Ep #114: Self Healing Master Holly Mesa

More Than Mindset with Kim Guillory | Self Healing Master Holly Mesa

More Than Mindset with Kim Guillory | Self Healing Master Holly Mesa

If you’re not in Self Healing Masters, you have no idea how much transformation, support, and growth you’re missing out on. Holly is one of our recent joiners who is experiencing these benefits first hand, so I asked if she could share her experience here on the podcast.

Most people are not told that they can heal themselves, return to wholeness, or discover their true essence. Our conditioning teaches us the opposite, and that is what we work on undoing in Self Healing Masters. We teach you how to connect your mind and body so you can rediscover yourself.

Tune in today to hear my conversation with Holly all about her experience joining Self Healing Masters. You’ll hear how the tools we teach helped Holly shift her relationship with food, and how discovering her human design was a total game changer. If you’re curious about what we’re doing in Self Healing Masters, this episode pulls back the curtain and gives you an inside look.

Join me in Self Healing Masters, a program to heal your health, wealth, and relationships. Enrollment gets you lifetime access to my integrated healing approach so you can finally live your life’s purpose and help others. I can’t wait to see you there!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Holly found me and Self Healing Masters.
  • How the tools she learned inside changed her relationship with food.
  • Holly’s first reaction to human design.
  • When Holly realized she had lost herself.
  • The first step to returning to wholeness.
  • What surprised Holly when she joined Self Healing Masters.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to More Than Mindset, the only podcast that bridges the gap between spirituality and success. Go beyond the mind with clarity and confidence Coach Kim Guillory and learn how to integrate your passion to serve with your skills and experience to create a business you love. Let’s get started.

Hey guys, and welcome back to the show. I have a guest today and we’re going to talk all about Self Healing Masters. So I’ve invited Holly, she is fairly new to Self Healing Masters, you’ve been here a couple of months.

And she has so much amazing stuff to say about it that I asked her to come on and just to share her experience of what it’s been like for her. How did she find it? What does she think about it? How is it helpful? Why she thinks you should come and join us or any of that stuff.

Holly, the reason that I asked you to join is because you’re always sending me messages, like how amazing it is and how, you know, there’s so much transformation. And you’re like, “Oh my god, I’m so happy I found this.” And so I was like, “Let’s tell the rest of the world how amazing it is.”

Holly: Yeah.

Kim: And I met in Clubhouse actually, she was in one of my rooms. So I’ll let her tell the rest of the story. So Holly, if you want to just introduce yourself, tell people where you are. And how did you find Self Healing Masters? And what has been your experience?

Holly: All right. Hi, I’m Holly and I am a life coach. And I found Kim listening to Clubhouse. I joined a couple of her rooms and I was like, “Oh my gosh, who is this woman?” And I reached out to her, I think I DM’d her in Instagram or Facebook or something and I was like, “Okay, whatever this is, it’s awesome. I need some of this.” And so you sent me a link, I think for your other group.

Kim: Was it the More Than Mindset group?

Holly: Yes, More Than Mindset and I checked that out. And then I actually listened to a couple more of your Clubhouse. One of them was like I think the one that you do every night, it was about hypnosis or something like that. And I was asking you about that. And then I was asking you about business. And I was asking you all this stuff. And you sent me that you have a group called Self Healing Masters. I was like, “Oh my gosh, I’ve got to, I am in, count me in.”

I joined that and, first of all before I joined that, I had never really heard very much about human design. I think one of your Clubhouse calls I was on was human design and I heard you talking about that. And I was like, “That is just fascinating.”

Then how you talk about your mind body connection. Like a lot of the life coaching I had done is just like mindset. It wasn’t like the emotion and feeling in your body and spirituality. And I think that was the missing piece that I’ve been missing all this time.

So pretty quickly I joined Self Healing Masters and got your book, Punch Line, and started reading through that. And I’ve already been coached a couple of times and just like connecting my mind with my feeling. Like I’ve been working on weight loss some and I talked about, “Okay, what is the feeling that you’re having?” And I think I was using food just not to feel, I’ve been numbing out for like 48 years.

Kim: Exactly. So many of us, right?

Holly: Yeah.

Kim: It’s like, “Well I had no idea I fed that thing.”

