Ep #116: Embodying Your Human Design with Danielle Rodenroth

More Than Mindset with Kim Guillory | Embodying Your Human Design with Danielle Rodenroth

More Than Mindset with Kim Guillory | Embodying Your Human Design with Danielle Rodenroth

Human design is the study of form and the science of differentiation. It gives us this unique map of how we are different from everyone else genetically and personally. As you begin to look into human design, you will likely see that it involves a paradigm shift for those of us who want to see the truth clearly, without anything fogging up the lens of our lives.

Today, I’m joined by my friend and colleague, Danielle Rodenroth. Together we are working to dig a deeper into human design, our individual codes, and how this path is one that can equip us to tackle anything that comes our way in life. 

We pose the question, are you going to continue to allow external things to control your life? Or are you searching for a way to find self-fulfillment and stop fighting with other forces in the world? We invite you to consider this question and others throughout today’s episode.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What human design is.
  • How we can use these principles to clean up the lens of our lives.
  • The science of how existence works.
  • What the free will perspective is all about.
  • How to live in your own strategy and authority.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to More Than Mindset, the only podcast that bridges the gap between spirituality and success. Go beyond the mind with clarity and confidence Coach Kim Guillory and learn how to integrate your passion to serve with your skills and experience to create a business you love. Let’s get started.

Hey, guys, welcome back to the show. I have a guest today, it is Danielle. If you’ve been listening to us on my YouTube channel, we’ve been doing this, just it started out kind of like the discover your design and then we started moving into like the weather of Human Design. And we talk about transits and how that affects your relationships in yourself and some of the things that you experience in your life.

So I’ve invited Danielle to come on to the podcast and just to kind of let you guys know what we’ve been doing and also to introduce you to Human Design. So Danielle is going to introduce herself. And then she’s going to just talk about what is Human Design.

And then I’ll kind of, well you’ll notice, I kind of bounce back and forth between she says it one way and then I just kind of come back and say it in another way, you know, in the language that my clients are used to hearing. I think it is a holistic approach to self-discovery. And that’s the work that we’ve been doing together. So Danielle, would you like to introduce yourself?

Danielle: Yeah. Hey guys. Thanks so much, Kim, for bringing me on here. Well, I’m Danielle. And yeah, I’ve been deep into study of several systems for many, many years. I’ve always been a consciousness explorer, you know, self-development, all of these types of things.

Yeah, I studied astrology for about 15 years and then I started getting into Human Design. Which is another language of understanding these mechanisms of the universe. And I spent a lot of time in other countries doing plant medicines, and just exploring consciousness, and using all of these languages to help us really expand and see where we can take our consciousness and what we can experience through life.

And when I discovered Human Design, I pretty much became obsessed with it. And I’ve been deep in study for about eight years, doing lots of readings, and taking all the courses, and studying the mechanisms of the universe.

So I would say my specialty is cosmology, which cosmology is addressing like the mother questions of life. Why are we here? Where are we going? All of that. And Human Design is a great tool for understanding so much about our life. It’s really the science of form, okay? So we think of it as human design, right, we’re just looking at charts of people. But it also describes the science of how existence works. And that’s what I find extremely fascinating.

So once you really get into understanding yourself through these codes, and how to operate, then you can really have a new experience with life and let life teach you. And that’s really where Kim and I want to take you guys, is to where you know your codes and your strategy and authority and how to operate correctly. And then what happens is life becomes your teacher. Right?

A lot of times we try to seek through books, and courses, and all of these things to try to figure out our lives and who we are. And that’s the different thing that is about Human Design, is that it gives you very practical tools to operate. And then from there, that’s where your own awareness comes into play. And this is what I find really fascinating and what I really want to impart to people is how to use it that way.

So Human Design, it’s really, like I said, the study of form, the science of differentiation, right? We live in a world where we are conditioned to be homogenized, or the same as others. So Human Design gives us this unique map of how we are completely different genetically, biologically, psychologically, mentally, emotionally, all of these aspects. And it’s when we can align with that, that we actually get our “purpose” or our path unfolds naturally. And that’s what’s really fascinating about it.

So it already integrates several other systems. So Human Design is taking pieces and parts from all of these other systems and it’s synthesizing it into a comprehensive map. So it includes some from the Chakra System, astrology, astronomy, genetics, biochemistry, quantum physics, the I Ching, and the Kabbalah, right, so it’s all of these things in one. But it’s not a single piece, right? It’s not everything about the chakras. Because when you look at the chart you can see that there are shapes and it kind of looks like it would be the chakras, but it’s not.

Yeah, it’s all of these systems into one. And what it does for us is it provides us with that practical way to make decisions because as we know every decision that we make in our life changes the outcome, right? So every single thing that we choose to do, that changes our lives.

So if we can go to that root aspect and start to make decisions completely as ourselves, rather than from the conditioned space, then we know that we’re on the right path. And whatever is meant for us comes and we get to discover that because we’re not here to control our lives or do anything like that. It’s really about letting life come to you and seeing what happens.

