Ep #221: Human Design Mastery – The Practice of Waiting and Watching

What if you could transform your life by simply learning to embrace the power of waiting?

Join me on this enlightening journey as I share my personal experiences and insights through tapping into the power of Human Design, and and how it can help us cleanse our system, pause and respond rather than react, and trust that by doing what we love, people will find us.

We also explore the concept of separating from our mind stories to find freedom and understanding within ourselves.


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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The power of personal development through Human Design
  • What the concept of waiting actually means and how it helps you to pause instead of react
  • How waiting helps you ride out the waves of emotion and respond with authority
  • The benefits of joining the More Than Mindset Facebook Group to take a deep dive into Human Design
  • How the mind reactively labels and how Human Design creates the awareness to understand why


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Ep #221: Human Design Mastery – The Practice of Waiting and Watching

Welcome to More Than Mindset, the only podcast that bridges the gap between spirituality and success. Go beyond the mind with clarity and confidence coach, Kim Guillory, and learn how to integrate your passion to serve with your skills and experience to create a business you love. Let’s get started.

Hey there, and welcome back to the show. So, this week, I am talking about something that I am personally experiencing, and I wanted to share it with Human Design lovers. So, if you are familiar with Human Design or you are familiar with this podcast, you know that It’s the experiment that I have chosen for my own personal development.

The thing that I think I’m most drawn to about Human Design is how to live an aligned life that feels good to me on all levels mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, even financially. I believe that we all want personal freedom. I believe that we all want to be individuals. We are creatives. We want to experience life from our own perspective. Now, I’m a 6/2 model. I’m off the roof, so this could be my own personal agenda of being. But as I think about intention for all of us, I work with lots of clients. I have a huge family. Lots of friends. I’ve been in business for a very long time, so I have thousands of connections. And the common denominator from other individuals is that they just want to be themselves.

They want to feel good in their body, and I agree. I want that too. I want to feel healthy, vibrant, energetic; I want to have ease and flow in my life. And that’s actually the punch line approach, the book that I wrote is how to gain power and control of your life. I want to be in control. I want to be in control of my health, my well-being, my mental status, I want to control that. And the only way I can do that is if I know myself.

And so, when I I’m going to bring my chart into this one and has a visual. So, when I look at a Human Design charts. Like when I think of all these little individual things about myself, it has helped me. It has helped me understand myself on layers and levels that thirty something years of searching and seeking and problem solving has not given me. Just looking at this for the first time and reading two or three things made me feel at home or normal if there’s a such word? I just felt understood and heard. And that was really important, and I think it’s important to all of us that we are understood. We want to be accepted We want to belong as ourself. We don’t want to fake our way through life. Would you agree? This is all coming from my perspective.

And as I said, I’m a 6/2 Generator with emotional authority, and that’s what I’m going to be talking about in the show today, is the art or the gift of waiting. So, if you know anything about Human Design and you are experimenting with it. You’re trying it out. You’re learning about yourself. Maybe your family, friends, getting along better with other people. Then you already know that you need to be waiting. But we don’t want to hear that. We’re like trying to play Piccadilly with it and finding all these other ways that prove that’s not true. And that is just the mind. That’s the mind’s tactics. That if you are in the experiment, then you were waiting. And if you were not waiting, then you’re not in the experiment. It’s just it’s just that simple. It’s like you’re either fasting or you’re not. So, if you are fasting, you’re not eating anything. There’s no half-assing it.

I thought I was living my Human Design for the first, probably three or four years because I was learning about myself. And I was hand selecting, I was choosing what parts would work for what I wanted. So, I was trying to manipulate as we do everything. We’re always trying to manipulate like what other people think of us or how we are in society. We’re always trying to manipulate, and I was trying to manipulate the system. I was trying to pull from it what I believed served me best. And I was trying to dispose or argue and change what I didn’t agree with or what didn’t work for me mentally because it’s a mind game. And one of those things is waiting. I have never met anyone that was okay with the waiting process. So, if you are living your Human Design and you are not waiting, chances are you are not experimenting with your Human Design and you are not living it.

That simple. I don’t care what your profile is or what your because here’s the thing. A Generator should be waiting to respond. So, it’s waiting. A Projector, waiting on an invitation, waiting to be invited. A Reflector, waiting on a moon cycle, and a manifesto is waiting to information.

