Ep #222: Healing from Collective Chaos

Struggling to find stability amidst the collective post-pandemic world? Tune in as we dive into the challenges of reintegration and the uncertainties of our new way of life. We discuss the collective nervous energy that engulfs us all and how to navigate these tumultuous times.

We explore the self-healing model, a powerful tool designed to regulate your nervous system and find mental and emotional stability. We guide you through the first three steps of this five-step process, starting with finding presence and noticing what’s going on within your body and mind. Learn how to identify disconnection and resistance, and gradually move towards understanding, softness, and ease.

Together, we can build a future of abundance, prosperity, and generational wealth. Don’t miss this opportunity to find peace and stillness in the midst of chaos.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to adopt the self-healing model for nervous system regulation
  • Why this universal practice is a tool to quiet the noise
  • Learn the 5 steps to embrace more ease and flow
  • How to trust your inner knowing
  • What it means to create imprints of self-healing


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Ep #222: Healing from Collective Chaos

Welcome to More Than Mindset, the only podcast that bridges the gap between spirituality and success. Go beyond the mind with clarity and confidence coach, Kim Guillory, and learn how to integrate your passion to serve with your skills and experience to create a business you love. Let’s get started.

Welcome back to the More Than Mindset show. So, if you guys listened, last week I was talking about waiting, the art of waiting, the gift of waiting, and also the struggles with waiting. We seem to have entered a world of information with a collective ADHD state, where it is just a whole bunch of information coming at us from everywhere and what I noticed is post-COVID PTSD is real, and many of my clients and friends are experiencing it right now. 

So, I would be curious to know if this is something that you’re experiencing in your life and something that we found in common. The clients and friends that I was talking with, we’re thinking that it was them personally, like it was a great loss that they suffered with, you know, a couple of years ago, up to three years ago, and it was like they just haven’t been able to like to get back to normal and they were referring these incidences as the reason why. 

And I said you know I’ve got something for you to think about because I work with lots of clients and I have many deep, meaningful conversations, and this is something that I’m finding is happening overall, like collectively, and it’s like we haven’t fully recovered from the lockdown, the shutdown, the isolation, and it’s interesting because this is familiar for all of us as we’re talking. 

It’s also like we isolated, right, self-isolated, force, isolated, whatever, and then we got used to like being with ourself and now we have this influential God, you could say, where everyone is fighting for attention, fighting to be heard, and they come like the new God, right, the new thing to attain, like Oh, they’ve got a million followers on tick tock or they’ve got a huge account. 

They are like influencers, which is kind of bringing up this post-isolation, like trauma, what’s happening with us? So, what I noticed and what they were saying was also like common amongst all of us, is that we’re having a really hard time coming out and being in society again because of the like going inside and really following our own knowing is coming into this kind of calm, peaceful state of trust, sort of a piece, sort of a joy. Not fully, because the mind has got all of this story about how we need to be healed and we’re broken and we haven’t recovered from these losses, but what I think is happening is we’re not acclimating very well to the new way. 

So, after coming out, there’s this paradigm, this weirdness happening in the world, this collective nervousness. I don’t know if you guys feel it, I feel it. There’s a nervous energy, there’s almost like a pressure, a pressure to arrive, a pressure to get something done, a pressure to move through to the next, but yet we’re right in the middle of this falling apart. So, it’s super interesting to be on the cusp of this. No longer is not ever going back to the way it was the systems that have broken, the seams that have been severed, the things that are falling apart, but we don’t know yet what the new is going to be. And so, we’re finding ourselves in this very uncomfortable in the middle. Don’t know, not sure, can’t put our finger on it, just something that feels wobbly is probably the best word that I can use for this. 

So, I wanted to tell you about the self-healing model. So, this is basically a healing modality to regulate the nervous system, to find mental and emotional stability, just to regulate the discombobulated I can’t say that word, the parts that are wobbling everywhere and have yet to reconnect. 

And I’m going to go through these first three major steps to it, but there are five steps in whole. So, the self-healing model is what we use in self-healing masters. It’s the tool that we teach, it’s the process that I work with my clients, and I train coaches. That has been simple, and applicable. It applies no matter what the circumstances. It’s universal and it’s practical. So, it’s very simple to use. Not easy, because it goes against all of that nervousness and all of the attention gathering what we think we need to be doing or what you should be doing, like a lot of that noise out there. It’s going to go against that. 

So just embodying it and really getting familiar with this process is going to feel uncomfortable because it is so different. All right, so that’s how I’m going to preface this and I’m going to move right into the steps so that you guys can find some relief. This is going to be. 