Kim: Yeah, I’d like to sit here for a moment and kind of dialogue about it. Because like I see like, when you talk about decisions and entering correctly, rather than incorrectly, into relationships, into jobs, what we do in our career when we’re making decisions from scarcity, from fear, from lack of, and that not being aligned. And which takes us down all of the things right?

Because I love human behavior, and Human Design like really gives us the blueprint, the map. Maybe it’s the framework or the language to be able to have these conversations. Which is why we decided to do this in Self Healing Masters.

And, you know, how it’s like being able to try out your design with other people who allow you to be that without holding you to it. It’s like we’re all just figuring it out together and we all realize that it’s a seven-year process. And I think that’s the hardest thing for most people to hear aside from I’m a projector about.

Danielle: Right.

Kim: There’s something about, I don’t know what it is, I love projectors.  I’m so excited when a new projector comes in. And they’re just like, “Oh, well…” And it’s that same thing for all of us. We don’t want to wait; we don’t want to trust. We are so impatient, we’re all in a hurry and we want to know as much as we can know now.

And the problem is information versus implementation. That’s what I see the problem is. It’s like the minute we start talking about it, someone gets fascinated and then there they go to go and learn it all. And they swear that it won’t take seven years. They’ve already been doing personal development work and now they’re going to read everyone’s chart.

And that’s the thing I see. And I remember at the beginning I was so overwhelmed. Like when I first opened it, and I started like figuring out, I went all the way into the deep stuff. But how it serves me best now is just coming back to my strategy and authority. That is enough for seven years.

Danielle: Yeah.

Kim: Just practice your strategy and authority because the deconditioning is happening through that for the decisions that you make, correct? That’s what you’re saying?

Danielle: Yeah, exactly. And, you know, just like what you’re saying when, you know, if you find out your design and maybe at first, you’re like, “Oh man, I wish I was…” Or you think that something is better than yours, right? But what we discover is that everyone’s chart is perfect. When I first found out I was like, “Oh man, why am I not a manifester?” And now that I’m realizing everything, I’m like, “Oh man, I’m really excited about my chart.”

And that’s what we want to all do, is get in love with your design. And yeah, I mean, it’s not a rush. There’s no reason to dive into all the deep stuff. It’s really, even myself, you know, for doing this for so many years, it’s always that strategy and authority that teaches you the most, right? And it’s information that you can get from your life that you can’t read in a book.

So imagine how valuable that is that you’re discovering something really unique. And you’re having, you know, through all of your codes just this very unique perspective and consciousness coming through just being correct. And then that’s what you can learn and share, right? Rather than trying to like figure out like, “What is my moon? And what does this mean? What does that mean?” That’s interesting, but really what we understand is that all of the codes that you have, you don’t have to try to make them happen, right? It’s not something like, “Oh, I need to look at my moon sign and try to, you know, make that gate aligned.” That doesn’t really work like that.

So when we talk about the form consciousness, right, which is what this whole process is about, it’s about putting the mind in the passenger seat and letting the form, which is everything that is not the mind, lead the life. So it’s the same intelligence or consciousness that makes your heartbeat, and you don’t have to think about and go, “Okay, now I got to make my heartbeat.” Right? That’s not really how even your codes work. They beat, you know, correctly without you having to think about it.

And so when we begin this process with the strategy and authority, you start to discover where your mind and all of this conditioning has been taking you out of alignment. And then that is where the awareness and the consciousness comes in and you start to not follow that, right? You start to go, “Okay, my mind isn’t, you know, correct right now. It’s not what it’s meant for to tell me to lead my life in this way or that.” The mind is the observer, the communicator, the researcher, the one that becomes our ally.

And then as that happens, we start to have a very different experience in life. And so with these codes, with these systems, it’s actually about an experience, right? So you want to experiment with your strategy and authority. And then you have that experience of expanding your consciousness, feeling what it feels like to be correct. And that keeps kind of exponentially growing and becomes easier. And you don’t need to know all of the details of every little thing. That might just be a distraction, you could go down a rabbit hole.

Kim: I remember at the beginning, we believe we’re the exception to the rule, right? Or last week, week before last, I was speaking with someone on Clubhouse and he said, “I think I’m going to be off the roof sooner than right that time.” And I remember thinking that too. I did not want to go through that experience because I had been told like how we have that Saturn return, and then that carbon return, and the wounded healer, and the re-experiencing, I was like, “No way, I will die not going that.”

And I remember Marianne Winegar telling me this, and she was like it was the hardest thing to transcribe when she came across, you know, reading about the 6/2. And it ended up being like, “No, no, no, no, I cannot again. I can’t experience this again.” And so I think that’s where the mind jumps in and it’s like not me, I’m the exception. I’m the one, I’m different. I’m the unicorn or, you know, that’s not true. That’s not real. And it’s so fascinating to come back around and watch that same kind of thing but then not buy it, like, “Yeah, well we’ll see. Let’s just try this.”

