Ep #247: Integrating Breathwork with MindBody Coaching with Colette Wilson

In this episode of the More Than Mindset podcast, my guest and client Colette Wilson recounts her experience with the Integrative Coach Training program she recently completed. 

As a Breathwork Facilitator, Psychedelic Facilitator, Yoga + Meditation Teacher and more certifications, Colette realized that she had been able to help her clients in the short term, but she wasn’t helping them make lasting change in their lives. 

That’s only one of the reasons that brought her to the coach training. 

In this episode, I opened up about one of the biggest gifts I was given through working with Colette, and you’ll have to listen to find out what it is! 

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What you’ll learn from this episode: 

🌟 How healing your own wounds will help you serve clients and improve your relationships.

🌟 What’s missing from using modalities alone.

🌟 How Colette’s childhood pain became her purpose for helping others with her business.

🌟 A personal story of healing generational pain.

Tune in to More Than Mindset and embark on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and limitless possibilities. 

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Ep #247: Integrating Breathwork with MindBody Coaching with Colette Wilson

Welcome to More Than Mindset. The only podcast that bridges the gap between spirituality and success. Go beyond the mind with clarity and confidence coach, Kim Guillory, and learn how to integrate your passion to serve with your skills and experience to create a business you love. Let’s get started.

Hello, hello, and welcome back to the show. I have a guest today. Her name is Colette. I’m going to let her introduce herself, but I’m just going to give you an idea of what we’re talking about today. So Colette is an integrative Mind Body coach. She has been through the coach training. We are going to talk about her experience, but more than that, it’s how this mind-body connection awareness has impacted your life and your clients’ lives. Like, how has it impacted your world? I just want you to share your experience and offer value to someone who maybe is listening and has no idea what we’re talking about. So Colette, do you want to go ahead and introduce yourself?


Colette: Yes, thank you, Kim. Thank you so much for having me be part of this opportunity.


Kim: So as an integrative Mind Body coach, this training was one of the most potent components for me to bring everything together – all of my life experiences, all of my trainings – and be able to put them in an opportunity for my clients to be able to achieve long-term success. In the past, my clients would come to me, and I could provide for them very short components of change, but nothing was long-lasting. Integrative mind-body coaching has been this, what I mentioned before, this icing on the cake that brings everything together.


Kim: So, what did that look like? Because there’s lots of coaches out there, and there’s a lot of modalities that you came in with. What are the things that you do before you came into this training? I know you wanted to integrate them, but what were they?


Colette: I am a yoga and meditation teacher. I am a shamanic medicine practitioner. I am a breath coach. I am also a psychedelic and integration consultant, and I hold space for women and not just women, for people to have psychedelic experiences and then to integrate those experiences into their lives.


Kim: So what were you seeing throughout those psychedelic experiences and being in those communities that led you here?


Colette: I was really seeing a lack of long-term change. I was seeing people having these amazing mind-expanding experiences and ready to make changes in their lives, but then they would go back to their life and then they would get dis-fragmented. And yes, there was still some change, but I was seeing that they needed to have more support. All of those downloads that they would get during a psychedelic experience can actually then be part of their life. So it’s more the like integrating The Experience into who they are and embodying this new individual with this opened expansiveness. Is that what you’re kind of…


Kim: It’s like it comes in, and they have this awareness. It’s like the crown is open, the third eye is open, but it doesn’t have an opportunity to get all the way down into their cells. And this is why they keep wanting to go back. It’s like two or three months later, ‘I’m ready for another experience.’ ‘I’m ready for another experience.’ And it’s like, ‘Whoa, wait. What has shifted in your life from the messages and the downloads that you received through your mind-expanding experience and that desire to want to go back? Because it is mind-blowing.


Colette: Exactly. It’s like having an amazing awareness. Now you need to know how to show up. Now you need to know, ‘Oh, I have this awareness. I know that something needs to shift. Now what?’


Kim: Love it. So, it’s like a dopamine hit, so they want to go back for that. It’s like, ‘I wonder what’s there,’ and it’s always a surprise and a mystery. So I’m curious about something. You know, the, like, I want to put this together with kind of the experience that we’ve done together in the training and then how it relates to that. So what else is relatable to that experience? Like when they have a catastrophe in life or when they’re like, when something gets cracked open, leave a job or lose a job or a husband or lose a parent or a sign or a child. It is somewhat similar for those who, because not all of my audience understands psychedelic medicine and any of these things, which is fine, but there’s a lot of talk about it. So I’d like to kind of look into how does it relate because in my life, losing a significant person, dealing with death or some sort of trauma, or like just what’s happening in the world right now, not knowing what’s going to come banging on your door or what’s going to be next. Where’s the connection of those two, Colette?


