Ep #100: A Special Edition of More Than Mindset

A Special Edition of More Than Mindset

A Special Edition of More Than Mindset

I have a special treat for y’all this week because it is the 100th episode of More Than Mindset! It makes me emotional thinking about this because I know how important and powerful this community has become. 

In honor of this community, I’m turning the tables and hopping into the hot seat. Two of my coaches are interviewing me on everything from my original vision for this community to how I’ve grown over the years and what I see for the future.

If you are a healing-focused entrepreneur driven by your clients’ results and fulfilling relationships with them, this podcast and this episode are for you. We’re diving into what makes this community so amazing, how critical my intuition was in growing it, and why we choose to celebrate uniqueness.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How the reality of this community differs from my original vision.
  • What my vision holds for the future of our community.
  • Why bio-individuality is at the core of my message.
  • How healing-focused entrepreneurs aren’t driven by money.
  • What separates us from the rest of the coaching industry.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to More than Mindset. The only podcast that bridges the gap between spirituality and success. Go beyond the mind with clarity and confidence coach Kim Guillory and learn how to integrate your passion, to serve with your skills and experience to create a business you love. Let’s get started.

Hey there and welcome back to the show. I have a special edition for you this week, we turned the tables. So I hit episode 100 which I’m really excited about, 100 weeks, I have recorded this podcast every single week. What? That’s crazy. So just going to let you know this ahead of time is I got a little sappy and I cried. I was a little hot mess and I have been ever since we recorded this. I am so soft and gooey about the things that we are doing in the world.

Oh my God, the richness of this community and all of the work we have done, it’s kind of like being in doing mode. And then looking back and suddenly seeing how far we’ve come. So I hope you enjoy this episode. And I would love to see you in the More Than Mindset group. On Facebook we have changed a few things around and we’ve really got a lot of stuff going on in that community. And I would love to meet you. Enjoy the show.


Malerie: I know you guys know me and Danielle, I am Malerie Veillon. I am co-interviewing Kim with Danielle Perrodin. We are both integrative coaches that Kim has trained. We have been with her for quite a few years now. And today we are interviewing Kim for her 100th podcast episode on the More Than Mindset podcast. So we are really, really excited. Danielle are you excited?

Danielle: I am so excited. I can’t believe it’s 100 episodes already. Dang.

Malerie: I know. I know and two of them have been your interviews, Danielle.

Danielle: Definitely was scared the first interview, not knowing what’s expected, Kim and her brain, but definitely the second interview was so much fun. I’ve listened to your episodes and they were very fun, very exciting.

Malerie: I still haven’t been able to listen to my own interview all the way through yet. But knowing all of that and how we felt, the first question that we have for Kim is how are you feeling today knowing that you don’t know what questions we’re going to ask you today? And there are some big things happening and I know yesterday you were telling me a little bit about how you’re feeling, so talk to me about that.

Kim: It’s a little awkward. So it’s like I’m kind of in this waiting position where I used to be right out of the gate, the first one to jump in. So I’m having some emotions about discomfort, just not sure what my place is. It feels like I’m a little out of my seat. It’s like going from the teacher role to sitting in the desk and being the student kind of feeling. So I’m excited though, I can’t wait to see what you have come up with. Because you guys don’t really ask me a lot, or probe a lot, or try to dig in and so I’m curious to see what you came up with.

Malerie: Well, I definitely had a lot of help from our coaching community. Emily, give a shout out to Emily because she came up with some really awesome questions. And I’m going to use a lot of what she said. But I’m glad you’re feeling the hot seat now.

Danielle: Yeah, are you sweating?  I know I was.

Malerie: Just because I so much appreciate how much you have pushed me over the last couple of years. And I felt like all the time it was me in the hot seat, or it was Danielle in the hot seat, or it was we had to be uncomfortable and get comfortable being uncomfortable. And I know that you have done this work for so long that you’re really skilled at that. But it’s nice to be on this side to where – and it’s really inspiring to see that hey, you created all of this.

You brought us all together. We’re all doing this work together. We’ve created this amazing community of coaches and of people who are interested in just taking their lives up to the next level and just being the best version of themselves that they can be. So I hope that you’re proud of that.

