difference since I started. And her and I hooking up together was really nice. We’re both 6-2s. it’s like we get to – I don’t know, we just created this new deep meaningful relationship where it’s not – I’ll say it’s not personal, but it’s so personal. So that you can stop doing the things that are creating. Self-healing is about empowering yourself to make decisions that are aligned with who you are.

Guys, we already know that there is an entity greater, bigger, broader than ourselves that’s creating this life here. And it’s our role, our job to get onboard and get in alignment with that. That is the freewill. And I love that too that we get to agree and disagree and have different viewpoints of how she does things.

Danielle: Yeah, you’re experiential on a more like, okay, here’s the logical steps of the mechanics and the science. And then you help them experience and integrate it into their lives. And yes, if necessary have both of these. I just wanted to add one more thing that this knowledge will give you access if it’s meant for you to embody your unique consciousness. And that’s the greatest gift.

So what you think that your life should be, what you actually need on a soul level, on this internal consciousness level will be able to come about through what we’ve all just talked about using these languages to align yourself. Get the life that you are here to get and have the awareness and get to experience things in a much different way, which is the most important part.

Kim: Yeah. And I refer back to the punch line approach because that’s kind of the book and the process where all of this is, you know, that experience is coming from is really getting present, unpacking what’s not. So that you can create the life as you are, as the entity of what you truly are. And then the exact how to steps, just commit to that and then you have a life of liberation, of ease, of flow, of living in that sacred soul essence, that it’s – there’s nothing more beautiful than waking up and walking through the day in ease of just being.

But you can’t understand it or articulate it until you experience it. And so with that, that’s what I mean by it’s not a quick fix. But it’s the minute you have an understanding, there’s suddenly this sigh of relief and people drop into their body, like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

Danielle: I was really just thinking that it’s like the term embodiment, like truly. You become embodied. Also the other thing is that your impact with your voice and your expression becomes so full of truth that it is so powerful that it changes the way that you communicate. Because you’re in a different position now, you’re in your truth. So now you actually have your true gift to give to the world.

Kim: There’s an articulation of words. And I’ll have clients tell me, they’re like, “I don’t know, I used to hear you talk, I had no idea what you were talking about until I knew what you were talking about. Then I needed to know more about it.” It was, you know, I hear that so often, they’re like – I have a group right now I’m part of. And she’s like, “Sometimes I have no idea what you’re saying, but it’s interesting and it feels good. But I have no idea what you’re saying.”

And then there’ll be an experience and then suddenly their language changes and they start using these words. But for sure it is about awareness. So you’ve got to get present first. And then you have to really be willing to – it’s that daring vulnerability to assess, to explore, to ask the questions, to be willing to hear something that may scare you. It’s like you really have to be able to do that before you can ever process, integrate and embody.

Danielle: Yeah. And it’s interesting, I just posted that meme today about Raw and how he was talking about only 4% of people can actually do this, yeah. So that’s the whole thing, because the fear and it’s not for everyone. But even if they don’t get to their full awakening and their full potential and all of that, this information can still help.

Kim: But you can get to the liberation and hope for sure. Just that simple understanding, just doing, you know, when I first came to you, you do this three hour, because you take a lot of time. You’re assessing different systems. You’re not just doing human design or gene keys. You’re actually pulling together this whole blueprint, like this soul blueprint. And then as you assess all of that and then they have a couple of readings with you.

So you do it as a package. And I love that because it’s not this, I want to buy this, know it all in one time. You can’t, there’s no way to absorb it.

Danielle: Yeah, you’re a complex being.

Kim: Yeah, so you need the time, so I do – I was definitely attracted to the way you did that, it made it so much more meaningful. And you remember one time I said, “I think you’re just telling me the same thing every time, I’m just not getting it.” But I have the two, I’m in denial, I have self-denial. It’s like so much of, I’m like, “Yeah, I’m not sure, let me go investigate.” Then I’d come back and damn it, here it is again.

Danielle: Yeah. Well, that’s what I’m talking about, it’s like we can hear the information. It’s like leading a horse to water, but if you don’t actually practice with this stuff, you’re looking for another quick fix, you’re looking for another spiritual guru and that’s not this. This is like get in there, try it. I mean I’m lucky, my life forced me, because I was living in another country. And I literally had no other choice but trust my design. It was so scary for years.

And then I finally was breaking through it when after month after month and oh man, I keep getting into these fears that – but my life situation is totally jacked to where I have to follow my design. And then I realized that…


Sorry about the quick cutoff there guys, I didn’t know that was going to happen. So we have extended this to a part two that will come out next week. So, sorry about not ending it in a – I don’t know – shall I say a satisfying way. I didn’t realize that there was a time limit to the recording. So just catch us next week. In the meantime you can go into the show notes and you can find the link to the More than Mindset group where you can find Danielle and I. Her information is also there if you want to just go straight to her website or look up what she’s doing.

We will complete this conversation next week and we’re super excited to tell you about Discover Your Design and all of the cool things that we have coming up.

Alright, until next week, catch you in the group.

Thanks for listening to this episode of More than Mindset.

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