Colette: I refer to it often times as you get this shoulder tap, a shoulder tap from Spirit. There’s been something that needs to change or that has already shifted in your life. Maybe it’s the shoulder tap, ‘I need a new job. I need a new career.’ Maybe it’s the shoulder tap, a family member, somebody that you love is dying. Maybe it’s a shoulder tap that ‘I need to start eating well. I need to lose weight. I need to move to a different city.’ Whatever these shoulder taps are, this is the download that I talk about that happens during a psychedelic experience. It’s like something needs to shift or something is shifting. Now what? Now I need to take steps to move forward and I know I need to move forward, but what does that look like and how do I do that?


Kim: So, it’s like the awareness leads to the action, to the transformation.


Colette: Absolutely. You have a big shift in your life. Now you need to know how to show up. Now you need to know, ‘Oh, I have this awareness. I know that something needs to shift. Now what?’


Kim: Love it. So what would that look like for you? Your big shift. You came into the training, right? You’re like, ‘I have all this awareness. I have all these tools. Now I need to integrate them together, put them into a process.’


Colette: Yeah, very much so. And I had to do it for myself first because I have been working on myself for so many years. I have been healing layer after layer after layer. This was a way for me to kind of package everything that I had worked on within myself. What I knew, what I was being, what I was thinking, how I was feeling, and how I was showing up. But sometimes there was something missing. There was still something that was running in the background that I didn’t understand why I was stuck. I could feel good in my heart and I could feel good in my mind, but there was still like a root that was keeping me stuck. And this integrative mind-body approach, it allows me to be able to find out what was that root, and it’s a big one. And you pull that root out, boom, there’s this big shift. Now you get to show up in a different way, and it feels different in the body. It feels different in the mind. You think differently. You talk differently. You walk differently.


Kim: I was about to say, actually, it’s the


… When everything is different, we saw this in Self Healing Masters this week, right? We were coaching, and she was like, every… Like in that moment, and there was no psychedelics involved, but in that moment of mind-body coaching, there was everything just changed all of a sudden. I could see all the pieces, all the parts, all the… One of our clients, I think it’s Tori, said it’s like, ‘I used to have a flashlight, and I was looking for the door to get out of the dark attic, and you showed the light switch.’ Like the Mind-Body coaching showed the light. Now we just turn on the light and we just see, yeah, like those kinds of moments. And it’s interesting because when we look at the word psychedelic, it means mind-manifesting. So when you have manifested something in your mind, that’s great, but you now need to integrate it into the body. And this is where this integrative Mind-Body coaching, it is bringing it all together so you can be more whole. You can feel more whole, and you actually feel lighter because the root of that issue is now dug up, and you can see it. You’re like, ‘Oh, there we go.’


The thing with integrative Mind-Body coaching is that if the emotional body had been addressed, I wouldn’t have had the years of all the stuff that I had. So, when I started making videos about it, talking about it, and piecing everything together, it got rejected because no one else understood it. Then I was mad; I was mad and thought, “I just need to get more people who understand it. We’ve got to make more impact.”


We often think that when we have these emotional problems, there’s something external that can solve what’s inside the body. It will never happen; it can be a Band-Aid. There are all sorts of Band-Aids you can put on the body, but that doesn’t fix what’s stuck within the body. These tools that we talk about, such as mind-body processing, emotional processing techniques, somatics, tracking, and more in Mind-Body coaching – can you imagine if she had these tools back then? People who came in with so much trauma from generations before them, each modality I learned on my healing journey made me think, “If only my mom had learned meditation, it would have healed her. If she had done yoga, it would have healed her. If she had done plant medicine, it would have healed her.” Now, I’m realizing that it’s about integrating those practices within her body, learning to feel and process those emotions. It’s about integrating the unfelt perceptions. It’s just a perception, but we think it’s more. We won’t get into that today’s call.


I want this to flow right into where it was going, which was the breathwork that has changed your life dramatically. It’s one of your most prominent tools, and we were talking about this before coming on to the call. What has facilitating breathwork done for your clients and for yourself, and what could it do for other people? As you’re thinking, what do you want to talk about that?


When we look at the word “breath,” it comes from the Sanskrit word “Prana,” which means God. When we bring the breath into the body, it knows where to go to heal and unlock stuck trauma; it just knows. You don’t have to direct it. When you take a breath, you don’t have to tell it to go into the lungs, perform the CO2-O2 exchange, and spread through the body. The breath is the intelligence of God; it is “inspirado,” it is spirit. When we intentionally bring the breath into the body, it heals us. Nobody ever died from breathing. It’s the elixir of life. We intentionally bring it into the body, especially when we do it daily. I have some breathwork journeys that I give away for free where you take 30 deep breaths into the body; that can change your body, chemistry, mind, and how you feel. I can’t talk enough about how important the breath is. When you think about it, when you stop to breathe, you cease to exist. It’s the breath of life.