So even the manifestor who can blurb it out there is still getting an intuitive hit. Waiting for the message waiting for the information. And I have seen this more than anything else. And I’ve played it myself. I’m right there with you, until I didn’t like the results. Because as long as you are initiating you are likely getting the results of suffering.

I thought I was so smart. And I thought I was like playing by the rules or breaking the rules in a way that was the best for everyone. But the truth is the last I would say, probably three years, I have taken the weighting more serious. And Mary Anne Winoker is someone who I’ve worked with, who I’ve mentored with, and I’ve participated in her emotions. She doesn’t do those anymore, but I have had some personal time and in person time and also so one on one time with her.

And it’s the thing I argue with the most. And that is something that she does so well. Is she waits to respond, and she doesn’t respond with the mind, she responds with her sacral authority. Now, it’s a little different because I’m also a Generator, but I’m an emotional authority, which means that my sacral may get the uh-huh, uh-uh, but I still have to wait.

And I have to ride out the waves. Now there are some things that I can feel from experience and they’re not that big a deal, but the big things it really has hurt me. It’s hurt me by making decisions when I was on the low end of the wave and when I was on the high end of the wave.

And so, if you are an emotional authority in human design, you’re welcome to join me in the More Than Mindset Facebook group. It’s a companion to this show, to this podcast. And this is where we have Human Design hangouts and conversations to free group. So that we can share our experiment together because it’s not easy. If it’s easy and it’s fun and all citing, then you were not you’re not following it. I promise you.

It’s just there’s just no way around it because the waiting causes this cracking, this falling away of the conditioning and of the control and the manipulation of the mind and when that falls away, it feels terrible. It is very scary. The mind freaks out. Your brain goes into a nervous system response. All kinds of things start happening in the body. It gets very uncomfortable. And I practice for a little while just like you would, fasting or anything else that you do for a few days, and then it slips back because I let my mind start driving again. So, today’s show is all about waiting. Just wait and watch that beast go crazy. Sometimes I’m like, you got to get in the back seat, mind, you need to shut up, you just sit in the back seat, I am driving, and sometimes I got to locker her in the trunk because even sitting in the back seat, she’s so crazy. The mind is so crazy. And it’s like starts doing all these cartwheels and flips and trying to make negotiations. And it doesn’t serve me. It just makes me suffer.

So, I’m curious to hear how long have you been living your Human Design? Do you think that’s just another crazy thing have you actually used it for entertainment rather than following? And what that would look like is you’re just trying to memorize it. You’re trying to control and manipulate other people. Tell them you know what’s best for them. I see that with a lot of Human Design coaches. Is using, like, these labels and, well, this is what you’re supposed to do, or this is what you should do rather than allowing you to have an experience because that’s something I got into also.

I am now realizing how much havoc and chaos and conflict. And that’s just so you know, that is a big part of my incarnation cross. I’ve got the six point six and the thirty-six point six and increditation cross of the plane, and I also have the ten and fifteen. So, it’s a lot of experiencing all of the emotional perils of life, the highest joy, and the most intense darkness.

And so it’s a lot of like going from this end to this end, going back and forth and also being emotional you can imagine I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar and mental illness or depression or like all of this stuff, but what I didn’t know back then is that I had this emotional wave that was moving through and my mind was reacting to it instead of me pausing and just responding, responding, meaning, waiting.

The waiting. The waiting is the catalyst. It offers opportunity for all of the condition to surface. All of your undefined centers to begin to rattle and release some of the dogma, some of the rules, some of the opinions and the beliefs of others. It allows time and space to start cleaning that junk out of your system, out of your nervous system, out of the cells, out of the body.

Because we’re confused, our entire life we’ve been told, what to do, what to think, how to behave, how to control, how to manipulate, how to fool people. Like, our entire life from little bitty kids, this is what you should or shouldn’t do for someone to like you. And then that just kind of bled into the next stages of life. And we’ve like entered relationships with these contracts and commitments and they’re not serving us, and we don’t know how to get out of it because we don’t want to experience the discomfort and the pain. And so, I just want to offer you to wait. To just wait. Start with waiting five minutes before you answer. And then maybe you can wait thirty minutes before reacting or responding. Just wait.

Now if you are a sacral being, and you have the uh-huh, uh-uh, right here in the moment, you are still waiting to respond. Where are you getting the uh-huh, and the uh-uh, and the same thing with the projector, are you throwing yourself out there throwing yourself in front of traffic in order to get attention or are you waiting for an invitation are you just doing what you love to do?