Kim: Yeah. Even when you just said it I was like oh my God, looking at it from that perspective I had not, I have to say. There are moments where – I was asked a question yesterday about what was the thing that you have to take away from this year. And it was where I had given my authority away to some other coach or some other mentor that knew what I needed to do for my business. And it was a total misdirection for several months and that was my biggest takeaway is to take my authority back, and make my own decisions, and be my own CEO.

And really trust that we have already created it, that’s where my brain was still trying to solve a problem that wasn’t a problem anymore. We already have a community with 30 coaches. We are all trained in this mind, body healing. We’re already there but it’s crazy how the mind doesn’t receive it. We don’t fully embody it. It comes in layers and levels. And so you saying it again after I just posted that yesterday I was like okay, yes, this is – I think Danielle and I talked about this recently. This is the arrival where you kind of forget that you’re not solving a problem anymore, that it’s already been solved.

Danielle: Yeah, it’s like you dropped that veil and you’ve realized oh shoot, I’m actually living what the vision was. It’s actually arrived and it’s like you haven’t even caught up to it yet. And then it’s like you get a slap in the face with it and you’re like, hey, this is actually me and I’m actually here and they’re here and this is happening. That kind of leads into my first question if you don’t mind me asking, I would love to know. So whenever I coach my clients I always ask them to create a vision. So I’m sure you had a vision of what the unity of the podcast and all of that was going to look like.

Can you tell me how the reality is different than the actual vision that you originally had for it?

Kim: What I learned over these years is that – so there is a vision that’s there. That didn’t even seem tangible but I couldn’t put out the fire of the vision. But I couldn’t see a pathway to it, I couldn’t see a possibility. But I couldn’t go in the vision. Does that make sense? And I hung onto that and I was trying to make it happen when it was years away. And so now being three years on the other side and actually living in that vision that I didn’t have the how to three years ago, I didn’t expect to be so satisfied.

When it was just a far off vision, when I had that visionary look, like kind of looking over, like an urgency, if you guys remember, the first round of coach training it was urgent. I had to do this. I had to save the world. I had to save the people. And I saw so much potential in my clients. And I was just all in and I feel like it was like this we have to go and do this now urgency, we’d better hurry up kind of thing. And this is actually this ease, and flow, and fun, and rich. Rich is the word that keeps coming up.

The relationships that we have built, the movement that we are creating in this mind, body, integrative healing aspect that seemed foreign four or five years ago, that when I was trying to share it and force people to understand it. And they didn’t understand it, I was beating myself up. I was depressed and frustrated. And that’s where the urgency came from, I was like, “You have to see what I see.” And now the experience is richer than I ever imagined and all of that stress and urgency has gone. And it’s an embodiment of it, of the actuality. I don’t know if that answered your question.

Malerie: It did, yeah. And I know, the way that you explained it I understand that feeling.

Kim: Yeah, it’s like the vision was almost painful because it wasn’t seen by anybody else.

Malerie: Yes, I totally get that. So piggybacking off of that question, what’s the next vision? What is happening next? What’s coming for you? What’s your vision for the next five, ten years, what’s it going to look like?

Kim: Oh my God, it’s – it kind of gives me the uck feeling in my stomach when I think about it. The next level for me is really holding the vision as the leader and learning how to – it’s a different positioning. So now that the vision is here, the containers are built. The leaders, the coaches, the practitioners are trained, it’s me learning how to not be that practitioner that is doing all of that but how to lead others. So whereas before it was me holding the torch, it was me lighting the fire, it was me trying to bring the people to the bonfire.

“Come, I’ve got this fire going, I want you to see it, I want you to come feel the heat. I want you to experience it. Come, kumbaya with me, come and hang out here.” And so it was like this constant, for a very long time, now looking back I realize just how long that was happening. Because the vision for it started before I ever did the online coaching thing. It started here in this physical location. That was the vision was to create this conscious culture and community to support it. I had a really hard time letting go of it being in physical form in this location.

Danielle: Yeah, it sounds like you’re hitting that glass ceiling where you’re about to break through to that next level. And what we learned from you is that it’s a wash, rinse repeat cycle. And so we kind of forget that we have to go back from the beginning and go through all that stuff over again. And it’s so good you want to change, you want to transform but then it’s like oh my God, I forgot what this feels like [inaudible] coming up.

Kim: Yeah. Now that it’s a fear or a worry to let the team down, to let you all down, to let the people down, whereas before it was just mine and it was mine kind of convincing the world that there was a bridge between mind, body and medicine. That they did not have to choose one or the other, that we could actually, like I think it came off that I was against it because of my own experience and what I was trying to, like I was trying to share that there was an alternative.

