Ep #129: How to Grow and Scale Your Healing-Focused Business with Malerie Veillon

More Than Mindset with Kim Guillory | How to Grow and Scale Your Healing-Focused Business with Malerie Veillon

More Than Mindset with Kim Guillory | How to Grow and Scale Your Healing-Focused Business with Malerie Veillon

I have my right-hand woman Malerie on the podcast this week to talk about the healing-focused entrepreneur business model and how, in E-School, we can help you grow and scale. Before she joined the team here, Malerie was working as a physical therapist, but always had photography and filmmaking on the side, and now she’s using those creative skills to help our clients.

So many of our clients come to us with problems growing and scaling their businesses, and Malerie is here to share exactly how she helps our clients market their businesses online in our E-School program. We have developed this program alongside Danielle Perrodin, and we’re giving you all the details in this episode.

Tune in this week as we discuss where we see healing-focused entrepreneurs getting stuck in their businesses, and how we meet you where you are and give you the help you need to successfully grow and scale your business using strategy and structure. We’re here to help you identify and express the thing that you want to give to the world, and we can’t wait to see you inside.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why we are so inspired to help entrepreneurs grow and scale their healing-focused businesses.
  • 3 places we see entrepreneurs get stuck in taking the first steps in their healing-focused businesses.
  • The disservice entrepreneurs do to their business and their clients when they don’t explore all the options.
  • Where E-School differs from more traditional business coaching in helping you grow and scale.
  • Why we focus so heavily on bio-individuality in E-School and how this has helped our clients build belief, confidence, and successful businesses.
  • How we have developed a framework that fits everyone, and then we tweak it according to your individual needs.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to More Than Mindset, the only podcast that bridges the gap between spirituality and success. Go beyond the mind with clarity and confidence coach Kim Guillory and learn how to integrate your passion to serve with your skills and experience to create a business you love. Let’s get started.

Kim: Hello, hello and welcome to the More Than Mindset show. It is me and Malerie today. Malerie is my right hand woman. Let’s see, we are going to be talking about the Healing Focused Entrepreneur Business Model, and what we do in E-School, and how we can help you grow and scale your business.

So I’m going to let Malerie introduce herself. First, I’m going to just kind of give you guys an update of where I’ve been and what’s been going on. So I am returning, well Malerie and I both, are returning from our E-School mastermind in Arkansas. And then I headed straight to Minneapolis for my personal business coach mastermind. And then my flight directly to Las Vegas, where I am here with my mentor, and we are studying everything emotional healing.

So it’s been a super exciting month for me. I’ve got some really good stuff to bring to you guys. And what we want to talk about today is the problems that we hear so many coaches talk about in their business and how we solve for that.

So, Malerie is one of the integrative mind body coaches. She came through the program a few years ago. Two, three years ago?

Malerie: I want to say four now.

Kim: Oh, wow. And she was a private client also. And she was my sixth grade catechism student and lived down the road from my house. And returned back to the area as an adult.

Showed up on my doorsteps, literally, like, “Hey, what do you have going on here? Because I’ve been away in this world of–” Almost like, I don’t know, what would you even call where you were in PT? It was St. Augustine and you guys were into all of this fabulous stuff. And then you came back home and felt a little disappointed. And then heard I was doing something a little different. And that’s kind of how you showed up. So do you want to introduce yourself?

Malerie: Hi, everybody. I’m Malerie Veillon, and yes, I’m an integrative coach. I’m the marketing strategist in the Kim Guillory Business. And one of my favorite things recently is helping her in E-School where she’s teaching business structure and strategy and I’m helping with the marketing.

So we’re helping the clients, helping Kim’s clients market their business online. And it’s been the most fun thing. It’s so much more fun than everything that I was trying to pull together before.

So yes, I’m a physical therapist, I’m no longer practicing. I’m also a photographer and a filmmaker. And that’s how I’ve been helping Kim get her business out there online as much as possible. And we do that for our coaches as well.

So yeah, I’m excited to talk about E-School. I’ve been brainstorming all morning about what I want to say. I have a lot to say, you might have to rein me in.

