Ep #266 The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Achieving Success

This episode of The Boss Up Podcast is designed for current and aspiring business owners looking to attract more clients, increase revenue, or scale their businesses without being overwhelmed by operations.

I’m talking about the importance of having a business as a means to personal and professional fulfillment – which is the ultimate success in life. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • The first thing you need to establish a successful business.
  • What it takes to become the master of what you offer. 
  • How to find people to serve.
  • How to sell your offer.

Through sharing 30 years of personal experiences and professional insights, I’ll guide you through the nuances of establishing, validating, and growing a sustainable business. Don’t miss this episode!

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Full Episode Transcript:

#266 The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Achieving Success

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome back to the show. I have been out of town for a while. So it’s nice to be back home and get a few more of these episodes out. So this week I am going to be talking about inspire the buyer, which is how to create a successful business journey. So if you are already a business owner, And you want more clients or

[00:00:54] you are a business owner who has clients, but wants more revenue, or if you have both, you already have clients, you already have plenty of money, but you want help in scaling the business so that it doesn’t own you, then this episode is for you. I believe that owning a business. Is the best vehicle to getting anything you want in your life.

[00:01:20] It is a direct path to your healing, to your having, and to your helping others. And for me personally, best thing ever. I’ve been in my business since my twenties, and I, I just would never choose another path. It’s what works for me. Gives me plenty of entertainment and opportunities and Lord day. It gives me a lot of challenges and that has helped me grow and evolve into the person that I want to become and to also lead the way for others who want to be business owners.

[00:01:54] So welcome to Boss Up. I hope you are enjoying the new content. Please leave us a rating and review, share it with friends who either have a business. I’m going to talk about four things this week, and this is geared towards all three of those, the business owner or the want to be business owner, or the I’m already a business owner, and maybe I want to expand and scale and have other people come into the business and help me.

[00:02:23] This is going to be a very important episode for all three of you. So first let’s just talk about what is a business. It is an organization that creates revenue. So if you are not making money, you do not have a business yet, but sit tight. I’m going to show you how to do that. So the very first thing is you have an idea of a product or service that will solve a problem.

[00:02:53] That is the very first criteria. You have an idea of a product or service. That will solve a problem. Now, listen, you can partner with a company, so maybe it’s direct sales or multi level marketing, but there is something that you know about that will solve someone’s problem. That’s where it has to start.

[00:03:15] So it, maybe you are a massage therapist or a practitioner or a coach, or maybe you’re using a product to help someone solve their problems. So that’s the very first thing. Do you have a product? Or a service. Do you have something that someone wants and you can give them availability to that? Number two, you have the skillset to deliver.

[00:03:40] So even if you were selling a product, do you have the ability to get it to the market, to get it to those people, to help them get those results? If you’re a coach, do you have the skillset to help them solve their problem? If you’re a massage therapist, like have you gotten really good at your craft at your trade?

[00:04:03] Like this is really important. I was talking to like several business owners about this in the last couple of weeks. I did a few things So I was in really big rooms with business owners. So we had lots of opportunities to discuss this and You What we were talking about is back in the day when we started our business, you had to be committed.

[00:04:21] You had to rent property. You had to put on electricity. You had to get an occupational license. You had to jump through a lot of hoops. Whereas today anyone can say that they’re a business owner on social media. And so I think that there’s a lot of misinformation. I’d like to clear that up with this episode.

[00:04:39] So you have a skill set at delivering the product or service. You’ve gotten good at your craft. You’re dependable and reliable. Number three, you already have an existing audience or you are willing to build an audience. Now you can leverage someone else’s audience. You can build your own from scratch, or you can leverage your existing audience.

[00:05:08] So for myself, I had a ladies fitness tanning, nail massage and hair business for 20 years. I did well longer than that. I started off doing hair and nails. I expanded, I moved, I had other location. So there’s a few things that I did along these years. So I’m 30 years in the business now. And my audience.

[00:05:32] came from meeting people. Like I grew my audience from scratch. I did not have an existing audience, but when I moved to coaching and the online world, I was able to leverage some of that existing audience who wanted to grow with me. So if they had been tanning and doing their nails and getting massages, and they were already starting to receive some of the information I was saying about mind body coaching, how you can heal your body with your mind, some of the things that you can do.

[00:06:00] Was everything I was doing was geared around holistic health. That’s really when I got into the body work and yoga and massage, meditation the essential oils, just all of these natural modalities I brought together. And then I created the integrative mind body coaching program. So some of those clients knew me from before they had been current clients.