And I think it was being perceived different, I think it was an and or. And it was never because I’ve worked with several practitioners, you guys know this, who come in with their own form of medicine. And I’m like, “No, we’re going to integrate it. We’re not going to throw your current career away. We’re not going to throw your trainings. We’re not going to throw your essential oils, or your supplements, or your medicine away. What we want to do is integrate.”

And so now I feel like that has caught up in the industry. That has caught up in the world, there are more people onboard. Whereas when this first division first started I was by myself or I felt like I was by myself. Now I’m seeing it way more exposed looking five years later.

Malerie: Yeah, good. What has been your most profound moment as a coach, as in this work that you’ve been doing, what is the most profound thing?

Kim: My most profound moment was when I realized that my clients were not seeing the potential in themselves that I was seeing in them. I could cry right now because it was so frustrating I think to – my belief was so strong and the minds, the perception of the people were like I was trying to take advantage of them. Or was like, she’s just trying to sell me something, or she’s just saying that. And it was painful to believe in that capacity.

It’s like telling your children that they’re pretty or that they’re loved and they can’t see it because someone at school has been picking on them and they believe the bully. They’re jealous and they’re envious and they don’t have the best interests of the others a lot of times because it’s always this fighting over someone else to climb the ladder. And that doesn’t align with what I believe. I don’t think that that competition is real. I think it’s an illusion. And so when I come off from the perspective of we can do it together and I can help you, and I see this.

And they didn’t believe the potential and the possibility, I think that. And I believe it came from my struggle with [inaudible] so long.

Danielle: That breaks my heart to think about that. Now you put it into perspective it is, it’s like our kids, because I have teenagers and soon to be teenagers. So I’m about to have three of them. And it is whenever they say, “I don’t have friends”, or, “I’m not pretty.” Oh my God, it’s like how can you not see what I see? And that does, it’s so frustrating, you just want to make them but you can’t. It has to be their decision. It has to be their work that they have to do. You can just love them and support them.

And that’s what we love about you is that you love and supported us through that. It didn’t matter how long it took us to see and even now for me I know, I don’t know about Malerie, but for me it’s still like I feel like I’m halfway on the seesaw like you say. On a lighter note I’d like to kind of go back. And so earlier you mentioned how much more fun this reality is than what you imagined. Can you elaborate as far as what is one of the most fun moments that you’ve had or what is so much more fun than you imagined?

Kim: I think it’s that you guys have had enough experience now to finally believe and trust and let me go into the dark spaces and then laugh in the dark spaces, laugh after the dark spaces, the awareness that you realize now that it is just thoughts and beliefs in your brain that’s playing, like having this pooty party. And so the fun-ness is having clients that allow me to go deeper. It was not always like that. I had a sledgehammer. I was trying to break down the walls because of the urgency.

Because I mean I didn’t know how to contain that passion inside of myself. And I was praying to God, “Please put this fire out. If it’s not going to come to fruition, if it’s not going to happen would you please drown this bitch, make it go away.” It was so hard. And now it’s like there’s such a deep rich trust that it’s like being able to – who’s the one who said this? They were like, “It’s like you, at the edge of the cliff and you throw us off, it’s this throwing and yet your hand is there, but you’re saying, “Well, you’re going to have to just reach up to grab it.””

There’s this edge to it that’s so intense and yet I know you’re there, it’s kind of morbid. I’m laughing, but I tell you, I’m kind of like a death doula. It’s like I like the intensity. I like when someone has gotten the diagnosis or when they are at the edge of the game, when they’re at the bottom of the ground, when there nowhere else to go and finally resolve to quit all that materialistic stuff. And they’re like, “Okay, I’m ready”, that moment.

And I feel like there’s so many of you who are there right now, that that is fun. That is inspiring and I’m satisfied. I think that is the word that I’ve been playing with this last month more than anything else, it’s this juicy joy. It’s this playfulness. It’s this satisfaction that it’s so gooey and rich. And the intimacy in the community, in the coaching community, in the Self Healing Masters community, the richness of the intimacy is nothing like I have ever experienced.

Malerie: Yeah, I totally agree with that. So would you say – something that Suzie asked was, over all the clients that you’ve seen over the years, what’s the biggest hindrance to growth? So would you say that it’s – you kind of already answered it, so I want to just want to clarify, is it that not seeing our own potential or is there something else?