Kim: Yeah, and Danielle Perrodin is usually here with us and she couldn’t make it today. So we’ll bring her on for another one. Back to about three years ago, it came up on our Facebook memories, I think you were in the training. Or you maybe weren’t even quite in the training. I don’t even know what we’re doing yet. But I asked you to do a headshot.

And at that point is kind of where this evolved for you from like you were so motivated and inspired to help. It was either or help get their word out, their story out. Like what do they do in their business and their personal life? Do you remember all of that? It seems like ages ago.

Malerie: Yeah, I think it was– I don’t know, it might have been right in the middle. I think that second shoot was whenever we had completed the training. But the first one was either right at the beginning or before we started.

Because the second one I remember you telling me, “You need to coach your clients on this. Like I’m your client and you need to coach people through this fear of being in front of the camera.”

Kim: It was hard. I was sweating. It was like I couldn’t even take the picture. It was like I was so sweaty and nervous and I had so much it clothes drama. You remember, I spilled my coffee on my clothes even. It was like I was manifesting a mess.

And I thought this is so important for other entrepreneurs also. We’re so used to being in the brick and mortar and clients coming to us. We didn’t have to like get out there on the billboards or show up on social media and start, I will say like expressing ourself in that vulnerable way where it was in front of possibly or potentially thousands of people.

And I think that was the biggest hurdle for me to cross. I kind of had my man made funnel going on in my business. So they would come in to do their hair, nails, or tanning. And then we’d eventually get them to the back door where they would come in for fitness and then massage and yoga.

And it kind of kept growing that way. And I didn’t have to get out in the public. I just offered a product on the front end that everyone wanted. And then we’d kind of weed through the ones who wanted to go deeper.

And so to move from that model to this model was a huge jump for me. And it brought up so much stuff that I was having physical manifestations like in my face, around my mouth, and I had this rash that wouldn’t go away. Then I started with pain.

And that’s where the PT work helps with this also. Because with the mind body work you have the understanding of the physical body, and now you have the understanding of the emotional issue that’s creating it to express in the physical body.

Malerie: I still reflect back on that, whenever you were having that sciatica. I remember you coming over to my house and I tested everything I could think of. And I was like, “I don’t find anything to treat here. I’m not seeing what’s wrong. I don’t know why you’re having this pain.” I could not identify anything that could have been contributing to it.

And I questioned myself. And I was like, “Am I doing this wrong?” And I’m like, “Wait, no, I know what I’m doing. I’m certified in manual therapy on top of just having my DPT.” So I knew what I was doing, I knew what I was feeling, and there was nothing there. There was no physical reason that I could see that was causing anything.

And even you had the MRI, and of course, they’re going to find something on the MRI. We can do an MRI on my back too and they’re going to find probably five things that need to be treated and need to have surgery and all this stuff.

I just didn’t believe that there was something beyond the physical that was contributing to the pain until you came through it. Like you overcame it and then started to share what it was all about. And then I started doing my own research and started seeing the evidence from all the people who have created that that research and that evidence that shows exactly what it is and why the world of PT has no idea what it is.

Kim: So interesting. And the reason we bring this up is because the clients that we work with are healing focused entrepreneurs. And this is the work that we do. We are bridging the gap between mind, body, and medicine.

And it’s so important to have this foundation or this understanding, which is what got you more and more interested in it. And you’re like, “Oh my god, all the PTs need to know about this. We need to create something to tell them.”

Because it’s a disservice to the client to only look at one way, or one area, or one solution. It’s a disservice. It’s a disservice to us because you were unfulfilled, you were unsatisfied. And it was it’s such a disservice to the person.

And I think the work we did together, like coincidentally was part of your path. It was accidentally but it was definitely– I don’t believe there are any coincidences.

Malerie: And I keep thinking that about going to PT school too. Because now I’m not even practicing as a physical therapist and part of me wants to say, “Oh, you took the wrong path and you shouldn’t have done that.”

But then the higher version of me is like, “No, that’s the way that it was supposed to happen for me to experience all of this. So that I can come to this higher understanding of how it all fits together.” How it’s more than just treating the physical part of the body.

We are human beings, and we are more than just our physical bodies. And I had to experience that to come to that conclusion because I didn’t believe you at first. I was treating my patients, I was doing home health, and I was doing everything that in my mind should have been making them better. Their pain should have been getting better, and yet it wasn’t.