[00:06:22] They knew me in the area as being a business owner. The other ones came from online. So when I was in doTERRA, there were 30, 000 people at conference. There were millions of buyers of users of the product. So I was in online groups, you know, so some of those came into my world and then in coaching massage yoga, it was the same thing.

[00:06:46] I went through these certifications and trainings where there were thousands. Thousands of people who were interested in the same thing. Now, some of those were getting trained to become a coach, but they actually needed to do the healing work themselves. And they became clients because that is what I specialized in.

[00:07:03] So I grew some of my audience from there. So as you can see, I was carving out pieces of my existing arena, you could say, that I was already in for yoga teacher training. I traveled to New York and to Austin and there were several other people in my classes. Some of those became clients. So, just kind of think about the world that you’re in, where the networking opportunities are, where you have been.

[00:07:33] Maybe it’s your high school friends or their parents, you know, but someone who already knows you. So you have that existing audience. And then as you get really clear on your message. And you start putting it out, you start bringing more people in until that begins to expand. Now, not all of those are going to be buyers.

[00:07:55] Some of those are going to be followers. Some are just coming along for the ride and some are just cheering you on. And there’s probably a handful of haters inside of there. It’s just how it works, right? It’s just math. So now that you have an audience, which is just people who are listening to you, now You can go and do something with this because until you get people who are interested in what you’re offering, I wouldn’t say that you have a tangible product or business yet.

[00:08:26] You have to go and prove it. You have to bring it to the marketplace, which means you’ve got to come out of obscurity. You’ve got to stop hiding. You got to be willing to be seen and heard. That is not easy for a lot of you. Matter of fact, if that is something that you struggle with, I recommend you send an email and find out how we can help you with mind body coaching, because that is what we do.

[00:08:47] As your fears and doubts and disbeliefs come up, We have an exact process that will help clear those barriers out of the way so that you can move further out where you need to be. So, the last thing, once you have acknowledged that there are people listening, there are people coming closer, they are engaging, they’re asking questions, and some have purchased from you.

[00:09:12] That is a criteria. Someone has to buy. We typically say at least 10 people have paid you. Okay. Now we have proof. The next thing is you have to be able to market that offer. So you need to talk about the problem that it solves where most new coaches and practitioners when they start marketing online, get hung up is they want to tell about their process.

[00:09:41] They want to talk about the modality that they learned. They want to geek out on all the inside scoop. That’s not how it works. You need to be able to talk to them in the position that they are in, needing you to solve the problem. That means, You need to know the problem and you need to know the person who has the problem.

[00:10:04] You need to know things about them, personal things. You need to know what they wake up thinking about, what they go to bed worrying about. That is what’s, what’s going to be in your copy, in your conversations. This is the message you’re going to be relaying. Like if it’s dealing with chronic pain, then you’re going to talk about the limitations that they have in their life, how they’re worried that they’re going to go shopping and they’re not going to be able to complete the day that You know, their back’s going to lock up or maybe they have IBS and they’re like, gosh, I don’t even want to go on a date.

[00:10:41] I don’t want to go out to eat because I’m always in the bathroom. I’m so embarrassed. Like they’re going to be willing to pay to solve those problems because they’re really painful. Maybe if you’re a weight loss coach, the issue is like they’re ashamed to get on an airplane because they have to ask for the assistance.

[00:10:59] They can’t go to Disney with their grand babies, or they can’t run up the hill or play in the yard the way they really want to play with their kids and grandkids. You have to be able to speak to that problem. So I’m talking to coaches and practitioners and clinic owners. And I know what their problem is.

[00:11:15] So the new coach actually just doesn’t have clients yet. They want client and money. So I know what I’m saying to them. And then the second criteria is the one that’s a practitioner. That’s already making some money. They want more money and they want more clients. And so for them, it’s like helping them get more leads from their established position.

[00:11:34] The first one, we have to establish their position because so can you see the difference? And then the third set, they’ve already proved that they have a qualified, viable solution to people’s problem that they’re willing to pay for. They’re making money. They have a steady stream of clients and new clients.

[00:11:56] Their problem is they don’t know how to manage this alone. They need people, they need helpers, and they need good people that they can depend on and rely on to learn the process in order for them to scale so that they’re not stuck in their business. They want to own the business instead of the business owning them.

[00:12:15] So those are the three people that I help. The new coach and practitioner who’s not making a lot of money yet, doesn’t have clients yet. We help them establish that, establish their brand, get their message clear and go get new clients. The second one already has clients already making money, but they want more of it.

