Ep #6: Get Inspired and Dream Big

I’m spending the week at Disney World with my family and I am having the best time enjoying everything Disney has to offer. It’s only been one day so far, but I’ve already been blown away and inspired to create this podcast, highlighting my biggest takeaways from this place.

Mental and emotional health is one of my passions, and being here has definitely sparked that inspiration and made me want to expand my vision of changing humanity’s wellness mindset. Managing our minds is key to creating more health and wealth, and today I’m sharing how Disney has caught my attention with its vision.

Tune in to hear a few of my takeaways from my experience here at Disneyworld! I’m inspired to dream bigger, believe bigger, and take even bigger actions, and I hope you do too.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How being at Disney World has made me want to expand my vision.
  • How we’ve been able to enjoy waiting in line at Disney World.
  • The similarities in Disney’s business integrity and our own businesses.
  • What the Integrative Life is all about and who it’s for.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to Integrative Life Coach Training for Health and Wellness Practitioners, the only podcast that can help YOU help more people, create a greater impact, and make more money in the health and wellness industry. Join Master Clarity and Confidence Coach, Kim Guillory, as she teaches you how to integrate your passion to serve with your skills and experience to create a business you love. Let’s get started…

Hi guys. This episode is brought to you from Walt Disney World. I am on a girl’s trip here with my granddaughters and their mothers and it is so fun. I’m taking the day off today for a little bit of self-care, catching up, unwinding, getting this podcast out while it’s quiet.

We spent the day at Magic Kingdom yesterday and they were repeating today just to catch a few of the extra things, so it was a great opportunity for me to sit back and lucky me, it was cold and raining and I stayed warm and dry. I’m waiting for them to come back from the fire show right now as I record this – for the fireworks.

Anyway, let’s talk about my experience here. I am blown away. Guys, it all started with a vision. This amazing, beautiful space of entertainment, family times, opportunity to enjoy each other. So fun to think about how huge this place is and this vision has grown to such an inspiration. It was a great opportunity to turn this into an episode, a topic that I am so passionate about. And truly how can I help you to expand into a greater vision, possibility, just expansion of life in general.

You know, I’m thinking about my own vision and I thought it was so big. It felt so big and scary to me, but as I see what’s truly possible in the world by people who have done it ahead of me, I’m just in so much awe, gratitude, hopefulness that this truly is available to all of us who so desire it.

My idea of the Integrative Life is to create this conscious community. I like to call it the affordable self-care act instead of the Affordable Healthcare Act. It includes exposure to mental and emotional wellness, coaching, and just a way to transform healthcare by changing habits and behavior, becoming more mindful, slowing things down, becoming present, living under a more conscious environment of truly recognizing the things that we do and want to create with intention.

It’s our personal responsibility to become better humans, to become healthier humans. We have to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives and if we want more and better, we have to create it. My intention here is to bridge the gap between self-care and healthcare. We were not taught about mental and emotional wellbeing. We weren’t taught how to process emotions, how to deal with trauma or sadness or things that have gone wrong, or being able to express our emotions in a healthy way.

And I would love to teach more health and wellness leaders how to help more people, how to reach more people, make a greater impact. And also, to step into the role of abundance instead of this nickel and diming hour for dollars where the mindset is about if insurance doesn’t pay for it, then it’s not qualified and if they pay for it out of their own pocket.

And I would love to see mental and emotional health come to that place of priority where it’s not even a comparison about does insurance cover it or not but it’s about prioritizing how important it is in your life, in your wellbeing because guys, at the end of the day, when you really think about it, it is everything. It’s everything. It’s how you feel, it’s the actions that you take because of how you feel.

Mental and emotional health is everything from a more balanced, holistic life, you can create whatever abundance you want to create or do whatever your dreams are, whatever your visions are, bringing them forward. But we have to be coming from a sane and stable mind and not from a reactive place but from a responsive place.

So our ability to manage our minds, because the way we think is how we feel. So if we can manage how we think about things and how we respond to an emotion and allow old emotions to process so that we’re not reacting to them, then we can take conscious action towards getting the results that we truly want to bring into our life.