Holly: Exactly, I’d never felt my feelings because I numbed it out before I got to that point. So I learned from you, like I was watching your modules in Self Healing Masters and I think I watched you coach someone on it. And just okay, stop. Like I was working last week and I was kind of stressed out. And I all of a sudden had an urge to want to eat and I was like, “Okay, you’re stressed out, that’s what you’re feeling.” And before I would just go eat something and not even feel that.

And I stopped and I recognized what the feeling was. And then I closed my eyes and just breathed into it, like you teach, and focused on it until it dissipated. And then I just got right back to work. I didn’t need the food. I processed the emotion. And I think that’s huge in Self Healing Masters. I’ve been missing that all this time, processing the emotion and feeling.

Kim: Yeah, did you use the SOS? Is that the tool?

Holly: Yeah, stop, open, stay. Yes, exactly.

Kim: And I mean 90 seconds.

Holly: Yeah.

Kim: I’m curious how many, and I know this was me included, but how many people don’t even notice that we just get up to eat to crunch. Like that’s actually like scientific. Like the crunch creates this sense, like it really is the mind body connection as far as what we know we can do, right? If I eat it’ll stop. That’s as far as that goes.

Holly: Yeah, it will numb me out. Yeah, and it’ll go away. Yeah, and then I still have to do my work and I’m not losing weight. And so it’s just like a band aid, a temporary band aid.

Kim: And it keeps coming back, yeah, exactly. So it’s like it does stop for that instant. That moment where you have the sugar or where you have the crunch it completely goes away. And then you get back to work and then it comes knocking on your door again. It’s like the angel and the devil little thing, right? It’s just going, “Hey, you remember those Oreos, Holly? You remember we used to do that? Remember when we used to have wine in the afternoon? Do you remember?” Like, stop it.

Holly: Right, exactly. And who knew if you just become aware, stop, you know, open up, become aware and just feel the feeling for 90 seconds, then it’s gone. Who knew? I mean, I’m sure a lot of people would be walking around with a lot less weight. Or, you know, myself, I’ve lost like 10 pounds. Just stopping and doing that instead of going straight to the pantry and eating since I’ve learned this.

Kim: And you actually got some coaching from Chanci on the body image stuff also. So and you can see how her coaching is different from my coaching. Like I think it’s so beautiful having the variety of coaches in the container, depending on where we are, you know, and what we need. So anyway, if you want to talk a little bit about that.

Holly: Yeah, in Self Healing Masters you were doing it on self-love, and body acceptance. And I don’t even think I was in the group when you did it the first time.

But yeah, the second time. And I was talking about like my weight problem my whole life, like that’s been my struggle. And about, you know, accepting myself as I am instead of beating myself up and wishing it were different. Accepting where I am now and loving myself and coming from it from that standpoint, instead of punishing myself, like browbeating myself into losing the weight. Because it doesn’t work, if it did it would have done it.

Kim: It’s like we tell ourselves a story that if I am just really hard on myself, you know, if I can punish me, then I can trust I won’t do it again.

Holly: Right.

Kim: But it’s the complete opposite. But it’s what we know, right? So it’s like, let me stay in that so that I won’t like fall again or so that, you know, I can’t just let myself off the hook and just be in appreciation and just [inaudible]. Because that means I’m going to weigh 300 pounds, right? That’s the story we tell ourselves.

Holly: Right, exactly. That’s what I’ve been telling myself for 48 years.

Kim: Yeah, it’s just reinforcing the negativity without noticing that it’s on a loop. It’s just constantly spinning and it’s just driving it deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper.

Holly: Right. Yeah, and one thing that Self Healing Masters is totally helping me with is like learning that and questioning all this stuff that I thought all these years that was the, you know, that’s what you do. That’s how, you know, it works. And it’s not.

And so it’s making me question like so many things in my life. Like, you know, just because I was told this doesn’t or I was grown up doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the way it is, you know?

Kim: Yeah, I hear that a lot. They’re like, “Well, what else have I been lied to about?” Like, all of a sudden, just everything. This reminds me of the Four Agreements, because that’s really where, you know, whenever I started studying the Four Agreements that I got it from. It’s like, “Wait a minute, we don’t even give ourselves our own name. We don’t choose our religion. Wait a minute, hold on, what else have I been lied to about?”

Holly: Right. Yeah, and I listened to that podcast by the way. I haven’t read the Four Agreements, but I listened to your podcast and I was like, “That’s so true.” You know, or like how you were talking about like your grand baby being born, and they come in just so innocent, like a blank slate. And then how everything’s just put upon us by our parents, I mean, not meant to be bad, that’s what was done to them.