Kim: Yeah, it’s the limiting beliefs. You can’t see that the story of the past is actually not what is right now. It’s actually just an incident or just a circumstance that happened. But the scar or the imprint that was left from that is what you guys can’t see because it’s unconscious. And I feel like I can see pretty quickly. That’s where I would come with that sledgehammer. And I think Suzie even said that, she was like, “What do you mean you’re all calm and easy? Now, you weren’t always like that, you were like”, and Peggy’s like, “Oh God, she was so tough.”

And it was that sledgehammer approach, I was like the chisel and I was going to break through that. I was very determined. And I think there’s something now where it’s like okay, I see it now and I realize it’s in their own timeline. And I’m not in a hurry. And I trust the process. And the way that I structured my business with the investment and the full on support, I can do that now because I’m like, I don’t have an urgency that I have to get you to get this in three months, or in six months, or in a year.

That is I think what changed the way that I fully trusted myself, which was different than what the coaching industry was telling us to do. It’s like I think I respected the traumatic brain, the repressed emotions, the how long that can take. And I chose to structure my business in a way that I can continue to support them until they were ready to come onboard without creating that urgency, and that money, and that worry and that like, because that’s what was happening. Do you all recall that?

Malerie: Yeah, for sure.

Kim: It was like it was an urgency for you to get what I was trying for you to get before your brain could comprehend it and receive it because of what was happening with the nervous system and all of the triggers that were coming up and all of the limited beliefs, the past stories. All of that stuff is the hindrance. Did I answer that question?

Danielle: Yeah, I think you did for sure. But I think this is an example of your thoughts of thinking and how to be now and just that forcefulness created the opposite reality. So it was whenever you were able to drop that belief that it was going to happen on its own time, that’s when it really sped out, wouldn’t you agree?

Kim: Yeah. Also because it does involve money, and it does involve time, there’s so many layers of what I do anyway. I’m not just a regular coach. What I’m doing is the integrating process. And when we are working with these unresolved issues that we know are going to come up. And I’m willing to be the one to say, “We’re going to stay here until this shifts”, that I had to be creative about the offer that I make.

And the investment that my client makes, and the duration, and the continued support, and all of that stuff, so it was really having to fully trust the vision rather than the tactics of what someone else has done.

Malerie: Yeah, I totally get that.

Kim: I had to completely cut the cords to what anyone else was doing in the industry because I didn’t realize that what I was doing was different. And then you came back with the news, “Whoa, we did a lot in here, we figured this. And what we are doing is so different from anyone else.” But you needed the contrast also. So we both needed the contrast.

Malerie: Yeah, and I did that, I went out and I heard from other coaches and there’s like I see two sides of it. There are some that the level of their coaching and these are high level coaches, but the depth of their coaching is not nearly what we’re doing in here. They’re not, they’re stopping just below the surface and it needs to go so much deeper to really truly heal the whole story. What I didn’t realize was the emotional processing stuff. But they don’t have as much of the understanding of how the mind works. So they don’t have the whole picture which is what you’re giving us.

Kim: The integration.

Malerie: Yeah, the integration.

Danielle: What I found too was that we had all our coaches that definitely they know what they’re talking about. But they’re not going in depth as much like you said, they’re not sharing the secret source, what got them there. You could see hints that they’re giving it to people but it’s almost like they don’t believe that people can handle it or they’ll understand. And I guess like you say, it does take such a long time. It’s a process and they’re just trying to give them quick wins.

And it’s like no, this is the amazing part, this is what you need to transform your life to gain power and control of your life. And it’s so good. So that’s why I keep coming back is because when I see top leaders doing this work, but they’re not teaching you how to create that in your own life so it’s like it’s just confirming that yes, this stuff works. Now I’m going to go back to our community and just dive in, learn as much as I can, practice it. And it’s just amazing.

That’s what’s really sped up everything for me is going seeing the contrast but also seeing hints of this work and top leaders. And knowing yeah, it’s this work that got them there and I have the secret, I know the secret code.

