Ep #280 Simple Marketing Strategies for Healers and Coaches

In this episode of More Than Mindset, I’m sharing my best tips on effective marketing strategies for coaches, healers, and holistic wellness practitioners. 

Whether you’re fully booked or not quite yet, I have a strategy for you that will help you create sustainability, predictability, and profitability in your business. 

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Techniques to garner attention without compromising health and stability.

  • The importance of frequent and consistent posting to build an online presence. 

  • Overcoming the fear of getting attention and how it impacts business growth. 

  • Differentiating strategies for those who are new and those who’ve gained some traction.

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  • Join me in the ALL NEW Holistic Wellness Community on Skool to meet other coaches and wellness practitioners and get free business trainings! Click here to join! 

Full Episode Transcript:

Ep #280 Simple Marketing Strategies for Healers and Coaches

Hello, hello and welcome back to the show. So I have been traveling quite a bit this month. I have been to Dallas, to Nashville and this week I was in Miami. So I’ve been doing lots of business trainings and workshops. I did sales and marketing, two marketing workshops actually. And that’s what I want to talk about today is keep it simple.

Marketing for coaches, healers, and holistic wellness practitioners, how to keep it simple, not lose your health, your stability. Like you know what it’s like when you are a wellness practitioner and you’re helping other people prioritize their health. And yours is falling apart. Well, I want to change that for you.

So keep it simple. Marketing is how to grow your business, get more clients, continue creating impact without losing your health. Is that something that you want to know more about? That’s, that’s what I’m diving into today. I have been talking a lot about marketing, promoting omnipresence, getting in front of more people.

And the one thing that most of my clients are resisting is attention. You have to get attention. So you have to address why you’re afraid to get attention. What are you afraid of? Because marketing is. Attention. If you want to grow your business, if you want to help more people, which is what you say you want to do, you have to find a way to get attention.

There’s no way around it, guys. Attention is your requirement before the sale. If you are not comfortable getting attention. People will not be able to find you. They won’t be able to hire you and you will not be able to help them. So today I want to talk about some simple ways to get attention and then what to do around the mindset and the belief work.

How can you address that? The fear of getting attention in a way that actually allows your brain to relax, see that you’re not going to die and put yourself out there even though it’s uncomfortable because many of you are waiting for you to become confident and comfortable before taking action. And that’s never going to solve the problem.

You have to be willing to do it in the discomfort, frequency before greatness. That means you are not going to look super confident and competent until you’ve put in the reps, till you’ve put in the practice. And so you got to be willing just to do it ugly. Do it unprofessionally, throw in spaghetti at the walls to see what sticks.

That’s the first stage. That’s going to get you to six figures, maybe even multiple six figures. In my case, to seven figures, doing it before it looks good. Just it’s more about courage than it is confidence in this beginning stage. So if you want more clients, you do not have to. A full schedule of clients yet.

You’re just going to have to get out there exactly as you are. Talk about what has worked for you. Talk about what has worked for the clients that you have served and show them what you’ve done. Use your own proof of concept. It’s okay to talk about yourself. It’s okay to share your wins. There is someone out there who needs what you have figured out.

And if you could think about them. Instead of thinking about yourself and how you look, then you’re going to get more of them. So that is my first challenge for you. If you are not fully booked, just throw it out there. Let it land. It is about quantity. Not so much about quality. I just got some coaching on this and I was like, Oh, I just want to make sure the industry hasn’t changed because I have been making money online, Facebook specifically on social media since 2010 I got on social media in 2010 I was talking about what I was doing in the wellness space, yoga.

Fitness, tanning, like everything that I had in my business, my brick and mortar business, I was talking about online. I was creating a community within my community. So a community of customers and clients, I was hosting small retreats. I was filling up yoga classes and workshops. using essential oils, holistic wellness practices.

I was a holistic health coach back in 2012. That is how I started growing my coaching business. And up until recently, I’m still throwing spaghetti at the walls. I’m still seeing what works while I am simultaneously creating a lead gen, creating an opt in That is digital in digital form. So I’m doing everything organically.

I’m talking to people, I’m commenting on their posts, I’m getting in the DMs with someone who is interested in what I do. I’m getting on consults, I’m exchanging money for service and I am helping coaches, wellness practitioners and healers grow their business. Okay. That has been happening. Organically, on social media, the exact same way I’m suggesting you do it.

Posting three times a day in the form of a real, a live, and a post, assuming no one sees it so that I put it out again and put it out again because they’re not seeing it. When you first started doing this, you think everyone is looking at you, but they’re not. They’re not looking at you. They don’t see you.

They don’t hear you. It’s like you’re standing on the edge of the ocean. You’re on the beach and you’re yelling at a cruise boat across the ocean. They don’t hear you. They don’t see you. Sorry. So you’re going to have to do it more often. And frequency before greatness, you will become great. From doing it a bunch of times.

If you’re not believing me, go to my Facebook, go to my profile page, hit videos, scroll all the way down to 10, 8, 6 years ago. And look at what I was putting out there. It was terrible, but I was still making money. Because the courage that I was being the example of was speaking volumes to the person who was afraid to go online.