And to really honor the strategy and authority, I mean, things shift so fast. And once you can experience a dopamine hit from that, then we’re like, “Okay, I am willing to be surprised because maybe there’s something better than what I can imagine. Because my mind is so limited.”

Danielle: Right. Yeah, exactly.

Kim: And that takes me to freewill. I really want to talk about freewill because I think it’s the same thing. I’ve come to the conclusion that freewill is will you align? Like it is the wheel outside of us and the thing that we get to choose is, are we going to align with it or are we going to resist it?

Danielle: Exactly. Yeah, and I believe that the choice, right, or the freewill aspect of this is the perspective, right? Like what we perceive and what we’re experiencing. And when we start to really get into these understandings, because Human Design totally is a paradigm shift, right? Like when you integrate all that you are, you realize the morality or, you know, these conditionings in the world are not necessarily correct, right?

So nothing is good or bad. It’s not about being happy all the time. What actually success is, right? It’s all of these things. So that freewill aspect is total self-acceptance, total radical acceptance of what’s happening, surrender. And then moving from there so you can use your codes, right, you’re working with your codes to build correctly, developing that momentum. And then your life becomes you know, enriched and full and you have this like conviction in yourself, this self-empowerment.

And really, it gives you the ability to like tackle anything that comes in your life, right? And it’s not about being happy all the time, right? We have so much in our world that doesn’t look at pain, or the shadow, or death, or any of these things that we perceive as “bad” right? It’s like, our world is conditioned to get away from these things, ignore them, do whatever you can not to be in them.

And that is really a shame because a lot of times when we are understanding how consciousness works, the conditions around what we need for it, because this is why we exist, is to literally have our unique consciousness, right? That is the greatest gift that you can have. It’s really about loving yourself fully and whatever is coming in, we realize that sometimes the conditions that are necessary are these darker, you know, lower energies, the pain, all of this.

And when we can recognize that we’re spending so much effort and energy trying to get away from it. And that’s what causes the dis-ease and all the discomfort, when we can really just be willing to feel that willing to see it. That is the choice, right?

Kim: Yeah, that’s the dis-ease, discomfort, dissonance. That’s bringing the unconscious to conscious.

Danielle: Exactly, yeah.

Kim: That process of just recognizing. And it’s all coming through conditioning, through generational patterning, religious dogma, societal conditioning. All of the things that our parents showed us, told us, or were limited by. Like I was thinking of this today watching my grand baby, like they already know about electrical devices where you’ll have 40, 50, 60, 70-year-olds that are completely resistant. But we’re in a digital world.

Danielle: Right.

Kim: And so as these fade out, these have already come in because they have the experience because everyone has an iPhone. So the kids have always played with an iPhone, held an iPhone, looked at, you know, some sort of electronic device, the TV. Like that is what we are. Like that’s where we are. And when we resist, we suffer, right? Because how many, especially in online business, are resisting tech?

Danielle: Yeah, yeah. And it is really interesting like the movement and the evolution of where we’re going as a species. And in this medium that we are all experiencing our reality in. Our world, it’s like very, like you were saying, there’s a lot of digital stuff, tech, like information can travel so much faster.

So we can even look at that as like the kaleidoscope of time, right? Over these cycles and where the energy that we’re in, this world that we’re in now, it’s getting very fast, right? And when we look further into this and we understand more about like I was saying cosmology, or the evolution of where we’re going. What the macro, right, the greater whole, is churning out, the kaleidoscope is turning us in order to get that consciousness, right?

So everything that’s happening, this craziness in the world, the speeding up the oh my god, you know, the sense of urgency and all of that it is creating the conditions for what is needed for the next step in conscious.

Kim: The fighting, the pushing, that push and pull. Of course we’re about 6/2s so it’s probably the, I always say like death doula, or like the divorce doula or, you know, it’s like we are just comfortable with that change. Like we actually welcome it, we don’t resist it. And that makes us a little different.

But I do notice when I talk to 6/2s they tend to speak the same language. We’re not so heady, we’re more than just aerial view. You know, it’s like more like seeing so far ahead and then knowing the why. Like we know it’s for the generations to come. It kind of just takes over the way that we experience life, right? Wouldn’t you say?

Danielle: Yeah.

Kim:  And we see that this needs to happen in order for that to come. Like we can see that you have to wring out the clothes in order to change, you know, where we’re coming from.

So I’m curious about those who are kind of judging life and trying to feel good or trying to use like Human Design to feel happy all of the time. Like how could we speak to that in a way that’s not scary? And truly, I believe it’s trusting life. Like just trusting what comes is for the good of life itself.

Danielle: Right.

Kim: For humanity itself. And when we focus on ourself, me, and we judge and compare, it should or shouldn’t be, now we’re out of it. We’re out of the ring of humanity, because we’re into our ourself.

Danielle: Right, right.

Kim: And not with life. Tell me, how would you say that in your language?

