Ep #276 How to Get it Right In Your Business

In this episode of More Than Mindset, I’m addressing the pervasive fear of failure that plagues every entrepreneur. 

I hear this from clients who are early in their business, they’re waiting to take action until they know it’s the “right” thing to do, in the “right” order, with the “right” message.

But that stops them from getting clients and growing their audience now. 

I’m emphasizing the importance of overcoming doubt, fear, and the myth of ‘getting it right’ on the first try.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why we expect getting it right on the first try is the key to success in business.

  •  How fear of getting it wrong blocks our action and progress.

  •  The ONLY way any of us can really get it RIGHT!

  •  Real stories from myself and my clients about how we are changing this mindset so we can WIN in our businesses and lives. 

Tune in to this episode so you can finally start getting it RIGHT! 

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Ep #276: How to Get it Right In Your Business

Hello, hello, and welcome back to the show. So I am bringing to you this to you live on the weekend because I am heading out to Nashville in the morning. So I wanted to get it to you early. So listen up guys, I am hearing something from my clients over and over and I wanted to make sure I addressed it as soon as possible.

And that thing is how to get it right. We are talking about overcoming doubt and fear, especially the fear of failure and the fear of doing it wrong. Every time we have a challenge in the group, this comes up with the clients and it comes up with me. So to be completely transparent, I understand, I know what it’s like.

It’s like when you need to take the steps to create something that you’ve never done before and all of the story that comes out that stops us from taking action. And if you are one of those like me, like my clients who don’t want to do anything until you know the right thing to do, this is a great episode, especially for you because we are going to dial into what exactly.

You need to do to get it right. Does that sound like good news? Yes, I thought so. I’m going to help you get it right. The best news is you’re not alone. All business owners go through this. All entrepreneurs, new coaches, healers, holistic practitioners. It is because we are birthing something new into the world and because it hasn’t been done, we are creating it.

And that My friend gives us permission to fail because nothing was figured out on the first try. The reason that we have cars and planes and ships and jets is because someone went through the failure process. And that is because someone went through Is what you have to get comfortable with. I know it’s not easy.

None of us want to be made a fool of none of us want to feel shame or inadequacy. We don’t want to lack in confidence and we don’t want to freak out. We don’t put people talking negatively about us. We don’t want them to doubt us. They’re not going to trust us. They’re not going to believe we can help them.

I get it. I hear it too. And just so you know. These stories are never going to shut up in your head. They will live on forever. I thought once I would get to a certain success point, a certain dollar amount, certain amount of clients, I would succeed at some things that it would go away and I would then have it easy.

I would be confident and competent and everyone would see that I’m amazing in that. I always get it right. Guys, that is a fairytale. It is not going to happen ever. Matter of fact, the more successful you are, the more money you make, the more clients you have, the bigger your business is, the worse it gets.

I am like in this moment. I am sitting with, do I even want to scale? Cause it is so hard. It’s so uncomfortable. I don’t know what I’m doing. I keep trying to get it right. And I keep failing and it sucks. And I keep raising my hand and getting coached by someone who has overcome The obstacles that I am now facing.

And that’s all we can do is keep raising your hand and asking someone who’s done it to help us. But they can’t give us advice. If we’re creating something new, they can only Give us feedback on if our thoughts are coming from fear and from self preservation or if it’s a good idea and it’s something that they have tried or something they know about.

We are surely in it alone, and it sucks. It sucks so bad. I got coaching three, maybe even four times in the last ten days. And it’s almost on the same thing because what happens is as you start to grow the business and you get clients and you start making money and you start creating like your intellectual property and you get a few things right, then you start thinking, Oh man, I got it together.

I got it going and then boom, something comes crashing down. Somebody gets upset with you. A client quits. Someone doesn’t renew. You start getting a bunch of no’s on your consults and then you get unsold. And it’s like, you got to start all over again. But the truth is we’re not really starting all over again.

I am not starting all over again, but my brain thinks I am. My mind tells me stories. about failing and losing it all. And everyone going to be mad at me. And you made a mistake again. That’s it kill me. It’s toast. They’re not going to ever get over this. People are going to see like all this crazy stuff, guys, it’s really not true.