And I would text you while I was in the patient’s home and say, “What does left knee pain mean? What kind of emotional source could that be coming from?” And you would tell me. And so then I would start kind of dropping hints to the patient and just start asking them about things that might have happened.

And they would start telling me things and not realizing that they were having an emotional response during the treatment. And they had no idea what I was doing or why I was asking them these things. But they just kind of went along with it because at that point they trusted me.

So for that time, their pain would subside, but it wouldn’t stay gone. Because I still didn’t have that understanding and the way to continue it, but that wasn’t what I was doing. I was meant to be there for as their physical therapist, not as their coach. Not as their TMS coach.

So there was so many things and I could see that it was what people needed. And in the setting that I was in I couldn’t bridge all of that together and they didn’t fully believe. If I was to explain why it was changing them, they didn’t believe it. And so they didn’t believe that they could be healed that way.

Kim: I love that you said that, perfect segue into where we’re going. That is the difference between a coach and an integrative mind body coach. And we do have to handle the business part differently. We have to handle our marketing differently. Because there is so much disbelief and because we have been conditioned to believe that it’s all medical. By no wrong standard at all, I’m not judging this.

We know what we know and the training has been what the training has been. Just like the schools and religion and everything else has been. So I’m not saying anything has gone wrong, just like you didn’t. It wasn’t an error that you went to PT school or you owe this student loan. You’re just paying it in a different way. It’s really how we reframe it.

So the reason that E-School has been so successful for our clients is because we believe in bio-individuality. We believe in their calling, their skill set, the way they do business is different. It’s aligned with them, with their solution, with their clients. Like everything is personal.

But we have the framework that fits everyone, and then we tweak it accordingly. So how would you describe E-School compared to business coaching? Because you’ve done both.

Malerie: E-School is mostly focusing on, where are you starting? Where are you right now? And what do you need to take the next step to go forward? And so this is like your checklist of all the things that we’re going to work on to give you. Not because those things are super necessary to doing business, but because business has changed so much in the online space in the past couple of years, especially.

So many coaches, and so many entrepreneurs feel like if they don’t have something tangible to give someone else, they can’t call themselves– They feel like they can’t make the offer. Because they don’t have all their ducks in a row kind of thing. They don’t know where to go next, or first, or how to start.

So we give a checklist, like a tangible, this is what we’re going to do first. This is the most important thing, do this first. This is the second most important thing, get this done next. And in doing those things it gives the opportunity to bring up all the reasons why they haven’t done it yet. Because it’s not brand new life changing information. This information is out there already.

But the reasons that they haven’t done them yet, this is what gives them the opportunity to bring it up. Like they don’t have the confidence. They’re not clear on what their offer is. They’re not clear on who the people they’re talking to are.

So it brings up all of that opportunity to get coached on what’s personally going on with them so that they can clear that out and then start checking off those things, and put their business out there.

Kim: Yeah, and what I love about us doing it together is I’m the visionary. So I can see the big vision, and I can pull from areas to help with that clarity. And then you take them down the assembly line of the how-tos. And even with Danielle coming in with the embodiment part. Because Danielle’s program is Be Her Now. And it’s really about being the future version who’s already done it and helping them from there.

So the three of us together bringing all of that in, it’s like such a smooth a little dance. And you don’t have to go from one container to another to another to get pieces, and then have different coaches telling you different things. It’s all the same framework. And we take care of everything in here.

Now, there’s a six month commitment because we know it’s going to take that long to work through all of that to get to the clarity and the confidence. But you get to stay on as long as you want. So that’s the cool part.

So it kind of becomes your mastermind. It’s a place where you can just continue on a monthly basis, you can hang out for years if you want to. Because we’re just going to move you to the next, to the next, to the next.

So what’s holding back a lot of coaches, what I see is they go from one person to the other person who’s successful thinking that they need what they have in order for them to be successful. And so it’s this trial and error, trial and error, trial and error, trial and error. And for years it can go on. But really what’s happening is you’re figuring out what doesn’t work, what doesn’t work, what doesn’t work, what doesn’t work.