Danielle: Yeah, so the way that I understand a lot of this stuff is that, like I was saying, each one of us is here to have a unique consciousness. So all the codes, all the aspects of your profile, what Kim has been talking about, the 6/2, right? This is like your costume, it’s how like, all your roles show up. But all the codes, everything, they’re like these different filterings of levels of perspective. Different angles of looking at the same thing, right?

So if each one of us are here to have a different view on things, we can either have one of two things, right? So we either have clarity with what we’re here to see. Meaning we’re allowing and being in that space of truth, right? Whatever that is, it’s not being happy all the time, right?

Or we are in distortion, where we are trying to avoid, we are doing a coping mechanism, right, a strategy that are not self created, something that came from conditioning. And then that distorts what we’re here to see. It distorts our life and that’s what brings in resistance and suffering. Right? So all we really have to do is understand that is, “Okay, am I in distortion, or am I in clarity?” And that all comes from that strategy and authority and embodying your resonance of who you really are.

And that’s the beauty of this, the more of us to kind of get into that alignment, even though it doesn’t matter if no one in your life follows their design, right? It’s only up to you to follow yours. And it doesn’t matter really about anybody else being in their correctness, because you’re where you need to be, right? And you need to operate in that way with your strategy and authority.

And what’s happening, it’s kind of like the camera lens on your life where if you’re taking a picture and it’s not in focus, it starts to clear up and everything starts to make more sense. You see why things are happening and you’re extracting what I call like the gold from each situation. Whether it’s perceived as good, or bad, or negative, or I don’t want this to happen, you now know with your strategy how to move through this field to be in that correct alignment.

Yeah, I mean, it is really in this beginning part when you’re following your strategy and authority. And we call this the experiment. So if you have ever talked to anyone who’s into Human Design, they might be saying to you, “Well, how is your experiment going?” And what they mean by that is, how is it going with your strategy and authority because you have to practice and see what it shows for you, right? See what’s coming out of that for yourself. And if you don’t do that, if you don’t start with yourself, then you miss the opportunity.

A lot of people when we talk about occultism, right, that word occult means hidden, right? Occultism, when people hear that word, they might be like, “Oh my God, witchcraft.” No, it’s just a word. But it’s really interesting what it means because it’s hidden but in plain sight. Meaning the truth is there but if you don’t have eyes to see and ears to hear, then you’re not going to be able to use it. Right? So you might just be regurgitating or taking in information. But if you’re not using it for what it’s for, you’ve missed the point. The thing that was hidden is still hidden from you.

Kim: That’s so good. I love the way you’re, like looking through the lens and where it’s blurry and then you get the clarity. That adjusting the lens is coming from the practice, is coming from the implementation, is coming from the testing it for yourself. That’s exactly how it’s been, my experience has been. When I am resisting, I cannot see, it’s very blurry. And when I drop in and kind of settle in it starts getting clear.

Danielle: Yeah.

Kim: And then when it’s clear I can feel the resistance, I can feel the dissonance. And just doing it for myself has changed the lens that I look through. Just doing it for myself, has given me so much clarity to how everything else works that I’m able to implement the Four Agreements even more.

Which the Four Agreements is my favorite book ever because I believe if everyone practiced it, we would have amazing relationships. It’s all about relationship, which is everything that we are. Everything that we’re here to experience is relationship. Relationship with ourself, with the plants, with the animals, with the cosmos, all of it.

Danielle: Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah. So if you’re coming into Human Design, you know, hopefully you’ve either had a session with someone or you at least know what type of vehicle you’re in and your authority, right, your strategy and authority. These are your two tools to paint your life with, right?

Anyone who even does Human Design sessions, hopefully, they are trying to impart this on you the importance of this. And this is why we even hesitate giving too much information out about it. Because people, you know, myself included everyone, right, it’s so satisfying to the mind, this information, right? The mind is like, “Oh, this makes sense. Everything makes sense. Oh my God.”

Kim: Tell me everything.

Danielle: So it’s natural, right? You want to get into everything. But, you know, like I said it’s always just about that strategy and authority. And we can’t like say that enough. So if you are practicing with that, it will get easier. You need to be consistent with it and start to feel your personal authority, right?

So there’s several different authorities. If you’re a generator you’re either going to be sacral or emotional authority. That’s like the most common authorities, right? So most of us are sacral beings, or generators. And half the world is emotional authority, whether you’re a generator or not.

So these two authorities are really important to practice with. And we’re also starting to see, what’s interesting like as you come into yourself and you’re practicing with all this, you even start to recognize where you maybe are conditioning others, right? Where you’re not letting them do their process. We’re doing this all the time to people whether we know it or not, it’s not bad. But we start to become aware of it and not only are you empowering yourself now, but now you’re actually respecting and honoring the other person because people make decisions differently, right?

So a lot of times we think we’re helping people by saying, “Hey, I think you should do this or that.” And that’s fine, but if we’re applying pressure or really trying to convince or influence, we could be influencing people out of their own natural response to the situation.