So Disney is my reminder that all things are possible, even my vision for all of us to experience this integrative life where we balance all parts of our experiences. Those from the past that haven’t been processed or haven’t been recognized or haven’t been healed, as well as our present. Right now, right here, the things that we experience as well as moving forward and what we want to bring more of into our life.

So I wanted to give you a couple of my takeaways from my experience so far and I’m here for the week. I’ve only had one day, but it truly made such an impact that I wanted to take the opportunity and have this recorded not only for you but even to remind myself.

First of all, I was kind of blown away that I couldn’t even imagine the expansiveness of what I was seeing and experiencing, which means that I want to open up my perception even further. I want to be able to see bigger, like what I’m seeing here. I want to open up that part of my mind, that creative flow, that being able to see more possibilities.

Whoever are the designers behind all of this stuff is just – I mean, we don’t even have to have a card to come into our own hotel rooms or doors. It’s a bracelet for where you go and where you eat and the lines you stand in. And the beauty of the rides and the experience and just the way they’ve put in so much emotion behind being able to feel what it feels like to fly.

Anyway, I’m getting carried away in Disney World again. So one of the things that really caught my attention is being able to expand my own perception, to dream bigger, to believe bigger, and to take bigger action steps without allowing the fear and the doubt to stop me, but to truly live the dream. Because by believing it, truly, truly believing it, I know I’m going to take the aligned action and then I’m going to live the results, just like I’m experiencing the results of one man’s vision. So good.

I love learning by the example of possibility, the possibilities that I’m seeing here, and also by being an example of possibility I feel like I can give back to the world by sharing my experiences and what I have achieved and what I am learning and proving to be possible. That leaves an impact on other people and it motivates and inspires them to believe that they can do it too because it is available for all of us.

Another thing that I’m taking away from this experience is how important it is to truly have the ability to manage our mind and emotions because it is everything. Watching these other families experience and even watching the toddlers have temper tantrums and some of the parents having temper tantrums.

And my girls and I standing in line, it’s kind of like the joke like, it’s a good thing we don’t have the guys here with us because they would not be tolerating this, they’d be ready to go back to the room, they’d be ready to bail out. But because we prepared our minds to enjoy the whole experience, knowing that waiting in line was part of the experience.

And we’re actually taking advantage of that time spent together in the line. That’s before the ride, and then again after the ride, sharing how it was for each of us, and truly enjoying every single stage. Planning, preparing, waiting, experiencing, sharing, and just being in the presence of time itself.

Not reacting. Like, in reminding the kids, no, this is what we signed up for, we’re going to wait and it’s going to be fine and this is part of it and it’s going to be totally worth it. And watching, like I was thinking this is something we need to share with the travel agents like, hey, whenever people sign up and say they’re going to Disney, we’re going to offer this course in managing your mind and your emotions just to make it a better experience for everyone. Wouldn’t that be cool?

And another thing that I’m taking away is the business integrity. Like, value, prioritizing, creating demand. I’ve learned so much about what I call the lingo language of Disney World is Fastpass and Magicbands and all this stuff that I’m just kind of learning what it means and how important it is to offer an option to pay for convenience, to pay for priority.

And I remember when we were standing in line and I guess it was like a 90 minute wait and we get onto another ride and it was like, we’re passing everyone up and I’m like, what’s going on here? And they’re like, this is the Fastpass. I’m like, wow, this is so cool, just to kind of take that little fast track in. But my question was why don’t we just do this for all the rides? This would be so fun.

And well, they let me know that you can only have three per day. Well hello, Disney. This is how you prioritize and create a demand because now I have this great respect for and I imagine, for which rides are you going to prioritize and choose accordingly. Like, that one has a high demand, a lot of people are going to be waiting so let’s use the Fastpass for that one. This one not so much, so we’ll probably be able to wait in line, it won’t be so long.

And I’m like, oh my god, isn’t this so interesting because it’s the same thing in our business and what we create and what we make convenient, what we prioritize, what we create a demand for. And truly offering more value and being willing to stand in the essence of that and charge what it’s worth and truly trust that there are people who will want it and being able to serve on that level and not serve as many.