Are you just in your brilliance and really enjoying and then being recognized? Or are you like standing on your head and screaming and doing all these social media games in order to market yourself? Like, could you trust that people will just find you? Could you trust that people will invite you? And listen, I’m not saying anything that I’m not experiencing. It’s hard. I do not like waiting.

I want to put myself out there, do the social media marketing and the ads and tell everything, everyone, everything that they want to hear in order for me to help them because I know I sense that I have a skillset that is needed, that people will benefit from. But if I try to convince them or show them or throw it at them, it will not end well. It won’t be the right timing. It won’t be the right people. And it won’t work. But it’s only because I have finally depleted myself of all of the excess energy that I can now say that it wasn’t a bother before.

And so, I know a lot of you are just coming into Human Design now and you have a massive amount of energy and maybe you haven’t stopped and paused and you’re still running on the old system. And you haven’t noticed this yet, but once you start getting a little taste of what it truly feels like to belong to yourself, you’re going to want more of it.

And when you get away from it, you’ll have the contrast to know that you’ve gotten away from it. At the beginning, it’s just a lot of information, it’s a lot of knowledge, it’s a lot of trying to figure things out. And putting labels and pegs and trying to understand other people and what makes us tick and we look for all the reasons because that’s what the mind does. The mind is that’s just its job to be that projector, to show you things that you’ve been hearing and seeing, and it just keeps playing it back to you and playing it back to you. The problem is we think that it’s reality, but it’s not. It’s just a story that the mind creates. And we’re so used to it that we don’t challenge it; we don’t question it.

And so, once you start really waiting, waiting to respond, waiting for the invitation, waiting for the moon cycle, waiting for the information, and I don’t mean like, I feel a little misunderstood by somebody taking this the wrong way. I mean by waiting for the body instead of waiting for the mind, waiting for thoughts.

So, it’s not reacting to thoughts and reacting to what’s going on in the body, the uh-huh, the grunts, like the gut punches, the gut hits, you know, it’s responding to that. And you can tell this because it’ll be like, for a sacral being, it’ll be a uh-uh, uh-uh, instead of, well, I was thinking that that would be a good idea, but then maybe that is the mind. The mind speaks in words and thoughts. But the body the body does not have words. It has the go ahead. It has the maybe. And then the mm-mm. There’s been shutting it down.

And as an emotional authority, there’s I think of it like, you know, when we were kids or not just kids, but you gargle with salt and water and it’s really foggy. It’s when the salt settles, and then you have clarity, you can see straight through the water. You can see the whole picture in the body, and it is really calm and it’s just a knowing. It’s a sensing, it’s a feeling, it’s sure. It’s certainty if there were certain things. I mean, if there were a certainty, but we really don’t have certainty, but it feels more certain.

And the clarity is what you’re waiting for. That’s why you want to wait to respond through the emotional wave. You don’t want to just get the answer right now. Maybe you do have an answer. You just keep that answer to yourself. And then you see what happens for the next few hours or maybe days. Right? But just try it. Try it for a month. Just give it thirty days.

Come into the More Than Mindset Facebook group and practice with us. You can comment below here if you have feedback or you trying it yourself, I would love to know what is your profile, what is your Design, what is your strategy and authority, how long have you been living your Design? Or how long have you been knowing about Human Design? Anything like that? I would love to hear what you’re experience has been because that’s really what it’s all about.

And in the coaching world, which is my career, I’ve chosen, it gets a little tangled because there are coaches who believe that they know for someone else according to their Design what is correct for them, and I disagree.

Not often I boldly disagree, but I disagree. Because we cannot determine or predict someone else’s experience. And so, looking at their Design and then making an assumption that you know better than them when you haven’t had their experience does not feel correct.

Instead, you can share the information and just let them ponder and let them try it out for themselves. But more than that, what are we doing? Looking at all of the transits in the gates, send us circuitry, and what are we doing looking at all of that? When they’re not actually waiting. That’s how I determined that I was playing a game and my mind was taking me all over the place is because I realized that my mind wanted all of the knowledge, all of the information. But the very first thing is to wait. And if I wasn’t doing or being in waiting, then what does the rest of it really mean? This has caused me to pull away from Human Design it’s caused me to not want to do sessions or teach it to anyone else because I see where the mind just goes right into the labeling, into the predicting as if we know better for anyone else.