But we just accept it and we’re like, “Okay, you know, they’re a Baptist I’m going to be a Baptist. They’re Republican or Democrat, that’s what I’m…” And you just take on whatever your parents were, and you don’t stop and question it for yourself.

Kim: That’s conditioning. And it is, there is no one at blame, it’s just the way it is. You know, whenever we come to that conclusion and just allow.

So let me ask you the question about human design. So, for those who don’t know, human design, gene keys, we bring all of this into Self Healing Masters. We use all sorts of discovery tools and it’s question everything, don’t believe us. Like, see how it feels. See how it lands. Go and try it out, test it.

When you first heard about it, because you were in my Clubhouse room and I was talking about human design, and then you sent me a message. I’m pretty sure I asked for your information like I do with everyone else, so I was like, “I have to know who you are, I don’t trust you. So send me your chart.”

Holly: Yeah.

Kim: What was your first thought or your first reaction when you just barely understood it? Just that this was even available. Like you had a call with Danielle already, because that’s something that we do in the container. How would you sum up human design or knowing that it even exists?

Holly: Well, it just helps you to know yourself better. Like I am a manifesting generator I found out, and that I’m supposed to sit back and just kind of let things come to me and not use my mind so much. I’ve never done that. So it sounds like my whole life I’ve kind of been going against my human design. And that if I do what I’m supposed to do for my human design, that it’ll just flow. Like I’ve like been swimming upstream kind of instead of just going with the flow, you know?

So it’s so fascinating because it just like explains so much about yourself and how you’re supposed to live your life. And like, I’m emotional and I have highs and lows and I’m not supposed to make decisions. Like a lot of times I make decisions, like I’m getting a puppy in two weeks because I was so excited. You’re not supposed to make decisions in the highs and lows. And I never knew that and I do that.

So you’re supposed to just sit back and, you know what I’m saying? And take your time and make decisions. And so it’s just doing life, like it explained so much.

Kim: It’s like riding the wave rather than fighting against the wave.

Holly: Exactly.

Kim: And allowing life to carry you through.

After the retreat this weekend we were out eating and I looked at Valerie next to me and I was like, “Oh my God.” Like the flow, the current that we were in was just going and I was like, it was almost like I needed to hold on because life was so beautifully orchestrating, like this flow. But it seemed a little fast and I noticed, I was like, “Whoa, this is what it feels like not to be making something happen.”

I mean, I was mind blown, I know my eyes got big when I looked at her. But it was that same awareness of what you’re saying. Like when you notice that you’re actually just riding the wave.

For years, I was accused of being moody, right? And I made that something bad or wrong about me. And understanding that I was emotional authority, it made everything make sense. And I felt like it was a permission slip.

Holly: Right. Yeah, absolutely. Like one thing Danielle was telling me, like if you feel like being alone and you don’t feel like socializing then be alone, don’t socialize. And I felt, like being from the south, you know, you always got to put on your happy face and socialize whether you feel like it or not, or, you know? And she’s like, “If you feel like being by yourself, be by yourself. That doesn’t mean you’re, you know?”

Kim: It doesn’t mean anything, that’s the beauty. It doesn’t mean anything; it means you’re honoring yourself and you’re honoring your authority. And that is something we were not taught as children. And it is surely not something that we’re accepted as adults, right?

Holly: Yeah.

Kim: Because that’s not how we were raised. That’s not what my mom told me. That’s not what they taught me in school. That’s not what they taught me even in college. Like, it’s like it’s this complete shattering of the conditioned form.

Holly: Yes, I don’t think I’ve honored myself or I always put everybody else in front of me, because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Take care of others before yourself. Do things for others before yourself.

And that’s another thing that I’m learning. Like, you can’t get to others if you don’t have… Like, the oxygen masks you know? Put it on yourself before others. And I’m just give, give, give. And at some point, you got to take care of yourself. And that’s something that I’ve learned too, is honoring myself and taking care of myself.

Kim: Yeah, it’s a distorted Christian perspective. You know, when I first started coaching, I had a program called The Journey to Joy, and that’s something we still talk about in here. And it’s really, the understanding is like we’ve been taught, right, it’s Jesus, others, you.

Holly: Yes.

Kim: And I’m like, “Why is it a triangle?” You know, what if it’s a dance? What if it’s not, let me just put everything else first and then die to myself. That’s what we’re trying to recover from, that is the self-healing that we’re teaching.