That’s the craziest part. It’s really not true. So all of that, just to say, I know where you at. I understand what you’re going through and You’re going to have to go through the failure process too. The biggest reason people quit is because they’re not willing to fail. That’s it. That is the biggest reason people quit.

They don’t move forward. They don’t grow is because they refuse to fail. So the right way. It’s by taking action. That is the right way. That is the only right thing you can do is stay in action. That’s the right way. That’s the answer you’re looking for when you’re like, I want to do it right, right is doing something. Right is doing something.

I guarantee you. How else would I still be in business of 30 years when I didn’t know what I was doing? There is no way that you will feel competent and confident about creating something that you’ve never created before until you actually do it. It’s just how it is. This goes for the greatest athletes, for the most successful business owners.

It goes for us even as parents. It’s just part of life. There’s no way that it’s ever going to be easy and effortless. Not even staying where you are. That’s even worse. Because if you quit growing and you quit failing and you quit trying. You start regressing, you start going backwards, you start going down.

Think about this. Like if you just quit exercising, you’re like, I hate to exercise. I was exercising until I got to a certain, um, muscle form or a certain weight or whatever the reason was. And you’re like, I’m just going to get the 30 pounds off and I’m just going to be able to walk a mile without breathing heavy.

And then you start aging. It doesn’t work anymore guys. We’re never going to get over it. So I just wanted to talk to you today about continue moving in action. That is the right thing to do. It’s the best and the worst answer. I know right now my community, and this is not my idea. It’s one of my clients who decided she wanted to do the 30 day live challenge and challenge the group to it, including me.

And I’m not comfortable. I don’t like to do it. Instagram is probably my worst platform. I have the least engagement there and that’s where I’m going live every day. So it sucks to show up and not have engagement and not have people there. And it just does, like, I know how you feel. You invite people to the webinar and no one comes.

You invite them to your offer and no one buys. You get on live and no one comes. I get it. It’s all of us. Even, even the influencers, they go through this too. It’s just a different problem. It shows up in a different package, but I guarantee you, I am sitting in the rooms with the million dollar marketers who are spending two to 4 million a month on ads just to get leads.

And those lead conversions are for sure. At a low percent, it’s the same. It’s all of us. It’s just a different problem. The difference between you and me and them is they’re putting out a lot of money and the leads that they are converting is worth them doing that where you are is a different stage in your business.

What you need to be doing right now is getting attention. And the sucky part about that is failing at not getting a lot of attention. That’s it. That’s where I’m at. I’m right there with you. I have done amazing in my business from day one. I have been extremely successful. I think it’s because I’m a confident salesperson.

I don’t sell anything I don’t believe in. I don’t sell anything I haven’t tried that doesn’t have my check mark of approval. That includes coaching products, anything that I’ve bought or sold or done, whether it was yoga or massage or essential oils. bodywork, coaching, whatever it is. I don’t sell anything.

I don’t truly believe in that. I don’t have proof of concept that hasn’t worked for me. So I am very confident and competent, and I’m a great salesperson because I don’t have a negative story about selling. I believe selling is serving. And I believe the only way to get good at selling is to suck first.

And that’s the part about trying to get it right. You’re not going to get it right until you go through the failing process. So that’s what I want to encourage you to do this week. Get out there and fail your ass off. Like I’m talking a lot. Try a lot of things for the first time. Feel uncomfortable, suck at it.

And get used to that because that is what your career is going to look like. It’s, it’s not all bad. Just the getting leads and getting the conversions, the clients is bad. That’s it. But we’re willing to do that, that uncomfortable part in order to do what we love. Like I will show up and do this every single day because of the results.

If I can meet a thousand new people. And 10 of those people become my client. It was worth it to me to get those 990 no’s. It was worth it to get the 10 yeses. You know what I mean? Like if there’s a thousand people and you only get 10 clients. It’s totally worth it. Like you just got to change your mindset around what that means or what you make it mean.

People say no. All right. Some people say not now. Some people say never. That’s okay. Go look for the ones who are willing to say, yes, go look for the 10 people who you can help. The rest of it’s just part of the game. It’s just part of the failing process and it’s how you do it right. I know that’s hard to believe, right?

