Ep #151: New Possibilities with Petra Adams

More Than Mindset with Kim Guillory | New Possibilities with Petra Adams

More Than Mindset with Kim Guillory | New Possibilities with Petra Adams

When we embark upon something new, we need to do things differently, and this work is impossible to do alone. I met my guest this week completely by chance, and we were exactly what each other needed in that moment, so we’re unpacking that story and what’s changed in the years since.

Here this week to discuss what’s possible and what she has consciously created in her own life over the past four years is Petra Adams. She is an integrative transformation coach who works with ambitious, active women who are willing to overcome their limiting beliefs and mindsets to achieve their dreams with ease and flow.

Tune in this week as we discuss the limiting thoughts and beliefs that were stopping Petra from having a relationship that she loved while pursuing her career. She’s sharing how she overcame that experience, working intentionally on her own transformation, and is now helping others do the same.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Where Petra was mentally and emotionally before we met and she started living intentionally.
  • The conditioning that Petra was seeing show up as a pattern in her relationships.
  • Why we need someone to be a mirror for us as we take on new challenges.
  • How Petra decided that she had found the perfect opportunity to cultivate her happiness.
  • The scientific approach that Petra takes when to comes to doing and embodying the work of transformation.
  • Why integration and embodiment is the secret ingredient to internally creating any emotion.
  • The things Petra has achieved over the past four years that she’d been believing her whole life were impossible.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to More Than Mindset, the only podcast that bridges the gap between spirituality and success. Go beyond the mind with clarity and confidence Coach Kim Guillory, and learn how to integrate your passion to serve with your skills and experience to create a business you love. Let’s get started.

Kim: Hello, hello, and welcome back to the show. I have a special treat today. Petra is my guest and she is talking about what is possible. What she has created, consciously created, in her own life in the past, are you saying we’re saying like four years?

Petra: Yeah, I was just thinking about it and I think it was four years ago when we had met, yeah.

Kim: Yeah. And the story Petra put in the More Than Mindset group was when we met in the swamp. And this is a true story.

Petra: Yes, you were the first step on my conscious creating.

Kim: And it was my first trip to do by myself, because I had a partner who was coming and she canceled on me. And it was like I’m going to miss out on life if I keep waiting on people, I’ve got to go. And then we ended up kayaking together. Thank God, because I think you saved my day.

Petra: It was so much fun. It was great. I was really looking for someone who can do some inner work with me here. And when I was asking around, like in Czech Republic where I’m from, this is so common to have coaches, therapists, tutors, and people working with energy on every corner, right?

And here, it was either go to a priest or go to counseling. And I was just like, “Well, this is not what I was talking about.” And so you are the first manifestation on the whole chain of events which happened afterwards.

Kim: It’s so fun. So, Petra, I’m going to let you introduce yourself and just tell us a little bit about what you do. And then we’ll move into the story and let everyone know just kind of where you were and where you ended up and what life is looking like today. Does that sound okay to you?

Petra: Yeah, sure. So hello everyone, my name is Petra Adams. I am an integrative transformation coach. I work mainly with ambitious active women who are willing to overcome their limiting beliefs and the limiting mindset and emotional setup to achieve their dreams in ease and flow.

My main three areas of work is mindset, I am having a special way of treating the internal trauma, called as well inner child wounds. So I have very efficient technique how to work with those and overcome those.

And then my passion is manifestation and work with the quantum field. So I’m a big fan of a work of Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Nassim Haramein, and I study that and I apply that to my work. So it’s conscious creating of life and reality, which I am helping my clients to do.

And I am as well a leader, I am a director at Procter and Gamble corporate. Currently on maternity leave with my little one. Cute, cutie pie baby girl, we are having a lot of fun together right now. But I’m going to be back at work in April.

Kim: So fun. I can’t wait for you to open the box of this story. Can we start with where you were mentally, emotionally when we first met? Let’s go to before you came to the US. You woke up at home one day and what was life like? And then where did you go from there?

Petra: I was working in Procter and Gamble at Europe. I was having a quite successful career, but I was struggling in the relationship life. I was creating the same parents and I just said that I would like to get from the social conditioning and environment I was at. Because I was at that time already aware that we are conditioned so much by people we know and environment we are at. And I just wanted to get out of it to really figure out who I am, who I really am just by myself.

