Ep #86: Be the Voice of Reason and Calm

Be the Voice of Reason and Calm

Be the Voice of Reason and Calm There is a very low vibration happening all around us right now, even within us. The crazy is everywhere, and it’s accelerating. In this intense emotional upheaval, I want you to ask yourself: who is holding down the fort?

In the midst of this heaviness and emotional immaturity, especially from our leaders, I’m choosing to be the voice of reason. The voice of calm, groundedness, trust, and safety. I’m choosing to drop below the turmoil, and you can too.

Listen in today as I share what we’ve all been experiencing in this collective rage, despair, and judgement, and how to not become a victim of it. We can all ground ourselves below the emotional immaturity and actually raise our collective frequencies. I’m sharing how to get present, unpack, and choose to be the voice of calm.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why we are surrounded by a very low vibration right now.
  • Where emotional immaturity comes from.
  • How to take action from a place of empowerment.
  • How to use your breath to anchor yourself.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to More than Mindset. The only podcast that bridges the gap between spirituality and success. Go beyond the mind with clarity and confidence coach Kim Guillory and learn how to integrate your passion, to serve with your skills and experience to create a business you love. Let’s get started.

Hey guys, welcome back to the show. So I’ve got a short and sweet one for you today. So this is what’s been going on in my world, a whole lot of crazy. And I want to offer you something today to turn that around. So the title of this is Be the Voice of Reason and Calm. Because guys, if you can feel the crazy, and I can feel the crazy, and everyone I talk to can feel the crazy, and it’s all over TV and social media, then who is holding down the fort? Because it’s everywhere, and it’s accelerating, so what can we do? That’s what I’m about to talk about.

What is being noticed with all of this emotional upheaval and fear dialed in? Is this childlike behavior, it’s at an all time high, even the highest form of leadership as we have just witnessed, a representation of the majority. Because how else would these leaders have gotten to this position, if they were not supported? Which is sharing this vision, I’ll say, for me, it’s like it’s expressing the very essence of humanity, the bulk of what is happening.

We can always look to science or math to find facts, to find evidence. And the evidence is this world has gone mad. What results do we have right now? A mad world, I’m talking not just mad, like cray-cray, but angry mad. It’s a mess. I’m feeling the collective like as a whole.

And I talk about this with my More Than Mindset group, my Self Healing Masters as well as the meditation group and my private clients. And we are all agreeing that there is a very low frequency, this low vibration that is all around us and even within us. We have to work really hard to stay above it. It is fear, apathy, judgment, anger, desperation, sadness, rage, despair, that’s what we’re feeling. There is this overall sense of heaviness, of sadness, and I don’t know, it’s this, what the hell do we do? What’s better or worse? Do we just settle for this? What do we do? What do we do?

And that’s what I want to talk about today is what part do we do? What can we do? And what I am personally doing, and what I am sharing is to be the voice of reason and calm, to be the sense of sound grounded-ness, this can we choose to trust? Can we explore and enquire even in the craziness? Yes, we can allow the collective energy to move through us. That’s an option. We don’t have to become it. We don’t have to bow to it. We don’t have to become victim of it.

We can take personal responsibility for our own experience. And through that we could become the example of more people having the same experience, by gaining power and control of our thoughts and our feelings, mental management, emotional maturity.

I was talking to a group this morning who are parents and I’m like, “What’s the first thing that comes up?” And we look at our children, they even know better. They’re even expressing, “What is happening? If I would do that there is no way I would be able to get away with that.” And that’s coming through the mouths of children.

So it shows you that it is an emotional immaturity. It is this underdeveloped aspect of the childlike self within. It’s this state of frozen in this immaturity. And I think the responsible thing to do is to not be victim of the collective, the victim of this anger, rage, judgment. It’s so oh, that’s the word, that’s the word. So what we can do is take action from a place of empowerment. So let’s just imagine there were this invisible tug-of-war because there kind of is.

I was talking to – one of my clients were saying this morning, there’s this Schumann resonance, which is the human body vibrational frequency. So it’s like the Earth’s natural constant frequency. And after 2014 it wasn’t so constant anymore. It grew from a constant 7.83 age Z, whatever this is, I’m reading this, to now this 30 age Z, and it’s like as people awaken it is changing, the frequency is changing.

I don’t want to sound super smart right here because I don’t know what the heck all of that means. It’s just how she was relating to what I was saying. She was like, “Yeah, this has been proven. There is like this Schumann resonance.” And I’m like, you know, I’ll spell it, S.c.h.u.m.a.n.n. For you smart people out there go and research this yourself and see what you come up with. But you can see the vibrational frequency of the world changing from day-to-day.

And I think it’s the same thing as what I was relating to, which I was talking about heart math and how vibrational field is now being measured. And so then I have a report, and they were talking about after 9/11 there was this really high vibration the day after. And it was because people came together in prayer, they came together in energy. And it’s rose or raising the vibration of the world, so when we come together as humans. And we raise our field, our energetic field, the humanness, the human body vibrational frequency that is within us.

I’m saying some stuff that I don’t really – I don’t know how to use the scientific terms. I only know how to speak in my own language, so I’m going to bring this together. But imagine when you’re feeling really, really good, and you could stay in that vibrational match, and you can intensify it. So you can actually have it expand beyond your body. And then you can come across other people and share that vibration, share that joy.