So we already know that on the forefront. And Malerie being a 3/5 in Human Design is all about trial and experience to become the expert at what she brings to the world. So her role is to figure out what doesn’t work and then bring to the table what does work. So it makes her perfect for this.

And Danielle and I are 6/2s, but we relate to the three because like Danielle is still the three because it’s all about experience up until Chiron return between 48 and 52. I’ve already left that, so now I’m the visionary, the full role model. Danielle is coming in as that bridge in between. And then Malerie putting it all together with the tech.

So what is it not? It is not mindset coaching and then sending you a link to go do it on your own. We actually have the help in the container. So it’s like, let’s pull up your page, let’s see what’s going on, let’s click those links. Let’s get your scheduler hooked up to your email. It’s like we help you do that because we know that’s why so many new coaches are stuck.

What we see, what are the three things we see that they’re stuck in?

Malerie: They’re stuck in niche drama, thinking that they need to have a niche to begin. And thinking that their niche is going to be everything when what it comes down to is narrowing down what is your personal experience. Because most likely, like more than likely you’re going to be your own ideal client avatar. It keeps coming back to that, right? For most people.

Kim: Yeah, and I think what I do differently about the niche is I do believe it’s important for messaging and for yourself to create this unique position. But I see the niche come three different ways. So it is either a problem that you solve, or a specific group of people that you help, or both.

So maybe it is the Catholic woman losing 50 pounds. Maybe it is one problem in particular or one group of people in particular. So I think the way that we do it helps them just feel, the word we hear more than anything else is relief. They’re like, “Oh, thank you. It’s like permission to breathe, and to be where I’m at.”

And I think the other thing is when we explain the stages of business. That’s the other thing that gives them relief. Okay, so that’s number one, what’s number two biggest problems that we see?

Malerie: They think they need the website, the social media, the photos, all the things. The branding, the logo, the colors. They think they need to have all those things just to start. And so they go out trying to either do it themselves or hire someone to get all this stuff done. And they have no clarity on what they want to represent and what they stand for to begin with.

So it ends up being this never ending cycle of trying to start and trying to get this stuff done that’s for later. That’s like once you have the clarity of, then you can, in my opinion–

Kim: You’re going to change it anyway.

Malerie: Yeah, it’s going to change. It’s going to change so many times. And then we do have a client who she stayed in that website drama for so long. And she would not take the first step that we were telling her. You don’t even need that right now, no one’s going out there googling your name and looking for your website.

But her thought, her belief was the way that I actually function is that whenever I hear about something, I want to go look them up on Google. I want to go see what what’s out there already. So I think it should be done this way. So okay, that’s not necessarily what we teach everyone, but if that was her belief, we have to meet her there and get her to take that first step.

So if you think that needs to happen, then go get started and this is what you’re going to do first. And this is what you’re going to do next. And make sure you get it done before the call next week so that we can take the next step by then.

So it’s like figuring out where they are and meeting them there and then getting them what do they need to take a step?

Kim: Mm-hmm. And we don’t lose sight of the framework. And we’ll say it very clearly, like, This is for this person only. The rest of you close your ears.” It’s like, we’re going to go straight here, let’s get this done. And giving them that one next thing that’s actually in the strategy and structure.

And I’m not knocking the mindset coaching and business coaching world at all. I just saw something that was missing and then we created it. So we have E-School, and we have E-School 101. So we have both. We have the mastermind for the person that’s over $50,000, where they’re moving into multiple six figures working their way into millions, if they want to create that sort of organization. Or if they don’t, it doesn’t matter to us.

We just want to help them identify what is inside of them that they want to express to the world. And so we work with that. And I think that comes from my experience, you know, as a 6/2. And my business experience I’ve been in since my 20s. And done in my own unique way, and have run multiple businesses and done really well.

And I’ve made seven figures without knowing what the hell I was doing. It was like figuring it out in the process. It came very simple to me, I just didn’t realize that was something that the world needed or that other people didn’t have. So what’s the third thing?

Malerie: It always comes down to having the confidence and the clarity. And if you’re not taking the steps, it’s not because you don’t know what to do. It’s because there’s something else going on inside of you. A belief that you have about yourself, you don’t have the confidence, or the fear of failing, there’s so many different things.