And I had this career opportunity at the same time. So I was just like, “Yay! Let’s do it.” And I just moved by myself, not knowing really anyone, here to Louisiana, USA. But of course this kind of transformation is coming with some challenges. And I needed someone to work on these challenges because everyone who is growing, and leveling up, and doing energy work needs someone to mirror.

Because when we are sitting in a frame, we cannot see the full picture. So that someone who is helping us to show is the key. And that was a manifestation for me because I was like, “Wow, no one is here. I really need someone like that.”

And then I met you and the main thing which I was struggling in that time was creating the same relationships, like same better and again and again. And I just saw it and it was so frustrating. And I remember when we talked, because I went to your yoga class and we just stuck after.

When you showed me my limiting belief, which I’m still, you know, they’re like pigeons, they just return back home. So my limiting belief at that time was I have to pick in between successful career and happier relationship.

So I was not aware of it, it was running deep inside. And that’s why at times I was either really, really, blossoming, blooming and driving my career and successful, and my relationship was not doing that good. Or the other way. I was feeling like I have good relationship and it’s going the great way, but the work kind of sucked.

Kim: So what was your belief? I remember, we were standing on the other side of this wall after the yoga class.

Petra: Yeah, and you wrote it and I just looked at it and I was like, “I have to choose between career and a family.” And I’m just like, “Yep, I believe that. That’s the thing.” 

Kim: It was so real though, right, in the moment?

Petra: Yeah.

Kim: You were like, “No.” We convince our mirror like, “No, you don’t understand, I’m different. I have to.” And it’s so fascinating when someone holds that long enough to say, “Wait, look. Let’s really stay here without judgment, without shame. But just stay here in safety.”

Petra: You were just like, “What about if you can have it both?” And I was just like, “Is that even possible?” That was, for me, a super aha moment. I was just like, “Yeah, it is totally possible. I just believe it. It just sucks.” And in that time I was in really bad– For me, it was the relationship which wasn’t serving me and wasn’t something which I wanted to create.

I was at work and in that time, in some ways, it was frustrating. I was feeling stuck in so many ways. And I was here alone, right? So I was kind of having few friends, but not really. Everyone worked, so we talked work a lot. And it was just kind of complex, like, “What am I doing here?”

Kim: I remember.

Petra: And I know that that step for me, when I decided to join the long term coaching program with you, because I know for me it was Easter. Easter, for me is always a very strong transformation energy, like something happens. And just my life changed, so that’s Easter for me, after winter introspection.

And you were having this journey to joy. And I was just like, “That’s sounds like something I need.” Because I figured out that I’m not happy. That my main problem is that I’m not happy and I don’t really know how to be. And I really need to work on that. I decided that that’s who I want to be.

And the next day it was just like, “Oh, join Journey To Joy.” And I was like, “Whoa, that’s what I just was thinking about so I will go.” And I remember that call, you were just calling me and you were just like, “Hey Petra, I think this is little bit too much surface for you where you are right now at. Let’s just go like 90 days intense coaching.” And I was just like, “Hell yeah.” It just went and it was very eye opening for me.

I did a lot of work before. Before I had like more than 10 years personal development. EFT, therapies, I had a few trainings in like how to do the therapy, how to do coaching and all that. But I feel like your work was that final piece, would just put it all together.

And you as well introduced me to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, which just complimented it so nice. This reactive work of working with mindset, combined with this proactive work, how we can work without mindset and without emotional setup. And it all clicked and then it just started working. Of course we need to do the work, right? You’re just not sitting and saying, “Oh now I’m Ms. I know it all and it’s all happening.”

Kim: I wish.

Petra: Yeah, I know. Right?

Kim: Can I hop in for a second? Because I love this part of the conversation.

Petra: Yeah.

Kim: This is what I hear so often, it’s like we do, we do the work for 10, 15, 20, that’s my story too. And then there’s the moment of like, wait a minute, we actually integrate this into our neurology and our way of being. And then we embody the work. It’s like the next part.

And then Dr. Joe and Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton, I feel like those are my partners. They have the evidence, they’re backing it with science. And I don’t do that. Mine is like the practical, in this moment this is how you feel it in your body. So having someone doing the research, heart math, and these guys really putting it out there, this is what blows my mind.

Petra: I’m so excited. I just today got to know that I was selected to participate on the quantum research of Dr. Joe Dispenza. And I’m so excited to be a part of that part, because I am a very science person. I love the science behind, that it’s not like woo woo, we’re playing with energy here. But it’s all like quantum physics. For me this is very grounding. And this data behind, it’s so, for me, exciting.