So we even start to become these beacons of beings that allow others to really be themselves. And watch what happens to those people as they’re around you, they’re like, “Wow, like I don’t feel like I’m being like molded, and pushed, and pulled.” And, you know, because we used to always do that, right? Like in our world, our parents, teachers everyone.

Kim: This is so good, because I, for sure, have done that. I’ve been in business for a very long time and I’ve worked in customer service, I worked with people and I was always telling them what I thought, you know, even about yoga and fitness and all of the things, like I knew better than they did for themselves.

And what I find fascinating is as I step away from that, and I get that I still have some people pleasing tendencies, I think I always will. So I try to watch for that. Like in high respect I teach about it, like probably more than anything else in the coach training because it’s so important for us not to be the wounded healer and go out and try to fix other people when it’s our work that needs to be done.

But you saying that brings it to mind of how much I used to do that compared to now. And this is fascinating. There are people who are pissed, because I don’t tell them what to do because they think they pay me to tell them what to do. And I’m like, “No. No, that’s not what an integrative coach does. Like we help you to see for yourself so then you can have clarity, then you can get your own answers. Because you are a different expression than we are, we don’t need clones.”

Danielle: Yeah, exactly.

Kim: We need clarity and then confidence in who you are. And recognizing that each of us play a different part. So we don’t want 50 Danielle’s and 50 Kims. We don’t want to create that. And so we’ve kind of just committed to ourselves, and to you guys, and to just our part in the world and for now it works.

And kind of like even looking at that, which is hard, because I’m Ms. Committed and I want it to be consistency and the same all the time and everything to be forever. And yet if we’re following our strategy and authority, we’re actually open to does it feel right in this time? Does this feel good to me? Is this satisfying?

Danielle: Yes, yes. So we should talk about authority right now, right? So when we have a clear focus on our camera lens, right, we’re not coming from distortion, then what we give to the other person as an outer authority, meaning we do use our mind but it’s in that clear truth. We give them an opportunity to respond to that or to use that. But it’s about letting people be in their own authority.

So we are here to like, we can give advice and say, “Hey, this is what I’m seeing.” But it’s really that pressure and the like trying to influence.

Kim: This is what I’m seeing compared to this is what you should do.

Danielle: Right, right. Yep, exactly. Yep. And with these systems, this is about becoming your own authority. We need to get off of this conditioning and programming of something outside of me has authority over me. Right?

So again, what I was saying with this kaleidoscope of the churning of the consciousness wheel, right, this medium that we’re in as life and time, imagine that if we’re here to become our own authority, look at what’s happening in the world, how much authority is placed on us right now? And so even that is pushing us more to becoming these sovereign beings, right? It’s like, are we going to continue to allow external things to control our lives? Right? Is that we want to do?

Kim: Let’s ask that question again because I really like that question and we’re going to wrap it up soon. So I want for you guys who haven’t watched yet, if you go back, Daniel and I have done two other episodes, and this is something we’re going to continue moving forward. But just this part right here about that authority outside of ourself, because we live in that material world, in that system and we’re watching it crumble, fall apart, fight, push, pull.

I didn’t want it to keep going, I wanted to sit here for a moment and stew on it and bring this up in a way that is, because we don’t agree on everything. You have a different perspective than I have. And there is no push and pull and you should believe what I believe. It is here’s something to look at, here’s something to consider. Here’s something to think about.

And I’m the one that, the way I function, what I know about myself is I like to be in the audience. And I like to see the whole picture. And then I like to come to my own conclusion or my own decision. But we don’t allow that. There is so much anger in the world right now about if you believe, whether it’s vaccine or whatever the next fight is, or if you don’t take a side then that means you did take a side and like all that is pressure.

Danielle: Yeah, exactly. So the majority of beings on the planet are meant to make decisions from things outside of themselves, right? Only 10% of the beings, right, manifestors are here to initiate into the universe, are here to take that first step.

So I just want to make this really clear because when we’re responding, right, so if you’re a projector, reflector, or generator, when you are allowing life to come to you, either through invitation, or through response, or through that surprise, and all of that, you know, you’re letting things come to you. But then ultimately, you have the decision, right? You have that decision, is this correct for me or not, through your authority. And it’s from there that you’re able to live your life correctly.

So this is what I mean with external authorities though, is that pressure, that force, right, coming from the outside. So if we are going to self-help coaches, or to readers, or whoever and expecting them to give us our purpose, or our life path, or this or that, right, again, that’s seeking external authority to tell us what to do.

We need to all, especially as life coaches, entrepreneurs, you know, these leaders and things like that, always lead people back to themselves. And this is what these systems do, right? They help us know how each one of us individually can be that clear lens that has cleared the distortion so that we can all be these transmitters of truth, right, of real information and truth without distortion. And that is such a beautiful place to be in. Yeah, it just makes your life a lot better.

Kim: So one, they’re a little bit different, we talked about this a while back about intuition and inner voice and going to someone who’s an intuit and yet they haven’t, I guess I should say this from the they haven’t subscribed to this system. Because I think that’s what makes the difference. And that was my second question is, if you’re 100% subscribed or 80%, subscribed to testing this out, trying it out, experimenting with it then you recognize that we have all of this deconditioning to do.