So my willingness to be seen in the ugly stage as the amateur still got the results that I wanted. Which was to help more people. So I’m encouraging you to do that. Would you take me up on the challenge? The second thing that I want to share today, there’s only two on how to market very simply. The simple way to market is if you’ve already been putting yourself out there, you have at least a hundred videos, maybe their lives, maybe their shorts, maybe their live, like, The daily activity, just, just putting it up there, even though it’s just for 24 hours.

You’ve done this a hundred times and you’re kind of like, I don’t know what to do next. Only then do you follow the second set of advice. Everyone else, you haven’t done this a hundred times. If you haven’t served a hundred clients, if you haven’t sold out all of the space on your calendar, fully booked, then you have to just throw it out there.

Bunch of times, 10 X the efforts. Now listen, I know most of you hear me and will not do it. And that is why the ones who do do it are going to win the clients because they’re getting in front of the clients that you quit getting in front of. So just know that it is not about being the best looking one.

It is about being the one who puts it out the most. Best known beats best beats best quality right now at this part of the game. But for the rest of you, you’ve already done it a hundred times. You’re fully booked. You’re not. Like, you don’t even have the time to put it out that many times a day. For you, get better at what you do, improve the quality, create a very valuable, your best work, a very valuable content.

Maybe it’s an email sequence with a PDF with a video. So, it’s like a fully, fully composed product. That you are giving for free or very low dollar. That’s what you’re going to work on. Then you’re going to use the attention that you are getting to send them to that product. So the first set of you that is not fully booked, I want you to get out there and meet people, talk to people, talk about their problem, talk about your solution, talk about how you can help them engage, meet new people, build relationships, get 500 new followers, right?

That’s non negotiable. If you’re already fully booked and you’ve got at least a hundred videos in different forums or posts that you’ve been putting out for years. And you’re not sure what to do next, I want you to create that valuable free offer that is very, very high quality. And there’s more to come about what.

You can do with that more to come. But until you do these two things, you actually shouldn’t be working on anything else. You should be getting attention right now. And if you’re afraid to get attention, you should be getting coaching. Get the work done. Figure out why you’re afraid to get in front of people.

Figure out why you’re afraid of attention. You have to take care of this, guys, because even if You got an invitation to go on to the biggest stage and they’re like, you are going to be at the best spot right before lunch where everyone is listening and attentive. I’m going to get you on the stage in front of 5, 000 people.

You won’t be able to do it if you don’t start with the simplicity of marketing. Now, you have to start here. There’s no way around this. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. I have helped so many people start making money. Because we keep it simple. We keep it direct. We make sure that you are super clear about who you are, what your brand is, how you help people and you get attention.

You can have the most beautiful content and never get attention, never get eyes on it and never make money. I don’t want that to happen to you. I want to help you. I want to help leverage the playing field between the million dollar marketer and the healing focused entrepreneur, which is you. And I promise you, if you take the simple steps, simple, simple advice and start doing it, take action, quit thinking about it, quit trying to make it perfect.

So the second set of you put together your most valued results and create the simplest form in it so that your client Or your potential client can get a win immediately. Get that together. We will continue this and I will tell you exactly what to do with that. But first. Get it together. Let me know that you got it together, that you got it done.

Got it? So first group, I want to see you online. Tag me, tag me. I will go and like it. I will go and support it. Tag me on I’m kilm. gillery on Instagram. I’m kilmgillery on Facebook. Tag me. Let me know that you’re getting it out there, that you’re doing it ugly. That you’re getting it out as, as much as possible.

And the second group of you keep getting it out there, but improve the quality, improve the quality of the videos, the quality of the content and make sure it is very intentional speaking to the exact. Problem that you solve. And then you’re going to ask them to opt into your free course or whatever this, the thing that you are creating, the free challenge, the webinar, you’re going to start promoting that free thing.

Not the first group of you. You got to go get the hundred people first. You’ve got to go put up the hundred posts. Do not confuse the two. There are two different stages of the business. All right. That is what I have for you this week. Listen, this is called more than mindset, but it requires a lot of mindset in order to break through the challenges and the fears of getting attention.

This stuff is from when you were a child, when you got scolded for the first time, when you got ridiculed for the first time, that imprint is still in your body, in your nervous system, and you are confused. You are afraid to go online. And put yourself out there and feel humiliation and shame, but it is not coming from today.

It’s coming from the past. Book a session, get with me or one of my coaches, take care of that so that you can get your service to the world so that you can help more people so you can live the vision. That you have inside of you. I’ve got some new stuff coming up, so I want you to stick around. Please rate and review the podcast if you haven’t already.

And I’m encouraging you, I’m begging you, I’m pleading with you to help me get this out to more people. Would you please share the podcast? Would you please send friends? Put the rating and review. Listen, reciprocity is a very valuable thing. The more you support others, the more you will be supported. So I’m going to plead and beg and ask you to like, rate, review, share.

All right, my friends have an amazing week.


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