Kim: It’s like it seals everything. So we have the experiential part and –

Petra: Like, yeah, I will test this on myself and I’ll get my results. And this is just so awesome. Yeah, so I think I was missing, what you were saying, the embodiment was really important for me. Because when we did the work, and that’s what I see as well with my clients, they’re like, “Oh, I already know it all.” But yeah, we know, but that’s only 10% of the transformation, it’s only 10% of knowing.

And this work, which you do and which I do right now, is the embodiment. That we really do the work, we implement the information, we implement the ways into the physical reality. And they become embodied and they are not just known, they’re lived. And it becomes a lifestyle more than I have to do this. It’s just like, “Oh, this is part of me now. This is what I do.”

Kim: I am this.

Petra: Yeah, I am this, exactly. Because when I don’t do this, I know how that looks like. And I have clients, and they’re like, “Well, I’m now dependent, I feel like I’m addicted to your meditations.” And I’m like, “Would
you say you are addicted to showering?” You know, because it’s the same thing, it’s the hygiene, it’s just on the mental, emotional, and energy level. Which it’s not seen. It is seen, but it’s not like seen on the first– We see the cause, we don’t see the energy, right?

So that was one thing, the embodiment. And the second thing is that we often just work on cleaning, right? Like, I have this block, and I have this trauma, and I have this, and I have that. But we are cleaning the garden of our inner world, but we need to plant. And I think that the work you do, or I learned through The Punch Line Approach, and I embodied, like I knew it. And embodying is the planting part.

I remember the beginning you were telling me like, “Oh, write a vision, like what do you want to create.” And I was just procrastinating on it for months. Now for me it’s like what I was doing, it’s just so easy to just dream about what do you want to do, what do you want to be, who you want to be, right? But I knew that I had to go to retreat and you standing above me and you’re like, “You will write it now.” I’m just like, “Do I really have to?”

Kim: Let’s do that though. Because that’s what we’re here talking about today, is that list that you wrote. I’ll never forget the one little part about you were like, “Don’t forget details. Don’t forget about the details.”

I now want this to be your story and your share. But I love where it’s kind of naturally leading into that. So we know where you came from, the kind of I don’t want to repeat history anymore. I can see where this is going. I’m ready to try something different. Crap, this is hard, this hurts. Oh my god, it’s so much more than learning it mentally. And then you write your story out, right? You write your future.

Petra: Yeah.

Kim: Okay. So we’ll go there.

Petra: I learned the principle of you can have it now. We are planning the vision and we are planning the future, and when someone will tell me like who you want to be in five years? Who you want to be in 10 years? It doesn’t make sense to me anymore right now because you create the vision who you want to be right now.

I want to be this rich, fulfilled, happy, joyful person. Not in freakin five years. I don’t want to wait five years. I want to be that person now. And maybe in five years, I’ll have a different vision because I’ll be five years more experienced. So that was as well what you and what Dr. Joe is like and why you cannot feel like that right now. Like create the state of being from the point we are at in this particular moment.

And it was so, like, wow, to watch how when you actually managed it, you get through all that frustration and fear and anger. And you’re like, “Okay, Kim, I’m going to do it, fuck it.” Things started just shifting by themselves. I just decided to be the happy person and I was just happy. And people at work started to ask me if I’m taking drugs, you know, that they wanted them to. Like, “Tell me what you’re taking. Do you have some here?”

Kim: Can we talk about that? Because there was a point of like, and I see so many other people like this, where it’s like there’s even a trap of I can’t make my work even work, right? Because the mind gets so set on the problems and only seeing the problems. And it is that switch that makes the difference, but I think it’s the part that you just said. It’s so frustrating because we actually can’t imagine what we’ve never experienced or never seen or don’t know. The mind is that limited.

Petra: Yeah, that was a big problem for me. I think that that was a big break point for me. I remember that one call we had, coach call. I’m so happy for experiencing that because I have right now clients like that, and I can totally relate. I’m like, “You probably are really mad at me right now. And they’re like, “Yeah.”

I was so mad at you. You were just like, “Just feel happy now.” And I was like, “I don’t know how to do it. It’s hard.” You were like, “Hard is a thought.” I’m like, “Can I choke you now?” And I knew you were right. I was more mad and angry with myself that I’m not able to do it. Or I didn’t know how to, I was just feeling so stuck.