Which brings up the question, when someone is intuitive and they’re conditioned, or they haven’t done their own work, then what are they being trained in, or taught in, or what are they actually sharing? Where’s that coming from?

Danielle: Yeah. And this brings up a couple of points. One, the first thing I want to say is that this is not the end all be all. This is the most logical, I think, and the most practical, and it’s the most clear, at least for what I found and resonated to. Everyone doesn’t get access to this information, that’s another thing. And then there’s only a small percentage of people who get access to this information that actually can use it. They can actually apply it, right?

So what you’re saying, though, is people that are in this other field, on one of these other steps to the truth, and maybe they’re in distortion. So again, yeah, if you’re going to that person and they’re, you know, intuiting to you and divinating and all of these things, and it’s not coming from that place of clarity, it’s creating further distortion, right?

We call this the fractal lines, right? Where you encounter someone, and then it’s like a blue car and a white car bumping up against each other. You get blue paint on one and white on the other. And so you’re sharing this information, but it can create this further distortion. And distortion is just going to bring resistance, which is the mechanism here that’s trying to push you back to where you need to be.

So yeah, I mean, there are other ways to the truth besides just Human design. Human Design just kind of explains the mechanisms.

Kim: I think it’s just a language. Like I said earlier, it’s a holistic approach to self-discovery. And so it gives you enough the questions, but I’m 100% with the part of that there’s other paths too. And that there’s other, like when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone and you’re seeing through different lenses, and the conversation gets confusing, like because you’re saying something and they’re interpreting what you’re saying in their perception and from the lenses they look through. And that in itself creates so much I guess I’ll use the word conflict or misunderstanding or that’s not what I’m saying, that’s not what I meant.

And so I think as you do more and more of this work, and you get clearer one thing I noticed is I don’t really like a lot of chitchat, I really want just a specific question to answer. Like that kind of thing I’ve noticed. And I don’t know, it just brought me to the question to some of the going to someone to get something and it’s not bringing you back to yourself.

Danielle: Yeah. Yeah. And that’s what we have to look out for. And that’s why, you know, Kim and I have created these courses. We really want to help you guys with, you know, coming back to yourself. And that’s the most valuable thing. It’s like here are the tools to operate correctly so you can actually be of value and be that clear picture, that clear focus of truth too.

Yeah, just like what you were saying, Kim, that dissonance with when we have different languages. Also a lot of this has to do with our genetics, our specific codes. You may be speaking clarity and truth and the other person might be as well, but if you’re not genetically coded to link up, it’s not going to link, right?

So this is also why we got to follow the strategy and authority because otherwise we’re going to be in a situation where the information is not transferred. Right? It’s not getting passed because there’s no codes that are connecting that will allow it. It’s not personal it’s just this is how geometry, right, if we know about sacred geometry and fractals and all of these new age, but really they’re these concepts that need to be clarified, because they are real, right? Geometry and understanding this geometry of the universe is something that we can look through with this.

But yeah, everyone operates differently. So Kim, you might not want to chit chat, you want to just get to the point or be very clear. Whereas other people operate differently where they just need to be in a free flow, no structure. So also even that, allowing that.

Kim: Yeah, yeah. You know, I like to talk a lot and anyone who’s listening to this knows this. But that’s not what I’m saying, I guess I’m saying it in the way that when I’m serving. 

Danielle: Yeah.

Kim: So if someone’s coming to me, you know, for guidance or whatever, like I need a direct question. It wasn’t like that before, something has changed. As they’re telling their story, or they’re asking, you know, for help or whatever they’re just doing a lot of like, “Well, I do this, but it’s because of this and it’s because it’s like that.” And it’s like [inaudible].

Danielle: Yeah. Yeah, it’s like they’re rationalizing.

Kim: Yeah, it’s like I used to be more tolerant of that. And I say tolerant in the way, it’s not that I’m annoyed with it. It’s like I can’t understand it anymore, I need I need specificity. I’m like just give me one key one time and just go that because it’s like the way I see it now is how we do anything is how we do everything, what’s below is above, it’s like it’s all the same. And so when they’re doing that, I’m like, “Yeah, but just give me the one thing.”

Danielle: Yeah. Yeah, get to the point, get to the clarity. Yeah, I hear what you’re saying. And even when I do sessions with people, right, like I don’t really get into a lot of the story and all that.

 Kim: Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Danielle: Because whatever that story is, whatever that reason is, it’s probably just the mind trying to be like, “Well, this is why.” And it’s continually rationalizing why it needs to keep doing what’s doing.

Kim: Right, right. That’s what I’m saying. And now after working with people for years, it’s the same and like three years later it comes out and I’m like, “Yeah, but it’s the same.” And they’re like, “No, no, no, I need to tell you. I need you to understand it’s different this time.” And I’m like, “Okay.” So maybe for me, it’s just sitting back patiently and allowing the chitter chatter to pass by because that’s part of the process.