Just take a moment, just be with me, squeeze your toes, breathe into your belly, and just notice what you notice. Notice if there is nervousness in the system, if there is pulsating, if it’s feeling a little antsy, or if your mind is super busy. 

Just notice, without judging or without trying to change. Just take a moment to think about it. Just take, two or three breaths right here, just finding presence in wherever you are, wherever you’re listening to this at, whether it’s in the car or if you’re watching it on YouTube, or if you’ve got earbuds while you’re at the walking park or riding your bike. 

Just notice the temperature on your skin, the sensations in your body, notice what’s going on around you and notice what’s going on inside of you, and just allow the mind to chatter and just allow the sensations to flutter or to be, and the only thing that matters right now, in this moment, is where you are, what you see, what you feel, what you’re sensing, what you’re noticing. If you were doing this exercise by yourself, you’re just giving yourself two to three minutes to look around, maybe touching your skin, maybe brushing your hair, rubbing your hands together, or bringing a hand to the heart and a hand to the belly and just feel what it feels like, to feel your heartbeat underneath the palm of your hand and to feel your breath in the lower palm, and see if you can find a rhythm between those two, the heart and the breath, and maybe even begin to notice the mind calms down, the body and the sensation calm down, and just allow this moment to be what it is. You can put blinders on so that you can’t look behind and you can’t look forward to just being here now. 

The second step is to truly understand what is going on. Where is the disconnection? Where is the questioning? Where’s the resistance? What is going on right now in your life that you’re judging or comparing to how you think it should be or how it is for someone else? Just seeing it, I don’t think it’s fair that I really want things to be easier. 

Maybe I’m resisting change and I want it to go back to the way that it was, even though I know that’s impossible. Maybe it’s not being able to adjust to the loss of a job or a person, or the way that life was. It could even be the economy, notice, where my mind just wants it to go back to what it was so that it could be calm and familiar so that I could fight the old fight because I knew how to do that. 

What else do you notice? Where else are you resistant? What else are you not understanding? Because if we can understand it, we can change it. 

So, coming back to the breath and allowing this new awareness to unravel, to unpack, imagine that it’s just a messy ball of yarn and you’re just going to let it just open, untangle. If I can understand, what am I resisting? What am I fighting against? What am I angry about? What am I bitter about? What do I not want to accept? These questions you can just like tap in the center of the forehead or on the clavicle. What do I need to heal? 

What do I need to understand? What do I need to release? What do I need to let go of, transform to find softness in my body, to find ease, to step back, and flow into a state of being? What do I need to release? What do I need to allow? You just want to get super curious. Notice the urgency, notice the pressure, and just ask the questions again. 

What am I judging? What am I comparing? What am I resisting? What do I refuse to allow? What do I not want to let go of? Or what do I want to control that I can’t? And you can journal, or you can tap, or you can walk or pedal your bike. Just allow this new awareness. Just to move. Just to move. If we were animals, we would know how to move these sensations to our body, but as humans, we’ve been taught to stifle, to freeze, to pause, and then we go into paralysis. 

So instead, let’s explore understanding and experiencing. And the next step, now that you’ve gotten present and now that you’ve tapped into your body and you can understand, you’ve unpacked, you’ve asked the questions, you’ve gotten really curious and you’ve allowed some of this resistance to come up so that you can see the judgment, so you can see where you’re trying to control, and you can see what you’re resisting. 

And now you get to make the decision of what do you want? We’re going to interrupt that old pattern of the spinning and the looping and the staying stuck in the thoughts, now that we’ve allowed the mind to go off and play. What do you want to tell yourself? What do you want to believe? What do you want to think? And just take yourself into the interruption of the pattern. 

Now that I understand, I just want to find ease, I just want to find flow, I want peace, I want to feel calm, I want to stop fighting with what is. I want to be open to more intimacy, I want more meaningful relationships, I want to move through the discomfort of reentry and that just means that we’ve been in isolation. 

And now that we’ve come out, now that we’re being more social, it’s very loud and very noisy, and so it’s like I want to do that with ease. I want to re-enter into relationships. I want to move through the world as I am. I don’t want to be what was. I don’t want to make something that’s not. I want to fully accept myself, and my greatness. I want to feel calm. I want to feel at ease and then notice the want to, I want to be now here. So, move from I want to. 

I am comfortable in my being. 

I do move through the world with ease. I am tapped into flow. It is calm in my vehicle, in my body. It is clear in my mind. I can see now, and I can sense. I trust my inner knowing. I trust something. 