And you gave me that meditation, which I did that evening. You were just like, “You know what? Here is a meditation, just do it and just go through it and create happiness and just give it a chance. Give it a shot.” And it was like evening, like 9:30 I was just like, “Okay, I’ll do it.” And I did it. And I was actually able to touch that feeling, like I was feeling it.

And it was so freakin energizing that I wasn’t able to sleep until three in the morning. It just energized me like I was like a light bulb. And that was the moment when I actually realized that I can. I’m not stuck, I can do it. It’s possible, I already did it. So now I just have to create more of it.

And I can totally relate to you guys, if you’re watching and you’re just like, “Oh, it’s so easy for her to talk about it when she has it all.” Right? But I didn’t. I was at the same point, I didn’t know how to be happy in relationship. I didn’t know how to be happy at work. How to feel successful, self-confident, like stand in my power no matter what situation is happening. I didn’t know how to do that. I didn’t know how to be happy. It’s so simple, like, oh, just be happy. I didn’t know how that feeling feels.

Kim: Yeah, how can we be or do something that we don’t know what it is? Integration and embodiment is like the magic ingredient, it’s the cellular level buzzing with that. Most people will probably know three emotions, I’m sad, I’m angry, and– 

Petra: Frustrated.

Kim: Yeah, frustrated. I mean, probably that’s the max, right?

Petra: Yeah, or kind of numb. It’s just kind of like, “Oh, whatever.” And I think that what I see, what I’m right now trying to message is we think that we envision that feeling, you know, we want that. We want what other people have, we don’t know how it is and we think that external things are going to give it to us.

Kim: Yeah.

Petra: But then we get the things and we’re just like, “Oh, it didn’t make the work. So I probably need something else.” Right? Like I have this pretty dress, well I look a little fat in this so I need a better car, right? You get a better car and you’re just like oh I have a car. Okay it’s catching the dust and I do wash it and take care of it. It’s cool, but maybe that’s not it. So I need like prettier house.

Looking for outside and this is where the majority of the people are getting a coach for. To create the wealth to get those external things, but we do not realize that we want all of that to create that one feeling. And when we switch that, you know, like I literally got a coach to feel happy. That was my main goal. All those visions of what will bring me happiness was kind of like, “Okay, I can get it through that. But it’s like a side effect.”

Kim: Because you moved locations, you got the job, you had the boyfriend. It’s like those things happening, right? But then that internal and what we’re searching for.

Petra: You made me do that five finger thing, you know, like that turkey. And in finger you write one area of life you would like to create. And I wanted, it was job related, fulfilling work where I can grow and which is fulfilling for me. Bringing joy, it has some higher purpose. And I feel like I’m doing it right now because I love doing what I do. The coaching and transformation for others, and as well the education on what power we have.

And when we met I wasn’t doing coaching at all. I was educated in it, but I wasn’t embodied in it. Right now I can stand up here and say I’m a coach. But before I was just like, “Well, I don’t really feel very confident. And what if I say it, what the people in P and G will think about all that.”

So, that is one area. The other was the community, like I want to be in a community of self-minded people. And I am right now, even if a big part of it is online. But I found my crowd and I can connect with anyone on a daily basis if I need or want to. And I have as well a really amazing community here. I have friends which are like family, which is amazing for me.

I just created, manifested a grandma for my baby. It’s like a friend and we love her so much and it’s like a family. And we even look alike. And people don’t believe me that she’s not related to me by blood. But she’s really not, she just looks like that. And it’s awesome.

And I wanted to travel and explore, and with my husband we really do that. And even when I’m at home right now on maternity leave, we still are taking an opportunity and we were in Washington, DC. And even with Covid, on a beach twice, and in New Orleans. And when we can, even with the baby, we do so.

I wanted a family. I wanted a happy family life and a connection with the career. And I met my husband, he’s amazing. We bought a house, we have a home now, we have a kid, we are married. And that was the post, I was stuck for such a long time with the uncertainty of a green card because I didn’t go to US to stay in US. It was for me broadening experience to find myself, go back home, and be happy there.

Everyone was just like, “Oh, US you want to stay there.” I was like I don’t want to. I love my home, I love Czech Republic. I have a lot of friends there, it’s just a great place to be. But then I built a family here and it was like, I do not have a freedom of choice now because I’m visa based. I cannot make a decision if I want to stay here or go home because once the visa are over that’s the deal.