Holly: Right, yes.

Kim: Because that goes back to expecting the government to take care of you, expecting your husband to make you happy, expecting your boss to give you all your financial needs. It’s a complete opposite.

Holly: Right.

Kim: Actually, we’re teaching personal responsibility. We’re teaching tools to help unresolved emotional trauma so that that can be integrated. And then we can embody that experience. And then we can move on as a whole person. Because those aspects are separated from us.

Holly: Right.

Kim: Those parts that were injured, you know, emotionally injured.

Holly: And that’s what I’ve been looking for, I just didn’t realize it until I found, like I thought, you know, like getting life coach certification or you know doing that, that would heal that. But it’s like the emotional, spiritual healing myself, I think that’s why I was drawn to you. Because that’s what I’ve been looking for all this time. And so I feel like in Self Healing Masters, that’s where I have the tools and the support to finally do that.

Kim: Yeah, let’s talk about that for a moment because I happen to think we have the richest community on the planet. What’s been your experience coming in as a newbie? And like what has that felt like for you?

Holly: Yeah, so far, I mean, like everyone’s been very welcoming and supportive. And it’s just nice to know you’re somewhere where people will understand you and are willing to do anything to, you know, help you to get where you want to be.

Kim: Without fixing or people pleasing you. That’s my [inaudible], it’s like, “You cannot hand them Kleenex. You cannot huddle and cuddle, no, you have to stop.” That’s the problem, the world has stopped us from having the full-on experience. And so it’s like don’t be messing with my clients, because, you know, I mean, they’re coaching live, you guys that don’t know it. Like this is my baby, this is my place to be. And I am super protective over my clients’ emotional experience.

The emotional processing and the spiritual embodiment, because I think those two things are like just precious diamonds. You know, it’s like it’s the thing that we can’t get in the outside world. It’s the thing that most people don’t understand. And once you get a taste of it, which is what you got. Even in the Clubhouse room, you were just like, “Kim, I don’t know what it is, I’m just following you everywhere.” And I would see your name pop up and pop up and then you’d, you know, jump in and I was like, “This is hilarious.”

Holly: Yeah, I can’t get enough.

Kim: Yeah, you were receiving those transmissions, you were receiving those changes on the cellular level in your body, right? And it was giving you this, “There’s more, there’s more, there’s something here.” Because whenever you sent me the message, and you were like, “I didn’t even know.” I didn’t even know is what you kept saying.

Holly: I never heard of human design before like a month ago.

Kim: I brought human design in like fairly recent. So it’s something that I’ve used for years, and I’ve been bringing it into my clients and stuff. But I don’t think it’s a be all do all, I think it’s a permission slip. It’s just an understanding of yourself. You know, kind of astrology and birth charts, that’s stuff I’ve used for years. And it just, to me, it gives you something to inquire.

Holly: Right.

Kim: Like, “Okay, hold on.” And it can’t be the next guru, the next Bible, the next God. Like that, I think that piece right there is like, “Yep, it’s amazing and you are too, it’s just helping you discover yourself.”

Holly: Right, 100%.

Kim: Especially in the south, you know, I hear a lot of that, like they think that we’re reading the future, or you know, any of that kind of stuff.

Holly: Like it’s psychic or something like that. Yeah, it’s not like that.

Kim: We’re just getting to the essence of who we already are that’s beneath the conditioning that we’ve been taught.

Holly: Yeah.

Kim: And it was just timing. You were just right for it, because like you’re just sitting here nodding your head agreeing with everything I’m saying, right? And if I go to the grocery store and start talking like this people are just like, “What’s up with her?” 

Holly: It’s something I feel like I was searching for, I’ve been searching for for a while, you know?

Kim: Yeah. So you didn’t even know this is what you were looking for. You didn’t know it existed, but you knew you were searching for something. It just so happened you came across me, right? Which I believe that’s divine intervention.

But for someone else out there who is just like not sure what’s the next step. Or like they’ve tried mindset, because that’s typically what I get, right? I tried all that [inaudible].

Holly: Right, yeah, that’s what I was doing.

Kim: I’ve done the law of attraction. I’ve done the Course of Miracles. You know, I’ve read the Bible. I’ve done all of those things but there’s just, I don’t know what it is, there’s something missing. And you found that.