[00:12:33] So for them, we help them get really clear precision and then come up with a like crazy if you don’t offer and then a funnel. And then we start teaching them some advanced sales strategies. And then the third set, totally different problem because they’re in a different position. So for them, a lot of it is really helping the owner with their belief mindset, expanding, like coming back to why they started the business to start off with, and then bringing in the right people, creating a culture that people want to be a part of, that they want to be proud of, and then giving them some comp plans so that their people stay long term.

[00:13:10] So, Three different people, three different problems. I’m hoping that makes sense to you. And no matter what business you’re in, you can relate to that or maybe even identify yourself as one of those three people. So what we have done, I’ve been doing this, I’ve been coaching since 2012. I’ve been in the healing arts world or in the service based world since 95, opened my doors in 97, but I was serving clients two years prior to that.

[00:13:36] So I’m taking all those years of experience and now I’m teaching it. I’m breaking it down into concepts, into processes, and then I’m teaching them. So I have an entry point. Now I’m talking about the value ladder. I have an entry point from 97 a month, all the way up to 25, 000 a year. So. My client has a place to land no matter where they are, but it took years to develop this.

[00:14:02] So I wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re a new coach, you want to find one thing and you want to take it to the market. You want to be really clear and really confident that you can help. And then you want to sell that 10 times, and then we’ll put you into the next level and we’ll start working in a different way.

[00:14:19] So, What I’m noticing with these coaches, when I say newer coaches, I’m talking about under six figures. Matter of fact, most of them are under 50, 000. They are looking at the influencers online and they’re trying to do what the influencers doing. The problem is they’re not in that entrepreneurial position.

[00:14:39] They’re actually starting off as the amateur. Like I have an idea I want to take to the market. and get proof of concept and see if I can make money doing it. Then once I realize I have 10 clients and I can, now I’m willing to invest in some different strategies so that I can go get a hundred clients.

[00:14:56] Once I get a hundred clients, now I’m going to need different strategies, different approaches, and I’m actually You’re going to be a different person because that’s what happens when you start serving clients and doing more of what you do. You get better at it and then your life begins to heal. Your limitations begin to dissolve and that is what we want.

[00:15:16] Like I said at the beginning, I believe having a business or being a business owner is the best vehicle for your personal, professional and financial growth. And I stand by that. I will take it to my grave. It’s been the entire experience of my adult life. I believe in it and I want to help more business owners achieve their dreams through this vehicle.

[00:15:38] And then the cool part is you get to choose the vehicle. You get to choose if it’s going to be real estate or partnerships or direct sales or service based, if it’s going to be massage therapy, if it’s going to be chiropractor, if you’re going to go to school, or if you’re going to just get like VOTET training, like you get to choose the vehicle is the best part about it.

[00:15:59] So maybe you have a red Hyundai and this other person has an Escalade, like it’s different for all of us, but the thing matter that matters is, does it match what you want? So I’m going to do a quick little recap. The very first thing is you have an idea that you want to be a business owner and you’ve thought of something that either is already in the market, so you know that it’s already been proven, you can do that, or you have something new.

[00:16:24] I chose to bring something new to the market. That’s a lot harder by the way. The second thing is whatever you’re going to be selling or serving, you are good at delivering. You know how to deliver, you’re committed, you can help people. You get really good at that. Then you sell it to an audience. In other words, you start telling people about it and they start agreeing and committing and paying.

[00:16:52] It does not validate until they pay. Don’t just listen to your friends and family telling you it’s a great idea. Someone has to pay you. And the very last thing is you are going to create a stupid if you don’t offer that’s so good and it solves their problem. That you know, you now have a viable product that can create a profitable, sustainable and predictable business.

[00:17:21] And that is what I wish for all of you. I believe you can have anything you want through this process. Because just the decision to have a business and to move forward with the action steps is going to bring up Everything that says you can’t. And it will be your job to work on yourself because you can’t grow the business unless you can grow the business owner.

[00:17:44] All right, my friends, that is what I have for you this week. If it was helpful, tell me what stage you’re at, what part you’re on, what like, what gave you the greatest awareness? If you’re listening to the podcast on any of those platforms and you want to share it with a friend or you think this will be helpful for a neighbor or a family member, please share, give us a rating and review so we can get this into the hands of more people and get more qualified business owners to the market.

[00:18:10] I appreciate you and I’ll be back next week.

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