And my husband has a daughter, he wants to be with until she is an adult. So it was very complicated. And I just got my visa, my green card today, it arrived in the mail.

Kim: Today? That’s so fun.

Petra: Today it arrived in the mail. So I have the physical green card. It’s just for me, I look at those five fingers and I was just like, “Okay, now I have all of that.” I can put my hand on it and say this is me, this is my life.

Four years ago I even had a problem, I had an internal problem to vocalize it and write it on a piece of paper. Because I was just like, “What if that’s what I don’t want? That’s something which I will not achieve, how will I feel then? What if it’s not even possible to have all of that?” Yeah, and the fifth one was the self-development.

I was able to invest so much in my growth and I was not very active in More Than Mindset group, but I was doing the internal work and I was just educating myself on the other levels because, as you said, I love that science behind and I love connecting the energy work with the mindset work. I think that coaching right now, or as it was, was mainly working on a mindset. And I think we are in a different age, we are in age when it needs to come together with the energy, it needs to come together with emotional work. Because we are in a fast transformation time.

So, I was like, put my hand on it, and I was just like, “Wow, four years and I have it all. What now?” And I was thinking about this biblical like, all right, the God was creating for seven days, and then he was resting, like six days and then he was resting. So I guess I’m going to be resting right now and enjoying the fruit of my creation. I was just like no one really says what was the God doing after that?

Kim: Moving through life, allowing it to carry you.

Petra: I know, right?

Kim: It’s freaky. We’re like, “Now what?” Continue to choose and commit and cultivate. And it’s like that’s conscious creation.

Petra: And I actually right now am getting to the point of embodying the Human Design. Because I am a manifesting generator, and my strategy should be wait to respond.

Kim: That’s right.

Petra: And I think that right now I create that space where I’m just allowing myself to do that.

Kim: Mm-hmm.

Petra: Like there’s no need.

Kim: That’s right. It’s a new way of thinking and being, though, right? And I’m with you on it takes that whole integration embodiment process, and then living the Human Design. Which is like when I invited you to do this, there was a “Mm-hmm,” and then we’re here, and then we don’t know. And then what’s the next mm-hmm?

Petra: Through this video something will unfold, like something new will come.

Kim: This is the perfect, like if there were a complete circle of conscious creation, like what is conscious creation? How do we consciously create? You are the possibility that–

Petra: And I feel that energy shift, you know, I know that we were in so many conversations of I can–  You were like, “Oh, you grow your business and you do that.” And I was just sitting there looking at you. I was like, “Well, good for you. I cannot, I’m stuck here in the US on a work visa and I cannot even do this.” And you were just like, “Oh, stop limiting yourself.”

And I did. I stopped limiting myself and I went, but there was still that energy barrier, because if you think about it, the green card is just an invisible barrier. Like you can physically do it, but invisibly you are not allowed to. And on that energy level, I still felt that.

Kim: Yeah, it makes so much sense.

Petra: It was still there, like I am limited.

Kim: I remember throwing books against the wall because they figured out how to be happily married. They figured out how to– I mean, I remember exactly, I felt what you just said. And I was like I threw that bitch against the wall. I was like so mad.

And I have clients, I see it, I can actually recognize it now when they’re stuck in the limitation of the mind. The mind won’t allow and then the sensation can’t drop in. And then we cannot manifest. That’s the flaw of attraction, when we can’t find the feeling.

Petra: Yeah, and I just allowed myself to let go of my vision, how it should happen.

Kim: Yeah, yeah.

Petra: And allowed the different ways to open. And like I want to do this. And for me, the price or the cost was to reduce the focus on you guys, because that was not the way for me in that particular moment.

Kim: Well, I think the mind gets attached to what that’s saying or the interpretation of that bias. Because I see this on a regular basis. What are your thoughts about it’s our addiction, or the demand for the how?  Like the practical, linear tangible how, that is the problem.

Petra: That’s so much true because like the more I do the quantum field work and manifesting work, the more I experience it.

Kim: Yeah.

Petra: And we are so much limited in this physical form because we can imagine only what we experienced. We can imagine only what we in the past have seen or did, and based on that we create a vision.

Kim: That’s right.

Petra: But the problem is when we’re attached to it, because the universe and the quantum field is full of infinite possibilities which we do not see because we never even thought about it possible. If you would tell me that I will buy a house in the US by myself, you know? And I bought a house myself, you know, it’s not like my husband bought it. But I purposefully because I wanted that feeling. And he was just fine with it. I wanted that feeling, like I am buying a freaking house in the US. And I did it.