So if you were trying to tell them what it was that we do here in your own language, what would that be? Because I can explain it but I’m explaining it from the creator version.

Holly: Yeah, I think just getting in touch with your feelings and processing. And processing your feelings, and feeling your feelings, and questioning things that you’ve always just thought that’s how it is, you know, this is who I am, because that’s what you were conditioned.

Like, that’s one thing that I’ve learned in here. Like the things that we were conditioned growing up I just went along with it, I never questioned that. And human design helps with that, like learn more about who I am and why I do the things the way I do, and spirituality. I mean, because before it was just all mindset, that’s what I thought it was. You just think your way and mindset think, feel, do. And it’s more than that. The missing piece was feeling your emotions.

Kim: I’m laughing because it’s like almost every interview I do they’re like, “No, it’s more than that.” I’m like, “Yeah, it’s More Than Mindset, the name of the show.”

Holly: Perfect, yes. That’s perfect that’s how I came up. But it’s just I feel like I’m discovering myself on a much deeper level. Like I was on a journey. Like, you know, after being, well, I have teenagers, but you know, like just a mom and a daughter and, you know, raising kids and I just feel like I kind of lost myself to all of that. And I lost who I am and trying to discover again, who I am and what makes me happy and brings me joy. Because I feel like I’ve just kind of been pushing it down for so long, putting everybody else ahead of me, like you said earlier. And now I’m trying to find myself, and my truth, and my happiness, and my joy.

Kim: Are you willing to go there to the moment when you realized that you were lost?

Holly: Wow. I mean, it’s probably been a couple years now. You know, just that I’ve lost myself.  Like someone’s like, “Who are you?” And I’m like, “A wife, a mom…” And they’re like, “No, that’s not who you are.” And I’m like, “I have no idea, I don’t know. I have no idea. I’ve lost myself.” You know?

Kim: And you identified yourself as what you do.

Holly: Right.

Kim: You were never really lost.

Holly: Right, yeah.

Kim: You had just started identifying, right? I did the same thing, five kids, two businesses. And someone asked me the question, same question. And I ask that question to you guys. So it’s like, “No, no, no, when you’re not the mom, when you’re not the wife, when you’re not the caretaker or whatever. Like who’s Holly?”

Holly: Yeah.

Kim: And I remember someone saying that. And I’m like, “Huh.”

Holly: Yeah, that’s how I was. I couldn’t answer it and I’m still trying to learn how to answer that. I’m still not 100% quite there but I’m getting closer. And I feel that being in this group is definitely helping me for sure, I’m getting much closer.

Kim: So that retreat this weekend, we had one of the gals that we were doing a photo session and she saw herself for the first time. She has been in Self Healing Masters, she’s one of the coaches.

And so we’ve been doing this work, and it was just this moment. And I feel so lucky, and I’m grateful and I’m humbled by the depth of the work that I do and the vulnerability that people bring. You know, I feel like I get to hold the space for, big T and little t, trauma that’s in the body that they have no idea is there, right?

It’s all unconscious and these unresolved issues in the body, you know? I’m going to get emotional because the moment it happened, like she saw herself. She saw herself in the camera, we were doing a photo shoot at retreat. And she truly saw herself and she just like, she just like melted.

You know, and that’s what we’re talking about right now, is when you can meet your soul your life will be forever changed. I mean, she came back completely different.

Holly: That’s amazing. Yeah, and that is like where I’m trying to get to, right there. But I feel like I’m on the right path with Self Healing Masters, for sure.

That’s another thing that I’ve learned since I’ve been in Self Healing Masters, like something happens as a child, you know, and like you trap it in your body and then you get triggered by it as an adult. And I didn’t realize that. You know, like, “Oh, well no wonder, it’s something that happened a long time ago.”

Kim: Yeah.

Holly: Yeah, I just never processed that, you know, or like different health issues even can be, I didn’t know that.

Kim: Aren’t you loving that part? It’s so interesting.

Holly: I know, it’s fascinating. And I had no idea and I’m like, “Wow, now who’s a person that I know that has that? That has that?” You know?

Kim: What we’re talking about guys is we connect the physical conditions to what’s happening with the unresolved emotions. And so we’re getting to the repressed emotions that are actually causing the havoc in the physical body.

So what Holly’s talking about is when someone comes in with a headache, or when they’re having shoulder issues or knee issues, and we process that on the call and then it goes away. It’s pretty magical. It’s mind blowing.