Kim: We have the secret source. And it’s more, instead of the quick win, it’s the longevity. Because I think we’ve done, you know, we’ve seen influencers and it’s like they got a billion followers and hundreds of thousand likes and all of this stuff. And it’s like it’s just so surfacey, it’s more motivational talks. And you can listen to that all of your life and never do the inner work and never get anywhere. So you’ll just stay in that spin until it exhausts you because you’re beating yourself up that it’s not available for you and then just kind of throw in the towel.

Rather than go in, which is why I structure the way that I structure, it’s like you’ve got to pay in advance. You’ve got to commit to the long term. I won’t do the other stuff anymore because I’m looking to serve the client. And I know. I trust my authority and my expertise on how long that’s going to take and what they need. It was tough at first but I just stuck with it and I trusted it. And I know I over-deliver, I trust that a 100%. I know my clients get more than what they invest in. They get more than what they thought they were going to get.

We’ve just got to get through that part of their brain that had a different vision. They think it’s going to look different than it does.

Malerie: I have a question from Peggy. If you could live your life over again what would you do different from the start, if anything?

Kim: God, I hate to say this because I feel like I’m going to be saying it again in 10 years. But I really wish I would trust that voice that’s inside me, I really – I could cry because I think of 18 months I spent in a container that was trying to dilute the message, trying to fit in a box, or fit in a container, or fit in what someone else thought the world needed to hear rather than what I knew I was here to share.

And so it would, gosh, it’s so crazy because you ask that and when I look back I instantly remember when I was 24 years old in 1997 I think it was. I give my age away but I just had this gut thing to open my first business. I had never opened; I had never been trained for any of this stuff. And I did it but I wrote, like in the building I wrote scriptures underneath the floors and on the walls because I was so scared. But I was following the inner voice. It was like I was building the ark and it didn’t make sense.

But I hadn’t been influenced by the world so much at that point, so all I was going by was that voice that had kept me alive, that voice that I would go to. And looking back since then, I had the first business and then I sold that and I built another. Then I moved it, then I added on several times, and I had other locations. It’s like it continued to evolve. And when I look back all of that was trusting my own voice. I didn’t have a business coach. I didn’t have anyone else, it was just that.

And then I got to a point about 10 years in and I asked someone to come in and to show me. And I got caught spinning in this it needs to be a certain way, the industry has this homogenized system for business and this is how you’re supposed to do it. But my entire business had been run on intuition up until that point on trust, and on listening to that inner light. And when I tried to do it someone else’s way everything started going down and it started changing. And it wasn’t as rich, the relationships weren’t as rich, the results weren’t as rich. It wasn’t as satisfying for me.

And after you asked and I went back I realized that’s the exact same thing I did two years ago. I’d already been coaching. And it was already $200,000, I knew I had the proof, I had the clients, I had the concept, I had the book, I had everything going. And then somehow somewhere that voice came in again that somebody else knew better. And I did the same exact thing that I did 10 years in. So I would say it would be that. But I wouldn’t know this and I wouldn’t be able to take you through it if I wouldn’t have experienced that again.

Malerie: So another question that she had off of that question was what’s the one thing you would want all of us to know? Would you say that’s the same message or something different?

Kim: I believe that I treat you all individually because of that. I believe I’ve already autocorrected that. There is no one in this container. And I think you guys can vouch for this and any of the coaches who are listening who are seen as this same exact thing. If anything, that’s my one message is bio individuality. That is why I became an IIN coach years ago before I even became a life coach, I became a health coach. And that is the word that sold me.

I remember, I was laid up, I had had surgery, another surgery and I signed up for that course because I was afraid for my mind. I was afraid not to be moving, not to be exercising. I was afraid depression would come back to get me. I was afraid of all that. And I saw something on Facebook and it was about bio individuality and it was about becoming a health coach. And I was seeing where my members, my exercise members, my yoga members we’re having this problem with staying consistent. And I was like, “What is happening here?”

And what it is, is they would hit these upper limits, they’d hit these limiting beliefs, they would get home to their family. And I was trying to solve for that, so that’s why I became a coach to start off with. And the thing that attracted me to that particular school was that word ‘bio individuality’, every person is unique and different. Every person is unique and different. Every person is unique and different. And I feel that about every single one of my clients.

And because we’re unique and different it takes a different amount of time. So a three month, or a six month, or a 12 month package is not going to give the same results because they have different experiences coming in.