Kim: Yes, so then they go into consuming mode. And they consume from this, to this, to this, and never stop consuming. Never stop consuming. And so there comes a point when you stop educating yourself and you start executing what you know. You start moving through the process.

And I think the container just being super supportive and helping with that accountability, but not hand holding, like it’s done with you. It’s not done for you and it’s not you having to do it all by yourself.

So it’s like we integrate coaching. We bring in the mindset, and then we do it from a compassionate space because we are taking into account what’s happening in the nervous system. So we bring in the mind body coaching, because that’s the other thing, it’s like they are in mental paralysis and don’t even know what to write.

This is why we’re here, right? It’s like they’re just stuck. And it’s the frontal cortex is frozen because of all of that misinformation, or too much information, or trying to do it the way someone else said. And so all this dissonance is happening.

They’re looking at the person who has made a million dollars. They’re looking at the person who tried this. They’re looking at the person who did it this way. And so they bring in all that information, and then here we are given them a very simple, practical approach. And the dissonance is what is the block from the clarity. It’s like the dissonance is in the way so they can’t see.

And I find that our clients are very trusting, but it’s because they’ve been working with us for so long. They’re either in Self-Healing masters, they’ve been in More Than Mindset, they’ve already been through the coach training, or they’ve already had some sort of experience or relationship with one of us.

Malerie: It’s so powerful when we get to that place of I’ve been learning all these things. I’ve been learning too many things and not taking action on any of them. And finally letting go, like letting go of the of that resistance of thinking it had to be done a certain way because some person said so. Letting all of that go and then just taking one super simple step.

There’s so much power in that. I’ve noticed it for me personally, and I see it happening for the clients that we’re helping in E-School. Like they just do one thing, and then all of a sudden they have this surge of confidence that leads them to try all these other things. And they see it working and then they’re like, “Oh, what’s the next step?” Those small little things.

Kim: It’s so fun when they post that link because it’s done, like, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” And then to realize that they had been spinning in this for two or three years. And so once they have that awareness, they move so much faster. Because they have that relief, and they have that imprint of having done something, having completed something. And their confidence grows.

But the confidence comes from the courage. The courage to trust, the courage to cut. I remember Monique, it was like, “You got to cut that whole menu. We got to cut.” And then, poof, and she’s on marketing. I mean, she’s already ahead of her goal to be met for this year.

And it’s so fun to watch once they cut all those strings and move away from all that spinning. It’s like just kind of spinning and looping, spinning and looping in what they need to do, or what they have to have, or what other people are doing. The compare, despair, judgment, competition, like all of that stuff, moving that out of the way, putting the blinders on. And then letting us treat them individually and yet be in a supportive container where we’re all focused on growing our business. Especially in the healing focused business.

I feel like we get caught up in the mission. Like when we’re trying to help people heal, whether it’s their money stories or their relationships or their body, we get caught up in almost the fix-it, or the savior mentality, or the wanting to give. It’s like the passion is so strong and then we lose sight that the strategy, and structure, and the business, and the money is what helps us do that.

But then there’s so much guilt, and there’s so much shame. And there’s so much stuff about that because we’re helping people heal. And I think that is maybe what gives them the courage or the confidence, is to be in it with other people.

Malerie: And then also not seeing what we’re bringing to the table as individuals. Each one of our clients, they go through a part of that and they think that they don’t have something that’s unique and special that they can offer. Not realizing that they are the unique and special offer. Them as the human being, they are the unique person that is uniquely suited for a specific client out there that wants to work with them. But that client can’t see them if they’re not putting themselves out there.

Kim: Yeah.

Malerie: So it’s like seeing that part and then, like you said, when they finally post that link when they have been through that creation mode and done the steps and put that free resource together or whatever it is that they created. And then they can step back and look at it and go, “” Wow, I did that. Yes, I actually do know something that’s going to help someone else.”

And then the first person that goes and watches the videos and comes back to them and gives them feedback on, “Oh my god that was so helpful.” It helps them, I mean, we don’t want to depend on that external validation. But seeing that we do know things that we think everyone knows but really, they don’t.

Kim: That’s it, we think everyone knows it.

Malerie: So we don’t really have to be able to pull it out.

Kim: This is exactly the story with you and I, and even with Danielle, right? It’s like I didn’t know that people didn’t know this about business, I really didn’t know. But then hearing you guys say it over and over and over.