Holly: I witnessed that with someone. Yes, it was amazing.

Kim: Could you see like, their whole face change? Like everything changes, right?

Holly: Yeah, I think it was like her shoulder that had been bothering her, her neck right here. And you processed that with her and then by the end of the call like it was better. And I was like, “Wow, this is amazing.”

Kim: That’s the mind body connection. Everything that we do in Self Healing Masters is truly about self healing. So it’s returning to wholeness, you know? And I know you’re fairly new, but it’s like you, I have so much fun with you when you’re sending messages and like, you know, hopping over and like you’re sharing in the group. And like, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, that was so fun.” I was like, “We have to get this on tape.” Like back in the day we’d say. But we have to get this on video to get this out there because you don’t want to hide something that’s so amazing.

Holly: Yeah. Oh yeah, you want to get it out and tell everybody like, “Listen, you got to do this. You got to find this. This is amazing.”

Kim: Yeah. Is there anything that surprised you? Like I know you didn’t know about the mind body connection and you didn’t, like you hadn’t put together the repressed emotions or anything like that. But just anything that once you came in that, I don’t know, maybe you just like realized I’m home, I’m here, this is what I need. This is what I want. Did you have that moment?

Holly: Yeah, I think on one of your calls when you were coaching someone about, like, I think it might have been Emily. Like, you know, I think that was the first coaching call that I ever watched the first week I was in here. And you were coaching her, I think it was like on weight or something like that. And just how you connected.

You know, like someone yesterday you were coaching, it’s just how you go so deep and you connect the dots for them, and they never thought about it. And you’re like, “Oh my gosh, you’re so right.” And you just make them see it from a different perspective. You know, and it just totally flips everything around. And how you’re just, you’re so good at that, you know, like, really like seeing past all their bull crap and like just seeing their face when they get it just completely light up and switch everything around, you know?

Kim: Yeah, I call it BS and I’m not necessarily meaning bullshit, I’m talking BS is the belief system.

Holly: Yeah, belief system. Exactly.

Kim: Our belief system truly is BS. Our brain lies to us.

Holly: Yeah.

Kim: Like all the time. I’m like, “Well, look at you. Where did that come from?” You know, it’s like, “Hey, there you are again. Okay, we’re going to keep rolling.”

That’s so different from bypassing the thoughts. It’s like, “Just change of thought, change your thought. It’s just your thought, change your thought.” Without unveiling, without like truly dismantling, like, identifying what is the unconscious belief that keeps running the show, when we could pull the plug on that. Then we can plant a new belief, then we can navigate and grow it.

But with [inaudible] people are not getting permanent transformation; they’re not even getting long term transformation. It’s just kind of, you know, it’s like a talking brain on a stick. You’re just like mumbling scripture and have no idea who Jesus is. You know, it’s just like pointing off taking this step and just shooting out, you know, Psalms 27:13 and no idea what.

Like I feel like what we’re practicing is an embodied gospel. Like it’s actually taking it and integrating it into our life, transmuting it, transforming ourselves. You know, and we are able to see from a different perspective. It’s like wearing a new pair of glasses, nothing looks the same.

Holly: Right, completely. Yeah, completely. And I never realized that either. I mean, before I found coaching, I didn’t even know that you could change your thoughts. I thought just life happened to you and that was the way it was.

So then when I found out I was like, “Oh my goodness, this is amazing. Change your thoughts?” And then that stuck with me for a little while. And then I was like, “No, there’s got to be more, there’s got to be more.” And then that’s when I found, you know, you. Like the emotions and the mind body and, you know, that whole connection. That was the missing piece.

Kim: So, interesting you say this because we kind of question this when it comes to our marketing and stuff is, you know, how to speak this language. And I think, trying to speak to someone who doesn’t even understand the mindset part first, is not really going to understand this. Like they almost have to get, because that is transforming and life changing.

Holly: Yeah.

Kim: So they almost have to get that experience to ask the question more. What else is there? What else is there? Right?

Holly: Right, yeah.

Kim: So we can agree that the first step is to recognize first of all, that you have thoughts that are creating the life that you have.

Holly: And you can change your thoughts. Like your thoughts, I just all my whole life just thought, “Okay, that’s how it is.” Had no idea you can change them. And so yes, that would be step one.

Kim: And then the next level is like, “Okay, so I can change my thoughts if I want to. But now I realize that just changing my thoughts is not getting to the unconscious triggers, or whatever it is.” So now we realize, “Oh, hold on, let’s change our beliefs.”