Danielle: My client actually asked me this last week. She said, “Do you walk us all through the exact same process?” I’m like, “Well, it’s the same general structure but I can’t treat you all like you’re all coming from the same place and that you’re all the same people, so no.” And I think that’s what’s so beautiful about this community is that we don’t do that. We treat each other like individuals and we’re all celebrated. And that uniqueness is celebrated. It’s beautiful. It’s really a beautiful community to be a part of.

And I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about joining just to do it now while you have this inspiration because I’ve never felt who I am and my weirdness and I found my weird community. So it really is amazing, so thank you so much for that.

Kim: The thing too is this place on my mind is I have this belief or this worry about scaling and losing that personal aspect that we have. And that’s why this moving into this leader role is so important to me is so that we can maintain that integrity. I can maintain that integrity and have trust in coaches that can uphold the same integrity. Does that make sense? That’s why I feel like this next layer is so important because about four people right now who are interested in the integrative coach training, so that process by itself.

And I’m thinking in my head you get to the point to where you start scaling and it starts becoming about systems and money. I see this. I see this in the coaching industry. That’s the million dollar coaches. And it becomes very non-personal. They take this different role and I don’t want to do, that’s not what drives me and that’s not what satisfies me. And so I feel like I’m treading a new way to do business that’s in ease, and flow, and integrity, and maintaining the intimacy.

And that’s why I spend so much time with the existing coaches. And you keep getting opportunities to step up, and step up, and I may offer the same exact thing five or six times before someone says yes. And that’s the drive behind it. You know how I always say, “You can tell what your beliefs are by the actions that you’re taking.” There is a belief behind every action that we take. And I don’t want to lose the satisfaction. I’ve done big business. I’ve done a million dollars in my business. I’ve figured out how to grow multiple businesses. I can do all of that.

And then at the end of the year I’m looking at all the money and I’m like, “Well, how do you do this? Where does it go? Where do you spend it? What do you do with the taxes?” I remember freaking out with my CPA, no satisfaction. That did not bring the satisfaction. I’m like, “Oh my God.” I just realized this changing factor in my community with my clients. And it is we are not driven by money, healing focused entrepreneurs are not driven by money.

And so using this mindset coaching, this money does not work and I realize in my own life we are driven by the results of our clients and the satisfaction from the intimacy of the relationships. We are driven by fulfilling our purpose and our passion. We are driven by the inner work to take us to that outer place. That is completely different from the coaching industry, the ones that are driven by money. It’s something about the healing focused entrepreneur.

It’s the health and wellness practitioner that got into medicine because they wanted to help people. And then one day found themselves in the system that’s being run by the insurance company. It’s not client focused, it’s not patient focused. It’s not about helping. It’s you actually become – it’s just another system.

Malerie: You become a robot.

Kim: Yeah, that person, that passion, that’s my person. I’m like, “I can help you integrate this”, I don’t know, I think the best way to say it is I help practitioners integrate coaching in their practice to become an entrepreneur. That would be the whole thing. And there’s something about us and it’s we are driven by connection. And we are driven by vision and that fire, it’s that fire, it’s not the money.

Danielle: Yeah, I can definitely feel that, wow, okay, so that was so powerful. I can vouch for myself when I came to this work it was because I wanted to leave a legacy. I wanted to serve and to feel that significant and I didn’t know how to find that. I didn’t find that in my nine to five that I would have. Where I definitely found that with my family but with the systems that are in place we lose that. We get so disconnected because we’re living these busy lives. It’s not like in the 50s where we were sitting down at a table with all the kids at home. You’re running them from there to there.

So, so many of us have lost that since. And so it’s almost like a coming back to home, or coming back to what as human beings means so much to us, that need for connection, that need for community, and that need for growth and fulfillment. And I have found it all here in this community and it’s so, so amazing and powerful, wow. I think that’s a good note to end on. Is there anything else, any other last sentiments that you want to make or you want to leave us with on this 100th episode of your podcast? I know I’ve witnessed you running home to record the podcast at midnight.

You’re just so dedicated, I was like wow, she is serious, she will not, when she has the schedule, she will not miss it. So congratulations on that. It’s definitely unique and special, so congratulations to you.

Kim: I can say that I have never one time gone over. My stuff has already been turned in every single, out of 100 episodes. And then I had done a previous podcast, so I don’t know remember how many we were in on that first one. But I hit my deadline every single time, no matter where I was traveling, no matter what I was doing. I think that’s a big deal. I need to really recognize myself for that. That if – you are right, I have done it at midnight because that was my deadline.