However, when we’re stressed or thinking or worried, it’s often the thing we restrict. We hold our breath. We walk around like we’re out of life, not with more life inside us. Shallow chest breathing is common. Studies have shown that people who had heart attacks, 97% of them were shallow chest breathers, and 80% of people who had heart attacks were mouth breathers. We’re breathing incorrectly. When life gets stressful, we hold our breath. I joke all the time that when I hold a screwdriver, I hold my breath as if I’m not confident or comfortable with a screwdriver. I have to intentionally breathe. We think that when we hold our breath, it helps us, but it’s actually the opposite. We need to breathe through the resistance.


What are your thoughts on breathwork versus psychedelics? Breathwork can be a wild experience; sometimes it feels like having a psychedelic experience. I’ve done some intense breathwork sessions, just like you facilitate breathwork journeys. They’re usually around 45 minutes to an hour, and people sit up thinking they had a psychedelic experience. Some may be afraid that no one else had a psychedelic experience in the room, but they feel like they just took some mushrooms. They probably feel that way because when you do breathwork, your brain releases a little bit of DMT. DMT is produced in the body, and you can have mind-blowing experiences without actually taking a mind-blowing substance like a psychedelic. A friend of mine, who has been in extreme grief for a long time, did a breathwork session, and she said it felt like she wasn’t here. Yet, she was more inside herself than she had been in two years. It’s like going deep within and then coming back. Because of her grief, she felt disconnected. This is the mind-body disconnection. Breathwork is one of the only things that has given her relief. There was a breathwork journey on healing the five primary trauma imprints last night, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. People were wondering, “What just happened? How did I release that trauma from my body?” It’s through the breath; it’s a somatic experience. Breath is potent medicine.


For those listening, you can do breathwork sessions, and you also bring breathwork into your coaching. It’s one of the tools you use, but people can also just do breathwork without coaching, right? 


Absolutely, I hold an online breathwork ceremony each full moon. I’ve been doing that for a long time. I also have these breathwork sequences that I give away to people because I want them to get excited about breathing. They’re short, 5 to 10-minute breathwork exercises that you can do every day. They get people curious about what happens when they do a full breathwork journey. That’s what I’m looking for. I’m looking for that “aha” moment, that mind-expanding experience where they say, “I’ve been blown out of the water; what’s next?” Integrative Mind-Body coaching helps you integrate that mind-blowing experience back into your body, so you can carry that wisdom with you throughout your life.


We will put a link in the show notes to get one of those sessions for our listeners to try. We’ll also provide information on how to contact you. Is there anything I didn’t ask you about that you wanted to share? Whether it’s about your personal journey that led you here, your experience during the training, or your hopes for the future? 


What’s been most exciting for me in this coach training program is the results I’m seeing in my clients. They’re winning at life, and it’s mind-blowing. I have clients who wanted to start a business, and we removed all the procrastination and what was holding them back, allowing them to bring their passions to life with greater impact. Whether it’s being disconnected from your body, not understanding what you need in life, or feeling like you’re not reaching your full potential, it’s a wide array of people, from those who seem completely disregulated to those who have their lives together but want more. This work is so fulfilling; we help people manifest their dreams, not our dreams, but their dreams


. When their dreams come true, I celebrate with them. It’s different from the wounded healer approach; it’s more empowering. It’s about showing up with wholeness, integration, and supporting others in their goals.


This is so satisfying, like a grandbaby satisfaction. It’s fulfilling when your clients win and when the work expands, it’s like watching the ripples in a lake when a bird lands. These moments are what keep us going, and it’s not about trying to fix others but about coming to the table with wholeness and integration. The healers and practitioners are coming forward to serve, and we host a container to keep them built up, to support them in serving the world.


That’s a wrap. You’re on all social media channels – TikTok, Instagram, Facebook. For those in the “More Than Mindset” Facebook group, Colette is there, actively engaging. She’s also in the Self Healing Masters container for mind-body coaching and business, which is for health and wellness practitioners who are making a difference and need assistance. We’re bringing coaches like Colette into the container so you can access modalities like breathwork, EFT, mind-body coaching, tapping, and more in an integrative process that considers the whole body and business.


We’re looking for the brave souls who are coming forward to serve in a world with a lot of brokenness. How can we host a container that supports them as they do their work, watching the impact ripple out? It’s about elevating the consciousness of the planet. When we do our work and see how it affects others, that’s when we know we’re making a difference.

Thanks for listening to this episode of More Than Mindset.

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