Because our thoughts are repeated every day but then once that thought connects a sensation to a feeling, it is now a belief to us.

Holly: Right.

Kim: Because if I can think and I can feel it, it must be true. And that’s where I think most people get jacked up when they are trying to get beyond mindset. It’s like, “Wait, hold on.” Because I remember, I tell this story all the time, I was riding my bike and listening to Louise Hay and I stopped on the side of the road. And I was like, “No, you can’t just put sticky notes on the mirror and say new things. It doesn’t work, I’ve tried it.” Like it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work because there’s another inner dialogue. There’s another story going and that story is winning. And because I don’t have the awareness, I can’t see it. I’m going to figure this out Louise, and I’m going to take this work further. Like poof, just in that moment standing on the side of the road, and I just, I don’t even – I probably have it in my notes the day I wrote it down, but I was like, “No, I’m going to figure this out.”

And I feel like that’s what we have done, is we have, through the punch line approach, we figured out the actual framework to creating conscious change.

Holly: Right.

Kim: Which I dedicated that book to her, matter of fact the day I started writing is the day she died.

Holly: I remember you telling me that. That’s amazing. So it’s like you carried on, like she passed away and like you carried on her work.

Kim: I do feel like an extension of the work, I feel like Louise Hay was my mentor for many, many years. That’s where I learned the mind body connection. I had already had 15 surgeries, like as a kid. I had my appendix out, I had a stomachache when I was a young kid, I always had the physical issues.

And when I connected that as an adult, my awakening moment was my granddaughter walking out of the room and she had like the neck brace, the knee brace, the arm brace and one of the crutches and I was like, “Oh my God, that’s me. That’s, my broken body.” Right? And I was able to connect and just see it from that bigger perspective.

You know, I had already made the dots and the connection from her work about 20 years ago. And then seeing that one picture with how many body parts have been affected just blew my mind. And I was able to connect the years that I had the injuries with what was going on emotionally in my life, like not having a mom, you know, having experienced rape.

Like all of the manifestations that came from that not having a voice, not speaking my truth, being told I talk too much. And so then I tried to stifle and be quiet and not talk. And then I had tons of issues and like thyroid issues and adrenal issues, it was just like, on and on and on. And it was just like I couldn’t deny it anymore. It was just over and over and over in my face.

Holly: Right.

Kim: And so that’s actually where the mind body work started with understanding if it’s the eyes, what am I not seeing? If it’s the ears, what am I not hearing? If it’s the weight on top of the shoulders, what am I carrying that’s not mine? If it’s the lower back, you know, it said I’m not feeling supported or financially balanced or whatever it is I don’t know, my home base is out of whack. My knees is not being able to support myself. My feet is where do I go from here? I can’t even walk forward, I can’t step, my hips is like thrusting forward. I feel like I’m going into a whole session here. But I see your face is kind of drawn in.

Holly: It’s just fascinating. It’s fascinating.

Kim: Yeah, I wasn’t able to deny it anymore. And so I think that was a big part of, it’s almost like we just kind of merged together, right? And we just keep going and what we’re doing here is standing in the gap of the generations. We don’t want our kids to carry this crap. We don’t want to see our grand kids, like that’s why I’m so tinder about my grand babies when they’re born. You know, and I’m like, “This world is going to be mean to you, I’m going to whip their ass.”

I just want to; I want to be in all of it. Like I want to be like that protective grandmother as well as that soft and loving, you know, and gentle, and kind. And I want to be the compassion, I want to dance in the darkness. I love shadow dancing, like I think it’s what makes life so rich is being able to see that contrast. And I think I just took over your interview, sorry.

Holly: No, I mean I could just sit and listen to you all day. That’s like when I’m on your Clubhouse. Like I’m just like,” Oh my God.” Like, it’s just I learn so much and just get enlightened by, you know, like things I never even thought of, or questioned. I’m just enjoying the whole experience so much. I’m so grateful that, you know, I stumbled upon you on Clubhouse, and you know, everything happens the way it’s meant to and when it’s meant to, you know?

Kim: Self Healing Masters is my playground. There’s no pressure there, it’s so fun, it’s exciting. And then like now we’re going to start doing live events together. Like I can’t even imagine how much richer it’s going to get, you know, as we keep expanding it.