And sometimes it was like, “Okay, I’m here in the storm and it’s 11 o’clock and I’m getting it in on the final hour”, or making sure that they were done ahead of time if I was leaving to go out of town. So thank you for recognizing that because I did not, I hadn’t realized. Is that all the questions that you have for me?

Malerie: No, I have a long list that I didn’t get to. But I think it went where it needed to go.

Kim: This is really fun. We might do this again.

Malerie: Yeah, I think we should. I like doing this. I like the flow of where it went. I feel like it pulled out the deepest part, the true heart and soul of why you’re here and recognizing that you are fulfilling the purpose that we’re all trying to, not only recognize what is the purpose that we’re here for. But how do I fulfill that purpose? And I think that you are truly doing it and you’re empowering all of us to do it too. And that is so freaking amazing and I love it.

Kim: I know. I’m so excited to move into the new containers. And this year, you know that because Malerie, by the way is my – what are we calling you? You’re an assistant, a VA, I don’t even know exactly what all positions she holds but it’s a lot.

Malerie: I’m going to go with strategist.

Kim: Yes, strategist and Danielle both. So, in the business aspect, so really moving into more richness in those two communities, and then introducing the new stuff and the new retreats and all of the things that are coming up this year and where all of the coaches are going. It feels like a proud grandma moment. So we now have some of the clients’ clients coming in, into the container. And it’s like oh my God, we’ve hit another generation, that’s what it feels like.

And so if you remember when your kids walk for the first time it’s really special and so fun. But then when you’re watching your grandkids and you’re like oh my God, the ripple effect in reality. I get to experience and then explore that, it’s so fun.

Malerie: Right. This is so awesome. Congrats again on your 100th episode. I can’t wait to see what else is coming next. I’m so glad to be a part of it too.

Danielle: Me too. Thanks so much. And it’s so good to celebrate like this. I love celebrating with the journey and looking back. I think it’s so important. So I can’t wait to see what’s next, cannot wait.

Kim: Can I turn this around? What’s been the biggest takeaway…

Danielle: Of course she’s going to. [Crosstalk] going to go against the rules. You make the rules.

Kim: So you’ve been here the longest, what was your biggest takeaway?

Malerie: All my life I wasn’t listening to myself. And there is that thing inside of me that it’s me, it’s like my soul, my purpose, it’s God speaking through me telling me you are different, “You are special. You don’t have to be like everybody else. I put you here for a reason.” And all those other paths that I went down, that happened for a reason to bring me back here, but it was now I feel like I’m actually walking the path that I’m supposed to walk down.

And having that contrast of trying something that in society’s vision is a good thing to do but it wasn’t the thing that I was supposed to do. And it took going there to recognize that, have that contrast of that that wasn’t it, but this is. This is that feeling of this is the thing that I specifically am put here on this planet to do, and to fulfill, and to be. And I never would have recognized that without all of this work.

Kim: Nice. Thank you. Danielle.

Danielle: Life doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to be a struggle. And that actually it’s easy and you’re supported. And that there’s so much power that’s within us and the things that I achieved and accomplished, and I can never quite put my finger on it or grasp it. And the whole time it was just in me. And so I just needed to look within. So I think that was the biggest thing is once I was able to do that and I was able to let go of the doing and struggle. And I could just be and it’s like my nervous system just calmed down.

The last 10 pounds I couldn’t lose because I was 40 now and you can’t lose weight at 40, just fell off and it just became fun, and exciting. And it was like Christmas every morning waking up and my husband was looking at me like why are you getting up so early, what are you doing? It’s like oh my God, I can’t wait to go meditate and to do all these things, and to learn something new and to see who’s going to walk into my life today. And so that’s what I just wish for everyone is to have that because I didn’t know I was searching for it but I’m so happy that I found it.

Kim: Thank you for celebrating. Thank you for hanging around through a 100 episodes, because you guys, a lot of you are listening have been here from the beginning and we didn’t really know what it was. I didn’t know. I was just like, “I don’t know. I’m just going to do it. I have this message and I need to go leave it somewhere.” Because I was now repeating the same thing over, and over, and over, so it’s like I need a place to send back to refer to, so anyway, thank you very much for the idea, for the interview, for the questions and for hanging around.

Danielle: Yeah, well, thank you.


Thanks for listening to this episode of More than Mindset.

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