So getting 1000 people to follow you, to listen to you, to get on your email list, to engage with you in some way, to relate to anything, just getting a thousand people to know that you are alive. No matter what it takes to do that. The ones that don’t follow you, no big deal. The ones that don’t engage, no big deal.

Just get a thousand people to know your name. And to know what you stand for. Know what you do. Know that you’re a human. That’s it. And then Focus on getting 10 of those who want to do business with you. Everything in the middle is failing and that is doing it right. Are you willing to fail to get it right?

Like does that make you feel better knowing that the discomfort and the failure and the nose is doing it right? I know it sounds insane, somewhere along our years, we picked up the idea that doing it right was easy and winning all the time, happy all the time. That’s the lie. That’s the thing you got to get over.

That’s doing it wrong. It’s not true. I don’t know any successful entrepreneur or business owner that, that thinks that that’s true. None. I mean, sometimes we get this lucky win like I’ve had 60 something people show up for an essential oil meeting that that was a lucky win That, that’s great. The only reason I got that was because of the 10 times I invited people before that that said no, no, no, no, no.

And then I found the right message for people to say yes. But the funny part about that, I was so busy focused on getting people in the room, I forgot to make an offer. So I had 63 or 68 people in the room. I didn’t have an offer. Like that was insane. I have a picture of that. I just did a webinar with it in there.

That was I’ve done crazy stuff. So did I do it right? Yes, I failed. Flat on my face, had to go through all of the shameful experience, beat myself up about not being prepared. That failure turned into success because the next time I knew how to do it, but I had to be willing to fail. So I’m going to ask you, do you want to get it right?

Even if right means feeling like it’s the wrong thing, even if right means failing, are you willing to do it? Are you up for it? Yes. Yes. Yes. You’re supposed to say yes. I’ll take a deep breath on that one because that has been a really big challenge this week because these 30 days of lives that everyone has said yes to is like kicking our butt because we want to get it right.

We want to do it right. And in our mind. Right means that we’re going to open up Instagram or Facebook and we’re going to do a live and we’re going to have a thousand people hop on and send us hearts and love us and they’re going to say, How can I work with you? I just want to send you money and work with you.

All thousand people are going to love me and they’re going to engage and they’re going to tell their friends and they’re going to like be begging me to sell them something. They’re going to say, you’re amazing. I want to work with you. That’s the story our mind tells us. That’s crazy. Crazy. The true story of doing it right is you open up Instagram or Facebook, you go live, you might have a person pop on for a second or two.

Maybe one of them will tell you, hi, you’ll sit there and feel like a fool. You’re going to do it 30 times. And I guarantee you, you’re going to get at least one to two clients before the month is over. Are you willing to show up and feel like a fool, fall on your face, fail and flounder in order to get the two clients?

My answer is yes, all day long. That’s doing it the right way. It’s taking imperfect action so that you can get the results that you want, which is to help more people. That’s it. That’s who we are as coaches, as healers, as holistic practitioners. We’re committed to helping humanity. We’re committed to helping ourself, learning the process, and then helping other people so that we can live in a better world.

I know who you are because I am the same person and what we want more than anything else is to be able to help those people. And we’re willing to go through the failure phase in order. To feel satisfied, to feel happy, to feel helpful. That’s it. That’s the right way. I’m going to challenge you to do something uncomfortable, to take 10 times the action that you have been taking and to be willing to flounder and fail in order to help someone.

That is my challenge for you this week, my friend, come and follow me on Instagram and support me, please. It’s @kim.guillory that’s G U I L L O R Y, please, please, if you listen to the podcast, come and support me on Instagram. I will follow you back, send me a private message and say, I love your lives. I just want to work with you.

It’s amazing. I heard you on the podcast. Tell me something like that. And I will be happy to follow you back, listen to you, support you. Cause that my friend is reciprocity and that is how we’re going to grow and create impact in the world. We have to do it together. All right. Have an amazing week. Can’t wait to report how my next trip is going to go.

I’ll let you know next week.

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