Danielle: Yep, yep. And it’s kind of like leading a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink it, right? So all of us, even when we’re in that clear picture and we have discovered our unique truth and we’re sharing it, it’s like you’re just telling the horse, “Hey, the water is over there.” And it’s not us to like drag them over to it, put their head down, right? It’s like let people do what they do. Stand that information, standing your truth, but it doesn’t matter if people believe it or take the information and use it. It’s like not up to us. It’s like, here’s information that was brought to you and it’s up to you if you’re ready for that or not.

Kim: So this is the last question I’m going to ask in regards to this and then we’ll go ahead and close this out. So when you’re in relationship that you’re all in right now, and then you come across this work and you start the deconditioning process and you start to change. And the dynamics of that relationship was built on codependency, and people pleasing, and bringing along, and you’re no longer interested in doing that, how do we help someone to see as they are shifting.

Because it’s almost like you’re creating a whole new identity, which you’re not, you’re just becoming your identity. So when you’re reinventing, deconditioning, in order to become what you already are that you just haven’t recognized or whatever. It feels so good, it’s very rewarding, you get the dopamine hit, you get the clarity, and then things start coming through. And then all of a sudden, you’re like, “Oh my God, oh my God, I need more of this. This is amazing.” It’s like you’re not quite across the bridge yet and so there’s that temptation and it gets muddy but I’m just going to say we just give permission to be there. But what would you say?

Danielle: Yeah, I would say that as you continue practicing with this and what you’re doing is shedding off what’s not you, a lot of people, like you’re saying, Kim, if you’re in a relationship and you’re doing that people pleasing or any of these strategies to get something or to try to make the other person love you, or whatever it is, right? However, we want to do that, that’s probably coming from the non-self and the other person loves that.

Like people love or not-selves, right? And this is why we do that, why we act out of the not-self, out of what we are not. Because we get a response, we get a positive reward, right? Even though it’s not correct for us. So as you practice being your true self, allowing yourself to be in that uncomfortable space of like, “Well, people might think I’m rude. People might think that I’m flaky because I’m canceling my plans. People might think that, you know, I’m not just going along with everyone, and I’m being difficult.” Right? Or whatever the story is.

As you practice doing that, and you start to realize that people actually will respect you for being truthful, you know, and when the partner or whoever it is, is like, “Hey, why aren’t you doing this anymore? What’s wrong with you?” You start to have more strength. That can be a little bit difficult in the beginning because you’re stuck in a pattern that you’ve been doing for years. And when you start to change that things that are not correct for you will fall off, right? They will not be in your life anymore.

Kim: Yes.  And I love that you said that because I say like, if you just stay with it, they will fall away or come along.

Danielle: Yep.

Kim: Nothing personal, fall away or come along. But what I hear people say is, “I got to get out of that circle. I’ve got to cut those people off.” And I’m like, “No, you just have to be you and that will happen.” And the willingness to be surprised, some will fall away and come back. Some will come along and never leave. But when we try to control what that looks like, it is so frustrating, keyword frustrating.

Danielle: Yes, exactly. And even exiting situations. Exiting a job, a house, a relationship, whatever, it also still needs to go with your strategy, right? So you can’t just like, I mean, you could just cut something out or whatever. But there’s also a high chance that it might be done incorrectly.

Kim: That’s so interesting because I just came, so I have like six groups happening right now, and I’m like, “Okay, wait a minute. It’s the same people in a bunch of the groups.” So it’s like, I think I can, it’s kind of whenever you clean out your closet but you want to hold on to the older thing, you know, the thing that was.

But I’m like, is this even serving any of us? And so I kind of went back and looked and so I was like, I thought about it for a while. I went through, because my strategy and authority is I’m emotional, and so I rode the wave, rode the wave. It kept coming back and I was like, I just made the decision when I felt no pressure. It just felt like the right thing to do. And it felt the best for all of them so that they weren’t confused about which group they were to post what in.

Because that’s the questions I’ll get is where do I go for this? Where do I go for this? And I’m like, “Okay, obviously, we have too many things. We’re not willing to let go and let it go.” We’re wanting to hold on or attached to something that was or the way that it was.

And I created Self Healing Masters so that when they come out of coach training, they now have a place to be in so I was like, they don’t need to go there anymore. But my mind went through all of this. And then it felt like this whole detachment and like this is ending. And I was like, “Wait a minute, it’s a Facebook group. It is one component. You can’t break the community, you can’t break the connection, you can’t break the training. We’re all connected on an email list.”

But the mind wanted to make that Facebook group mean everything. And I’m like, “Actually, most of us want less than social media time. What is this?” But it I think it’s that, like you get the new pack of socks but then you got your favorite sock, but it has a hole in it and your toe keeps going through. But you don’t want to get rid of the sock, right?