Maybe you haven’t said in two or three or four years, going to change the old pattern of I don’t know what I need to know. I am available to trust and to move through this world as I am with ease. 

Bring that breath in, bring that new truth in, and allow it to drop into the system of the body. It is safe to be me. It is safe to not know. It is safe to be open to what is and what has changed and what is coming, because I have mental and emotional stability within my being because I am okay with who I am because I do not have to play into the game of the collective ADHD. I do not have to be a part of that busyness. I do not have to be a part of those numbers, because I am comfortable in myself and I am comfortable in a relationship with those that I love, admire, and respect, and I do not need to go chasing numbers. 

There is guidance within me, there is spirit within me, there is a knowing that is within me and when I notice my mind is out there, circling and looking and trying to grasp all of that busyness, I will recognize it at the moment and I will bring my mind back into my body and I will allow it to think and to see and to explore, but I will not lose connection with it. I am whole, I am here, I am safe. 

And now that was the third step, and now you are going to create that vision of what you want to move through and with and how you want to do it. So this is choosing and committing to being sovereign, a sovereign being in all aspects mentally, the way that you think, emotionally, the way that you feel, physically, the way you move through the world and spiritually, the way that you are being, the essence and identity and individuality of your being, the soul essence having its way, having its experience and financially receiving abundance, being prosperous and trusting, trusting that when you are in the flow of currency, exactly what you need is coming. 

So, all aspects of your being, the relationships that you’re in with yourself, with your money, with your clients, with your partners, the relationship you’re in with yourself and with soul, with spirit, with God, with source, and commit to staying in that sovereignty, to keep repeating the process, to come back to presence, to unravel and unpack so that you understand, and then to navigate back into the now, but now into this moment. 

Coming into this moment, releasing judgment and comparison, committing, cultivating, and, guys, this is the hardest part, but it really is about cutting away the nonsense, the habitual beliefs in the mind that you know is not true. You know it’s not true and it’s just recognizing and then cutting it away. Cutting away what’s not true, that’s just a habit, that’s an old imprint. I release it and then just continue repeating the pattern, and that is the process, that is the self-healing model, in a matter of a few minutes and if you really want to understand, because really you can’t get this from a mental space. 

It’s not about knowing the information. It’s about feeling, viscerally, experiencing this in this body, because once you can experience in the body and it’s been imprinted, it’s now the new way of you being. So, it’s not about thoughts, it’s not the control of the mind, it is really just watching and coming back home. 

Watching, coming back home, when you can gain power and control of your mind, of your emotions, and of your body, you will feel stable and satisfied. You will feel at home, at peace, and you won’t be searching and looking and scrambling with all of the crazy noise in the world, unless that works for you. If you like the business, if this is a great time in your life for you to be involved in the business and all of the stuff that’s happening around you, if that feels good to you, then continue. But if it doesn’t, this is the self-healing model and it’s available within you. If you want a community to share this experience in, you can come to the free Facebook group the More Than Mindset Facebook group or you can join Self-Healing Masters. 

We have a wellness week that’s going to be coming up shortly. It’s going to be in June and it’s five days, and each day we’re going to be talking about a different topic. So, we’re going to talk about managing your mind. We’re going to talk about the mind, body, disconnection, and integration, where chronic pain, illness, and disease come from, and how to fix it. 

We’re going to be talking about a holistic approach to wellness and nutrition, an overall state of optimal health and wellness in your being. We’re going to talk about relationships and intimacy and communication with your partners and your kids and friends, people that you love, how to communicate better, how to be more intimate, and how to be more open. 

And then we’re going to talk about money, prosperity, abundance, generational wealth, and how to create this for yourself and your family so that you can have stability in your life, even though there’s craziness in the world. So let me know if this made sense to you, if it was helpful, if you tried it out, and if you’re interested in joining the wellness week. 

It’s going to be free; it’s going to be five days. It’s going to be mid-to-late June. I forgot the dates to tell you right now, but you’ll get a link at the end of the next few podcasts and if you want to keep updated, you can get on the email list or you can come into the More Than Mindset Facebook group and ask there. 

So, I invite you to participate so that you can reach optimal wellness in your life and also share it with your family, with your clients, with your friends, and hopefully release some of this collective craziness, because that’s what it feels like. It feels like a lot of craziness in the body.

So just so you know, a lot of that is not you and a lot of that is not what happened to you. It’s what you’re experiencing around you, and once you fully understand that, then you will have calm and ease and peace in your body, in your being, and in the way you move through the world. 

Have an amazing week. 

Thanks for listening to this episode of More Than Mindset.


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