It does become about quality and not quantity and not budgeting and bargaining. And I’m not saying there’s not a place for that. There absolutely is. There’s always an option, but when I was going through my own health and wellness journey, I totally would have paid for someone who knew what they were doing, who had the expertise, no matter what they were charging to be able to offer me that experience, to truly offer me a solution.

I really wasn’t worried about how much it was costing an hour. I wanted the solution. I wanted the resolution. And what we are doing now in the health and wellness industry with these modalities that we’re bringing in with the coaching, the whole mind body wellness integration, so powerful and so effective. It is worth all of the money and all of the energy and the time put into it for yourself, for your own health.

And that would be the prioritizing your own health and what you need and budgeting for it. So if you know you’re going to Disney World and you’re going to want to prioritize some things, then you can plan for it in advance and put that first and foremost. Maybe something else won’t be quite so important for the next few months, but you’ve been given the opportunity to prioritize because you know about it, and that is something that I’m bringing forward in this coaching business is more exposure.

More exposure to the Integrative Life so people know they do have an option and that they can plan for it, but we have to get more exposure out there. We have to let people know. This is still new. We’re still in the frontline of bringing mind body integration forward, on truly educating people on how our thoughts, our beliefs creates our future.

It’s actually what we are presently living right now is what we have been believing. What we put into our mind is what is reflected in our life. So these are my lessons from Disney. Being able to articulate it in such a way that it truly – how we do anything is how we do everything, and all of this relates to all of it. All of life.

So comparing or creating analogies just to help us see on a deeper level how everything relates to us and how we have the choice but we also have the responsibility. So the business integrity, the value, convenience, prioritizing demand really spoke to me because the integrative life coaches, this is what they offer. This is what the whole training and experience is about and it’s because I wanted to create something that wasn’t available when I needed it.

And I am truly in integrity in teaching this and taking this out into the world, which is the whole reason for this podcast. And sharing it with other people who are maybe now in the same situation that I was in. But also for health and wellness leaders who want to help their patients and clients and haven’t been able to because they’ve been practicing old time medicine that now they have an opportunity to learn more about the mind and how it affects our health, even our wealth, our relationships, and all parts of our life.

And we are always learning if we choose to be. So it’s about practicing awareness and setting intentions to evolve, to have the freedom to experience, and that expansion. Expansion for all who so desire to experience more.

That, my friends, was my experience at Disney World. Looking behind the scenes, this is where my thoughts process and I am just so business minded but more than that, my vision is truly to change and shift humanity’s mindset about health and about wealth. How we view what we want to experience in our life, and for me, it’s super important to feel my absolute best and to be able to afford the things that will improve my health ad I want to create more leaders, teach more leaders to offer more of this for people who want it.

The Integrative Life is all about possibilities for health and wellness leaders who want to help more people by creating an impact, making more money because it means more abundance, which allow for us to help more people. So whenever you’re nickel and diming it and budget cutting and trying to get everyone in and serve everyone at every budget level, there’s just not enough energy from one person to be able to do that.

So as we create more opportunity, we can offer more options. So I’ll leave you with that. I’m waiting on my family to return so we can head out to dinner. I just wanted to really share those takeaways with you and hope that offers you some value, some insights, maybe motivates and inspires you to truly look at your vision, maybe expand your own wishes and dreams of what you think is possible.

I would love to hear from you. If you’re enjoying the show, it is safe to assume that there are others who also would enjoy it. So maybe you could help them find it by leaving a rating and review. You can go to kimguillory.com/itunes and leave a rating and review because that’ll help get the show out to reach more people.

I’m excited to finish my vacation this week and chat with you guys next week.

Thanks for listening to this episode of Integrative Life Coach Training for Health and Wellness Practitioners! If you’re feeling stuck on your journey to mind body integration, head over to KimGuillory.com to download your Stability First Meditation today.


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  1. It’s always a joy to listen to your podcast….it gives me hope and inspiration that I can do different and be different with the right mindset….