So it’s like we don’t want to let go so we just leave it sitting there just in case we run out of our other socks and we need an extra pair. It’s so hard for us though. Like in all of our relationships and all of our moving from one thing to the next.

Danielle: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And it’s like we have a biological chemical imprint of things, right? So a relationship you’ve been in for 30 years or 50 years, and even if you know it’s not correct and, you know, you’ve been in it, but there’s this biological chemical, like you said, the dopamine, the physical connection.

So this is why it’s so important to make decisions correctly. Because otherwise you get entangled, and some of the decisions you make will last a lifetime, right? You could get into gaming and stuff that’s not correct for like a lifetime.

Kim: Well I came back to this, so I’m looking at like my life’s purpose and, you know, we know conflict to get to diplomacy, to get to peace. And I was like, “Oh, this is interesting how I didn’t see it till after.” Because the first thing I did I was like, ‘Listen, I’ve decided to go ahead and archive this.” And then I was like, “Well, I’m willing to let I mean, I didn’t realize it was being used for all of these things but I’m open to exploring and considering. Like I could leave the group and me not be there, right? If they want to stay connected.”

And so it was just fascinating to watch and I was like, “Oh my God, this is what we mean by conflict and resolution.” It’s like creating that thing that feels like it’s like a cutting away that created the conflict to come in, kind of that push pull, in order to have the resolution. Like I was able to see that, which in the past it would have been like the whole, “They’re mind, and this one’s going to do this, and I did the wrong thing and what if I regret it?

But I was like, again, “It’s a Facebook group, number one. It’s like, we’re talking like 30 I think, it’s 27 people, but it’s in the same things. But it was such a big deal to the mind. It was like to spend this much time doing it. So I think that’s what you’re talking about. And I’m going to say that’s what I know they’re experiencing in their own life, you know, with getting rid of some things or moving through.

But I don’t think we need to throw people away, that I have a problem with. When someone says they’re not good for me, you need to get away from those, you need to throw that away. I’m like actually, you just need to change, like if you’re just doing what’s right for you, you don’t have to do that. I don’t think we have to do that.

Danielle: It’s in the first seven years. The first seven years like, you know, there may be times where you do need to distance yourself if this person, like when you’re around them, the [crosstalk] but then after that like that kind of situation becomes like a great teacher, you know, and it’s not like you have to cut everyone out.

Kim: And then there’s going on the opposite end and doing even that, like staying in something for the growth.

Danielle: Yeah.

Kim: And using it for the catalyst and not realizing it’s going to always be a catalyst because it’s not fit, it doesn’t match and you’re trying to belong somewhere that doesn’t feel good to you. I did that several times.

Okay, we got to get out of here because we’re getting to the end of time and last time we went over.

Danielle: Are you going to tell them where they go to see it?

Kim: Yeah, so we have courses that are created, at least three or four courses that we’re going to link in the show notes. Danielle does private readings and we also have Self Healing Masters where you live your design.

So that’s the first thing we ask you when you enter. Once you come in, we’re like we want your birth time, we want your birth date, we want to know where you were born, we want all of your information so that we can start teaching you strategy and authority. So you can start testing it, trying it out. So if you’re like, I’m just new to it, I’m not really sure where to go, what to do, then you can do a private reading.

I would highly recommend you check out Self Healing Masters because it’s a lifetime of work there. You know, you can come in there’s two options. I don’t want to put the price in case somebody listens to this whenever it changes, but there is a one-time fee for the founding members and you’re in for life. Your life, my life, the life of the container. And then you can do just a month by month and come and test it out and try it out and that’s what I’d recommend.

And Danielle has done readings for pretty much very close to almost everyone in the group. This is something that they kind of bounce back and forth between her, so we’re doing the coaching, we’re doing the work on their business, their relationships, their money story. And then when they feel like there’s something going on with their family they might be like, “Hey, can you do a reading on my kids?” Or “Hey, this is going on, what’s happening right now with us?” And it’s just a way to get some clarity, like you’re saying about looking through the lens.

Danielle: Yeah.

Kim: It kind of sharpens the view.

Danielle: Focus, yeah. Yeah, exactly. And I think that that’s what’s so awesome about Kim and I working together with all of you because what we’re providing, what is so unique and different from all these like other coaching or business coaching and stuff like that is that it’s highly differentiated, highly unique to you.

So you have like a business coach and someone who’s going to help you with all facets of working in the material plane. Your money, how to do your business, you know, all the marketing, everything. And then we also have this other aspect of this map which, you know, the Human Design, and I work with some other stuff too, but we’re giving you a very clear focus for how to integrate that into your business too, which is way different than just like a blanket this type of program works for everyone. It’s every single person is treated differently according to their charts. And that’s, I think, why everyone is so successful in Self Healing Masters.

Kim: I agree. It’s because we’re not just giving you information, we’re actually teaching you how to integrate and embody it in your life and become it.

All right, we’re definitely at the end. So we’re going to do this again. But check out the links below and I will see you all next week.

Danielle: Bye guys.

Thanks for listening to this episode of More Than Mindset.

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