Hey Coach...

You have a gift to SHARE with the world.

You know you were meant for MORE.

You want to HELP people more than anything...
But something is STOPPING you...
You don't know how to turn what comes naturally to you into a business. 

You’re not sure how to make an income by sharing your gift

You don't feel right asking for payment. 

You think it’s wrong to monetize a spiritual, or healing gift.

Yet, you see other healing focused coaches thriving...and you want the same thing. 

But you’re stuck in an internal tug-of-war. 

You feel the guilt and shame around monetizing your divine calling...PULLING you back.

Yet, you feel the undeniable PUSH to get your work out there because the world NEEDS it. 

And what’s worse -- 

The longer you deny your purpose…

The more you feel dissatisfied, frustrated, and heartbroken

Your own body rebels against you, and your emotional turmoil manifests in your physical body.

This is the very definition of unnecessary SUFFERING.


When I say it’s not your fault, I mean it. 

You might not even be aware of how you’re working against yourself. 

That’s because most of your decisions are made by your subconscious.

And what I see in my clients is an ongoing, invisible battle between what they WANT and what they BELIEVE at the deepest level. 

I fought this battle, too, and I discovered a way to break free of the hidden beliefs keeping my gift under wraps. 

Hi, I’m Kim Guillory...
I was once where you are—unhappy, confused, and deeply conflicted.

This wasn’t the discomfort of growth. No. This was PAIN. 

I was in pain, physically, emotionally, and spiritually because I was DENYING my life’s purpose. And by denying my purpose, I was denying myself. 

I WANTED to share my gift. I KNEW I could help people. And I knew people needed me. 

But I was afraid to step forward and be seen. I was ashamed to connect my income to my calling. 

Every system in my mind and body reacted, and the result was one health crisis after another. 

And like you, I did the mindset and thought-work. I meditated. Journaled. Reframed. 

But still the beliefs that were holding me back didn’t budge. 

Mindset and thought-work weren’t enough. 

When I finally figured out how to pursue my life’s calling AND make income, without guilt, shame, or over-attachment to the material…I wanted to share it with as many healing focused entrepreneurs as possible. 

And now I am... 


The Simple Business Trifecta 
for Coaches, Practitioners, And Healers

Serve Your Deepest Desire and Make Income in 3 Simple Steps

The Simple Business Trifecta is a step-by-step path for change makers who want to bring in revenue, serve more people, and create a viable business. 

I’ve taken out all of the confusion, fluff, and nonessentials and distilled the process into 3 easy steps.

Here’s how you go from frustrated, confused, and broke, to fully aligned and ready to finally start earning income in your business...

STEP 1: Who * What * How

Once you’ve completed step 1, you will:

  • Know exactly WHO you serve
  • ​Know exactly WHAT you offer
  • ​Know exactly HOW to say it

STEP 2: Belief 

Once you’ve completed step 2, you will:

  • Know what beliefs are blocking you 
  • Know what the 3 LEVELS OF BELIEF are
  • Know how to shift old beliefs and create new ones

STEP 3: Business Structure

Once you’ve completed step 3, you will:

  • Create a signature offer
  • Learn effective business and sales STRATEGY
  • Reach ideal clients with confidence

By the end of The Simple Business Trifecta Process, you’ll have the three pillars in place, so you can earn income consistently in your business.

Your Bonuses

BONUS 1: Simple Business Trifecta Video Walkthrough

Consider this your excuse-eliminator. I’ll walk you through The Simple Business Trifecta Guide, step by step, question by question during a video walkthrough. So you can work through the steps with my voice as your guide. 

BONUS 2: The 4 Stages of Business Growth

Consider this your permission slip to acknowledge and be exactly where you are right now without feeling like you should be further along. I’ll explain the 4 Stages of Growth that EVERY business must pass through, how to recognize and embrace your stage, and what trying to skip ahead is costing you. 

BONUS 3: Audience Building and Traffic Generating Plan

Consider this the answer to “No one knows who I am!” I’ll show you how to simply and quickly build an audience of dream clients and how to bring organic traffic to you, so you can be seen by the right people.
(No ad budget required.)

BONUS 4: Create an Engaged Community Masterclass

Consider this your next-level secret to getting paid more consistently. I’ll show you how to create an engaging online community in just 60 days. So you’ll know what to post, share, and do day-by-day to create a community of super fans and warmed-up buyers.  
Your Investment
I know you’ve probably invested in dozens of courses, books, coaches, and programs...and STILL you’re not where you want to be. 

The problem is most of the business advice out there wasn’t created with healing focused coaches in mind. 

I’m here to change that. I’ve created The Simple Business Trifecta based on 25 years of experience working with business owners just like you. And I know what it takes to get your business off the ground and running sustainably...all in a way that FEELS right for you. 

My mission is to get this system in as many hands as possible because the world needs what you have to offer. 

That’s why I’m offering the SIMPLE BUSINESS TRIFECTA for only $27...
that’s a single payment. 