And it’s kind of the same thing with you. Whenever I recognized what you were doing, I was like, “Hey, wait a minute, I need some help with that. While you’re growing your business would you come and help me? I’ll pay you to help do that in my business.” You were naturally good at it but you were like, “What?” I’m like, you can’t even see what a goldmine this is, your ability to do that without being flustered. It was so natural for you.

And it’s the same thing with Emily with the stuff that she does for us. It’s like, it’s so easy and it’s so quick. You don’t even think about it, it’s like it’s so natural. But you couldn’t see that other people struggle with it. And that’s what people are willing to pay for. Help them get out of their suffering and get on with what it is that that they want to do.

And that’s what I feel about our clients, is we really want to just help them get out there and start helping people. So let us help you get all of this mess, this drama, this tech stuff out of the way so that you can move on.

So let’s talk about exactly what they get. So I coin phrased this the front end loader and also known as the net. Both of those make sense to me as a visionary. The net is let’s just imagine you are fishing in the ocean, that’s Facebook, right, that’s social media. And so you’re on this boat, and you’re just looking and, what you have a dip net? What are you fishing with?

And so we help you cast your net. And you don’t want to cast a net that has holes, that has pieces missing. So if they’re meeting you here, they’re going to go and check you out here. And then this is what they need to see and this is what you’re going to show.

So it’s like we help you close in all of that so that you can have this net that you can cast. And they will just come right into the client journey, just really smooth and seamless. And so the front end loader is basically once they come in, what’s that flow of the journey that’s going to take them into the deeper experience with you?

How would you say that in your 3/5 words? Because that’s my 6/2 words.

Malerie: Marketers want to call that lead generation or like a lead magnet. It’s the thing that you can offer someone from the beginning that’s going to help them solve a problem that they have. A problem that’s related to what you do as the entrepreneur, like the problem that you solve.

Kim: So what does it look like in practical terms? So the exact thing, like it’s like establishing the unique position. And I’ll let you go ahead because you’re probably better at saying and then I am.

Malerie: Well that all has to come before. You have to understand, first have a good grasp of what is it that your offer is? Who is it for? What’s the problem that you solve? That’s like step one of absolutely everything. Sometimes it takes a little while for people to understand, to really embody what it is that they are doing uniquely as the entrepreneur. So that’s step one.

Kim: That you guys could get in the Simple Business Trifecta, by the way. So this whole program, E-School, is based on the Simple Business Trifecta. So if you’re brand new, just starting out, and you’re not really ready to take the jump, if we haven’t convinced you yet it’s the best place on earth to be, then you can use the link below and just go straight to the Simple Business Trifecta for like 27 bucks. And you can kind of do that on your own. Okay, go ahead.

Malerie: So once you understand all of that, then you can create something that’s specifically tailored to the people that you want to serve, the problem that you help solve. Give them one simple step that’s meeting them where they are, that’s going to help them solve a small problem on their own. So it’s like either a free resource or something that’s a paid resource that’s like $27, like the Simple Business Trifecta. Something that’s going to give them a result.

And then you can keep supporting them through your email. So that’s your net. The free resource, the lead magnet is the thing that’s your bait. And then once you get them in, your funnel, your email sequence, following up with them after that, inviting them to book a call with you to do the deeper work, that’s the net. That’s the rest of the net that comes in and supports those people.

And we help you build that out without having all the mind drama about which kind of tech should I use? Which email server should I use? What website? How do I create this thing? It’s all unique and different for everybody, all you have to do is pick one and move forward.

Kim: And we help you do that guys. We kind of take that clutter out of it, we do a lot of research and have played with a lot of these systems. And we pick the most practical ones for you.

So E-School originally is $10,000, the original E-School. But when we broke this down and did E-School 101 it is 497 a month. Guys, it’s like $5,000 for the entire year, which is insane for the what you get from it, and having the support, and the community, and the help.

So if you are in Self-Healing Masters you get 100 bucks off for the first six months. Which makes it even crazier of a deal. It’s $2400 for six months, it’s something like that. And I think it’s $2950 if you’re not in Self-Healing Masters, which is still an incredible deal.