And if you would tell me a year ago, I would be just like, “Sure. Sure.” And now I have it. And the same thing is like with me even getting to the US or imagining that possibility. Because when I was working in Czech Republic, they were telling me like, “Forget about it. You can go only East now to Russia, Ukraine, Romania.”

And I was just like, “That’s really not where I would like to go.” I was living in Russia for four years and I already had that experience. It was nice, but thank you. It was like I want something else to experience. And I ended up in US, right? I wouldn’t imagine it, even that it’s possible. But it happened and that’s the limitation that you just let go of how to, you want to get it delivered.

I have the same experience, we had a long distance relationship with my husband, now husband, at that time boyfriend. And it was just like, how we can have a family if you are four hours’ drive far? I don’t want to be alone pregnant, throwing up here alone, and you’ll be on the call like, “Honey, hold up.” That’s not the way I see a family.

And I purposefully did the meditation of letting go of any expectation. I was just like, “Fuck it.” Excuse my language. In that meditation I was just like, “Fuck it, even if this is not the guy, I’m just letting it all go. I know what I want and it’s going to happen in whatever way. I’m just letting it all go.”

And the next day it all shifted. It was just like, “Hey honey, my ex just told me that she wanted to put my daughter in online school so I can move to Louisiana.” And I’m just like, “Cool. It works.”

Kim: It truly, guys, it truly does work that way. And it’s so hard to imagine because we’ve been taught and we’ve seen so different. It’s really hard to imagine that it is us in the way. It is our trying to figure it out. Because I’ll be on a call with someone and they’re like, “Yeah, I’m going to go meditate on that.” And I’m like…

Petra: And that’s what I’m telling people. I’m like, “Meditation is an action if you are doing the right one in the right time.” It’s not like I’m sitting in a hum and just humming, nope. Guided meditation with a purpose of what you want to achieve is a work because you’re shifting, you’re creating the ripple on an energetic level and allowing something to come.

Kim: The thing about the Human Design and following your strategy and authority, Petra, it’s a whole new level of trust in life, that the opportunity is going to come, that the invitation is going to come. And what we go through in the meantime is the mind just going crazy, like, “You’re going to die, You’re going to lose everything. They’re going to hate you.” All of that stuff.

And then my nervous system would rattle and shake and I’m like, “I got to go do something.” And those were the things that went wrong, that I’ve got to go do something that came from the mind. When we truly believe that this vehicle, this meat suit, is carrying, life is like presenting and it’s just carrying us through. And all we need to know is the next yes or no.

Petra: Yeah, it’s like I’m bypassing–  I’m a planner, in a base I’m a planner. I line up the steps and then I go. And that’s what I was saying in the comment, I had to let that go because I didn’t know. I didn’t know if I can stay. I didn’t know if I would have to go back. I didn’t know if my husband would follow.

It was just all uncertain. And I just had to trust what’s the theme of this year for me because it was just like, should I buy the house? You know, like, I will buy a house and then I will have to leave the country in a year. Should I go back to work, or extend it, or extend my maternity leave? Because I was supposed to go back in October and I extended it. Will I have enough money? Would it all work? And trust was my main– 

Trust and flow were my words I was working on and really working with it. And that thing, like I have to go and do something, I’m bypassing, and I’m just adding I have to go do something which brings me satisfaction.

I still keep that need for action, but not the need of action from the desperation of unknown and not trust and kind of like scarcity. But I just need to stay busy so I bypass those thoughts of old myself and embody the new. Because when I get up and I go and I do something, what it’s bringing me a satisfaction. It usually either brings the opportunity, or it creates the results which kind of get that scared topic covered.

Kim: Yes. Does it satisfy me? Is this generating satisfaction? It’s seriously that simple. And then the rest is all of this. Can I ask you something?

Petra: Yeah, there’s the thing, the way to respond, which I was before having a problem with. Like I don’t want to just sit here and do nothing. But it’s like you wait to respond with decisions. And in the meantime you’re just doing activities which are bringing you satisfaction.

Kim: Exactly. Can I ask you something? Just, I want your feedback on something. So we’re talking about it from the other side.

Petra: Mm-hmm.

Kim: So some of those who are listening are– So there’s a bridge, what are your thoughts or what’s been your experience about we kind of do have to go through that planning phase and that experience in order to do it.