We do this as parents with our kids. Like, we want them to avoid mishaps. That’s not our call. Our call is to give birth and then they guide them to themselves. To their own authority and allow them to have their experiences and just love them. Just love them. But we’re so caught up in what they do means to us or how that makes us look.

All that conditioning, societal conditioning, generational patterning, religious dogma, being judged by society. We’re so caught up in that that it’s hard to just guide and allow. We think we got to control and manipulate because of the way it makes us look, that’s all ego based. Every Design is perfect. Every individual fits in the puzzle exactly as they are. We don’t need to make them someone or something else. We don’t need to predict to them what they should or shouldn’t be doing. We just need to love them as they are learning it for themselves.

I do believe the children have the most benefit. Because as adults, it’s so hard to erase all of that conditioning. It’s so hard to release all of the misinformation. Not only is it hard, it’s painful, it’s been I spent a lot of time sad and crying and grunting and because that’s the way to release some of this stuff.

If it’s filled and packed with conditioning and your nervous system is responding to that dissonance and that pulling away, that dying to the old, it feels very uncomfortable, and you want to get out of it. We want to overdrink and overeat and mind other people’s business and keep our self-occupied.

For myself, I’m so addicted to work. I’ve talked about that several times on the show. I love being in session because when I am in session, I can be present, and I can just allow life to move through me and hold space and not tell other people what to do.

But to help them into exploring, into experiment, into wonder, and to be curious, I do that really, really well. I hold a healing space for anyone to have their own experience without me having an agenda of what I think it should look like.

So, I want to stay in that all the time. The longer I coach, the more I do it, the more healing work I do, the more I want to be in that. And I have an addiction to it because it feels so good because I’m so centered in myself whenever I’m holding that space. So, now I have to learn how to do that for myself. So, then I’m not always working. I’m not always serving. I’m not always giving, but I am being as a 6/2 role model off the roof it is about being. Just being.

My mind wants to go do and it wants to like, I know to get a business started. I know how to grow. I know how to make money. I know how to sell. Like, there’s a lot that I know how to do but it’s initiating. And I’m an ego manifestor, and that’s what I have been most of my life. And it feels very safe thinking I can control things that I could I have a persuasive magnetic energy and I started to notice just how impactful it was and that’s even addictive.

So, I had to, like, stop and pull away. I’ve been in Florida for a week. Like, I spend a lot of time alone. I travel I’m figuring out what do I want to do now. Because I’ve just been so used to everyone else dictating and predicting and me controlling and manipulating. So, it’s so different.

Anyway, let me know what your stories are if you’re interested in knowing more about your Human Design or, like, just learning more about yourself. Last week I talked with Katelyn, and we were talking about Ayurveda. And she and I have kind of connected the dots between Ayurveda is just a path to self-discovery. And it’s a lot of discipline and trying and experimenting and waiting and Human Designs the same. And so, we brought together the commonalities. If you didn’t listen to it, go back to last week, you can listen to it. She’s also in the More Than Mindset group so you can ask her questions there.

But when we take on these disciplines, you can call it a discipline, it is a commitment, so a contract to with yourself that you’re going to be more of you and you’re going to quit being drug around by other people’s agendas. And you’re going to tap into your own knowing and It’s uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable. It feels unsafe. But once you get a taste of it, you’re going to want more. And the hard part is you’re a very small percentage of the population. So, it’s not easy to do it with other people when their mind is leading the way. And your body is leading the way because then there’s even more disconnection and more loneliness.

Alright. That’s it. That’s all I wanted to talk about this week is giving you an opportunity. To practice waiting and to see what comes up. Just wait. Document, notice it, question, and then start using the phrase, my mind says, my mind wants, my mind thinks, my mind believes.

So, you sit in the audience and the story is happening on the stage instead of you being in the stage with all the emotional chaos. So just if you can separate yourself from the stories that your mind tells and then when you believe it, you experience it in your body and then your brain is reacting to that experience.

See if you can just watch it. Let me know how it goes. And if you’re not interested at all, then it’s not a big deal. Not everyone is going to be interested and that’s okay too. I can only tell you from my perspective and my experience, it’s probably been the best thing in over fifty years for me.

Have a great week.

Thanks for listening to this episode of More Than Mindset.

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