And I’m saying this, I realize that it’s dated and the price may not stay the same. So just putting that out there. But this is the way I look at it, we can keep the price the same if we have more people coming in without having to run Facebook ads. And that is my goal, is to make it so amazing, so beneficial that everyone is telling everyone else about it. And we get to grandfather that price in because we don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on ads.

Malerie: I was just thinking, if you’re in E-School and you’re paying $99 a month– I’m sorry, if you’re in Self-Healing Masters paying $99 a month, and then you join E-School 101, it’s basically like getting Self-Healing Masters for free for six months. That’s pretty interesting. I just realized that.

Kim: Yeah, it’s an incredible deal. That’s called a compelling offer. No brainer.

Malerie: That’s definitely a no brainer. And they work so seamlessly because as you’re doing the work in E-School your personal beliefs about yourself are going to come up. And then you get coaching on that in Self-Healing Masters. And you do the work based on the Punch Line Approach and you keep moving forward.

That’s how you grow your business. The only way to grow the business is to grow the owner. So that’s why Self-Healing Masters is there. And that’s why E-School complements that.

Kim: Yeah. So just to clarify things and make sure you guys are not confused about a bunch of different offers. This is an organization and we meet people where they are. So Self-Healing Masters is a membership container that is all about self-healing, healing the limiting beliefs, healing like just the stories about ourself. The stories about ourselves so that we can become the person that we are. And so Self-Healing Masters is the place to do your personal work.

And then we have, if you’re in Self-Healing Masters and you really want to grow your business, then E-School 101 is the place to start. And then once you’re making 50k or above then you move into the regular E-School.

I also have the Integrative Mind Body coaching that’s completely separate and different. That is for someone who is already a practitioner or a coach, and they want to learn the integrative healing approach so they can help their clients go deeper.

So it’s really just three different things that we offer. And Malerie is a big part of the business part, the strategist, the marketer, she’s the photographer and the videographer at our events. And she does this for our clients also. Is there anything that I’m missing?

And then Danielle, who’s not here today but I’ll plug her in, is really the one who helps with the styling and embodiment of stepping into that brand that you are.

Malerie: I think you covered it all.

Kim: All right, we went a little bit over, I wanted it to be 30 minutes but that didn’t happen. All right my friends.

Malerie: I told you I had a lot to say.

Kim: This will continue, maybe we should just do this as a weekly show for a while. We do have a retreat coming up that includes all of it. I will say too, if you’re in the 10K E-School, all live events and one on one breakthrough is included with me. If you’re in E-School 101 it is all business structure strategy, but you are invited to the live events. You just have to pay a little fee to come to those.

Because the way I describe it is like you have this, what do you call it, like all the bells and whistles of the Escalade, you have all the fancy stuff, or you have the Tahoe. Still two brand new cars, still work fine, it’s just you don’t have all the extras. But you’re not in the position to pay for those yet and so you take what you need, and then you plant your vision on what you want.

And so if you want more of that one on one included with it and you want all the bells and whistles, all the events, because we do one every quarter, that’s pretty significant. That’s the difference. It’s like you pay for what you get. So you really don’t want to be in a 10K program if it’s not where you are, because it’s just going to put you in compare and despair.

And so both containers, matter of fact, the social media group is together, they support each other. We look at E-School, they’re kind of like the seniors for the freshmen. Which they love, it’s fun for all of us because we’re doing it together. So it’s basically we created something for exactly where you are to help you get to where you want to get.

And so we do have a retreat coming up in October that you are welcome to reach out and find out more information. We can link it below here also, that is for personal and for business. So you could actually come out for the entire week and get both.

Malerie: I can’t wait for the retreat. I’m so excited. The whole week over there, just hashing all this stuff out. It’s going to be fun.

Kim: It’s going to be fun. It’ll be personal, it’ll be business, it’ll be supportive. And we’re going to bring in Human Design and Gene keys. And we’re going to do these breakthrough sessions, really getting to know other people and their types. And then our strategy and authority and how we can use that in our business and in our personal life. More than anything else it’s about our relationships. The relationship with ourself, relationship with our money, relationship with others.

All right, that’s what we’ve got for you this week.

Thanks for listening to this episode of More Than Mindset.


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