You’ve ever been around someone who just seems so pleasant, so easy to be around and it’s kind of contagious, so it’s kind of like that. That’s how I would say it. So imagine this invisible tug-of-war where we have this low vibration tendency going on, which is this childlike immature, underdeveloped self.

And then we have this higher vibration, which is this ease and flow, and imagine a butterfly compared to a buffalo. It’s just this really heavy, bully type. And then you have this really flighty, flowy, see what I’m saying? So imagine this invisible tug-of-war where you could be either or. And if everyone is falling into this apathy, and this anger, and rage, and desperation, and sadness, then the tug-of-war is like we’re becoming more of that.

And so when you look at the vibrational frequency in the world it would be more of that lower vibration. But when you can come into meditation and mindfulness, and consciousness, and compassion, and love, and understanding and empathy, and you have more people in that field, so you bring others with you. And you experience that ease and flow even in crises, now you have the tug-of-war. You have this push and pull.

And so what I was telling the meditation group this morning is, “Imagine the crises and the chaos being like the waves on the top of the ocean.” Just this really huge waves just kind of moving all over the place and with meditation and transcending beyond the mind you can actually drop that consciousness and pull it beneath.

So that you come down the ocean, come down to the center, maybe even dropping all the way to the bottom. And pulling this grounded-ness, this calm, this ease all the way down, all the way down, all the way down, so much so that the ripples and the tides could actually begin to calm. Because we balance out the push and the pull, we have the power to do that. We have the ability to do that.

We can take action from the place of empowerment from the place of consciousness from becoming the watcher, the witness, the awareness of that movement on top of the water. You just watch it and then you intentionally drop beneath and pull, pull down a little bit deeper into presence, beyond the mind, transcending into this deep well of being, of safety, of trust.

And see if you can take a few more breaths and pull that down. See if you can pull it down even further, further to the bottom of the ocean, coming all the way down towards the sand. Using the breath to anchor and ground, keep pulling it down. And now imagine that push and pull being of equal, being both sides and being able to experience the calm in the chaos, the quiet in the crises.

That’s what we can do, instead of reacting and trying to shut down, or ridicule, or bring more focus and attention to the childlike behavior, to that immature or that underdeveloped condition. Instead of bringing focus and attention to that, you become the essence of the maturity, of the developing, the personal growth, the transmuting and transforming that childlike energy into this mature conscious energy. And so notice how you have a choice, that’s what you can do. That’s what I want to leave with you today.

You can always come to presence, drop down below the turmoil. Don’t become the turmoil. Witness it, watch it and drop below, beyond and get present. And in presence you can allow the story to unravel, to unpack itself. And just recognize it’s just emotional immaturity at bay, we’re watching it. We’re witnessing it. It’s the evidence of how it has been as we go through this transition, this transformation.

So you first get present and then you begin to unpack it for what it is which is this low vibrational frequency that’s at war, it’s just at war, that’s it. It’s in anger, it’s in apathy, it’s in fear, it’s like everyone is just fighting and desperate.

And so you just watch it and witness it and then stay present, drop back down and then we will navigate by choosing to be the voice and example of calm and reason. Choose to play the other side. Choose not to fall into it, not to be taken by it, not to be drawn into it. Choose calm, choose ease, choose presence. And then what you will is you will create more of this push pull equivalency, this different vibration that drops below the turbulence where there is safety and this where we choose to trust.

So what we’ve done in the past or what I have done in the past, and I didn’t really mean to but I noticed it this time is my first instinct was to check out, was to bypass, was to avoid. And instead of checking out I brought others to me, so I went into meditation with others. And we began to unpack it, we began to reveal it, we visited it. I know there’s power in the collective so we just chose to be a different form of collective. So instead of falling prey of it we became presence, we became trust, we became consciousness, we became love, we became empathy and compassion.

And we saw where we could equal the playing field by bringing the vibration up as a collective group. And that sensation, that essence that we experienced within ourself brought in more ease, more calm. And then we are the example of that. So you get to choose what you want to be the example of. Do you want to be the example of chaos? Or do you want to be the example of calm?

So my invitation for you this week is to be the voice of reason and calm, to be the very existence of presence, of consciousness, and to make decisions from that higher vibration, that higher level of leadership, be the example. We have that power within us, every single one of us.

Alright, if you want to come into the collective higher vibrational energy, or the high minded essence-ness of this, come into the More Than Mindset group. We’d love to have you there. We have the meditation Monday through Friday. You’re welcome to join us. And I say let’s just do this together, let’s keep coming together live.

And in the presence of the practice of meditation, the actual being in the practice of meditation, being in that higher vibration, that is what we can do. We can actually create more of that equal tug-of-war where we don’t have to just drop all the way down to the bottom of the crab pot. We can stay either lingering in the middle or rising above, kind of out of that muck and murkiness. Or if you’re looking at it from the ocean view, then we drop below and you allow the turbulence just to be on the surface.

So that’s what I invite you to more of this week. That’s it.

Thanks for listening to this episode of More than Mindset.

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