So it’s like there’s like a veil in the conversation, there’s a veil that we’re speaking to different languages sometimes. And you just kind of cleaned it up by I’m just going to sit here and wait for someone to come knock on my door. Compared to I’m actually just moving through life generating satisfaction, and then the opportunity would come.

So I just wanted your feedback on your experience if you heard this, that you just like wait and do things satisfying two years ago, or even a year ago. If that’s where they’re at.

Petra: It’s a process. For me, that’s what I said, for me it was a process of embodying and shifting. So it’s like you have the glass of oil, that’s like the old myself. And then I will be pouring the water to it. It will be like slowly filling with the water, and the oil will be leaving. It’s pushing the oil out until there’s only water. That’s how I feel it was for me.

Again, then you get to the next level and you start again. But that’s what I said, like right now is the moment when I am allowing, I’m really allowing myself to wait to respond. When I embody, then I really can create it.

Kim: Yes.

Petra: Before it was conscious work. And what I am encouraging everyone is to think about the discomfort you’re feeling. Because usually we start the work when the discomfort is so big that it’s higher than the fear over change.

The fear of discomfort of doing the work to look inside and give that money to someone who can help you. It’s not necessary, it really is not. And it’s investment. It’s not like I’m spending money, but like I’m thinking about it like I’m investing money in myself by I invested, for me in that time, huge money because Czech Republic salaries are not really comparable to US.

I’m thinking about it till now, like in the time when I joined we were the first group. And Kim actually allowed me to have a pay plan. If I would like to join now I wouldn’t be able to do it the way I did. It all lined up for me perfectly, but I looked at it as investment. And it paid back fairly quick. 

Kim: I look at it as the opportunity is going to be covered for what we need.

Petra: Yeah.

Kim: When we can see that even money is an exchange, the green card is an exchange, right? All of it.

Petra: Yeah, that willingness to feel that discomfort, even when right now you are not feeling that bad. Just allowing yourself to go in that discomfort so you can create what you desire.

Kim: One of my favorite things that Joe Dispenza says is that you don’t have to wait for the crisis.

Petra: Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Kim: You don’t have to wait for the breakdown of the body, of the marriage, of the whatever that looks like. You actually don’t have to wait. But us as humans need the suffering to push us forward.

Petra: That’s the balance I was talking about. We usually make that decision when the level of suffering is higher than the level of looking at your own crap.

Kim: So we’re out of time, sadly. But you said there’s this message you’re wanting to get across. So is there anything I didn’t ask you, or you didn’t get to share that you want to inform here?

Petra: Yeah, so the message which I’m trying to share, like my vision, like we should have this great vision is to spread this to as many people as possible. I’m working with women because then they can pass it to their kids. And that’s our power to create.

How powerful beings we are and how easily we can create, instead of pushing as a matter through matter. How we can use our abilities to work with the quantum field, use that 99.9999% of ourselves and who we are, which is energy, and create what we desire in our life. Instead of hustling, struggling, suffering, and pushing the matter through matter and seeking the energetic states of being, like happiness, joy through the matter.

And that it’s possible and that everyone can do it. We are not living in King Arthur’s age that they were like the peasants, and then the king, and then the magicians, right? We are all magicians, all of us because I am the same as anyone and I physically experience how it works. There is so much proof outside in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, in my work, in your work. Monique, is just shouting it out, she’s just screaming it out that it works. And for people to understand that it’s actually pretty easy. It’s so simple that it seems to be hard.

Kim: This is true. Simple, practical, that’s the whole thing with The Punch Line Approach. It’s like actually you can just go all the way to this. But we got to go through all the mind stuff, don’t you think? What are you finding with your clients? It’s weeding through–

Petra: The conditioning.

Kim: Yeah, yeah. Thank you for doing the work, for passing it on. Because I do believe we’re standing in the gap of generational change. That’s why it feels like crap.

Petra: I believe so.

Kim: Thank you for doing the work. Thank you for coming to share your story. I will link your information below so that they can contact you. I think you have a group that they can meet you in or whatever. We’ll put that all that below.

Petra: Yep, thank you very much for inviting me. It was a pleasure to be here with you and connect with you. And I wish everyone a Merry Christmas or as you’re saying in US a happy holiday season. Enjoy the time of the rest and introspection and be nice to yourself.

Kim: Be nice to yourself.

Petra: Be nice and kind to yourself.

Thanks for listening to this episode of More Than Mindset.

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