Here’s what my clients say about working with me... 
"I've used the Simple Business Trifecta multiple times. Each time the information has been the same, but I was able to adjust to my business needs. Meaning I can reuse this over and over any time I'd like to #levelup. I believe this can be used for any entrepreneur who is needing to start out or revamp their current business." 
~ Monique derouen
“Before Kim’s program, I spent all my time thinking I couldn't do what was really fulfilling to me because of my circumstances. I was really unhappy about that. Now, I know the choice is always mine regardless of what is going on around me. I'm cultivating the life I really want and loving it!” 
~ Malerie Veillon
“Kim’s approach is quick and to the point. There is no sugar coating. Through her training I’ve learned an easy to use approach that works every time, no matter the circumstance. I no longer have to suffer or be a victim to life. Now, I'm the CEO of my business!” 
~ Danielle Perrodin
“I grew up in the mind/body world and was raised by a craniosacral therapist. So, this way of thinking is not new to me, but Kim presented it in a way that was completely mind-blowing. 

She invited me into abundance during our discovery call, and that was exactly the invitation I needed to start making the changes I had been thinking about at my business. That has translated into a $20,000 increase in just 12 weeks!!!!! Kim has the skills and tools to help you grow into the version of yourself who is shamelessly successful!” 
~ Missy beavers
Why do so many healing focused coaches struggle to earn an income and build their businesses?
X They believe it has to be complicated. 

You can build your business with simplicity, but there’s a lot of noise out there. If you try to listen to 100 voices at once, you’ll end up hopelessly confused. 

I’ve taken the best of what I’ve learned after working with spiritual and healing coaches and distilled it into 3 simple steps to make an income, serve more people, and create a viable business.

X They don’t believe you can be spiritual and get paid for it.

Not true. Who decided this anyway? You can choose to create a new belief, one that serves you, your business, and your clients. 

I’ve included BELIEF as step 2 in the process, so you can uproot your limiting beliefs. 

X  They don’t have confidence in their business skills.

I know you have a gift to share, and you know it too. But you’re afraid of putting yourself out there. I get it. I hid for YEARS before my body, mind, and soul had finally had enough. 

I used “not knowing enough about business” as an excuse. The fact is: anyone can start and run a successful business. I did it, and so can you. The key is making it simple and listening to someone who knows your niche. (That’s me.)

Backed by my 14-Day Guarantee

Answers to the most common questions...
What exactly do I get when I purchase?
You get immediate access to the membership site and The Healers Business Plan and training videos, plus all of the bonuses. 
How do I know I’ll actually take action?
That’s why I included the video walk-through. I’ll be right there with you, my voice in your ears, guiding you along. 

Plus, think of it this way -- what happens if you DON’T change? I don’t want that kind of pain for you, and I know you don’t either. 
I’ve tried all the things. What makes this different?
The Healers Business Plan is different because it was created specifically for healing focused coaches, and it’s based on 25 years of experience working with clients. It’s streamlined, simplified, and it works. 
Why is this so inexpensive?
Because this is an entryway to my work. It’s accessible to MORE people at this price, and I want to help as many healing focused coaches as possible.
How much time does this take?
To go through the 3 steps completely, I recommend setting aside 1 hour of focused, uninterrupted time. 
Is this a subscription?
No. It’s a one-time payment of $27.
What if I need more help?
I’d love to work with you 1:1, if we’re a fit. Please email me at Kim@kimguillory.com for more info. 
Why should I trust you?
Over the past 25 years, I've helped individuals step into their role, purpose and passion. Through this experience, I've had the opportunity to see what works and what doesn't when it comes to building your business as a healing focused coach
Here's what you get...
The Simple Business Trifecta: A 30-page, zero-fluff roadmap to help you go from confused and frustrated, to knowing EXACTLY what to do next to get your business up and generating income...all in 2 hours or less 
Guide Walkthrough Videos: Need a push to take action? I’ll walk you through The Simple Business Trifecta, step by step, question by question.
The 4 Stages of Business Growth: You’ll learn how to recognize and embrace your stage of business, so you’ll never again feel like you’re falling behind.
Audience Building and Traffic Generating Plan: You’ll learn how to simply and quickly build an audience of dream clients and how to bring organic traffic to you...without paying for ads.
Create an Engaged Community in 60 Days Masterclass: You’ll learn how to create an engaging online community in just 60 days, including what to post, share, and do day-by-day. 

Backed by my 14-Day Guarantee

You’ve probably wasted your time and money on resources that didn’t get you any closer to where you want to be. Been there. 

I know The Simple Business Trifecta works because it worked for me, and more importantly, it has worked for 100s of my clients. And I’m confident it will work for you too.

But I’ll make you a deal. If you’re not happy with your purchase, email me within 14 days of purchase, and I’ll give you 100% of your money back. No run-arounds. No strings attached. 
It doesn’t have to be complicated to work.

Isn’t it funny how our minds make everything 10 times harder than it has to be?

We get caught in the trap of thinking business is complicated. Thinking that getting paid is difficult. And that we’re too spiritual to make income, or just not cut out for entrepreneurship. 

That’s absolutely not true! And I can use myself and 100s of my clients as proof.

It’s only complicated when we MAKE it complicated. 

Right now, your mind might be telling you that this simple, 3-step system won’t work for you. 

Because it can’t be that easy, right?

It CAN be easy. It can be ALIGNED. It can feel GOOD to make income by sharing your gifts. 

Let me show you how.
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