And I was going to say that, like it’s kind of like your mind, if you imagine like blowing up a balloon, it can’t go back to the regular size. And that just happens with the mind. Like once it expands it’s like, “Well, what else? And what else? And what else? I wonder what else? I’m curious, I wonder.” Right? When you can get to that stage it’s so fun.

Holly: Exactly. And I feel like being in Self Healing, like I’m getting to that stage now where I’m like, “I never even knew about human design or, you know, about trauma when you were a child.” Like all of this stuff. I’m like, it’s mind blowing, mind blowing.

Kim: Would you be able to put it in one phrase of what you would call this container? Is it a personal development space? Is it a healing space? Is it the place that you go to? How would you, what words would you use?

Holly: It’s kind of like all that rolled into like a cocoon. A safe place cocoon that you go to to heal and discover yourself. And learn who you are and improve on yourself. And for, I mean, for me, like I’m 48 so I’m like thinking about, you know, for the second half of my life. Like all the things that I’ve just been suppressing and putting down and not dealing with or putting myself first. Just like a cocoon, like just a safe place and just for enlightenment and enrichment and learning and just making myself the best person I can possibly be to move forward.

Kim: Pretty good.

Holly: Like juicy little, you know?

Kim: And I feel like I need to add and healing can be fun.

Holly: Yes.

Kim: Guys, we could not get like all deep and serious and dark. Like yeah, the work is deep, but we laugh a lot.

Holly: I was just going to say I can’t wait to go to a retreat. I’m super excited about that coming up, sounds like it was amazing.

Kim: I’ve been holding retreats for over a decade. So I started going to retreats myself when I was 29. I was like, severely depressed, I had just had a full-on hysterectomy, I was so disconnected. You know, I was on hormones and I thought it was going crazy. And I did silent retreats every single year, sometimes twice a year up until over past 40.

And so what I was noticing is that there was some amazing work happening in there in the silence, you know, by myself and I was having these transformations. And there were guides often times, but then when you would get home you were back in the other environment. And I didn’t know how to maintain it, I didn’t know how to –

Like, what we do with you guys is whenever your belief starts to float away, we’re like, “Hey, give us a call, we’re going to hold the basket down.” It’s like it’s a hot air balloon, your belief, and we’re like, “We’ll pull it down for you, we’ll hold it, we’ll keep you in the belief.” You know, because that was something that I was lacking.

So it’s something that I’m passionate about. And it was like, how can we bridge the transformation experience into the practical material world? And that’s the beauty of what we try to do and hold in there that I think is different from other containers, especially in coaching. It’s kind of like you have three months to get it and then you’re out, or six months.

And this is like, “No, we know this is going to take 4, 8, 10 years, you’re here for life.” Like I’m just completely committed until I die. This is just the place that we’re going to play. And so that’s where we started and you got in on the lifetime membership.

Holly: I did.

Kim: For those of you listening, I don’t know how long that’s going to last. Just saying.

Holly: I know, being one of the founding members. I know, I love it. But be in it for here on out and just see where it grows and where it goes and all the friendships. And I’m really excited, I’m really excited about it.

Kim: I was telling my coach that, I said, “It’s like a four-year degree. Like one year they’re going to get this and then by that other time then they’re probably going to be here.” And she was like, “That’s actually kind of cool.”

But I really do look at it as life school. You know, it’s a place where you come and learn the tools to have better health, wealth, and relationships. Because that’s really what it’s about.

Holly: Nobody teaches you that.

Kim: Nobody teaches that, I agree. I wish I’d have had it, but then this wouldn’t exist because I wouldn’t have found it.

Holly: Yeah, very true. Very true.

Kim: Thank you, Holly, for coming on. Is there anything that you want to say, mention, something I forgot to ask you, anything that comes up before we hop off?

Holly: Just thank you so much for having me. And I look forward to working with you for many years and just growing and becoming the best version of myself. Thank you.

Kim: You’re welcome.

All right guys, that’s what we have for you this week. So you can come over to the More Than Mindset group, you can meet Holly and I. That’s the place to come hang out. But if you really want to do the fun work, if you really want to change the things that maybe you’re not agreeing with in your life anymore, or you want to become more of what you truly are Self Healing Masters is the place. We’ll have the link below in the show notes.

Holly: It’s an awesome place.

Kim: It’s the best place in the universe.

Holly: Yes, it is.

Thanks for listening to this episode of More Than Mindset.

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